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A small list of my plans

Gamescom: From Thursday 14.08 to Saturday 16.08 I am on a short trip to Köln to visit the Gamescom

Writing on my fanfictions. Since I have holidays right now, I continue on my fanfictions with the following hints for readers:

Light Within Darkness: My main story. Gains main attention.

Mewpyre Empire: Is a side story. Whenever I get inspiration I write a chapter.

Interdimensional Travels: Co-Op Story with :iconfantasyfan101: Whenever it is possible we continue on it

Upcoming story: :iconstefyc97: and I have started a small Co-Op story. First chapters will coming soon.

Upcoming story: :iconpimsan0: and I started a Co-Op story as well.

And also some Short stories requested by some friends :)

All chapters needs to be corrected and since :iconcrimson-flazey: is doing this for four of the mentioned Stories, and he also is busy with other things it takes soem time before he is finished. So bare with us if it takes sometime weeks before the next chapter comes out.


Alternate team by XSDSTITCH
Alternate team
This is a second team I thougth for the next Pokemon game.

The only thing I don't know yet is what kind of Move Set I give each of them. However I am open for suggestions and the best one is allowed to get a Pokemon of his choice (As far I have it of course)

Just one thing: Before you start to give me Move sets for competive play: I am not a competive player. Which means the moveset just ahve to work to play through the normal story line and to capture Pokemon (Thought for Pokemon Hunting I have already a working team)
Several weeks have been passed since the party in Disney Castle… and several weeks away from the day where Kuran and Faith got kicked out of Disney Castle and were forbidden to enter it for the next few years.

The two were in their bed in their little home. Faith was snuggled on her lover while his arms was wrapped around her. The light of the rising sun fell on the couple and Faith began to stir.

Her eyes slowly opened and she smiled as she saw the sleeping Kuran. On his bare chest rested her hand and she stroke it gently and careful not to wake him... Not wanting to disturb the sight he was giving to her.

After a while she raised slowly and kissed his cheek before leaving the bed. Moving to the kitchen she took a banana and ate it since she was hungry. After the first part of her breakfast was taken, she started to heat water up for their morning tea and started to mix the indigents for pancakes with syrup.

Once the batter is finished, she heated up the stove and put a pan on it. Then she put butter into the pan to melt it. Once the butter was liquefied, she put the first part of the batter into the hot pan.

The water in the meantime was heated up as well and she poured it into the teapot, leaving it to draw.

The smell of the pancake frying in the pan reached over to their bedroom and Kuran's nose picked the smell up. He slowly woke and sat up. After a few seconds, he stretched himself yawing loudly and notices noticed that Faith wasn't in their bed.

Together with the smell of food, Kuran realized she was making breakfast. Leaving the bed, he moved down to the kitchen and saw her cooking in the way, they got into the bed: without any clothes.

He moved over and embraced her, kissing her, "Why are you not wearing an apron? Or why don't you let me make breakfast…"

Faith chuckled, "Morning! And I won't let you cook breakfast… we don't have enough first-aid kits, fire extinguisher nor shotgun bullets for your cooking creations. Not to mention I don't want the kitchen being quarantined again."

"Come on… I am really that bad cook?" asked Kuran and Faith answered. "Worse."

"Now I am hurt…" sighed Kuran and Faith put the now finished pancake on the other pancakes she finished by now.

"Don't be…" told Faith and kissed her lover. "You know I love you… I am just protecting you from your own weaknesses."

Kuran kissed her back, "True…"

"And I am rather interested in surviving long enough to go through our two special days," explained Faith. "On the second thought… I prefer to grow old with you."

"For now I am looking forward our special dates…" told Kuran and held her hand, looking at the ring he gave her… while his other hand felt on her stomach. A stomach which is showing a considerable size by now.
Jack Sparrow. Pirate with a questionable fame, notorious and not even an oracle could foretell his next move. And right now he was aboard of the Endeavour, brought inside an office where a man in black clothes and a white wig was waiting, looking out of the window telling, "Curious. Your friends appear to be quite desperate, Jack. Perhaps they no longer believe that a gathering of squabbling pirates can defeat the Flying Dutchman."

Jack began to look around for values while the man continued, "And so despair leads to betrayal. But you and I are no strangers to betrayal, are we?"

Then he turned around and told the captain, "It's not here, Jack."

"What? What isn't?" asked Jack and the answer was. "The heart of Davy Jones. It's safely aboard the Dutchman, and so unavailable for use as leverage to satisfy your debt to the good captain."

Jack shrugged, "By my reckoning, that account has been settled."

"With your death?" the man, whose name is was Beckett questioned. "Yet here you are."

Jack smiled and picked up a cane, standing beside a portrait of Beckett holding the exact same one, "Close your eyes and pretend it's a bad dream. That's how I get by."

"And if Jones were to learn of your survival?" Beckett replied. He took a pitcher of brandy and poured it into two small glasses, one of which he offered Jack. "Unless of course, we could arrange a deal. One which requires absolutely nothing from you but information."

Jack looked at the table. He spoted nine coins on it and accepted the glass of brandy. Nonchalantly, he took the one Beckett held as well. "No doubt it is regarding the Brethren Court. In exchange for fair compensation, I assume?" he drank the first glass. "Square my debt with Jones..." He downed the second. "Guarantee my freedom?"

"Of course," Beckett assured, pouring some more. "That's just good business."

Jack accepted another glass and poured the contents down his throat before setting it down, "Were I to be put in a divulgitory mood, what might I divulge?"

"Everything," Beckett whispered. "Who are the Pirate Lords? Where are they meeting? What are the purposes of the nine Pieces of Eight?"

Jack cooled himself off by waving a turquoise fan at his face. "Tell you what: you can keep Barbossa, the belligerent homonculous and his wooden-eyed friend, both. And Turner. Especially Turner," he closed up the fan. "The rest will come aboard the Pearl with me to Shipwreck Cove. Once there, I will hand you the pirates and you won't hand me over to Jones. Bloody fair deal, I think."

"And what becomes of Miss Swann?" asked Beckett with Jack counterasking. "What insterest is she to you?"

"Jack…" Beckett allowed. "But as I recall, you have a neat little compass that could point me to whatever I want."

"Points to the thing you want most," Jack said." Which isn't the Bretheren Court."

"Oh?" Beckett raised an eyebrow. "Then what is it, Jack?"

Jack unclipped the compass from his waist and tossed it to Beckett. "What you want most is me...dead."

Beckett opened up the compass and waited a few moments. His expression when he saw the compass' arrow stop told the story. "Damn..." he closed the compass and tossed it to Jack while Jack closed up the fan and tossed it to him. "It appears you are right. So in theory..." Beckett lifted a pistol from his pocket belt and pointed it at Jack. "If I kill you, I could cut out the middle man and find Shipwreck Cove on my own."

"With me killed," Jack replied. "You'd arrive at the cove, find it a stronghold nigh impregnable, able to withstand blockade for years. Then you'd be wishing, 'If only there was someone I had not killed inside to ensure that the priates then come ouside.' Don't you think so?"

"You would be able to accomplish that?" Beckett asked.

"You may kill me, but you may never insult me," Jack replied. "Who am I?" Beckett's mouth hung agape, unable to provide an answer. "Plain and simple: I'm Captain Jack Sparrow."

