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A small list of my plans

Gamescom: From Thursday 14.08 to Saturday 16.08 I am on a short trip to Köln to visit the Gamescom

Writing on my fanfictions. Since I have holidays right now, I continue on my fanfictions with the following hints for readers:

Light Within Darkness: My main story. Gains main attention.

Mewpyre Empire: Is a side story. Whenever I get inspiration I write a chapter.

Interdimensional Travels: Co-Op Story with :iconfantasyfan101: Whenever it is possible we continue on it

Upcoming story: :iconstefyc97: and I have started a small Co-Op story. First chapters will coming soon.

Upcoming story: :iconpimsan0: and I started a Co-Op story as well.

And also some Short stories requested by some friends :)

All chapters needs to be corrected and since :iconcrimson-flazey: is doing this for four of the mentioned Stories, and he also is busy with other things it takes soem time before he is finished. So bare with us if it takes sometime weeks before the next chapter comes out.


Xion, Roxas and Lea just returned to Radiant Garden, and headed to Merlin's home. They expected to meet anybody but… no one was there right now.

"Odd," mumbled Lea. "Since I came back as my somebody, each time I visited this place, somebody was always here. Either Merlin, Cid or whoever , happened to be ,."

"Then , where is everybody?" wondered Xion and a voice behind them told. "They are either on patrol or in Disney Castle."

The three turned around in surprised and spot a girl they didn't know, "Ok! Who are you?" wondered Roxas and the girl answered. "I am Faith. I am Even's assistant. And you three must be… Lea, Roxas and Xion."

"You know about us?" wondered Xion and Faith , nodded, "That's correct. Namine showed me pictures of you three."

Then she turned to Xion, "And once we get his body back, YOU are giving his heart back."

"Wh-What are you talking about?" questioned Xion and Faith answered. "Kuran! His heart belongs to me!"

"Ehh… why?" wondered Roxas in confusion. Lea on the other hand realized why and asked, "Where did you and Kuran meet?"

"The Realm of Darkness. I had an unpleasing extended stay down there, with… an unwelcomed extra on me. Was quite a first meeting we had down there."

"Not the best first impression of each other?" asked Lea with a smirk and Faith glanced at him. "This is something between Kuran and me."

"If you say so…" shrugged Lea but put an arm around her. "But since Kuran isn't available for dates right now… how about we two go to one?"

As answer, she grabbed his hand and threw him over her shoulder. Lea landed painfully on his back and groaned as result. With a grin Faith answered, "Once you are the last man in the universe, I might consider it."

"Thanks… for this answer," told Lea while Xion wondered. "Uhm… how did you do this?"

"In my home world, I learned some martial arts… like judo, taichi and karate," was Faith's reply and Roxas sweatdropped. "This explains it…"

"Uhm… Faith. Why should most of everybody be in Disney Castle?" wondered Xion and Faith answered. "To defend the Princess of Heart. A being called Dark Knight showed up… and it has the idea of destroying everything that doesn't have enough darkness. Or in other words: individuals with pure light in their hearts."

"Sounds like the opposite end of Maluz," suggested Roxas and Faith told. "With one difference: it does only attack Keybearers if it is attacked by them first. At least from what I heard from… Sora, was his name?"

"Yeah… his name is Sora," told Lea while getting on his feet. And then Faith explained, "You should come with me to the castle. One of the Keybearers will come soon to meet up with their contact."

"Contact?" asked Xion and Faith sighed. "Because of this Dark Knight, they allied themselves with Organization XIII. For now they are working to stop this being but I don't trust Xehanort to hold his part of the bargain. He will backstab everybody in the end."

"Knowing him, it wouldn't be a surprise," told Lea and they moved to the castle. As they got there, a voice called, "Lea, Xion, Roxas!"

They turned around and spot Riku going towards them, "Riku!" exclaimed Xion. "Is it true that we are allied with Xehanort now?"

"Sadly yes…" told Riku. "I explain everything later but now I have to meet up with the guy who is our contact with him."

"If it is the possessed body of Kuran, I am not sure if I could hold the trust," told Faith. "In fact I would hit any of them for what they did with Kuran."

"Kuran jumped into the way to save Sora," replied Riku and Faith continued. "I know, but if it weren't for them, Kuran wouldn't be a possessed zombie with his heart stuck in the body of a girl who isn't even three years old."

"Hey!" protested Xion and Faith told. "Sorry… but I want my Kuran back."

"We will get him back," told Riku. "Right now we have to handle this Dark Knight. This being is hunting Kairi right now and won't stop at anything."

"Could it be any better?" asked Roxas with sarcasm. A shrug came from Riku, "We will see!"

Then they walked through the castle, until they reached the Castle Chapel, where the Young Xehanort was already waiting for him, "Greetings Riku."

Then his face turned to the others, "Xion, Roxas and Axel I assume?"

"It's Lea now," told the red haired keybearer. Young Xehanort looked at Faith and told, "I don't think I know you."

"I doubt that you know me!" mumbled Faith and the Young Xehanort told. "I am here with all Dark Fragments we were able to collect so far… we managed to gather six of them. Though one got to your friends here while they can tell that we snagged one of them in front of their face… in fact I am surprised to see them here. From what I heard, they weren't in the best position."

"Since you guys told them about Davy Jones' heart, I am not surprised you would expect us to die back there," told Lea with a shrug and Riku stared at Young Xehanort. "I should have guessed you would have gone so far."

"Just taking it from him, wouldn't have worked, so we had to ally with somebody who could gain the fragment for us," explained Young Xehanort. "Now that we have all necessary Fragments, we can hide the princess from the radar of the knight, at least for some time."

"And what about the means to defeat him?" questioned Riku and Young Xehanort told. "We have an idea where to look but first we have to recover Kairi from her current location."

"Where is she?" asked Riku and the answer was. "I was told only to inform Sora about her location."

"Fine!" told Riku and Young Xehanort continued. "Since the Dark Fragments were unable to enter Disney Castle due to the Cornerstone of Light, the princess must be somewhere else. So Master Xehanort suggested that you take the Fragments and move with the princess to a place only known to you. I will wait with the information here until Sora comes to me."

"Hand the Fragments over to Lea," demanded Riku and the member of Organization XIII nodded, handing the six fragments to Lea before stepping back.

Riku began to go away from Young Xehanort and told to the others, "We go somewhere were he cannot listen to us."

Nodding, the others followed him and they move moved to Merlin's house where still nobody came back yet. Riku turned to the three fellow keybearers and told them, "Go to Yen Sid. We will follow soon with the others and Kairi"

"Roger that," told Lea and Riku turned to Faith. "I hope I don't ask too much but… could you keep an eye on him?"

