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1. You have to post ALL the Rules
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer
4. Choose 13 people
5. You have to legitimately tag 13 people
6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags
7. Tag-backs are allowed
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9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator tells you
10. Be creative with the title. No " I got tagged" stuff

1) Thoughts on Ash Ketchum
Thick head with small potential of improvement during the current team handling him.

2) Legend of Spyro or Original Spyro
Legend of Spyro

3) if you could have one super power what would it be
Super Intelligence

4) Worst episode of your Favorite show and Best Episode
... difficult as I have no favorite show right now

5) Have you played Undertale? 

6) If you could add one Character to Smash Bros who would it be?

7) Best Halloween Costume 
Sorry but I don't go to Halloween

8) Favorite instrument

9) if you could make one change to a show you'd like what would it be

10) thoughts on Kingdom Hearts if played or would you play it
Soras character is way too naive.

11) What is your main character to use in Smash

12) chocolate and Peanut butter or PB and Jam

13) if You could buy back either Banjo or Conker  for Nintendo which would you get the other sadly has to stay in Microsoft's dungeon 
... as I didn't play either of them, I cannot say.

I tag

01. Favorite Pokemon
02. Favorte Crime Series
03. Your thoughts on Natsu from Fairy Tail
04. How many games do you have?
05. Do you play Skyrim?
06. Which mods do you use?
07. Favorite Disney Character?
08. Tea or coffee in the morning?
09. Which game are you looking forward to get released?
10. if you chould choose for which franchise the next movie/game/season appears, which would it be?
11. Favorite Anime Song?
12. If you were about to face a battle, which weapon do you use?
13. Your thoughts on my questisons?


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Kuran, Rena and Kairi were waiting for the others to arrive, spending all the time by telling small stories. Kuran had started by how he and Will have met the first time during a tournament on Olympic Coliseum.

Just then Will flew by carrying Edea and Dan, landing next to them. Kairi and Rena looked shocked To see Will in his dragon form.

"So, you guys find the stone piece?" Will asked, letting Dan and Edea down as he did so.

"Nope! Only the key towards it. First we have to go to a witch to get) a description of where it is"

"Hope it's not that pumpkin witch again, she is beyond crazy," Will said before he transformed back into a human.

Kairi shook her head. "No, she's called the Forest Witch."

"Though the Forest and the prison to visit don't have really good names" Kuran said.

"Still, we have no other option," said Rena.

"Did you get your piece?"

"Yes, we have it," answered Edea, while Dan showed the Anubis Stone piece.

"Then let's move to the forest," suggested Kuran. Hethen asked "Uhm.. who has the map?"

"I don't remember anything about a map," replied Edea.

"Pretty sure he means he has no idea where this forest is."Said Will

"Oh, that's simple, it's just in that direction," said Al, signaling the direction from Dan's eye socket.

"Thanks Al," told Kuran. "Shall we go?"

"Yeah." Will said. And they move to the forest, which was blocked off by a door. After using the key, Al just commented "Behind the Enchanted Forest lies the Sea. Romantic, innit."

"Al… I have my doubts that ANY place of this world is romantic right now" told Kuran with a deadpan

"True! And remember we are looking for the Forest Witch! Just look for old hippie chick." answered Al "Probably hugging trees or somethin."

"Thanks captain obvious"

"Let's just find her."

After of look around, having to take care of some mix of frog and dragon, they found a witch cauldron.

"You think that your amulet and work again?" Asked Edea to Will.

"Mind to tell why we need this amulet?" asked Kuran "And which amulet?"

"We need to use it for call the witch. We needed to do that with the Witch of Pumpkin Gorge." Explained Edea.

"Oh, I see it." Said Kairi.

"Then call her" suggested Kuran

Will noded before holding up his Amulet to the cauldron. And for their surprise, appeared a 'hippie witch'.