The glass window of the cabin shattered under the force of a blasted cannonball. The pirates aboard the Black Pearl had begun to riot. Jack stumbled back and Beckett fell against the table. Quickly, Jack shook the hand of Beckett, "Deal!" he declared before he scuffled for the doors. He opened them up, then slammed them into the bodies of two redcoats who attempted to charge. He stepped over them and made to exit the cabin onto the deck while more cannonballs plowed through the ship as he passed.

Beckett went outside and saw that Sao Feng's ship was leaving while on the Pearl everybody was fighting.

Roxas had his two Keyblades out and slammed them into everybody who wasn't a pirate. Also he kicked one one between the legs before slamming the hilt into the head of the crouching soldier.

Lea didn't use his Keyblade, instead his chakras and just captured the returning weapons as he noticed a rifle pointed at him. Here was a click but… no 'bang'. Confused the soldier looked at his weapon and then at Lea, who just cross sliced the enemy with his two chakras. Then he took the gun, aimed at a random soldier and shot. After tossing it down to the body at his feet he exclaimed, "Never try to shoot a pyromancer… your gun might not ignite!"

Then he shot a fire ball into the body of a soldier who was running at him.

Back on the Endeavour, Jack had been busy. He held a rope that was connected to the sail. He tied it to the back of a cannon and held a wooden pole that maintained a spark in his hand. Beckett was just arriving the scene and he looked back and forth between Jack and the elaborate setup Jack had created. Also he saw a figure representing him in the mouth of the cannon.

"You're mad!" he declared.

Jack shrugged indifferently, "Thank goodness. If I wasn't, this would probably never work," he lit the cannon's fuse and was pulled through the air. Beckett ducked aside before Jack had gotten the chance to fire and avoided the blast. The cannonball blasted into the mast and exploded.

The crew of the Pearl rushed upstairs to the stern portion of the ship to grab the rope that their captain had been holding onto. Before they could reach it, it slid over the edge of the ship before anybody could grab it. Barbossa turned away to think of a plan, but did a double-take on his turn. Jack now stood above them, leaning casually against a large lantern while the carved patterns of the stern wall allowed him a foothold.

"And that was without a single drop of rum!" he boasted. He hopped down to the deck and stepped forward, facing Will. Instinctively, Pintel and Ragetti seized Will's arms, "Send this pestilent, traitorous, cowhearted, yeasty codpiece to the brig."

The two diligently went about accomplishing that task, "The rest of you, man your stations!" Jack called out.

Lea and Roxas looked at each other and Roxas wondered, "Does he plan everything or just makes it up as he goes along?"

They turned to see if the Endeavour was following them… only to see that one of the masts broke and fell into the ocean. It was clear that they could take a while before they had a chance to follow the Pearl.

Lea shrugged, "Not a single clue… the only thing I trust him that is that he would sell my grandmother behind my back if it brought him his desired profit."

On board of Sao Feng's ship, were Elizabeth and Xion, both clothed in Singapore robes. And they turned as Sao Feng came in.

"By this time tomorrow, we will arrive at Shipwreck Cove and you will be free... Calypso."

"Excuse me?" asked Elizabeth and Sao Feng explains. "Not a name you fancy, I imagine out of the many that you have but it is what we call you."

"We being who?" asked Xion and Sao Feng answered. "The Brethren Court, Princess. The First Brethren Court, whose decision I would have opposed. They bound her in human form so the rule of the seas would belong to man, and not…" he paused and looked at Elizabeth who finished. "To me."

"But one such as you should never be anything less than what you are," told Sao Feng turning to Xion. "The same for you, Princess of Heart. You shouldn't be a mere soldier of any force. You should lead… you belong to be a queen."

"Nice speech for a captor," told Xion while Elizabeth told. "But words whispered through prison bars lose their charm."

"Can I be blamed for my efforts?" asked Sao Feng. "All men are drawn to the sea, perilous though it my be. Also all men are drawn to those who are meant to rule."

"And some justifies their crimes by offer desire," told Xion.

Sao Feng replied, "I offer simply my desire."

"And in return?" asked Xion and Sao Feng answered. "I would have your gifts, should you choose to give them."

"And if we refuse to give them?" asked Xion and the pirate told. "Then I will take… your fury!"

Sao Feng rushed at them but stopped as Xion held Light Within Darkness at the pirate, "Move closer and you will die!"

They heard a bang and suddenly a cannonball shoots through the wall, hitting Sao Feng square in the stomach. Xion looked to at the hole and stated, "As it couldn't get worse."

Elizabeth moved to the hit pirate and asked, "Sao Feng?"

"Here…" told the dying pirate. "Please."

Sao Feng handed his pendant over to Elizabeth with the words, "With all nine pieces of eight… you will be free. Take it! You are captain now."

Then Sao Feng found the strenght to pull her closer and told, "Go in my place... to Shipwreck Cove."

Then a few of the ship's crew came down and told, "Captain! The ship is taken. We cannot…"

However he stopped as he saw his dead captain. He asked Elizabeth, "What did he tell you?"

"He made me captain," told Elizabeth and Xion asked. "Is it really the best time to be captain of a fallen ship?"

Then they moved to the deck of the ship to see what was going on. Many of the attackers were British soldiers, including the one that was holding her in place. The majority were the fish-like men of Davy Jones' crew. The ship that ran alongside the ship was, in fact, the Flying Dutchman. The rest of the crew, at least the men still alive, were now under the careful guard of Jones' men. Among all the navy-coated soldiers and the disgusting monsters that surrounded her, Elizabeth spotted a uniform of bright blue, who had spotted her as she had arrived on deck.


"James?" the recognition caused the soldier holding her to loosen his grip. She pushed his arm out of her way and she rushed to him. "James!" She rushed up and hugged him, happy if only to see the familiar face of James Norrington.

Norrington returned her embrace with just as tight of a hug. "Oh, thank God you're alive!" he gasped. He released her and smiled gently, "Your father will be overjoyed to know that you're safe."

Elizabeth frowned, stepping back from Norrington, "My father is dead."

"What?" Norrington shook his head. "That can't be true. He returned to England."

Elizabeth's expression grew even harsher than before, "Did Beckett tell you that?"

Their conversation was interrupted when the thumping of a peg leg alerted the deck to another captain's presence. For the second time, Elizabeth laid eyes upon the tentacled menace known as Davy Jones. Up close, he looked even angrier. He marched towards the crew and leaned towards them, "Which one among you do you name as captain?" he spat.

"Captain?" and the man quickly pointed to Elizabeth. "Her! She's the captain!"

The rest of the sailors were quick to copy his example and lifted their fingers to single out Elizabeth as the captain.

Jones took a couple of steps towards her, "Captain? A woman?"

"Tow the ship," Norrington ordered briskly. "Bring them aboard. The prisoners will go to the brig," He looked back to Elizabeth. "The captain shall have my quarters."

Elizabeth looked up at Norrington, "Thank you, sir, but I'd prefer to remain with my crew," she tried to pull away, but Norrington followed.

"Elizabeth," Norrington stepped into her path. "I swear, I had no idea."

"No idea which side you chose?" Elizabeth challenged. She stood at the head of the Singaporean crew that now belonged to her. Xion joined in and told, "Brilliant idea to hand over the heart to get this position."