"Not a problem," told Faith. "Can I get rough on him if he gives a reason?"

"Only if he breaks any of the agreements we have," told Riku. "Until the Dark Knight is defeated, we have to rely on them."

"I know," told Faith and headed back to the Castle. She got back to the Castle Chapel but hid behind a corner to not be seen by him.

What was odd for her, that he wasn't moving an inch. Just standing there, his arms crossed and staring to the only entry to this room.

"Perhaps it might interest you… Sora fought with Maleficient and me here for the first time," told a voice behind Faith.

Gasping in surprise, she jumped around and stared at the body of Xemnas. She couldn't believe that she wasn't able to notice him coming and he spoke, "Master Xehanort wishes to speak with you."

"I am not interested," she replied but Xemnas just told. "I don't accept a 'no'," and grabbed after her. However Faith grabbed his arm and pulled him over into a throw.

Xemnas didn't hit the ground and he floated into a upright position again, facing Faith. She had fallen into a fighting position, glaring at her silver haired opponent.

He made his first move by creating a pair of his Eternal Blades and slashing at Faith. She ducked and jumped away before jumping and trying to hit him with her fist. However Xemnas was able to block most of her punches with either his arms or blades before teleporting behind her and slashing her back.

Faith groaned and countered by a quick kick, hitting his stomach. Narrowing his eyes in pain, several Eternal Blades appeared in mid air and shot themselves at Faith.

Realizing the danger, she began to run away from the blades. Each of them hit the ground, each nearly hitting Faith at least on the feet.

Then she stopped before hitting a barrier set up by Xemnas who had teleported in front of her. He stormed forward, ready to slash her but she grabbed his arm and used his momentum to slam him into one of the walls.

Dazed from this hit, Xemnas shook his head before groaning in pain as Faith punched his back several times. Also she grabbed on his shoulders and rammed her knee into the Nobody's back.

Xemnas teleported away once again before two of him appeared on either side, causing Faith to look in surprise to each of them, before both stormed forward at her.

Taking the risk, she stormed towards one of them, grabbing his arm and made throw towards the other one. The two colide and the thrown one dissapeared before Faith cries as unseen to her, some of the Eternal Blades appeared in the air and hit her back.

Both fighters were standing up once more and Faith rushed towards Xemnas who incased himself into a glowing orb and charged towards her. She prepared to punch him but as she touched the orb, she was thrown back and only moments after, she was slashed several times by him. Afterwards he grabbed her and threw her into the wall.

As she coughed up, Xemnas grabbed her by her throat and held with his free hand an Eternal Blade at her face, "You are coming with me now!"

"In your dreams," she coughs and kicks him again. This time between the legs. Xemnas let go and crouched down before Faith used the opportunity to execute a downward kick into the neck, slamming him completely on the ground… this time he didn't move at all afterwards.

Faith panted and grinned to him, "Looks like somebody lost here."

"That's right! You!" told a voice and before she could turn to look, she felt a shocking pain and collapsed on the ground.

Kuranord stood there with a taser in his hand and told, "Hello… Love. Nice to see you."

Then he threw her over his shoulder to carry her off, "Somebody is dying to see you again. And you two will do us a favor."

Then a dark corridor opened below Xemnas, letting him to drop down to their hideout while Kuranord walked towards a separate dark corridor.

Just in this moment Sora came running down the corridor, rushing up to Young Xehanort, unaware of the battle that just happened, "Where is she?"

"Hello Sora… if you are referring to Kairi, I have here a chip… insert this to the navigation computer of a Gummi Ship and you will be brought to the where she is right now. But I am surprised: you must care greatly for her to be here that fast."

Sora snatched the offered chip from the hand of the Organization XIII member before rushing off to get on the Gummi Ship in the goal of finding Kairi as soon as possible.

"You're welcome," told Young Xehanort before walking to the exit. Riku stood there and told, "And when we have to see you again?"

"I will be here tomorrow… at the same time," told Young Xehanort. "Once this is over, I hope we will have a rematch. I am looking forward to settle the score from way back as you defeated me."

"Don't expect that the match will be any different than before. I defeated you and Ansem. And if I have to, I will do it again," countered Riku and Young Xehanort told. "Your resistance towards Darkness… makes things complicated. You should be more like Kuran. Accepting the Darkness and controling it to your bidding."

"I doubt that Kuran would have agreed joining you if he had been given a choice," countered Riku. "He only accepted the Darkness because he had no choice."

"If you only knew," replied Young Xehanort and left that world to join up with the Organization.

Master Xehanort was already waiting for him and his young version explained, "I delivered the message… and Sora is already on the way to recover the last of the Princesses."

"Good," told Master Xehanort. "And our… special guest is also here and soon be reunited with her old friend. Now we only have to recover one last piece of the puzzle and the plan can be executed."

With a grin Master Xehanort walked away, expecting everything coming to fruition once his last step is made.

Sarafina, first of the Mewpyre. Queen of her self built empire. Nobody dared question her status, her orders are the laws of the empire. She had everything that many would wish for… except for one thing. Something she had desired long but had no means to gain it without causing an uproar within the empire.

Sitting on her throne she was working the everyday measures that couldn't be handled by anybody below her. While her empire was built in a way that only the most necessary decisions reached her ears, it was tiresome for her. For example the Type Clans… each of these clans represent a single Pokémon Type and each time she handled one of them, another raised up to cause troubles.

The military strength and the technological advances of the empire was able to handle these attacks or war declaration but she really wished the clan leaders would perhaps for 50 or 100 years stay in peace instead of attacking them each time the other failed. While the Fairy Clan had announced decades ago to no longer wield the horns of war, the other clans didn't see a reason to follow suit.

From the resources two clans this time were on the move: the dark and the fire clan. While both were still far from ready to attack anybody, the signs of preparation were clear and the spies reported attack plans at the nearest Mewpyre settlements.

Shaking her head she really wondered why the clans didn't learn… humans did learn and she considers them far dumber than Pokémons when it comes in concern with battle strategies. Seriously! Handing 10 year old boys and girls, creatures of varied danger which were able to evolve to forces of mass destruction in worst cases. Did none of them consider what would happen if for example a Gyrados lost its temper in the middle of a town?

Her trains of thought stopped as Vladimir stepped up to her, "Excuse me Majesty… we got a report from our Blood Center,"

"I thought such a report wouldn't even reach you before the end of the year… not to mention: Why should I bothered?"

"One of the humans captured at the borders… he was unusual!" explained the Elder.

Her ears perked up on this information and she asked, "What kind of unusual?"

The male mewpyre went close and whispered the answer into her ear. A smirk spread on her lips and mused to Vladimir, "Bring this human to me… I want to meet a human with… such an asset."

