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Fugeo was flapping his wings above the island he recognized from the dreaming worlds and asked the others, "Did this place fall into the darkness as well?"

"No Fugeo! It never fell into the darkness. Why do you ask such a thing?" wondered Mickey and Riku replied, "I can understand why he asked. After all, one of the worlds I visited was in Yen Sid's tower. Perhaps it was a hub to the world that must have be to awaken."

"Gosh… I really wonder what type of dream would going on here…" told Mickey and Fugeo laughed with Riku since they had a clue what happened.

They land on the ground and two figures run up to them as Mickey left Fugeo's back. The dragon recognized them as Donald and Goofy, but he wondered what their clothes are supposed to be.

Donald cried, "Your Majesty! We are glad that you are back! Goofy and I just wanted to go to help you!"

"But it looks like you managed on your own! Welcome back Riku and uhm… Ax-thing" told Goofy and RIku chuckled with Axel/Lea, Mickey and Fugeo as Donald squeaked, "It's Axel!"

Then Goofy noticed the newcomer and wondered, "Uhm… Donald… do you remember that Sora, Riku, or the King left with a dragon?"

"No they didn't! Why do you ask such a-" shouted Donald but as he noticed Fugeo standing on the ground in front of him he continues with a small voice, "dumb… question…"

As Donald falls on his back, losing his conscious, Fugeo couldn't help but laugh loudly. The others joined in soon and as they slowly stopped Riku asked in his laughs and pants "Do… you need to be introduced?"

"Well… I know Donald and Goofy due to my trip with Sora but I doubt they know me or is it still know me?" wondered Fugeo.

Goofy scratched his head. "Whatya mean?"

"Sora and I were in a world where you have been Musketteers and there I met you, Donald and Mickey the first time" told Fugeo.

Goofy looked odd and Mickey just said, "We never met him before until now but due to the dream of the world he visited he's also a friend of us."

"Ok! I understand that!" told Goofy and asked, "What's ya name friend?"

"My name is Fugeo," told the dragon. "Guardian of Fire in the Realms of Dragons."

"You guys need a guardian of your fire?" joked Lea. "Is it so rare in your place even though you are a dragon with a lot of fire?"

Fugeo shook his head. "No! I am representing one of the dragons from the fire element."

"We can clear that later! Now we have to help Sora and only Master Yen Sid might know what to do right now!" told Mickey and the others agreed but Fugeo said, "I won't fit into the tower… can you ask your Master if he could provide the means to let me hear your meeting?"

"Of course! You helped Sora and Riku during their test for the Mark of Mastery and deserve to know what is going on!" told Mickey and he heads in with the others while Axel/Lea has taken Donald over his shoulder.

They went up the stairs of the tower and reached the study of the old master Yen Sid.

Mickey steps forward and said, "Master Yen Sid! We have returned but Sora is still asleep... and outside-"

"Outside is a dragon with a heart that burns," interrupted the old man in blue coat. "I am aware of it now Mickey! The stars just revealed it to me... and I saw how he landed on the small island where my tower stands..."

He waved with his hand a little before a hologram of Fugeo appears in the room and outside a hologram of everybody who was in the room.

"Now the dragon can follow everything we say and he is also able to tell us his opinions." Told Yen Sid and Fugeo bows in respect. "Thank you for letting me follow your conversation! My name is Fugeo, Fire Guardian in the realms of Dragons."

"So Ignitus is no longer the fire guardian..." told Yen Sid and Fugeo looked in surprise. "You knew him?"

"I met him once, long time ago, a time where I was self a young and inexperienced Keyblade Wielder, with the foolish belief I could achieve everything just because I had a Keyblade... but now it isn't time to dwell in memories! We have to focus on the here and now. Tell me: What happened out there?"

Riku and Mickey told everything what happened to them and then Yen Sid began, "Seven lights, thirteen darknesses... Master Xehanort has been busy."

Riku was now kneeling to Sora while Goofy looks worried as well Donald who was now awake. Fugeo who had followed everything asked, "What is wrong with Sora?"