"Greetings, sir Daniel Fortesque, Will, Kuran Kura, Rena, Edea Lee and Kairi, you have summoned the Witch of the Forest." Said the Witch. "But Ah-HAH! I see you are surprised I your names. I have the power, you see. I commune with the tree spirits."

"Oh really." Babbled Dan, doubting of her as dideveryone.

"I can see auras. I can see psychic imprints. I can see the label in the back of your armor." She said, making Dan look behind his armor.

"I bet that she guessed our names fluke." Said Kairi.

"But wait, I also see a vision. You seek a mysterious lady to advise on your color therapy for the mono-visual, and teach you the meaning of leathery love."

"Eh? Whoa, time out! Time out!" Said Kairi, surprised. "We're only looking for the Shadow Demon Prison, only that!"

"Me for my part didn't understand what you were trying to pull." told Kuran with a shrug "Where is the Prison please? So we can go in, slay a few Shadow Demons, get the Anubis Stone and wonder where to go next"

"Oh OK, you're looking for the prison of the Shadow Demon. I knew It! I see all! But the prison is hidden by an enchantment, dear friends!"

"And where is it exactly?" Will asked.

"And how we find it if is hidden by a enchantment?" Asked Rena to Will.

"Let me guess: We have to collect something from this Forest… and I go further and guess: Fairies?"

"Fairies? Really?" Asked Rena.

"I just go for the obvious"Kuran replied

"How is fighting Fairies obvious?"

"Well, if you want me to dispel the enchantment, first you must do something for me." Said the Witch, but then stared Kairi for a moment. "Hold on child. I sense some mysterious power on you, and is similar to a one that I saw time ago. Tell me, little one, who are your parents?"

"The truth… neither I remember them correctly." Said Kairi, sad.

"Why you're interested on that?" Asked Rena.

"Oh, nothing. Is that I feel a similar power sealed inside the prison of the Shadow Demon." Replied the Witch. "And if I'm right in my doubts, maybe can be a wrong idea put you in this errand." Kairi was perplexed of what the Witch was saying. "Now GO. Henceforth you will find the Prison of the Shadow Demons revealed to you." She said and disappeared.

Soon some spiked branches were moved aside, revealing a way deeper in the forest.

"This was thestrangest conversation I've ever had with a witch." Said Kairi, scratching her head.

"So much for my ability to guess things" told Kuran with a shrug. "Let's go to the prison"

Will nodded in agreement as they all went. As they reach a door and Kuran pulled out the Shadow Demon Claw and used it. The door opens up, opening the access to a tunnel that takes them to what they were looking: The piece of the Anubis Stone. The problem is that was in a pedestal covered in fire in the centre of what seemed a puzzle that works with the water around the structure.

"I bet here are some levels or buttons that makes the puzzle move… or we let Will get the stone. As immortal he can just grab the stone out of the fire."

"I honestly don't mind either way." Will added.

"I don't know if it will work." Said Kairi. "I have my doubts about that fire barrier."

"Want to find out anyway?" He asked.

"Let's try it," suggest Kuran "If it works, we save time, if it doesn't work, we've lost nothing."

"I have the feeling that whatever happens, it will end in disaster." Murmured Edea.

"You know" began Kuran, "I bet that whatever we do, we have the Shadow Demons to deal with."

Will placed his hands on the flame engulfed stone and managed to pull it out, leaving his arm burnt down to the bone.

"Well, I guess that saves us some trouble."

Suddenly the platform began to shake, and seeing it come, Edea put her hands on her head closing her eyes. The platform exploded, sending everyone flying against the walls, and from a magic hole began to appear black creatures that after of get out there, rushed quickly, breaking a wall of the cave to the outside.

"I guess this is what we get for cheating." Will joked.

"Something tells me that his piece WAS the key that kept them sealed." Said Kairi, rubbing her head.

"We should think more how to deal with them now" guessed Kuran "And (to) answer this question: What is our next step? Aside from slaying every Demon we can find."