Norrington looked at the young girl in confusion… how does she know that it was him who gave Beckett, Davy Jones heart.

Later their ship was tied to the Dutchman by a thick rope, and the ship was dragged behind them. Elizabeth and her crew were led to the brig immediately. She didn't have time to focus on what was happening right now, nor the fact that she had been taken to the brig within five minutes of becoming a Pirate Lord. The more urgent issue was finding someone who could help her and she was having a hard time finding the man with the name she needed.

"Bootstrap?" she called to a pufferfish sailor. "Bill Turner?"

The sailor took a disgusted look at her, then threw back his head and laughed loudly, storming off as he did so. Elizabeth frowned. She had attempted this with several other sailors while aboard the ship, but not a single one laid claim to the name she was calling out. Just as she had just about walked away from the bars, one finally spoke without scorn against her.

"Bootstrap?" the voice was a low growl that guided Elizabeth to the opposite end of the cell. Within the wall, she could make out several forms of sea life. Coral, anemones, and plankton grew rampant on a particular area. Surrounded by these forms of life, a man with a starfish attached to the left side of his face was shown, "You know my name?"

"Yes," she confirmed, walking closer. " I know your son. Will Turner."

Bootstrap's mouth dropped open. "William?" he exhaled, then laughed hard. In his happiness, he peeled himself away from the wall. "Haha! He made it! He's alive!" he looked up to Elizabeth. "And now he sends you to tell me he's coming to get me, right? God's wounds. He's on the way!"

Elizabeth nodded, "Will is alive. And he does want to help you."

Bootstrap looked to Elizabeth again. After a moment, his expression drooped and he shook his head, "He can't help me. He won't come."

"You're his father!" she received a response in the form of Bootstrap's finger pointing in her face.

"I know you...he spoke of you," Bootstrap realized. "He can't save me. He can't come because of you."

"Me?" Elizabeth inquired.

"You're Elizabeth," Bootstrap whispered.

She had no reason to hide this fact, "Yes, I am Elizabeth, but..."

"If Jones is to slain, he who slays him must take his place as captain of the Dutchman forever," Bootstrap stood up to his full height, only about a head taller than Elizabeth. "The Dutchman must always have a captain. And if he saves me… he loses you."

That truth replanted itself inside Elizabeth's mind. If Will did save his father, she and him would be separate for years. The man she loved would be sailing the seas for all eternity while she would wither away and be left behind, "I see..." tears formed in her eyes at the thought of losing her love.

"He won't pick me. I wouldn't even pick me," he took a deep inhale and the wall seemed to come to life once again. It extricated its hold over the sea life that covered his body. "Tell him that it's too late to save me. Tell him to stay away. I'm already part of the ship… and the crew."

After a second, Elizabeth realized that he had gone still, "Bootstrap!"

His eyes were opened up again, "You know my name?" the enthusiasm of his first awakening had returned, as if his memory of the previous conversation had vanished. "You know my name?" he asked again happily.

A bit confused, Elizabeth nodded, "Yes...I know your son."

"William!" Bootstrap chuckled a bit. "He's coming for me! Wait and see!" the sea life pulled him into the wall again, fastening him there. "You'll see... he promised..." Bootstrap became still, becoming as he had just described himself: part of the ship.

On board of the Black Pearl, Will was tying the body of a dead British soldier that had been left aboard the ship. Then he cut the rope to send the barrel into the water. He held up the knife his father had given him, staring at it with a conflicted mind. A choice lay before him, a choice that now presented complications he had not counted on, which made the decision immensely difficult to make.

Then he looked at the bowsprit, where Jack casually sat. The captain was unmoved and got to his feet, "You escaped from the brig quicker than I thought, even when I was accounting for the fact that you're a very crafty individual. You've impressed me by twice the usual amount tonight. Well done!" Will didn't lower his knife, still tense. "William, tell me, do you notice anything?" Jack held onto a rope as he stepped along the bowsprit. "Or rather something that is not there to be noticed?"

Will looked out of the corner of his eyes at the bow area where he was currently working, "You haven't raised an alarm," he observed.

"Odd, isn't it?" Jack replied. He looked out to the water, watching the barrel that Will had just pushed overboard floating away. "Not as odd as this. Come up with this by your lonesome, did you?"

"I said to myself: Think like Jack," Will smirked at Jack, but Jack looked unamused.

"This is what you've arrived at?" Jack gestured to the sea. "Lead Beckett to Shipwreck Cove so as gain his trust accomplish your own ends?" Jack shook his head distastefully. "It's like you don't know me at all," Will didn't respond, instead turning away. Jack raised an eyebrow, "And how does your dearly beloved feel about this plan?"

"Which plan?" asked a new voice and Lea could be seen. "What is going on here? Why is Will not in the brig?"

"You stay out of this! It's something between me and Jack!" told Will angrily. His hand shook a little bit, but he calmed down, lowering his knife. "I'm losing her, Jack. Every step I make for my father is a step away from Elizabeth."

"If you choose to lock your heart away, you'll lose her for certain," Jack hopped down from the bowsprit and onto the deck. Jack tapped Will on the shoulder, gathering his attention, "I may have the machete to your intellectual thicket, avoid the choice altogether."

"Sounds a plan to me," told Lea. "After all from what I heard, your father is serving on the Dutchman. And to free him you have to kill Jones, which in turn makes you the next captain."

"Change the facts," countered Jack, while pulling Lea over to Will. "Let someone else dispatch Jones."

"Are you suggesting yourself?" asked Lea and Jack answered. "Death has a curious way of reshuffling one's priorities. I slip aboard the Dutchman, find the heart, stab the beating thing, your father's free from his debt, you're free to be with your charming murderess."

"And you're willing to cut out your heart and bind yourself to the Dutchman forever?" Will scoffed.

"No, mate," Jack smiled. "I'm free forever. Free to sail off the edges of the map and from death itself."

"But you have to ferry souls to the next world," Lea reminded. "That's the duty of the Dutchman's captain. If you don't do the job, you'll end up just like Jones."

Jack grimaced at the thought, "I don't have the face for tentacles. But immortal needs to count for something, doesn't it?" Jack's face furrowed up in thought, then went back to normal when his eyes lit up with a plan. He reached down to his waist and unclipped the compass from his belt, placing it in Will's hand.

Will blinked and Lea asked, "What's this for?"

"Think like me," Jack assured. "It'll come to you."

Without another hesitation, Jack leaned forward, breathing in Will's face. Will, in his rush to get away from the repulsive smell, rushed back too quickly and hit the railing of the ship. He toppled over it and into the water. After a moment, Jack pushed the next body-rigged barrel over the side of the ship and lifted his hat to Will, who was now struggling to stay afloat, "Give my regards to Davy Jones!"

Lea stared at Jack and asked, "What was that for?"

"Oh right! Forgot about you," told Jack, grabbed Lea and pulled him and then pushing him over the railing. Then he called down, "Don't worry! I make sure Roxas is fine!"

Turning around he muttered, "Don't want to be killed by his friend Zora."

Will, gaining his bearings, paddled over to the barrel and hoisted himself over it. As he gained a firm spot upon it, he glared up at the Pearl as it sailed away from him, "I hate him," he grumbled.

Joining the overboard man, Lea came and muttered, "You and me both… I think we have to gamble about who kills him first."