"As you wish my Queen" told Vladimir and clapped his hands. One of his direct subordinates rushed over to his Elder and Vladimir ordered, "Bring the human in."

Bowing the Mewpyre rushed out of the throne room and only a few minutes later, guards came in with Guil between them.

Sarafina raised from her throne and mustered the human in front of her. While he wasn't the most impressive human she ever saw, she was able to sense the potential within this body… which will be quite an asset for the Empire once flourished properly.

"Welcome human" she spoke. "Not many of your kind had the honor to stand in front of me in this throne room. Everybody else meeting me were in the unfortunate position of being executed or facing me in the battlefield."

Gulping nervously Guil replied, "It… it is an honor, Your Majesty."

"So human," began Sarafina. "Who are you and why did you enter my Empire?"

"I… I am Guil… and I didn't realize that I was walking into the Empire until I was captured" was the humans reply.

"So one of those humans…" mused the queen of Mewpyres to herself. She went over him and the guards backed off, knowing that Guil had no means of harming the queen.

Floating around him she began to tell, "I was told you have something unusual… something that could benefit my empire. Say Guil… what do you think of joining the ranks of Mewpyres, getting more than you could have ever reached if you had stayed away?"

"I… I don't know what to say Your Majesty," told Guil. "I… never expected to have such an offer."

Turning around Sarafina mused, "Of course this is a bit rushed from your point of view… and giving time to think about it would be something natural."

Guil let out a sigh, with his eyes closed. But suddenly a sharp pain was on his neck, his eyes sprang open, Sarafina having her fangs buried into his neck.

His mind wanted the body to struggle, but the bite of the Mewpyre had paralyzed it and a cold shiver ran down on Guil as he felt something were injected from the fangs of the Queen.

Once she let go of him, his eyes began to black out and due to the growing weakness of his body, he fell on the ground… the last words he managed to hear were, "But time to think is a waste… since I don't accept a no! Sleep well…"

Watching the now 'lifeless' body of Guil, the Mewpyre queen licked off her bloodied lips and mused, "He had a good taste… perhaps I should have waited until a few liters of his blood were secured… for a good wine."

Turning to the guards she ordered, "Bring him to a room where he can go through the entire procedure. And send word to Istar! I want her to oversee the transformation by herself! We have here a future Elder in our hands!"


Back aboard the Pearl exclaimed Elizabeth to everybody, "We'll need to use the Black Pearl as a flagship to lead the attack."

"Oh, will we now?" asked Barbossa while watching as Tia Dalma was brought on deck and Xion wondered. "What is going on?"

Roxas shrugged, "I only know she was brought to the brigs on Barbossa's orders."

"We will free Calypso now," told the captain and Roxas looked and told. "Wait… are you telling she is Calypso?"

"Aye!" was the reply and Will protested. "You can't release her."

"We need to give Jack a chance," told Elizabeth but Barbossa shot back. "Apologies, Your Majesty. Too long my fate has not been in me own hands."

Then he took the pendant which proved her right as Pirate Lord and added "No longer."

He stepped away immediately and dropped Jack's beaded coin and the necklace into the hat with the other seven items.

"Be there some rite or incantation?" Gibbs asked.

"Aye," told Barbossa. "The items brought together, done. Items to be burned… by a keybearer and someone must speak the words: Calypso, I realese you from your human bonds."

"You really should have taken Lea… he is the fire expert," told Roxas but Barbossa told. "Any keybearer who can set this on fire will be enough."

Roxas sighs sighed and took one of his blades out and shoots shot a fireball at the items and Xion wondered, "That's all?"

"Tis said it must be spoke as if to a lover," added Barbossa and Roxas instantly steps back a some centimeters

Then he turned to Tia and spoke the magic words, "Calypso, I release you from your human bonds!"

Nothing happened.

"Is that it?" asked Roxas.

"You just didn't say it right," Barbossa stepped away and raised an eyebrow calmly towards Ragetti. "You... you need to say it right," slowly, Ragetti made his way towards Tia Dalma. "Calypso..." he spoke with a softer tone than Barbossa's yell to the sky. He leaned down by her ear and whispered, "I release you from your human bonds."

Tia, her face bearing a weakened expression, was finally eased into a semi-relaxed state. The hat holding the items reacted as well, spitting up fire and causing Tia to seize up and tremble violently. The other sailors held her in place before the hat, making sure that she inhaled the fumes of the burning items that were being offered for her release.

"Tia Dalma!" Will cried, lunging forward. He was still held back in part by the Singaporean sailors, but he was now only a few feet from the waking goddess. "Calypso…" her eyes opened wide and she spun her head to face him. The hat dropped to the deck of the ship and spilled. The charred remains of the items plopped onto the deck, little more than ash, "When the First Court imprisoned you, who told them how?" Tia's angry expression became more profound, as did her trembling. "Who was it that betrayed you?"

"Name him!" Tia snarled.

Will stared sternly into her eyes, "Davy Jones."

Tia's face contorted again, only this time to an expression of sadness. It clenched slowly beyond that into a complexion of suffering. The trembling turned into swelling. Tia was growing bigger and causing the ropes to unfurl, though they remained around her body.

"This is it!" Pintel declared, keeping hold of his rope and backing away from Tia. "This is it!"

Indeed it was. Tia was growing and growing by the second. Twenty feet she reached and she still didn't stop. The ropes were tightened and being tugged at. Some of the men struggled to keep hold of them as the tug threatened to let the binds of Calypso slip away. Harnesses tied to posts aboard the ship snapped pieces of it away. The deck cracked in some places from the sheer weight and pressure it was being dealt.

Then it was over. Tia Dalma stood in the center of the ship as she had only moments ago. The only difference was now that she stood about fifty feet tall, a goddess with a large stature to match her great power. Were it not for the very lengthy ropes around her body, she would have freedom to crush every crew member and sink the Black Pearl. As a goddess, no one could predict what kind of power she might exert.

Barbossa got down on one knee and bowed his head, "Calypso!" the rest of the crew followed suit. "I come before you as a servant, humble and contrite," he raised his head and looked up at the giant woman before him. "I have fulfilled my vow and now ask for your favor," Tia stared down at the miniscule people before her as he spoke. "Spare me self, me ship, and me crew, but unleash your fury upon those who would dare claim to be your masters or mine!"

Tia seemed to smile again, as if perfectly willing to abide by this request. Then a low rumbling seemed to well up inside her. She opened her mouth and a low noise, one that seemed to present a very deep voice mingled with that of Tia's regular voice, shouted out gibberish at the sailors, shrieking curses at them. The rumbling of the ship alerted every person to their feet. She struggled against the mast for a few seconds before her body began to decompose.