Dan shook his skull and looked the magic hole, and suddenly got worried, 'glupping'.

"Don't tell me that there is something MORE inside it." Said Rena.

From the magic hole began to appear a black smoke, and soon from it appeared a reddish-blue demon with large wings and steel plates in arms, thighs and head. The creature yawned sinisterly… but then had a crack on his neck and yelp in pain.

"Lying 100 years down theregives you you arthritis, you know?" Said the mysterious demon, trying toreset his bones.

Kuran looked to Will and said "Reminds me somehow on Genie… at least the speech just now…."

"Who knows….But what exactly are you doing here? Aside from the possibly obvious trying to stop us?" Will asked the creature.

"Stop you? What made you think that I'm with the Shadow Demons exactly?" It asked.

"The obvious fact that you were locked up with them?" asked Kuran, pointing to the platform from where he and the Shadow demons showed up.

"I just assumed you were associated with the Fallen." Will admitted.

"I admit that I was treated as them when they captured me, but it was good be there without that Eidolon hunters following me."

The girls looked between them and Kairi asked. "You're… an Eidolon?"

"So you can be summoned?" asked Kuran "Could be an odd choice for Kairi… after all she is a princess of heart… and somebody with pure light summoning a dark being?"

"I'm not too surprised…. you always were a sucker for strong summoners." Will mused at the creature.

"Chocobo eh?"

"But I can't exactly summon them." Corrected Kairi. "I can only unleash their power on myself. I can't summon a Chocobo or Shiva. If I could be able to do that, our trip in the Asylum would been easier."

"That's the difference between you and the Kairi I know" told Kuran "And what I mean… Will got his fair trouble from the other version of you and she used a Chocobo."

"Whatever, but I don't care if she is a princess of heart. If she can use my power, she can use it." Said the demon.

"Fair deal I would say."

"But knowing the Eidolons, I bet surely that there is a BUT." Said Al.

"Like fighting him? Doing a big favor? Or what?" asked Kuran

"The fighting, of course."Replied the Eidolon

"Any rules or simple survival"Asked Will

"The usual one, but with a exception. The girl must fight YES or YES."

"What, you mean like by herself?" Will wondered.

"You want her to use my power? So she must fight too."

"Well yeah I guess that's true."

"Should we wait outside or can we watch?" asked Kuran.

"I guess so." He shrugged. "Guess what? I asked for one of two things and guess so isn't answering it"

Suddenly the two exits got blocked. "Sorry, but nobody will get outside of here until the fight is over."

"Don't have to be an ass about it." Will huffed.

"Good luck Kairi" told Kuran.

She sighed and looked the Eidolon. "And which is your name?"

"Heh, I'm Diabolos, the Dark Messenger." Answered the Eidolon, Diabolos.

Dan scratched his skull for a moment and then rushed at Kairi's side, while Rena got at her side too.

"Move you two too!" Said Edea, pushing Will and Kuran to the battle, soon she running with the rest.

"Okay, when the more, the better." Said Diabolos, taking flight, flying at only a half a metre from the ground, prepared for the battle.

"Do you have any confidence to Kairi?" wondered Kuran as he was dragged into the fight, despite the stated rules.

"I only said that she should fight, but I don't said nothing about the others." Said Diabolos.

"We fought anEidolon before, and trust me, they're not pushovers." Said Edea.

"You know what? Screw this I'm fighting too." Will smirk before summoning his Keyblade.

"...For like the 20th time.."

"And the other 19 times?"

"Oh they weren't big or anything like that, it was just one of thoses 'test your strength' kind of things."

"Less talk and more fight!" Said Diabolos, sending dark energy balls against Kuran and Will for cut their conversation.

Will blasted the balls of darkness with a Mega Flare.

Kairi used that moment for strike Diabolos with her keyblade at his chest.

"This happens to me fordistracting myself with a dark user amateur and a immortal." Said Diabolos rubbing his chest where was hit and backslap Kairi away of him.