"So the other can do it when he comes back?" asked Will and Lea told. "Now you mention it… I let you do it first! I want to burn him to ashes."

Back by the Flying Dutchman, the crew was sneaking out of the brigs as well. Xion wondered silently, "Why did nobody take into the account that I could open the door?"

"Not a clue," told Elizabeth and just as they reached the tow which connected the Dutchman to their own ship, they saw Norrington in front of them, blocking the way.

"Elizabeth?" asked Norrington. "How did you get out?"

"Does it matter?" asked Elizabeth and he nodded. "It does! Because I just wanted to free you."

"Why?" asked Xion.

Norrington stood firmly, "I'm choosing a side," he said. He leaned in towards Elizabeth. "Do not go to Shipwreck Cove. Beckett knows of the meeting of the Brethren. I fear there may be a traitor among them."

Elizabeth harshly shook her head, "It's too late to earn my forgiveness."

Norrington rounded on her, "I had nothing to do with your father's death!" he fiercely claimed. After a moment, he sighed, "But that does not absolve me of my other sins."

Elizabeth took one look at the ship now belonging to her, "Come with us," Norrington's attention was averted from keeping watch to stare directly at her. She made eye contact with him, "James, come with me."

"Who goes there?" Elizabeth stumbled back to the railing and looked upward. Bootstrap was looking down upon her and Norrington and he proceeded to come away from above deck, making his way down towards them by way of the stairs.

"Go!" Norrington urged, "I will follow!"

Xion listned to this with the rest of the crew and began to climb over.

Elizabeth stayed her gaze on his face, watching his lip tremble, "You're lying," she accused.

The sword in Norrington's hand lowered and the admiral faced his former fiancé for what he knew would probably be the last time, "Our destinies have been intertwined, Elizabeth. But never joined," Norrington leaned down and planted his lips upon Elizabeth's in a kiss. Unlike Sao Feng, Elizabeth calmly allowed Norrington this final farewell. When he broke away, he lifted his sword. "Go now... " Elizabeth heeded his words and climbed up to the railing. As soon as she had took hold of the rope and was tugging her way down it, Norrington lifted his sword to disuade the approaching Bootstrap, "Back to your station, sailor," he demanded.

Bootstrap took a look at the ropes. He stated, "No one leaves the ship."

"Stand down!" Norrington spoke, more sternly than before, "That's an order!"

"That's an order..." Bootstrap chuckled. "Part of the crew, part of the ship. Part of the crew, part of the ship. Part of the crew, part of the ship. Part of the crew, part of the ship. Part of the crew, part of the ship."

"Steady, man!" Norrington bellowed.

"Part of the crew, part of the ship!" Bootstrap snarled back. He raised his voice, "All hands! Prisoner escape!"

"Belay that!" Norrington cried, pulling out his pistol. His eyes traveled between the ship and the prisoners. If the crew arrived, the escapees would be in worse shape. With a sad, regretful expression, Norrington pulled his pistol and fired upward at the ropes. They disconnected from the Dutchman and the remaining prisoners were sent into the water. At the very least, they'd be able to swim back to the ship and turn sail to get away. Norrington turned to deal with Bootstrap.

"Gaah!" Norrington's breath left his body. Bootstrap held in his hand a long piece of scrap wood. The other end, sharp and pointed, stuck about six inches out of Norrington's back. Bootstrap let go of the wood and stepped back.

Elizabeth was submerged in water as soon as the ropes hit it. When she was brought back up to the surface, she could see Norrington a moment before the makeshift weapon was stabbed into him, "James!" she shrieked. "No!" her gaze was fixed upon the falling man slumping to the deck. Elizabeth quickly tore herself away, as she'd freeze up from shock if she allowed herself to linger at his final moments. His sacrifice would be in vain if she didn't start swimming towards her ship now.

On deck, the rest of the crew had gathered around the dying Admiral Norrington. Murmers of, "Admiral's dead..." were spread quickly. The crew took a long moment to contemplate what this meant for them. Gasping for air before them was the representation of control that the East India Trading Company had over their heads.

"To the captain's cabin!" the hammer-head declared. The crew was in a delighted uproar when this news was realized. In higher spirits, they returned to their stations. Davy Jones stepped past them and knelt over Norrington. He looked back to Bootstrap. Formerly a traitor, Bootstrap had been put back in line and was obeying his captain. With a stern nod, Jones dismissed him before looking into Norrington's eyes.

"James Norrington," he whispered. "Do you fear death?"

Norrington's body twitched a little more. With his right hand, he thrusted his sword at Jones. Jones didn't even flinch as it pierced his body and went straight through his back. A meaningless act was performed on him, one that left nothing but a trivial stab wound. Norrington's body then failed him and he was still.

"I take that as a 'no'." Jones rose to his feet and tugged the weapon from his chest to examine it. "Very nice sword," he stated before returning to his cabin. However… instead of being able to take his heart back, he found several soldiers pointing their guns and two small cannons at the chest with the beating heart.

Mercer came into the view and told, "The Dutchman is under my command."

"For now," told Davy Jones and left the cabin.

On the next day the Pearl came to an island and Gibbs warned everybody, "Not for naught it's called Shipwreck Island. Where lies Shipwreck Cove and the town of Shipwreck."

Roxas, who had been all day busy to find his friend Lea without prevail, turned to Gibbs and Sparrow, stating, "For a bunch of clever pirates, you have awful skills in naming things."

"Aye," agreed Jack and Gibbs and then Jack told. "I once sailed with a geezer who lost both of his arms and part of his eye."

"What you call him?" asked Gibbs and Jack simply stated, "Larry."

Roxas tilted his head in wonder what was that for… this was not really the best name you could come up with such a fellow.

Then he returned to his search for Lea as he saw Barbossa speaking with Tia, "I do not renege on a bargain once struck. But we agreed on ends only. The means are mine to decide."

"Caution, Barbossa," warned Tia. "Do not forget it was by my power you return from the dead. Or what it mean if you fail me."

Barbossa's hand got bony while Tia hold it. Then it turned back, and she let go before trying to leave. However the captain hold her in return and exclaimed, "Don't you forget why you had to bring me back. Why I could not leave Jack to his well-deserved fate. It took nine pirate lords to bind you, Calypso. And it'll take no less than nine to set you free."

Then he called for Pintel and Ragetti, ordering them to bring Tia down to the brig. Roxas decided to hold the new pieces of information back for himself at the moment and asked, "Captain Barbossa. Have you seen Lea?"

"Not since he made this firework yesterday to get the Heartless off my ship," told the captain and Roxas told. "Don't tell that too loud. Jack would think otherwise of who owns the ship."

"I am fully aware of Sparrow's believes, master Roxas. Don't bother me with more senseless squabbling now"

Roxas sight and went back to search Lea.

Back to the Endeavour, Davy Jones entered the captain's cabin and told, "I cannot be summoned like some mongrel pup."

"Apparently you can," countered Beckett and then he pointed to his guests on the table. "I believe you know each other already."

Turning around with cups of teas in their hands, Will and Lea are greeted Jones and the captain of the Dutchman called to Lea "YOU! I make you join my crew for eternity by fooling me! And Master Turner… come to join my crew again?"

"Not yours," told Will and turns to Beckett. "His."

Then Will and Lea looked to each other and turned to Jones again, "Before we forget…" began Lea and Will finished. "Jack Sparrow sends his regards."