At least that seemed to be what was happening, at least. Her body instantly began to break down and the pieces of it rained onto the deck of the ship. The screaming crew soon could see that a giant pack of crabs, entirely identical to the ones that had rescued the Pearl from the Locker, falling towards them. The crew dealt with the barrage head on, scrambling for space where crabs would not topple over their heads. The massive downpour resulted in the crabs overflowing the deck and toppling over the edge of the vessel and into the ocean.

Some remained on the ship and Roxas had to pull one off which was holding on his nose and asked, "Does Barbossa have more great ideas?"

But as he saw Ragetti he instantly had his hands between the legs… since two crabs were holding on a very painful spot on the one eyed pirate.

"Not very helpful goddess," told Xion. Barbossa just stared and told, "Our final hope has failed us."

The wind reacted to his statement, seizing and carrying away the hat of one of the sailors aboard the ship. It picked up, ruffling the rolled-up sails of the Pearl and making its ropes taut. The ship itself seemed to creak in anticipation, yearning for battle.

Elizabeth observed the activity shifting around her, "It's not over," she realized.

"We can still fight," Will agreed.

"We've an armada against us," Gibbs said solemnly. "And with the Dutchman, there's no chance."

"It's a fool's chance," Elizabeth replied. Then she smiled. "But a chance nonetheless."

Barbossa stepped up to Elizabeth, "Revenge won't bring back your father, Miss Swann. It is not something I be intending to risk my life for."

Elizabeth nodded, " You're right," she admitted. She looked at them, "But what shall we die for?" she walked towards the railing. "You will listen to me," she ordered, then she shrieked. "Listen!" she climbed up to the railing and stood where everybody could see her. Her wavy hair flew in the wind as she held onto the rigging and spoke. "The Brethren still looking here to us, to the Black Pearl, to lead. And what will they see? Frightened bilge rats aboard a derelict ship? No! No, they will see free men and freedom! And what the enemy will see is the flash of our cannons. They will heard the ring of our swords, and they will know what we can do. By the sweat of our brows and the strength of our backs and the courage of our hearts."

She took a deep breath, lowering her voice, "Gentlemen… hoist the colors."

Will nodded, "Hoist the colors."

"Hoist the colors," Roxas said, summoning his Keyblades.

"Hoist the colors!" Pintel cried out. Murmurs such as this were mimicked among the rest of the crew, chattering all around.

"Aye," Gibbs murmured. "The wind is on our side, boys! We need nothing else!"

"AYE!" that was the unanimous cry of the Pearl's crew as they stuck up their swords.

Xion held up her hand and summoned 'Light Within Darkness', smiling brightly, "This speech inspired me!"

Elizabeth smiled at the effect of her words, then turned to face the other ships, making eye contact with Tai Huang, the interim captain of the Empress, "Hoist the colors!" she bellowed again. Huang drew his sword and cried out. The cheering, the inspiration, the energy, the pirate pride soon infected every ship on the line. The flags donning the symbols of piracy were raised, including the Black Pearl's own black flag: the Jolly Roger, donning a skull and two crossed blades.

Beckett's commander approached him aboard the Endeavor, "We have favorable wind, sir."

Beckett glanced up. "Ah, so we do," he sat at a small table, pouring some sugar into his tea and mixing the brown liquid. "Signal Jones to give no. That should brighten his day."

The order was given and two flags were waved accordingly as a signal. Mercer received it at the helm of the Dutchman, "To arms!" he commanded. "We are to give no quarter!"

No quarter was a sailing term meaning that no mercy would be shown. Total annihilation was the objective of this battle. Jones stared at Mercer for a moment as this order was conveyed. His face then turned upwards to face the sky. A fog was beginning to settle in and dim the area. Heavy clouds began to grow and swirl, releasing lightning and thunder over the massive area of open sea in which this battle would take place.

"Calypso," Jones whispered to himself. Another flash of lightning came, followed by thunder and a steady stream of rain. The steadiness took only two seconds to raise a downpour, followed by an outright storm of water coming down upon them. Jones closed his eyes, allowing the precipitation to cover his sea-monster face. Then his eyes sprang open and he bellowed to the sky, "AAAAAAAH!"

Unfurling from their fastenings were the sails for the Flying Dutchman. The sails caught in the wind and the ship was advanced forward, heading directly towards the small fleet of pirate ships. Opposite them, the Black Pearl was setting sail as well. Sailors aboard both vessels began to man their stations.

"Have you noticed, on top of everything, it's raining?" Pintel complained.

"That's a bad sign!" Ragetti agreed, following him below deck. Gibbs on the other hand called. "Man the capstan. Raise the main topyard. Keep that powder dry."

The rain remained relatively steady in its heavy downpour, but the clouds and the stormy activity increased. Lighting struck at the surface of the sea and the wind affected the rain's falling patterns, leaving almost nothing dry. One strike of lightning signaled a depression in the ocean, literally. The water actually seemed to drop downward as if there was a sudden hole that it flowed to. Then the center of this depression darkened, as the water at its based swirled to the point of oblivion.

Gibbs peered over the side of the ship and easily spotted this new obstacle dead ahead. "Maelstorm!"

Elizabeth and Will rushed over to Barbossa, who was facing out at the sea, "Captain Barbossa!" only a subtle glance was given to them when Elizabeth referred to him as captain. "We need you at the helm!"

Barbossa looked Elizabeth in the eye. A certain gleam had taken it, glistening despite the clouds and the rain that darkened everything around them, "Aye, that be true!" he pushed Cotton from the wheel of the ship and took hold. "Brace up the yards, you cavalry of deck apes!" he spun the wheel with a forceful push. "The dying day is the day worth living for!"

They began to divert their course, starting a maneuver to circle the giant bowl-shaped whirlpool that covered the battlefield of sea. The Dutchman was still advancing towards the massive depression.

"Veer off!" Mercer urged.

His orders were interrupted by Jones, who shoved the redcoat, steering his ship out of the way, taking his position at the helm, "She'll not harm us!" he assured. He spun the wheel back on track, heading for the maelstrom. "Full forward and into the abyss!"

"Are you mad?" Mercer bellowed over the downpour of rain.

"Ha!" Jones sneered. "You afraid to get wet?"

Mercer looked on nervously, but didn't stop Jones as he steered the ship straight into the maelstrom. The fast-moving water pulled it along, moving it closer to the Pearl. Though it circled from higher ground, the brilliant vessel was losing its lead on the Dutchman.

"She's gaining on our stern!" Will warned.

"More speed!" ordered Barbossa, turning the wheel towards the maelstrom. "Haul wind and hold water!"