She landed on her feet, while Rena shooted some mana arrows at the dark Eidolon, but he formed a shadow claw and tried to slash them with it. Luckily Edea and Dan blocked the claw attack in time.

"Amateur?" asked Kuran and slashed the wings from behind, but his weapon didn't affect it, and was slapped away by the very own wing.

Will transformed and flew at the Eidolon, biting its neck. While Kuran slashed him with the keyblade.

Kairi began to attack him with her keyblade at the same time as them, but he moved into a shadowed area, and disappeared, making her attacks hit air.

"He can disappear inside shadows?" Asked Rena, looking around.

"Behind you!" Will shouted.

Kuran jumped and pushed Rena out of the way, only to get the full impact of the attack. Kuran winced but blinks confused "Uhm… was it supposed to hurt?"

"What? I thought that only worked with his own dark weapons." Will stated.

"I agree" told Kuran "Heck I know everything else with darkness did hurt me until now, but now I just nosold an eidolon attack?"

"Maybe your darkness blocks my dark attacks." Supposed Diabolos, but then kicked him away. "That only leaves physical contact."

Kuran grunted and threw his keyblade, hitting the chest, but he only grunted and sent a dark ball against Edea, who blocked it, sending it away.

Rena then began to shoot mana arrows against the Eidolon, trying to weaken him, while Kairi launched some Fira and Blizzara against him.

Will managed to get Diabolos in a headlock before grabbing his Keyblade with his tail and forced it into his back.

He grunted by that hit and released a dark ball just on Will's face forcing him to release him. And Kuran teamed up with Edea and sliced the wings, but they were really hard for be cutted, but was enough for get his attention, giving Kairi time for attack him with a Thundara.

And while the shock made him unable to react for a moment, Kuran dived in and trusted his Keyblade into the stomach, wanting to give Kairi more time for either a stronger attack or if possible for a strike from her. Kairi used that moment for start to strike Diabolos with her keyblade.

"Again" told Kuran, striking the Eidolon a few more times with his Keyblade before hitting with his double bladed spear.

He grunted by the multiple hits but then unleashed a dark wave that pushed them away, darkening the room completely.

"Great, now can't see as a bat!" Exclaimed Al from Dan's skull.

"Don't tell me." Said Rena.

"Kairi! To your right!" told Kuran "And before anybody asks: I cannot see in the dark!"

Kairi striked to her right, hitting something hard, but how she was unable to see, she doesn't know if was Diabolos or anything else.

Will blasted a series of Mega Flares, lighting up the room a bit in the process. And they saw that shehit Diabolos and the others jumped to hit him as well.

Diabolos moved to a side, avoiding their attacks and began to shoot dark balls against them.

Will knocked away the balls of darkness before managing to slash him with his blades. Kuran made a darkness hookshot and shoot it at the enemy, pulling them on the ground.

Kairi got that moment for start to strike him with her keyblade all the hits she could made to him.

Will made sure that he would not escape by casting Bind, wrapping his wings in chains of Light and Darkness.

And Kuran slammed his Keyblade into the wings to make them useless, but they resisted the hit and grabbed Kuran and threw him to Will, hitting both the wall.

"I've had enough of both of you." He said, before of wrap them in dark balls-like prisons. "Now let's see how you deal with me WITHOUT them." He said, disappearing into the shadows, getting free of the Bind effect.

Rena began to look around, trying to figure where is he, either recurring to her instinct for detect him, while Edea and Dan stayed near of her for defend her back.

"Girls, I have a idea that will illuminate the room." Kairi said and began to concentrate.

Kuran was hitting his cage and tried to figure out how to get out since he isn't a fan of restricted movements.

At that time there was a flash where was Kairi. Now was no longer wearing her normal clothes, but a kind of upper red plate that foreshadowed her figure, not forgetting her defense, and a long red skirt with embellishments as if they had been made of red scales, and a pair of red gauntlets which gave off flames, also wearing a diadem on the head like horns remember to the Eidolon Ifrit. After that change, used the power of the Ifrit form for illuminate all the room, showing Diabolos.