"Sparrow?" asked Jones in confusion and Lea wondered. "You failed to tell him that we went to his locker and took Jack together with the Black Pearl out?"

"What else have you not told me?" asked Jones and Beckett countered. "That I have a business partner that wants something from you… he called it a fragment of darkness."

Lea looked up in surprise, "You know about it?"

"Only what my business partner told me. He told me everything about the heart and in return he wants this object…"

Then a soldier came in and told, "Sir… a man showed up and claims to have a business with you… he wears a black coat and doesn't show his face."

"Bring him in," told Beckett and the soldier nodded and left. Short time later the man in black coat came in. Lea jumped up and called his keyblade but the man told, "Lower your Keyblade, Lea… I am not here to fight… in fact: I have a message for you in case I find you."

"From your voice I take you are not Master Ordo," told Beckett and the man answered. "Master Ordo got a different task due unforeseen circumstances. My name is Kuranord and I have all negations rights Ordo had."

He lifted his hood and Lea glared to the Organization XIII member but sat down again, "What is your message?"

"You should meet up with your friends… they have news for you which aren't the best… for neither side," told Kuranord and Lea asked. "Why should I believe you, you thief!"

"Can you risk not trusting me?" countered Kuranord and turned to Beckett. "We gave you everything we agreed on. Now we want our payment."

"Of course," told Beckett. "Jones… the Fragment. Hand it over please."

Jones growled but pulled from the place where his heart was once the fragment out and handed it over to Kuranort, "Thank you… I take my leave now. My orders are clear on this matter."

"Of course," told Beckett. "We have here an issue far more troublesome to discuss."

Once Kuranort was gone Beckett told, "I believe you're familiar with a person called Calypso."

"Not a person," spat Jones. "A heathen god. One who delights in cursing men with their wildest dreams, and then revealing them to be hollow and naught but ash. The world is well rid of her."

"Not quite so well, actually," told Will and Lea explained. "The Brethren Court intends to release her."

"No! They cannot!" shouted Jones. "The First Court promised that she'd remain imprisoned forever; that was their agreement!"

"Your agreement, you mean?" Beckett challenged. Jones' angry demeanor seemed to wither as he turned away and spoke further.

"I showed them how to... bind her," he admitted. "She couldn't be trusted." His eyes drooped on his face, as did his tone of voice. "She gave me no choice," he shook his head and spoke firmly again. "We must act before they are allowed to release her!"

Will stood up in awe, not even putting his teacup down, "You loved her," his face formed itself grimly. "Then you betrayed her."

"She pretended to love me!" Jones insisted, marching towards Will. "She betrayed me!"

Will looked up into the eyes of the captain and didn't back down, "Then I only wonder which betrayal led you to cut out your heart," Jones lifted his crab-claw of a right hand and slapped Will's teacup from his hand. It crashed against the floor, shattering into several pieces.

"Do not test me!" he angrily spat.

"I hadn't finished that," Will calmly replied, bringing more anger from Jones. "Now, if you will, these are my terms," he pointed to Jones. "You will free my father," then he turned his finger to Beckett. "You will guarantee our safety, along with Elizabeth's."

"Along with the safety of mine and my friends Roxas and Xion," added Lea.

"Your terms are steep, gentlemen," Beckett weighed his options in his head. "I can only hope that you can present us with a fair value in return."

"I only have one price in my mind," Jones stated. "Calypso murdered."

"Calpyso is on the Black Pearl," told Lea and Will told. "Jack has sailed the Black Pearl to Shipwreck Cove."

"And with you two no longer aboard her, how do you propose to lead us there?"

Lea and Will look between Jones and Beckett before Will showed the compass of Jack and Lea wondered, "What is it you want most?" and Beckett began to grin.

Barbossa pounded a round table, at least thirty feet long, to call attention to the meeting at hand. The one's required to be attentive involved the nine Pirate Lords and their crew members.

There was Ammand, a corsair from North Africa. He had a stern face that wore a mustache curving upward on both sides, about an inch to the left and right of his nose. He led a crew of corsair pirates. He was the Pirate Lord of the Black Sea.

The next was from France: Captain Chevalle, Pirate Lord of the Mediterranean. His face was donned in make-up that gave him a very pale complexion as well as a mustache and beard that had been etched on.

Mistress Ching, the only female Pirate Lord in the court, ruled piracy in the Pacific Ocean. Her complexion was also painted with heavy white make-up. Her eyes were very dark and foggy.

Jocard, Lord of the Atlantic, was a tall, Jamaican man adorned in the uniquely designed clothing of the region. He had dark brown skin with a braided goatee hanging from his chin.

The Indian Ocean's Pirate Lord was a man called Sri Sumbhajee. He wore a green turban with a gold plate embedding the front and only his nose, cheeks, eyes, and forehead were not covered by grey facial hair. He also remained quiet, having his men speak for him.

Eduardo Villanueva was the Spanish Pirate Lord, overseeing the Adriatic Sea. He was very plump and his facial hair covered all colors of the spectrum. His mustache was brown. His beard was white with patches of grey and black near his chin.

Then there was Jack and Barbossa, Lords of the Caribbean and the Caspian Sea, respectively. Sao Feng, as of right now, was not here. Jack was casually playing with the swords that were pierced into a globe near the table, each marking the area of dominance where each Lord reigned with their piracy.

"Ladies and gents!" Barbossa called out. "As he who issued the summons, I now convene the Fourth Bretheren Court," Ragetti shuffled around the table to Sri Suhmbhajee, holding out a large bowl-shaped hat with red fabric lining the inside. Barbossa, meanwhile, continued. "To prove your Lordship and right to be heard, present your Pieces of Eight, fellow captains."

Suhmbhajee reached into his pockets and dropped a small calf-horn into the hat. Chevalle was given the hat next, with him placing a card, the Queen of spades. Villanueva placed a broken bottle neck attached to a string inside.

"These aren't pieces of eight," this fact became apparent to Pintel quickly. Roxas nodded to him, "They look like pieces of junk."

"Aye," Gibbs confirmed, as Jocard placed tobacco cutters in the hat. "The original plan was to use the nine Pieces of Eight to bind Calypso, but the First Court was broke when they were first brought together."

"So change the name," Pintel suggested. Meanwhile, Mistress Ching deposited a pair of spectacles.

"Really?" Gibbs said with scorn. "Present your Nine Pieces of Whatever You Happen To Have In Your Pockets At The Time? Oh yes, that sounds very piratey."

"He has a point," sweatdropped Roxas.

Ammand spat into a tiny goblet before he dropped it into the hat. Barbossa's turn came and he held out his hand. "Master Ragetti, if you would be so kind."

Ragetti looked up to Barbossa, "I kept it safe for you," he said with assurance. "Just like you said to do when you gave it to me."

"Aye, you have, and I be grateful that you did your duty," Barbossa congratulated lightly. "Now I need it back." With no further delay, he smacked Ragetti's head, popping out the wooden eyeball and placing it inside the hat.

"Sparrow!" Villanueva's voice called thickly towards the other end of the room. Jack still stood idly by the globe and Ragetti faithfully rushed over, holding out the hat before Jack. All eyes were on the captain, whose hand hovered next to his head, where a charm carrying a coin danged from the end of it. Jack extended a finger from his hand instead of taking the charm, about to make a point.