Even as the Pearl began to venture slightly into the mass of dangerous waters, the Dutchman had been propelled much closer, leaving them in range.

"Bow cannons!" Jones snarled. The front flaps of his ship opened up and the triple- barreled cannons where were thrusted into view, aimed straight at their target. One was fired, followed in short succession by the other. The barrel of the first had already rotated and fired another one at their enemies, leaving little time to react.

The wheel of the Pearl suffered a strike, as well as a few spots on deck. A sailor was sent overboard by the blast of the cannon, "Turn us away or they'll overbear us!" Will urged.

"Nay!" Barbossa defied. "Cut across to faster waters! Further in!" he turned the wheel more and the Pearl made the same descending motion into the swirling vortex of water. Before long, it was leaving the Dutchman well behind it, though the two ships remained across from each other, on opposite sides.

"Man the cannons!" Gibbs called out. "Keep the powder dry!"

A good portion of the crew retreated below deck and rolled the cannons to firing position. Roxas took a spot by the railing and aimed his Keyblade directly at the Dutchman. Taking an approach from higher ground, Xion climbed the rigging up to the crow's nest and pointed the Keyblade she held. The ships, distant as they were, were now board-to-board, a perfect opportunity for anybody to take.

"Fire!" Barbossa ordered.

"Fire!" Elizabeth shouted in agreement.

"Fire!" Gibbs yelled to the crew below deck. "Fire all!"

"Fire!" the spell was uttered by both Roxas and Xion, sending their projectiles across the air and zooming towards the Dutchman. The crew of the Pearl lit the fuses of the cannons and their payload of cannon fire was heaved towards Jones' ship as well. The attacked ship was not about to waste any time before dishing out their own offense.

"Fire!" Jones bellowed, ushering forth the blast of his own cannons, obliterating other random spots on the Pearl. On both sides, opposing cannons were forced back, crew members were shoved to the ground or overboard by the blasts and circling of the ships within the maelstrom gradually brought them closer together as they sailed.

"It be too late to alter course now, mateys!" Barbossa cackled happily, with a thrill to be in the midst of battle.

In the brigs of the Dutchman was Jack walking up and down, thinking about how he and Lea could escape.

"Think like the whelp," he muttered to himself over and over again. The other apparitions of himself constantly chanted the same thing until one of them finally reached the door of the cell and was able to examine it.

"Half-barrel hinges," he announced. Then he added, "Leverage."

The bench of the brig was immediately put to better use as Jack shoved it through the bars. He pushed down on it and the old trick Jack had learned was put in motion once again. Then Jack kicked down the cell door and he walked out, "Wish us luck, boy. We'll need it!" a brief silence followed his departure.

"Why didn't he use this earlier!" shouted Lea and rushed after Jack, wondering if he was crazier than he originally thought.

Jack stepped through the ship, searching for his confiscated weapons and hat. He had only a small hunch, but he decided to try the captain's cabin first. He hesitated upon entrance due to the rumbling caused by the impact of a cannon ball on the outside of the ship, but he proceeded. However, another hesitation presented itself when he saw two redcoats on either side of a post.

On top of the post was the chest, which contained the heart of Jones. Posts on both sides of this one had been constructed as perches for two small cannons. The two spotted him and instantly pointed their weapons at Jack, "Don't move or we'll shoot!" the first one warned. Another cannon impact caused a burst of steam to enter the room, startling the two guards.

"Good one," Jack complimented. He walked directly to his right when he saw his sword and hat resting on top of a table. His movements were tracked by the cannons, "I've just come to get me effects," Jack promised, holding up his sword before he slipped the strap over his shoulder. He picked up his hat and placed it on his head, "Admirable as it may be, why are you two here when there is an absolutely exhilarating battle going on out there?"

"Someone has to stay and guard the chest," the second redcoat told. "It's just orders is all. Have to follow orders," quickly, the two turned their cannons back onto the chest.

"Got to question our orders in these strange times, though," the first guard spoke up. "We try to stick to the book, but this vessel has suffered an extreme drop in military discipline."

"I blame the fish people," the second said.

"Oh, that's lovely," the first responded. Jack, who had walked over by the chest, lifted his hand and opened his mouth, as if to speak. However, the redcoats didn't even seem to notice, "You think that by the mere dint of being fish people, they are automatically deemed to be less disciplined than non-fish people?"

"From what I've seen of them, it seems contributory," the second defended. "I'm only suggesting."

"But it has a ring of truth," the first guard affirmed. Confident that their conversation was distracting enough, Jack gripped the handles of the chest and began to calmly walk away from the two soldiers. "And if there were no fish people, we'd have no reason to guard the chest."

"And if there were no chest, we wouldn't need to be here to guard it," the second one finished. Returning their gaze to the chest, they were incredibly surprised to find that the chest had left its post, right out from under their noses. They stared in awe, then looked at each other in confusion.

And Lea was staring in awe as he found Jack outside of the captain's cabin WITH the chest in his arms, "Don't tell me that Jones hand it over to you."

"Nope! I bet he won't be happy when he learns I took it once more," told Jack.

After circling the maelstrom and firing off cannons, the Dutchman was ordered once again by Mercer, "Prepare to board!" he yelled. Jones, still steering, kept his eyes out for incoming cannon balls. At the opportune moment, he saw one coming towards the area they both stood in.

"Cover!" he leaped away from the wheel and plowed Mercer against the railing, pushing him away from the incoming projectile. The redcoats stationed alongside them were not so lucky. The ball barreled straight into them and kept going, knocking them forcefully across the deck.

Seeing the results of the hit, Jones grabbed Mercer and his tentacles began to strangle the man while taking the key from him. Once Mercer was dead, he let go of the corpse and began to step down the stairs to his quarters… only to find Lea and Jack with the chest that contained his heart.

"Look here, boys. Lost birds," told Jones. "Lost birds which never learned to fly."

Then he drew his blade and Jack answered, "To my great regret. But never too late to learn eh?"

He got on the railing and hit the chest on the wall, releasing a rope he grabbed on and got pulled up. He swung and landed on one of the masts. Everybody watched this and Lea muttered, "How mad is he?"

Jack on the other hand was smiling with the acknowledge to have gotten away from Jones… only to turn around and see him coming, "The chest, hand it over."

"I can set you free, mate," countered Jack but Jones just answered. "My freedom was forfeit long ago."

And the two began to fight on top of the Flying Dutchman which was still sailing inside the mealstrom. The only pause they made was as they heard an explosion below them.