"Good idea." Said Rena, now aiming to Diabolos.

"She can do THAT?!" Asked Al, Will and Diabolos surprised.

"You weren't here when she did it the first time" told Kuran while trying to cut open with a saw.

With the light made with Kairi's powers, Rena began to attack him with her mana arrows, at the same time that Edea and Dan attacked him from behind, and Kairi began to throw Fira and Firaga Spells against him.

The dark Eidolon was able to escape from their attacks and kept attacking them with his Shadow Claws and Dark Balls, but they were able to avoid his attacks.

Getting tired of the battle, Kairi charged a large fireball on her keyblade, but instead of throw it, she jumped to Diabolos and striked at the ground just in front of it, causing a large explosion similar to a volcano explosion that engulfed Diabolos and sent him flying against a wall, hitting hard.

Consequently, the balls that held Kuran and Will disappeared, while Diabolos was watching the stars of his head.

"Whoa that was awesome." Will said.

"Thanks." Said Kairi.

"So… what happens now?" asked Kuran "Have we use smell salt now?"

"Truly, I think I over exceeded a little." Said Kairi. "Neither I know what and how I did it."

"Well… it's not like we don't have all time of the world but I think we should get a bucket of water and splash it on him" told Kuran "or use a water spell if anyone knows one"

"On it." Will said before rummaging through his bag pulling out a fire house. one can only wonder how it could fit in a small bag.

The girls looked wide eyed what they were looking, and Dan was actually believing that was mad.

Kuran looked deadpanned "Say… isn't this an overkill? Or are you trying the no-kill-like-overkill here?"

"Unfortunately this is the only source of water I have on me at the moment." Will said before spraying the Eidolon.


Soon Diabolos awakened by the splash of water.

"Morning" told Kuran "So… you accept defeat or does we have to add more pressure?"

"And receive another Fury Volcano?" Asked Diabolos. "No, thanks."

"Fury Volcano?" Asked Kairi.

"The attack you used… don't tell me that you used it without thinking." He asked and Kairi just shrugged.

"Leave me guess… is by the way the Final attack of her Eidolon forms?" Asked Edea.

"Yeah, that is. Usually, when anybody has this power, can unleash a powerful attack as that, but requires a lot of magic."

"Now you say it, I'm a little tired." Said Kairi, panting a little.

"Which means you go to hold back in fights, until you are back in shape" told Kuran and turned to Diabolos "Any theory how exactly my darkness could block yours? Because normally I am only protected against my own darkness"

"Well, that's a good question. I never had met somebody with so much darkness. Usually the people in your positions disappears after some days, weeks luckily."

"I run around like that for years" admitted the darkness user.

"Then you're really lucky… in some sense."


"Are we done here? Cause we need to move on." Will added.

"Goodpoint" told Kuran "We really should leave now."

"But before that…" Diabolos said and formed a black ball of light, and sent it to Kairi that went into her chest. "It was part of the treat."

Kairi somehow got recovered immediately after that.

"Well, see ya." He said and disappeared in black smoke.

"So does this mean you can use his power now?" Will asked.

"You mean a princess of heart using darkness? that is a sight worth to seeing"

"I would like to see that too, but we have things to do." Said Rena.

"Let's get going before anyone else decides to show up."

And they went out, and outside the cave found that the forest was now filled with Shadow Demons, and a large number of Fallen, surely attracted by the Demon Shadow's darkness.

"Want to test out your new powers?" asked Kuran towards Kairi while drawing his weapons.

"No, I think I will wait for the best moment." Said Kairi. "I believe that will have some use later."

"But first we must deal with them before continue." Said Rena, preparing her bow.

"Sounds like a plan." Will grinned. Shrudding Kuran rushed over and began to slice their opponents.