"I feel I must remind everyone that we are one Lord short," he stood firmly and grinned. "I'm content as a cucumber to wait until Sao Feng is ready to join us."

"Sao Feng is dead!" the voice that attracted all the attention belonged to Elizabeth, who now headed a crowd of sailors from Singapore. She had even put an outfit befitting of the former Pirate Lord himself, wearing armor in the same guise as the other sailors. "He fell to the Flying Dutchman!" cries of shock, paranoia, and protest were flung about the room while Elizabeth stepped up to the globe and stabbed her sword into the globe, piercing the South China Sea.

"He made you captain?" Jack cried incredulously. "Are they just giving away this title away now?"

"XION!" called Roxas and rushed over to her. "I am glad you are alright!"

"Thanks Roxas!" replied the girl. "Thought it was close at a time. While I had my keyblade, we also got unexpected but now dead help."

"I bet Lea would have something to say… if he were here," replied Roxas and Xion wondered. "Where is Lea?"

"Not a clue! He just disappeared recently! And now that I think of it… I didn't see Will since his arrest as well."

"He was arrested?" asked Xion surprised and Roxas nodded. "Due to his betrayal"

"Not much surprising I guess," replied Xion.

Elizabeth stepped up to the table, trying to quell the escalating yells, "Listen to me!" she yelled even louder. "Our location is betrayed. Jones is under the control of Lord Cutler Beckett and they are on their way right now!"

"Who is the betrayer?!" Jocard demanded to know.

"It is not anyone among us for certain!" Barbossa replied.

"Where is Will?" asked Elizabeth realizing he is missing and Jack just replied. "Not among us! Just as the red haired friend of these two kids among us."

"It matters not how they found us!" countered Barbossa. "The question is: what will we do now that they have?"

"We fight!" declared Elizabeth and everybody laughed and Ching explains. "Shipwreck Cove is a fortress. A well supplied fortress. There is no need to fight if they cannot get to us."

"There be a third course," explained Barbossa. "In another age, at this very spot the First Brethren Court captured with the help of a Keybearer the sea goddess and bound her in her bones."

Everybody agreed on this and Barbossa told, "That was a mistake. Oh, we tamed the seas for ourselves, aye. But opened the door to Beckett and his ilk. Better were the days when mastery of seas came not from bargains struck with eldritch creatures, but from the sweat of a man's brow and the strenght of his back alone. You all know this to be true."

Then he walked around the table, "Genlemen. Ladies. We must free Calypso."

Everybody was silent by these words and Roxas wondered, "Uhm… wouldn't she be mad at us for being imprisoned for so long? Not to mention… you are holding her in the brigs right now."

Xion looks at Roxas and muttered, "How dumb can man be?"

Then an uproar came and Ammand demands, "Shoot him."

"Cut out his tongue!" Jocard added.

"Shoot him and cut out his tongue!" Jack suggested. "Then shoot his tongue as well!" he took a quick look at Barbossa. "Also, I'd recommend that beard be given a trim."

One of Sao Feng's former man explained, "Sao Feng would've agreed with Barbossa."

"Calypso was our enemy then and she will stay our enemy!" Jocard replied.

"It's unlikely her moods improved over all these years!" Chevalle agreed. Roxas and Xion looked at each other… they just had this conversation.

"I still agree with Barbossa!" Villanueva declared, setting his gun on the table. "Calypso should be released!"

Chevalle took a look at the gun. "You threaten me, Captain?"

"I silence you!" Villanueva shouted. He pulled up the gun and Chevalle responded with a punch to the fat Spaniard's face. As sudden as it would happen in Tortuga, a massive brawl was started. Pirates began to beat each other up with their fists, broken bottles, and anything they could find. Many were thrown across the table or sent sliding along it. The crews of the Black Pearl and the Empress were the only ones not involved in the fight.

"This is madness!" Elizabeth gasped.

"This to politics," Jack muttered. Roxas looked at this and wondered, "How did you manage to survive that long?"

"Not a clue," agreed Briggs.

"To think," Elizabeth shook her head. "All this happens as our enemies are bearing down on us."

Barbossa rolled his eyes, "If they not be here already," he agreed with a grumble.

The brig of the Black Pearl was bare of all except one occupant. Tia Dalma sighed heavily, sitting upon a bench with a few candles lit beside her, atop a small table. Within her hand, her fingers brush gently along the open heart-shaped locket she had worn on her neck. After such a fury as the one that she had displayed against Barbossa, only the locket could soothe her. It played a lullaby, an innocent twinkle of notes echoing through the silent room. She allowed it to pass for several moments before she closed it.

The tune stopped, then began again. She turned her head in confusion. She knew that her locket was not the source of the noise music, but the exact same melody was being played nearby. Peeking out the bars, from where she could barely fit her arm through, a silhouette made itself clear as it stepped into the light. Within the slimy grasp of a tentacle, a similar locket was held. Lifting her head, Tia smiled when she saw the curved brim of a hat, forming an equally curved V-shape at its peak.

"My sweet," she murmered. She sniffled, holding tears that threatened to flow. "You came for me."

The scowl of Davy Jones, even shadowed, was apparent. "You were expecting me," he stated.

"Aye," Tia replied, her voice weak from the happiness she felt upon seeing him. "It has been torture trapped in this single form. For many years, I've been cut off from the sea. From all that I love. And from you."

"Your years were deservingly spent," Jones sneered. "I spent ten years devoting myself to the duty I was charged. Ten years I ferried souls from dead at sea to the other side," even in light of the enchanting tune of the locket, he still claimed a fierce appearance. "When it was all over, when we could have finally been together again, you weren't there," he forcefully snapped the locket shut. "Why weren't you there?"

Tia shook her head sadly. "It is only my nature," she admitted. "Would you love me if I were not the thing that I am?"

Jones turned away in a huff, "I do not love you," he growled. Tia followed his attempt to avoid her.

"You were many things, Davy Jones," Tia said. "But not cruel. Your purpose, and so yourself, have been corrupted," she moved her hand, reaching for Jones' chest. "And you dared hide away what always should have been mine!"

Jones felt his body seize up when her hand made contact. Suddenly, he felt something he hadn't felt in a long time. His body was warm, no longer the form of the slimy, grotesque monster that he had become. His tentacled beard shriveled away and flourished, leaving a beard that was gray, but healthy. His scaly flesh gave way to the less smooth, but much more comforting skin. Human skin. He gasped heavily, feeling the oxygen flow through him.

A warm body came with a warm feeling to. He looked upon Tia Dalma with a longing in his eyes, a longing he had not felt for her in a long time. His hand, human as well, shook for a moment before he lifted it to Tia's cheek, stroking it. And her hand was doing the same upon his face, "Calypso..." he whispered.

Tia looked him straight in his eyes and spoke again, "I will be free," she promised. "When I am, I can give you my heart. I can make it so we are together always. I only wish you had a heart to give," with a fierce motion, she removed her hand. Jones' transformation disappeared and he was a cold, heartless octopus-man once again. In shock, he forced his left hand, the crab claw, to clamp Tia's neck. She glared at him harshly, despite being in his mercy, "Why did you come?"

Jones, calming from his outburst, released her and pulled his claw back. However, it was now too large to fit through the bars, and he clumsily pulled a few more times. Then, with a heavy sigh, he walked right through the bars, pushing on through like he was made of water. "So, tell me, what fate you have planned to befall your captors."