"Is his heart sleeping?" wondering Mickey.

"This affliction is not the same." Told Yen Sid and Riku asked, "Can we do anything for him?"

"In your Mark of Mastery exam, you were to unlock seven Sleeping Keyholes. By doing so, you would awaken those worlds from their prison of slumber, and also acquire the power to free a heart from its sleep." Told Yen Sid and Fugeo realized, "Riku was unlocking these Keyholes within Sora's dreams! And I witnesses a few of these unlocking! So Riku could awaken Sora's heart here with a new power."

"Perceptive Fugeo... indeed Riku might have now this kind of power." Told Yen Sid and Mickey asked, "You want Riku to dive back into Sora's sleep? But Master, Sora's heart is down in the darkest abyss. If Riku's not careful, he might just get trapped down there with him."

"If he is alone! But I am coming with him. Even if Sora's heart is in the crystal core of my world I would go in there!" told Fugeo.

"No! I'll go down there!" told Mickey but Yen Sid interrupts the mouse, "And perhaps you may even succeed, Mickey. But there is no denying Riku stands the better chance, having dived into Sora's heart as long as he has. And Fugeo... you may also provide great power but you weren't that long in Sora's heart... only being close to him in your travels through the sleeping worlds."

Everybody looked down except Yen Sid and Riku who looks at the others and then at Sora. Then he began, "Mickey... Fugeo... I really appreciate it. But... I'll go wake Sora up."

"Riku..." said Mickey and the silver haired boy continued, "Look at his face. Sleeping like nothing's wrong – like there's nothing to even worry about. He always has been like that. The three of us would agree to work on the raft and then this guy would go take a nap on the beach."

Fugeo chuckles at that. "Why isn't it surprising me?"

Riku chuckles as well and ends, "You see, it's my job to keep him on his toes. Besides, what kind of Keyblade Master sleeps through his test? I'm doing it for me, too. Sora saved me once. And... I heard him call my name. He needs me."

Mickey nods. "There's something real strong that binds us to each other. Even in the darkness you can reach him."

"And if you need a flight, then I would take you with me!" smirks Fugeo. Mickey nods. "All you gotta do is follow that connection! Gee, we're all connected to Sora."

"You said it!" went Donald in. Lea/Axel went in. "And if the darkness get ya, I promise I'll bail you out. 'Dark Rescue' is my middle name."

"Then I wonder what your last name is!" went Fugeo in. Riku chuckles while telling, "Guys, thank you. Sora and I will be back soon."

Then he bows in front of Yen Sid. He called his Keyblade and between him and Sora a spiked ball filled with dark clouds appeared. Everybody nods to Riku and he turns into purple light that disappears into the ball. Yen Sid believed that he saw something else and as he turned to look at something he exclaimed, "This is-"

Riku found himself falling towards a large platform. He could see Sora on this platform and on on small circles Donald, Goofy, himself and Kairi.

"So this is the dive towards Sora's heart?" asked a voice and Riku turned in surprise, spotting Fugeo in his dream eater form. "What are you doing here?"

"Same thing like you!" smirks Fugeo and Riku laughed, "You really have a thick head!"

"Thanks for realizing my qualities." Laughed Fugeo as they keep diving in.

They passed various differently clothed Soras and smaller platforms that shows memories of him.

Then they land on the platform but... they found it suddenly covered in darkness. They looked around and Riku asked, "This absyss... Are we really Sora's dream?"

"Well... I guess we are since he was the only sleeping guy in this whole place," told Fugoe and Riku nods to this statement. Suddenly a figure raised from the darkness. It was covered in armour and they could see the symbol of the nightmares on the helm. It held a black Keyblade, designed after Sora's Keyblade.

"What?" asked Riku and Fugeo growls, "Seems to be the nightmare in our friends place!"

"Let us handle this one before waking Sora up!" told Riku and got in battle position like the dragon.

Riku and the amour are storming towards and clashed their keyblades a few times before the silver haired boy jumped back and Fugeo jumps in and slashed at the armor a few times.