The others rushed too for fight them. Either if the Fallen were easy to deal, the Shadow Demons were another story, because they attacked like mantis, and were able to block frontal attacks.

"I really wish I could use my dark corridors" told Kuran "Then hits from the back were only a formal thing"

Then he hit from the front to force it to block while one of the others struck the back.

Blocking an attack, Will grabbed one of the shadow creatures and threw it into a small group of others.

Kairi while attacked them with her spells while Rena kept the Shadow Demons at distance with her arrows, at the same time that Edea and Dan fought the creatures and the Fallen in melee combat.

One that wanted to jump at Rena was caught by Kuran slamming into it with a shield before slamming the keyblade into the head

Will finish off the remainder with a burst of lightning.

"We should keep moving,"

"And fast… I have the feeling that at least two winged ones are somewhere around" told Kuran, shouldering his Keyblade.

"Yes, let's get outta here at soon as possible." Said Kairi.

After using an elevator, where they had to shoot down two flying monsters, they reach slowly the exit of the exist of the forest…

In the meanwhile, Zarok was on board of a flying pirate ship and looked at the castle while the captain reported "Mr. Zarok, sir, Gallowmere Castle lies yonder off the bows."

"Ah, the castle!" Said Zarok. "Ancestral home of a long line of kings, last relic of a more noble time." He continued while the captain dig his finger on his 'ear'. "I've long dreamed of this moment… Oh lord look at that PROVINCIAL decor."

"Aye, tis a pretty fortress, yours for be taking!" Agreed the captain.

"Well, the common sense says that a king needs a castle." Comments Morrigan, looking the castle.

"Actually I thought I'd start with a few modifications." Said Zarok. "Open fire, Captain, pound the walls to rubble, and smash the rubble to dust!"

"But, sir, the castle rests on a long dormant volcano - might that not be tad... risky?" Warned the captain.

"Why Captain, you might be right!"

"Ah… I see!"Exclaimed the Captain

Then both began to laugh madly, until that Zarok had his cough attack. "SILENCE!" He yelled, making the captain shut up. After that, the captain ordered to shoot the ship's cannons against the castle, destroying some parts of the castle and awakening the dormant volcano.

"Apparentlyhe knows what he wants." Murmured Morrigan.

"Could have fooled me." Null mused to himself.

"Well, you must admit that for be an evil necromancer, is original and classic at the same time."
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1. You have to post ALL the Rules
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer
4. Choose 13 people
5. You have to legitimately tag 13 people
6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags
7. Tag-backs are allowed
8. You must make a journal entry! No answering the new questions in the comments!
9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator tells you
10. Be creative with the title. No " I got tagged" stuff

1) Thoughts on Ash Ketchum
Thick head with small potential of improvement during the current team handling him.

2) Legend of Spyro or Original Spyro
Legend of Spyro

3) if you could have one super power what would it be
Super Intelligence

4) Worst episode of your Favorite show and Best Episode
... difficult as I have no favorite show right now

5) Have you played Undertale? 

6) If you could add one Character to Smash Bros who would it be?

7) Best Halloween Costume 
Sorry but I don't go to Halloween

8) Favorite instrument

9) if you could make one change to a show you'd like what would it be

10) thoughts on Kingdom Hearts if played or would you play it
Soras character is way too naive.

11) What is your main character to use in Smash

12) chocolate and Peanut butter or PB and Jam

13) if You could buy back either Banjo or Conker  for Nintendo which would you get the other sadly has to stay in Microsoft's dungeon 
... as I didn't play either of them, I cannot say.

I tag

01. Favorite Pokemon
02. Favorte Crime Series
03. Your thoughts on Natsu from Fairy Tail
04. How many games do you have?
05. Do you play Skyrim?
06. Which mods do you use?
07. Favorite Disney Character?
08. Tea or coffee in the morning?
09. Which game are you looking forward to get released?
10. if you chould choose for which franchise the next movie/game/season appears, which would it be?
11. Favorite Anime Song?
12. If you were about to face a battle, which weapon do you use?
13. Your thoughts on my questisons?
Edea, Dan and Will took the path to the Pumpkin Gorge, but to reach it, first they had to cross a large farm, and soon they got ambushed by living scarecrows, in the very sense of the word.