"The Brethren Court?" Tia snarled. "By the end of their lives, the last thing they will know is just how cruel I can be!" satisfied, Jones turned his back on Tia and started his walk away. Tia turned to speak again, keeping him a moment longer, "And what will be your fate, Davy Jones?" she inquired.

Jones turned his head, his eyes remaining solemn. He spoke again, only his voice no longer had sharpness in its tone. He cast that manner of himself aside to speak in the voice of a lover, "My heart will always belong to you."

Tia's eyes widened happily upon hearing the words. She turned away so he would not see her well up. The two did not face each other again and Jones disappeared, returning from whence he came, a shriveling sound marking his departure.

Though no fatalities had been observed, the pirates of the Court continued to brawl unrelentlessly. Barbossa finally stood on top of the table and fired a single shot at the ceiling. The crack of the pistol was enough to get everybody to go still and pay attention.

"It was the First Court who imprisoned Calypso!" Barbossa reminded every pirate. "If we were to set her free, she would grant us boons out of her gratitude!"

"Whose boons?" Jack questioned. "Yours?"

Barbossa dismounted the table, "If you say you have an alternative, please share."

"Cuttlefish," Jack began, garnering confused stares from the others. "Let us not, dear friends, forget our dear friends the cuttlefish. Free spirits, peaceful. Lock them up together and they'll devour each other without consideration. Human nature, eh? Or maybe fish nature," he strolled up behind Mistress Ching, gently laying his hands on her shoulders. "So we could stay here, all holed up like this, and half of us would be dead within a month," one person from her crew became edgy, so Jack pulled his hands away. "That's pretty grim no matter how you slice it," he pointed to Barbossa. "Or, as my learned colleague naively suggests, we could release Calypso and pray that she will show mercy," he paused in his steps, creating dramatic emphasis. "I rather doubt that. We cannot pretend that she is not a monster which fury hell hath no?" he turned to face his end of the table and began to finish his thoughts. "With this in mind, we are left with but one option. I agree with, and I can't believe the words are coming out of me mouth..." with a gulp of regret, he gestured towards Elizabeth. "Captain Swann. We must fight."

Elizabeth blinked in surprise of Jack's statement, as unsure as everyone else about what had just escaped Jack's mouth. However, Barbossa issued a rebuttal upon Jack almost immediately after he had finished speaking, "You've always run away from a fight!"

"Have not," Jack argued.

"You have so," Barbossa insisted.

"Have not!"

"You have so!"

"Have not!"

"You have so and you know it!"

"Have not! Slander and calumny!" Jack retorted quickly. "I have only embracedthat oldest and noblest of pirate traditions. I submit that here and now that is what we all must do: We must fight to run away!"

"Aye!" Gibbs agreed. The rest of the Pearl's crew, save for Barbossa, drew their swords as well. The smirk on Barbossa's face was not gone just yet, though.

"Ask per the code, an act of war," Barbossa began. "And this be actually that, can only be declared by the pirate king."

"You made that up!" Jack protested.

"Did I, now?" Barbossa challenged. "I call for Cap'n Teague, Keeper of the Code!"

Jack's expression sank instantly. Meanwhile, one of the India pirates cleared his throat, preparing to speak for his Lord, "Sri Sumbhajee proclaims this all to be folly!" His voice was more powerful after that, due to the fact that he began speaking for himself. "Hang the code! Who gives a..."


Everybody stared at the pirate as a hole has appeared on the forehead and fell backwards on the ground… no one had to look to know that this man was now dead. Then they turned to the spot where the shoot came from, a small puff of smoke faded to reveal another captain, Teague, one who bore a striking similar look to Jack. Dreadlocks and a long coat, a large hat, and several rings on his fingers made his appearance. The only difference was the leathery look that encompassed his skin. He blew softly on the pistol, clearing the smoke.

"The code is the law," he stated plainly. He stepped down the staircase that led into the cabin of a ship, making his way towards the table. The demeanor of every pirate changed, as they had slowly begun to sit down again when Teague started his approach. Nobody dared challenge this man. If one were to take a look at Jack, they would've seen the twitching corners of even this confident pirate's mouth when Teague stepped behind him, "You're in my way, boy," Jack shuffled aside without a question.

"Wow…" muttered Roxas and Xion whispered. "I don't want to be on his bad side…"

Teague stepped up to the table. With one hand, he motioned towards himself. Two elder men with heavy white beards upon their faces carried a large square object between them, covering the entire end of the table when they settled it down. The item was clarified to be a large book, entitled Pirata Codex.

"The code!" Pintel whispered in fascination.

"As set forth by Morgan and Bartholomew..." Ragetti murmered as well. Since Barbossa had taken his wooden eye, Ragetti had no alternative but to wear an eyepatch over his right eye-socket. Pintel took a quick look at it, pondered it in his head, then nodded gently in approval.

The Pirate Code book was binded with metal hinges and a lock between the front and back covers, preventing it from forbidden access. Teague turned away again and whistled. A dog came which carried a ring with only one key on it and dropped it on Teague waiting hand.

"What?" Ragetti questioned. "It's that... how did...?"

Teague shrugged casually, "Sea turtles, mate."

"Care to explain what you mean?" asked Xion and Ragetti told. "We left this dog on an island which inhabited by man eating people… we were in a hurry to be not captured."

"And now it is here?" asked Roxas in confusion and Pintel nodded, "Yeah."

The dog barked twice in agreement before it hopped to the ground and ran off. Teague inserted the key into the lock and pushed open the giant book. His finger trailed down the page he had flipped to and he muttered to himself softly, "Aha... Barbossa is correct."

"Let me see that," Jack said. He bent over to look at the page where Teague's finger had been. "It shall be the duty of the Pirate King to declare and parlay with adversaries."

"There's been no King since the First Court!" Chevalle informed. "That's not likely to change now."

"Not likely indeed," Teague agreed, retreating from the area and sat in a chair several feet away from the meeting. He picked up a guitar and began plucking it to a gentle tune.

"Why?" Xion wondered aloud, as did others who were unaware.

"Popular vote is how a Pirate King is elected," Gibbs explained.

"Aye," Barbossa confirmed. "And each pirate only ever votes for hisself."

Jack's opportunity was conceived at that moment, "I call for a vote!" groans were heard unanimously among the Court, but they went along with this request.

"I vote for Armand, the Corsair!" Armand voted.

"Captain Chevalle, the penniless Frenchman!"

"Sri Sumbhajee votes for Sri Sumbhajee."

"Mistress Ching!"

"Gentleman Jocard!"

Elizabeth shrugged and continued the pattern, "Elizabeth Swann."

Barbossa smiled, "Barbossa."


Jack was the only vote left and everybody waited expectantly. Even Teague stopped playing his guitar to hear the result. Jack wore a smile before he spoke, "Elizabeth Swann."

Elizabeth blinked several times, "What?"

"Strange, isn't it?" Jack replied. Teague casually began playing his guitar again. However, there was uproar in the rest of the court. Every pirate was angered by the fact that Jack had done the selfless thing instead of what they all had believed he would do. "Am I to understand that you lot will not be keeping to the Code, then?"