However he was surprised as the armor suddenly blocked and slashed him a few times. Then it countered Riku's attacks and with incredible speed Riku was suddenly slashed a few times as well. Then it disappeared and Riku looked around while Fugeo took off to have an overview but suddenly he was crashed into the ground by the armour which reappeared above him. Then suddenly the place turned white and the armor turned into a liquid which sprays around. Fugeo and Riku were hit but soon they got close enough that Fugeo could grab Riku and took far enough into the air that the liquid could not reach them.

It turned back into solid form and while Fugeo let go of Riku, the Keybearer shot a few dark fire balls at the opponent which were mixed with a few of Fugeo's own fire balls. The armour stumbled by the hit and was now bombarded with attacks from Fugeo and Riku before countering again.

The clash between the armour and the two other fighters keeps on. Suddenly the armour began to shoot thunderbolts at them and then Fugeo was hit by a thrown Keyblade before Riku was hit by the returning of the same. The armour turns into liquid again and keeps Riku and Fugeo separated however they managed to avoid any hits now and as it turns into solid form they hit it again with a combinated attack and they saw it tried to start the last round. Fugeo and Riku were also ready.

They start the link style and Riku felt this sensation with Fugeo this time different. His wings are now larger and the tail end sharper... and the second weapon was not anymore a weapon made of fire... It was a Keyblade!

The ring around the handle of the Keyblade are wings and the shaft were with a horned head with two eyes, one with a scar and the head was a flame shot from the dragon head, with a heart in the center. The keychain of the weapon was Fugeo's tail blade. A chuckle came from Riku as he realized what the name of this weapons was: Burning heart. Riku and the armour clashed together again and exchanged blows but Riku was now slowly overpowering it and the two Keblades formed Fugeo's tail blade, this time burning brightly and slashed through the armour, cracking it.

Fugeo defused with Riku and they watched how the armour broke apart, revealing Sora underneath it. The two gasped at the sight of the brown haired boy and tried to prevent that he was sucked into the darkness. However the platform was the same again. They looked at the ground and Riku noticed that Sora's Keyblade was still in place. He took it and a Keyhole appears on the ground, telling, "I'll find you Sora!"

Using the Keyblade on the hole everything shines brightly and they got blinded.

However... as Fugeo opened his eyes he was back by the tower of Yen Sid. He knew that Riku had to finish the last part of waking Sora alone... but was glad that he could help the Keybearer.

"Welcome back," told Master Yen Sid. "It was very foolish of you to follow Riku into the sleeping world of Sora."

"I am sorry! But I didn't want to leave my friend alone... and I don't know how I managed to do that."

Yen Sid nods by his words and told, "Your heart has connections strong enough that it allows things that even for Keybearers are difficult to achieve... but in difference to them you cannot control it. Let's wait until Riku and Sora have returned safely until we continue out talk."

Fugeo nods and bows, waiting patiently. He saw that Sora was beginning to move and slowly wakes up.

"Where... am I?" asked Sora. Suddenly he was embraced by Goofy and Donald. "You're awake!" they exclaimed and Sora laughed, "Donald! Goofy! I am glad that I am back! Where is Riku?"

"Gosh! He seems to be still inside you!" told Goofy and Yen Sid nods. "Indeed... he hasn't returned yet..."

"But I am sure that he will be back soon!" told Fugeo and Sora cheered, "Fugeo! I am glad that you are alright!"

"Same to you Sora!" told Fugeo and suddenly Sora told, "Let us have a tea party until Riku is back!"

"How can he think of that right now?" wondered Fugeo and Axel/Lea shrugged. "I guess that is in his nature!"

Quickly a table was placed, tea and cake made and Sora even requested for Fugeo a large one.

While Fugeo tastes the cake he heard from Sora, "Hey, Donald! Come on, you're hogging it all!"

Then Sora noticed something behind him and turns around, taking off an odd pair of red glasses with red nose and beard and a red party head. "Riku..."

"You're safe Riku!" called Sora and hugs the silver haired boy and Riku replied, "Wait, haven't we got this backwards?"