"Now I've seen everything." Said Edea, preparing her katana.

"Oh, scarecrows ALWAYS freak me out!" Commented Al. "It's the hand-stitched eyes." The three rolled their eyes. "Let's hurry through to Pumpkin Gorge."

"Yeah, lets go." Will added.

After of deal with the scarecrows, they reached a large corn crop, but they saw that something was moving in the middle of the corn crops.

"Better not go inside of it if it's NOT needed." Suggested Edea.

"I swear that better not be a group of murderous kids." Will huffed.

"Taking into account how messed is this world now, that wouldn't surprise me." Said Edea.

They kept walking along the way, avoiding entering into the crops and to the beings inside it, until they were blocked by a large corn crop, having no way to cross without enter the crop.

"We must find another way, or at least cut a way." Said Edea.

"Well...I could fly us over." Will suggested. Edea, Dan and Al looked him with a raised eyebrow each one but Al, who had only one. Will stepped back a few feet before being enveloped in a bright light, transforming into a bipedal dragon like creature covered in bright silver scales and had a gem embedded in the center of his chest. This sudden transformation made Edea jump, and Dan fell on his boney butt.

"Now I've SEEN everything." Edea said, looking Will.

"Yeah I'd imagine so." Will chuckled.

"And are you sure you can hold both of us?" Edea asked

"Well, considering that Dan is literally nothing but bone, i'd imagine he can't be that heavy...No offense."

Dan sighed when he said that.

"In any case, grab on." Will said spreading his wings.

Dan and Edea grabbed his hands tightly, before he took flight.

Will then took off flying over the cornfield.

After of avoid that trap, they don't took a lot for reach the access to Pumpkin Gorge, and there was a good reason of that name.

"I never saw so many pumpkins on a only place on my life." Edea said, looking the large number of pumpkins around.

"Yeah..So where exactly do we need to go?" Will asked.

"We must find the Pumpkin Witch. I hope she still have the fragment of the Anubis Stone." Said Al.

They began to look for the witch, but there was a 'small' problem: The pumpkins were alive, and were attacking them like a normal monster would.

"Figures." Will said as he flew away from the living pumpkins.

"Err, how long this form of you can still until you turn into human?" Al asked.

"As long as I want." Will smiled.

"Lucky, because I just don't want see you turn into human, and suddenly fall to the ground in the middle of the pumpkins." Edea said, and Dan got nervous thinking on that.

"Relax Dan that's not going to happen." Will assured.

Suddenly he felt that something was grabbing his leg, and soon they spotted that was caught from a creature in the ground, a muscular human sized creature that walked at four legs with claws in every legs, without eyes and with a large brain and a very large tongue.(Licker)

"This guy again!?" Will huffed in frustration.

Suddenly a second tongue, from a second Licker, grabbed Will's other leg, both pushing him down to the ground.

"If we don't do nothing, they will send us to the ground!" Al Alerted.

"Bastards!" Will shouted before blowing a stream of silver colored fire at the two creatures, destroying them and releasing his legs.

"The problem isn't over yet." Said Edea, and spotted some kind of Bat flying to them.

"Hold on tight." Will said before quickly dodging the bats, occasionally smacking a few away with his tail.

"We need a place where we can fight them. Here we're a huge dart board." Edea said.

"Guess that mean's we're landing." Will added before heading towards the ground.

Soon they landed, and soon they got attacked by nearby pumpkins and the chasing bats. The Pumpkins were easily dealt with now that they were on the ground, while Will took off to deal with the remaining bats.

Also they were ambushed by some Lickers, but being now that they were on the ground, they were easily taken down by Edea and Daniel.