The mere mention of a Code violation alarmed Teague, causing him to snap the top string of his guitar, creating a loud sound that caught everyone's attention. Combined with a harsh glare from the Code Keeper, the rest of the pirates fell silent once again.

"Would he really shoot all of the Pirate Lords just for this?" asked Xion and Gibbs answered. "Believe me: Nobody is doubting this!

"Very well," Mistress Ching spoke, giving in. Though blind, she gestured to where she had heard Elizabeth's voice, giving attention directly to her. "What do you say, Captain Swann, King of the Brethren Court?"

Elizabeth smiled, taking a breath to take in the victory for a moment, "Prepare any vessel that floats. At dawn, we will be at war."

Another small shock would follow, for Sri Sumbhajee arose from his chair, "And so, we shall go to war!" the whole court did a double-take when they heard the incredibly high pitch that Sri Sumbhajee's voice had, but they were all cheering the next moment. If this had just inspired Sri Sumbhajee to speak, this was clearly a rare day. Barbossa sighed gently, then jerked his head upward as a signal to Ragetti. The lackey understood and quickly hid the hat containing the Pieces of Eight inside his coat.

Xion and Roxas were just still staring at Sumbhajee… how could such a guy have such a voice and be Pirate Lord? Nobody would take him seriously.

Jack looked upon the first uproar of happiness in today's court, brought about by his hand. As the others started to leave, Jack altered direction to face Teague, whose expression remained grim as ever, "What?" he wondered. "Don't look at me like that. You've seen it all, done it all. You survived. That's the real trick, isn't it? Surviving?"

Teague shook his head gently, "It isn't just about living forever, Jackie," he placed his guitar beside the chair, which could appropriately be called his throne. "The trick is to live with yourself forever."

Jack nodded in understanding. His mouth twitched a bit before he spoke again, more casually. "How's mama?" Teague stared blankly at Jack, not even altering his expression as he lifted a shrunken head before the captain. It was black in color, had rotting dirty-blonde hair, and bones crossed over its mouth. Jack's eyes darted back and forth between Teague and the skull and forced a smile, "She looks... great!"

On the next day, every pirate ship was ready for the fight against the EITC, waiting for their enemy. Then from the fog in the distance, a ship began to appear… as it got clearer, it turned out to be the Dutchman.

"The enemy is here! Let's take them!" called one of the pirates and everybody cheered on this at the upcoming fight, except for Barbossa with the coming reason: more ships began to emerge from the fog and soon it was clear they had to face an entire armada.

With that all of them became silent. Except for Cotto'ns parrot… it just stated, "Abandon ship. Abandon ship," while flying away.

Then on the Pearl everybody turned to Jack who just muttered, "Parley?"

True to his suggestion, a sandbar was located about halfway between the two fleets, an ideal place for negotiation was entered by the negotiators of each side. From the pirates came Barbossa, Elizabeth, Jack and the two keybearers Roxas and Xion.

From the other side were Beckett with Davy Jones, standing in a bucket of water and with them were Will and to Xion's and Roxa's surprise was Lea with them.

"You two be the curs that led these wolves to our door," told Barbossa to Lea and Will. Beckett told, "Don't blame Turner. He was merely the tool of your betrayal. If you wish to see its grand architect, look to your left."

Everybody looked to the left and everybody looked to Jack who just looked back after seeing nobody was next to his left.

"My hands are clean in this," declared Jack. "Figuratively."

"My actions were my own and my own purpose," told Will and Lea told. "I just tagged along after Jack threw me and Will overboard."

"Jack had nothing to do with it," countered Will and Jack just said. "Well spoke. Listen to the tool."

"Will, I've been aboard the Dutchman," explained Elizabeth. "I understand the burden you bear, but I fear that cause is lost."

"No cause is lost if there is but one fool left to fight for it" told Will and Xion explained. "Your father is completely submitted to Davy Jones Crew! He is part of the ship now!"

"Then I have even more reason to free him," told Will.

"If turner wasn't acting on your behalf," began Beckett. "Then why did Master Lea say otherwise while how did Master Turner come to give me this?"

And he showed Jack's Compass. Then he continues, "You made a deal with me, Jack, to deliever the pirates. And here they are."

Roxas looked at Jack and asked, "How could you ever got Sora's trusts?"

"Well, Zora is bit too naïve for his own well being… he should have known to not trust a dishonest pirate," countered Jack while catching his Compass as Beckett threw it over. Then the man told, "Don't be bashful. Step up. Claim your reward."

"Your debt to me is still to be satisfied," declared Davy Jones. "One hundred years in servitude aboard the Dutchman. As a start."

"That debt was paid, mate. With some help," told Jack while gesturing to Elizabeth and Jones told, "You escaped."

"Techically," told Jack and Elizabeth added. "I propose an exchange," letting everybody turning to her.

"Will leaves with us…" she explained. "And you can take Jack."

"What about Lea?" asked Roxas but Elizabeth told. "We don't have anything to exchange for him."

"Done!" told Will while Jack told. "Undone."

"Done," told Beckett and Xion told. "You cannot hand over one of the nine Pirate Lords!"

"King," she just smiled and Jack told. "As you mommand, your nibs."

"Blackguard!" shouted Barbossa and swings his sword at the fellow Pirate, unnoticely cutting Jacks coin off and the ape called Jack leaped down, getting the Piece of eight for its owner. However jack noticed it but before he could act, Barbossa came close and told, "If ye have something to say, I might by saying something as well."

"First to the finish, then?" asked Jack and began to move over while Will came to them. Once Jack was between Beckett and Jones, the captain of the Dutchman asked, "Do you fear death?"

"You've no idea," told Jack while Beckett told to the pirates. "Advise your Brethren: You can fight, and all of you will die. Or you can not fight, in which case only most of you will die."

"You murdered my father," began Elizabeth and Beckett told. "He chose his own fate."

"Then you have chosen yours," told Elizabeth. "We will fight. And you will die."

"So be it," exclaims stated Beckett while the pirates and Keybeares began to leave.

On the way back to the Pearl Will asked, "King?"

"Of the Brethren Court," replied Xion. "Thanks to Jack."

"Maybe he really does know what he's doing," told Will and Roxas told. "I don't know! Or else he would have found a way to stay away from Lea… he didn't forget about the episode where I had to serve on the Dutchman."

Later Jack and Lea were down on the brigs of the Dutchman and Lea told, "Bravo! Thanks to you we are both on the Dutchman! And I am only inches away from burning you alive!"

"Then what is stopping you mate?" asked Jack and Lea grabbed his throat. "The fact that Beckett told me earlier he plans to execute Xion and Roxas in front of my eyes and letting me go so I could tell every Keybearer not to go against their company! Instead we should consider to work for him as slaves!"

"Well… considering this it is better than working 100 years on this ship," told Jack and Lea let go but punched him. "Then tell me what we could do to save them and get off this ship!"

"Stab his heart," offered Jack. "And I live forever as captain of the Flying Dutchman."

"You forgot something!" told Lea. "You can only set food on land for only once every 10 years. Not to mention how to stab it while we are in the brig?"

"How about your fency Keyblade?" asked Jack and Lea pointed to the door. "They were smart enough to close the door with an one way lock! I have to hit the Keyhole which is nearly impossible from inside here."

"This does seem to put immortality a bit out of reach," agreed Jack, trying to think of his next move.

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