"I would say he just do what he always do: Doing things in his own way!" laughed Fugeo and Riku chuckles. "You seem to know Sora a bit too well now! And why are you having a tea party?"

Instead of a regular answer, Sora just hugs him again and called, "You're safe, RIku!"

"Ah, never mind..." replied Riku and put a hand on his head and continues, "You okay? Feeling all right?"

"If he can start a tea party on his own then he must be fine," Fugeo threw in and everybody chuckles while Sora answered, "I've never been better. I was watching what was going on in my dream. And I could hear yours and Fugeo's voice the whole time. Thanks you two! Thanks, everybody!"

"You're welcome!" told the fire dragon.

Sora looked up at Yen Sid, "Oh yeah! Did we pass the test?"

"You performed truly admirably, both of you." Replied Yen Sid. The two keybearers jumped up and went in front of Yen Sid's table while the old master sat down on his chair. Then he began to tell, "More than anything, I am grateful to have you both back from Xehanort's deception unharmed. And I am grateful to Lea and Fugeo, whose actions turned the tides. I am also deeply sorry, for failing to perceive the danger and throwing you headlong into a perilous test. This experience has revealed many hidden truths, for the great clash with darkness that lies before us. I believe we need a new Keyblade Master, one with a new kind of power. Sora and Riku, you both deserve the honor. However, one of you braved the realm of sleep again to unlock the final Keyhole and save a friend. Riku, I name you our new true Keyblade Master."

"Way to go, Riku!" called Sora, jumping at Riku and Fugeo nods. "Congratulations my friend!"

"Y-Yeah?" wondered Riku while Sora told, "I knew you were gonna pass with flying colors. This is just so awesome!"

"Gee, Sora, you're kind acting like it's you that passed." Told Goofy and Fugeo countered the dog, "I remember how others reacted as I became Fire Guardian."

"But because they were probably cheering on you! But I told ya Sora still needed some practice." Replied Donald and Sora called, "Hey."

"Really? I'm a Keyblade Master?" asked Riku and Sora nods. Mickey came closer and told, "Congratulations, Riku!"

"Thanks Mickey!" replied Riku and they shook their hands. "I owe it to my friends."

"Ah, I'll catch up with ya in no time flat." Told Axel/Lea, causing Sora to ask, "What? You wanna be a Keyblade master?"

"Yeah. I mean, I came here to learn how to wield one." Was the answer of the red haired boy. Riku and Sora exclaimed, "YOU!?"

"Hey, thanks for the vote of confidience." Told Axel/Lea unamused. Fugeo tilts his head. "Can somebody tell me why it is absurd that he would like to learn that?"

"You know. I was gonna come swooping in, Keybalde in hand!" told Axel/Lea ignoring Fugeo's question. "But I just couldn't get mine to materialize. Must be in the snap of the wrist or something."

Then suddenly a chakram with a flame and Keychain attached on it causing everybody to call in surprise, "WHOA!"

"Well... congratulations for the Keyblade" told Fugeo and suddenly Riku asked, "Master Yen Sid... inside of Sora's dream... something weird happened. As I used a technique where Fugeo and I fuse together... and a second Keyblade appeared in my hand that resembles Fugeo a lot."

"It was apparently one of the effects of him being a burning heart," assumes Yen Sid.

"What is the Burning Heart?" asked Sora confused and Yen Sid began, "The Burning Heart is somebody, who has an unique heart. In this heart, light and darkness has harmony and a strong emotion set it on fire. Which emotion cause the fire and how the harmony is reached is depending on the individual... but still a very rare case. I thought it was only a myth but Fugeo has proven that I was wrong."

"One of the Organization members said something about his heart having been broken apart but it should be impossible," told Mickey. "We know from Ven how this would have ended."

Yen Sid thinks about this. "I am not sure... nobody knows which powers a Burning Heart possesses but what is clear is that he cannot control them by his own will.. they react to his own feelings."

Fugeo looked down and seems to think about something. Sora noticed it and asked, "Fugeo? Are you ok?"

"I think..." began Fugeo, "I think I can remember what happened..."
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