Lea was standing in the middle of a large scorch mark of the ship with a group of the crew being burned. One hand holding the keyblade while the other holds a chakram. Looking up Jack told to Jones, "I should have gotten him on the good side as I had a chance"

"Bah! Both of you will serve me for hundred years!" shot Jones and they clashed swords once more while the ships still bombarded each other with the cannons. They got closer and the crew of the Dutchman began to swing over on ropes to board the Pearl. Some of them were not lucky enough to reach their goal since they either were hit by random cannon balls, bullets or spells form Xion and Roxas. Also one got on board while Roxas was near… only to get cut in half by two keyblades.

Xion joined some of the crew from the Black Pearl to board the Flying Dutchman. Once they were on board they began to fight against the crew and Xion stabbed one of the nearest crew members before seeing Lea.

"LEA!" shouted Xion and rushed over to him to cut a closing Dutchman's crewmember.

"How did you get out?" asked Xion afterwards and Lea told. "Jack!"

"He is really a strange man," told Xion and Lea agreed on it while they were clashing swords with their opponents.

Barbossa who fought against one while standing on the wheel, used said object to break the fishman's arm.

And while a fresh bunch came from the Dutchman, Will went to Elizabeth. "Will you marry me?"

They cut a fishman before Elizabeth answered, "I don't think now's the best time."

They finished off two more before Will answered, "Now may be the only time."

Then they killed two members of the EITC before Will declared, "I love you."

Two more fishman came and they stroke the swords with them while Will explained, "I've made my choice. What's yours?"

Elizabeth waited for some moments before declaring, "BARBOSSA! Marry us!"

Roxas was helping Barbossa as Elizabeth order came and he asked, "Marriage? Right now?"

"I'm a little busy at the moment!" told Barbossa while fighting with one of the fishman. Will killed another enemy before telling, "Barbossa, now."

Barbossa was trapped between two sailors. He leaned back to force the sword of the right-hand attacker to pierce the chest of the sailor on his left, then stabbed the original attacker with his own sword, "Fine, then!" he bellowed, climbing onto a podium in front of the wheel. He kicked aside another sailor and stood up, placing a hand over his heart. "Dearly beloved, we be gathered here today…" he turned to engage in a brief duel with one of Jones' men. "To nail your gizzards to the mast, you proxy cur!" he cut the sailor across the face and kicked him to the deck.

Seeing no easy alternative, Will and Elizabeth separated momentarily to push aside any resistance before clasping hands, "Elizabeth Swann, do you take me to be your husband?" Will asked.

Elizabeth nodded ecstatically, "I do!"

Will smiled, "Great!"

"And Will Turner!" Elizabeth returned. "Do you take me to be your wife…" they turned to duel with two of Jones' advancing men. They used strong, forceful strikes to push them away and Will stabbed his foe immediately. "In sickness and in health…" Elizabeth held her sword up to block a chop from the other sailor while Will reached underneath and shoved his sword into his stomach. "With health being the less likely?" Elizabeth finally finished.

Will yanked his sword from the body and the couple clasped hands again, "I do!"

Barbossa, watching over, swung his sword back and forth to each side of him to fend off various strikes from two enemies, "As Captain, I now pronounce you…" he broke sentence briefly to kick one of his enemies over the railing. "You may kiss…" he interrupted himself again to shoot an oncoming sailor in the face. "You may kiss…" he was cut off again when he had to hop off the podium to avoid a swipe at his legs. Below, on deck, Elizabeth and Will had pushed away the last adversary, now having killed enough to leave each crew member to occupy themselves with the rest.

Barbossa pulled his sword back and made a wide, violent swipe at two more of the sea-sailors, knocking them to the floor. "Forget it!" Roxas bellowed at Will and Elizabeth. "Just kiss already!"

The couple used their free arms to hug each other around the torso and then leaned into each other. Their lips met and the battle around them seemed to merely ignore them, slowing down time as they kissed. They were tied in the bond of marriage, a bond they knew would last from this moment until the day they died.

After stabbing a sailor before using his other Keyblade to cut a fishman, Roxas exclaimed, "I heard of marriage on ships but this is a new level!"

"When we are already in merry mood, how about you and your girlfriend?" asked Barbossa while shooting another sailor.

"Xion and I aren't a couple," told Roxas. "And she is right now on the Dutchman".

The crews of the two ships were still fighting and killing each other. Jones and Jack were still fighting at each other. Once their blades were locked again, Jones told, "You can do nothing without the key."

"I already have the key! A blade of a key!" exclaimed Jack but Jones laughed. "You don't!"

He showed the key to Jack, "Keyblades don't work on the lock!"

"Oh, that key" told Jack, freed his blade, tossed Jones back a little and cut the tentacle which was holding on the key to the chest. Davy Jones cried in pain and attacked Jack who disarmed Jones followed by a 'slap' with the chest. Jack attacked again but Jones captured his blade with the pincher hand and broke the blade.

Jack saw himself in trouble as the masts of the two ships collided and Jack fell off by the shock which hit both ships. Jones jumped and grabbed the chest only to see what Jack was holding on it as well… or rather hanging on it. If jack fell now, he would be landing in the eye of the maelstrom.

Jones raised the claw and shook the chest, sending Jack flying. He got on one of the lines which were swinging around with a fishman holding it. Jack told, "Oi, my pistol".

He took the weapon, hit with it on the fishman's head like a club and send the enemy into the water. While swinging he aimed and shot, forcing Jones to drop his the chest.

Will had watched all of this and boarded the Dutchman as result. He spotted the chest and the key. Grabbing the two items he ran to a spot where he could work but he was spotted by a fishman, having the head of a hammer hai. And he attacked Will with an axe.

Pintel and Raggetti in the meanwhile came to the grandious idea to put Jack, the unded monkey into one of the cannons and shoot shot him directly at the Dutchman, landing on the hammerhead fishman. Holding on the enemy, the fishman stumbled back and fell over. Will looked down and told, "Thank you, Jack."

Jones came down in the meanwhile and grabbed his blade which was admired by a sailor at this time and killed the man.

Jack Will, on the other hand was so unfortune to run into his father, who attacked him. Will did his best to defend himself until Xion went between them, "Will! I buy you time."

"Thank you Xion," told Will and retreated, only to be attacked again by a fishman, forced to drop the chest to defend his life.

Lea saw the chest and moved in to grab it before Jones, only to have Jack landing in, drawing the blade.

Lea looked odd at Jack, "You know you have a broken sword?"

"Oi!" exclaimed Jack, starting to run, followed by Jones. They ran around a construct with a kraken carven on it before Jones wondered what he is was doing and began to move through the part.

Jack reacted quickly and span the construct around, along with Davy Jones. As it stopped, Jones just shouted at Jack with moving his tentacles around. Jack cried and began to run. Jones wanted to follow but a fireball hit his face, distracting him before chasing after Lea.

Elizabeth was holding on a rope on the Black Pearl and looked back at the crew. Gibbs and Roxas were holding on a rope and Gibbs told, "GO!"

Elizabeth swang over and engaged Jones who was exchanging sword blows with Lea at this time. Davy Jones glared at the pirate king and told "Harridan! You'll see no mercy from me."

"That's why I brought this!" told Elizabeth, referring to her sword.

Having some free space now, Jack used the chance to take the key out to open the chest of Davy Jones.

Jones had 'dispatched' Lea by kicking him away and forcing him to engage with Bootstrap Bill. Also he punched Elizabeth, forcing her to lay on the ground. Just as he wanted to kill her, Will stabbed Jones in the back. He cried in pain but then told like it was nothing. "Missed. Did you forget? I'm a heartless wretch."

He bent Will's sword to make him unable to draw it out of Jone's body.

Xion came to Lea's aid after having been distracted to defend herself against three fishman at once. They forced the crewmember of the Dutchman on the corner and Xion exclaimed, "We won't kill you! Will made a promise and we are not the ones who take it from him!"

Then the two left to help Will and Elizabeth. And they needed it. Will was on the ground and Elizabeth saw her fresh husband being in trouble. However Jones noticed the looks the two were exchanging and realized their feelings.

"Love…" he told. "A dreadful bond. And yet, so easily severed. Tell me, William Turner, do you fear death?"

"Do you?" asked a voice and Jones turned around, seeing Jack, holding his heart, and the broken sword. It was clear the pirate lord intended to stab Jones' heart with it.

Jack smirked and told, "Heady tonic, holding life and death in the palm of one's hand."

"You're a cruel man, Jack Sparrow," told Jones and Jack just retailed. "Cruel is a matter of perspective."

"Is it?" asked Davy Jones before stabbing Will into the heart. Everybody who saw this gasped and they rushed to Will. Jones retreated, leaving the sword inside of Will, starting to laugh.

"Will?" asked Elizabeth. "Look at me! Stay with me! You're all right."

Lea looked helpless at this mess while Xion used cure… which didn't work at all. Jones was about to attack the group but was suddenly tackled. Tackled by William's father Bill Turner. The sight of his dying son, freed him from the control of Davy Jones and he attacked the captain to get revenge.

However Bill got overpowered and Jones declared, "You will not forestall my judgment!"

Then he punched Lea who wanted to attack Jones and added, "Neither will you!"

Suddenly Jones gasped, holding on the place which once contained his heart. Turning around he saw Will holding the broken sword… which was impaling Jones' heart.

Looking up with last of strength he told, "Calypso" before falling into the center of the maelstrom. Davy Jones, Captain of the Flying Dutchman, was no more.

Barbossa noticed the Flying Dutchman was going down and ordered, "She's taking us down! Make quick or it's the Locker for us all!"

Ragetti armed one of the cannons and Roxas ignited it with a fire spell. Two cannonballs, connected by a chain flew up and destroyed the connection between the Dutchman and the Black Pearl. Once the ship was free, Barbossa turned the wheel, to maneuver the Pearl out of the maelstrom.

On board of the Flying Dutchman Will began to give off his last breaths, with Elizabeth breaking down.

Xion and Lea just watched them while Jack noticed the ship's crew came, singing, "Part of the crew. Part of the ship, part of the crew…"

Jack grabbed Elizabeth since they had to leave and the two keybearers followed suit. She protested but Lea told, "Will wouldn't want you to die here!"

Elizabeth just stared at Lea while Jack and Xion prepared the ropes, so they would be carried off the ship by a loose sail. Once they are done, Lea and Jack grabbed on the ropes while also holding on Xion and Elizabeth. Xion shot at the last part that held the sail on the ship and the wind carried them off board as the ship sunk in the bottom of the maelstrom.

Also as they were out of the mealstrom, it died down and the five landed in the water. The Pearl came by and took them aboard.

Gibbs came to them and started, "Thank Goodness Jack. The armada's still out there. The Endeavour's coming up hard starboard, and I think it's time we embrace that oldest and noblest of pirate traditions".

"Never actually been one for tradition," told Jack. Roxas noticed Jack's mood and asked Xion, "What happened?"

"Will… he's… he's dead," told Xion, shedding tears. Roxas gasped and told, "Poor Elizabeth… losing her husband that soon after the marriage".

"Marriage?" asked Xion and Roxas told. "They married during the battle… Barbossa did the ceremony."

"Not the best time for this," told Lea and Jack ordered. "Close haul her. Luff the sails and lay her in irons."

"Belay that," shouted Barbossa. "Or we'll be a sitting duck."

"Belay that belay that" ordered Jack. They tried to protest again, but Jack wouldn't have it. "Belay! Belay! Just...shut it!" he argued.

Across the water, the lieutenant was looking through a telescope, watching as their enemy stayed, exactly where it was, "What is he waiting for?"

"He expects us to honor the agreement," Beckett answered.

The flaps on either side of the Endeavor opened up, revealing dozens of cannons. One side of the ship sported more cannons than the Pearl had on its entire ship. It began to advance towards the Pearl's starboard side.

"Nothing personal, Jack," Beckett assured, more to himself. "It's just good business."

An even larger geyser of water exploded from the sea. It was well-concealed for a few seconds, among the pouring water and debris falling into the ocean, but the shape of an all-too familiar ship made itself clear. The crocodile mouth at the bow of the ship and various carvings on the side painted a vivid picture of the Flying Dutchman.

"Ah," Beckett pointed. "She survived".

The Dutchman had resurfaced, but it was not the same ship. It had been stripped of its former demeanor defined by moss, seaweed, clams, and sea creatures in general. The plant life had been torn from it and the weedy boards had been ripped away. Even the sailors aboard the ship gazed with ecstatic relief at their skin, visible to them for the first time in many years.

Bootstrap unstuck the starfish that had attached itself to his face and glanced to the stern with a smile. He was not surprised at all that his had happened. Just like the Dutchman always needed a captain, the world was always in need of the Dutchman. There had to be a ship to allow said captain to ferry souls lost at sea into the next world.

Will Turner was that new captain. With a wide smile, he gripped one post of the wheel with his right hand. He adorned his black jacket from before, but now held a visible scar on his chest. A grey bandana covered his head while the rest of his hair hung down to his shoulders, "Ready the guns!" he ordered.

Hearing the voice of Will made Elizabeth smile and Lea pointed out, "Guess we got a new ally!"

Jack reacted by, "Full canvas!"

"Aye! Full canvas!" agreed Barbossa

The three ships formed a triangle, but not for long. The Dutchman and the Pearl both made the same turn, hard to port, and headed not directly at the Endeavor, but alongside it. Beckett's vessel continued to move straight, but the two pirate ships were closing off its escape, right between them both.

Beckett's calm was gone. His face had relaxed, but only to droop in a soft frown and a dismal look in his eyes. It was two against one. Despite the sheer amount of cannons he had, he was in shock. The fact that he had come so close to being defeated had been inconceivable to him. Now that it had taken place, he was in too much shock to even say the word 'fire', to the desperate urging of his crew.

"Sir, orders!" the lieutenant pleaded. "Give the order!" Beckett would do no such thing, continuing to stare blankly ahead, not wanting to witness the beginning of his destruction.

Xion and Roxas each took a place at the Pearl's railing, pointing at the opposing ship with their weapons, "Orders, captain?" they said simultaneously.

Jack smirked, "Fire".

"Fire!" they replied.

"Fire!" Barbossa called out.

"Fire!" Will called to his crew aboard the Dutchman.

"Fire all!" Elizabeth cried triumphantly.

From either side of the Endeavor, cannon fire pierced its hull. The soldiers aboard the ship still awaited orders, even as some of the cannons were blown away from their posts. The Keybearers cast Thunder spells upon the side of the ship. Because of the water, the electricity became super-conducting and smashed apart the lower areas of the ship, allowing water to flow inside.

"Sir, orders!" the lieutenant shouted at Beckett, who was still in a wide-eyed trance.

"It's just...good business," Beckett managed to choke out.

The lieutenant managed to realize that his leader was incapable of giving any further orders. By this time, the devastation wreaking havoc upon the ship was already too severe to try fighting back, "Abandon ship!" he declared. "Everyone abandon ship!"

The sailors didn't think twice about abandoning their posts now that the order was given. The ship was being torn apart, however.

Beckett turned to the railing and moved over there. He saw Lea pointing up his Keyblade.

"Beckett!" shouted Lea. "This is no business! Only personal!"

Then Lea unleashed a spell which hits Beckett spare on the chest. It was a Mega Flare. The resulting explosion destroyed part of the Endeavor and obliterated their commander, Lord Cutler Beckett. The gunpowder beneath the deck ignited and caused an explosion. The resulting ball of flame blew the ship apart.

The example made out of the Endeavor was enough proof for the armada about which direction this battle was taking for them. That was made clear enough when Marty called down from his hanging post on the rigging of the ship. "They're turning away!" he declared. "Yeaaah!"

The pirates cheered loudly and threw their hats into the air. Xion, Roxas and Lea were sitting on the railing and laughed together, being happy that they survived this together. Cotton's parrot came back to its owner and told, "Wind in your sails." Even on the other ships of the pirate armada was the victory celebrated.

As the celebrations were taking place on the Pearl, Will was left in a relatively silent victory. He was proud, of course, that he had assisted in the fall of the East India Trading Company, especially the fall of Beckett. Still, he knew the duty of the Dutchman and knew he was soon to be on his way.

"Orders, sir?"

Will hadn't expected any of the crew to remain. Many of them had jumped ship after battle. One he had expected to most of all was his own father, but he remained as well, having been the one to ask for orders, "You are no longer bound to the Dutchman," Will answered. "You're free."

"Aye," Bootstrap nodded. "A fine thing but..." he shook his head and smiled. "By my reckoning, I still have a debt that need to be paid. If you will have me."

A loyal stubbornness to someone he cared about...Will felt more sure than ever that he was the son of the man standing before him, "On the wheel then, Mr. Turner."

"Aye, Captain Turner," Bootstrap heeded the instruction with a grin. He also took heed of the person Will was looking for aboard the Black Pearl. "This ship has a purpose again," Bootstrap reminded, to which Will nodded. "Where we are bound, she cannot come. One day ashore. Ten years at sea," Bootstrap looked off at the horizon. "It is a steep price for what's been done."

"Depends on the one day," replied Will.

Back on the Pearl, Elizabeth was looking to the Dutchman as Gibbs came, "Your chariot awaits, Your Highness. The oars are inside."

She encountered Barbossa first, "Mrs. Turner," he spoke with a nod. She acknowledged him with a nod, then continued along the process to see Pintel and Ragetti.

"So long, Poppet," Pintel said gently.

"It's been fun," Ragetti agreed.

Elizabeth patted their shoulders and smiled gently before moving onto Jack, "Jack. It would never have worked out between us."

Jack smiled for a while before telling, "Keep telling yourself that, darling."

Then she turns to the Keybearers, "While I hoped it would have been Sora and his friend Riku, I thank you three for helping us."

"No problem," told Lea. "Take good care of yourself while waiting for him in the next ten years."

"I will," told Elizabeth and moved down to the boat, moving to a nearby island, to spend her day with Will…

Two swords were stuck into a beach, crossing blades. The sunlight beat down upon the shores of an island, the day nearing its close. Standing at the end of the shore, Will held onto the chest formerly belonging to Davy Jones. The chest, how his possession, held another thing of his.

"It has always been yours," Will said to Elizabeth, adorned in a black tunic with no sleeves, going down to her knees. "Will you keep it safe?"

Elizabeth accepted the chest, holding it in both arms, "Always and forever," she promised. She set it down at her feet, then flung her arms around her fiancé and locked lips with him. She wanted to keep the embrace tight, even though the brief seconds they were entwined felt like an eternity already. Still, the eternity didn't last long and Will released her.

"Keep a weather eye on the horizon," he told her. He stepped away from her, departing from the shore and back to the Flying Dutchman.

The Pearl sailed back to a port where Lea, Roxas and Xion departed, telling to Jack and Barbossa, "It has been sort of fun… but our pirate days are over for now."

"Why do you not stay with us? Here are so many things we could archive with your help," told Jack but Lea told. "Better not! I might fry you for what you did to Roxas and later on me!"

"We might meet again," told Roxas. "But better don't expect our return this soon."

With that the trio left the Pearl going back to the gummi ship… they had to see what Kurannort meant with his massage…

Jack had been off the ship to get a few women for himself… only to find out later that Barbossa had taken the Pearl once again. However this time Jack had one advantage: he was holding on the charts which lead them once to the Locker… but this time he was searching for the Fountain of Youth!
Alternate team by XSDSTITCH
Alternate team
This is a second team I thougth for the next Pokemon game.

The only thing I don't know yet is what kind of Move Set I give each of them. However I am open for suggestions and the best one is allowed to get a Pokemon of his choice (As far I have it of course)

Just one thing: Before you start to give me Move sets for competive play: I am not a competive player. Which means the moveset just ahve to work to play through the normal story line and to capture Pokemon (Thought for Pokemon Hunting I have already a working team)

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