After the cleaning, they began to move again, soon reaching a house on the top of a hill.

"Is it here?" Edea asked.

"Surely. Now we must summon the Witch and ask her for the fragment." Al said.

"And do how we summon her?" Edea replied.

"I heard that the witches usually comes when a magic amulet is used, but now we don't have one here." Said Al.

"Any idea where we can find this amulet?" Will asked.

"Dunno." Al Said. "Unless we make one… but I heard a rumor that in the graveyard lived a aquelarre that left it time ago. Maybe they leaved one there."

"And you say that NOW?!" Asked Edea, holding herself to thrust her katana into Dan's skull, trying to cut Al.

"Why didn't you say something sooner?" Will added.

"Because I didn't think that we needed it at that moment." Said Al. "But maybe we can use something similar."

"What do you have in mind?"

"We can try to use any magic amulet that we can have and see if works."

"Any magic amulet, huh?" Will said before pulling one out. "Not really sure if it would work, but it's worth a shot."

Will used the amulet on a cauldron, and this began to shake, and soon appeared flying a small ugly witch which stopped the cauldron.

"Whadda you and your friends want, you fleshless freak?" Asked the Pumpkin Witch angrily.

"Jeez you woke up on the wrong side of the pot huh, anyway we were told that you have a piece of the Anubis Stone." Will said.

"And?" She asked angry, but looked Dan more carefully. "Hang on - it that YOU, Sir Daniel? I didn't recognise you for a moment. Eyebrows make such a difference on a man's look. As, indeed, does the rest of the face. Must be, oooh, be best part of a century since I saw you, and then suddenly, here you are."

Edea calmed down because seemed that the witch has calm down a little.

"You never WROTE ME!" She suddenly yelled, and Edea jumped on Will's arms who only rolled his eyes.

"Oh, what a terrible time I'm having. I devoted my life to my sweet, sweet babies, suckling them at the tea-, I mean, planting them in good in nutritious soil, ha ha, and this is how I'm rewarded!"

"And how?"

"How? HOW you say? By an EVIL, treacherous ACT of MASSIVE INGRATITUDE, that's…" She yelled but then calm down. "It was only a growth spell for Pumpky Wumpky… He was, special. I wanted the best for him. And now he's gone rogue to me… a RENEGADE PUMPKIN KING. Sucking the life from the land, growing in power at the time… But I just can't bring myself for harvest him… his little pumpkin eyes… used to be so sweet..."

"So one of your pumpkins went AWOl huh? Want us to take care of it for you?" Will offered.

She thought for a moment. "Really, dear boys, you'll do it?"

Edea leaved Will's 'embrace'. "Yeah, we'll do it."

"But how could I ever repay such homicidality- I mean, bravery?"

"You could give us that piece of the Anubis stone." Will said.

"My Anubis Stone piece? THE PRECIOUS? Well… I suppose I could give you in return… NO! What I'm saying?" Suddenly slaps herself. "I dare? Oh… pound the orange monster and we'll talk about it." She said and left flying.

"Interesting character." Said Edea.

"No kidding, come on, let's go kill a pumpkin monster."

"Yeah." Babbled Dan.

"Since we're on the topic, where is this thing?" Will asked.

"When coming here we passed a crossroad, maybe is in the other direction." Said Edea.

"Well it's a start."

They walked part of the way until the crossroads, and took the other way, and after of dealing with a lot of pumpkins, they reached to a large area with a really MASSIVE pumpkin, in every sense of the word.

"That's a big pumpkin." Commented Edea. "That must be the said Pumpkin King

"Yeah, and I hate pumpkins." Babbled Dan.

"We need to wake the Pumpkin King somehow." Said Al. "Typical, the one day I didn't bring my trombone."

Will noticed a few large vines sticking out of the ground. "Hmm I think I got an idea how." He said.

"I'm having too the same idea." Babbled Dan looking the vines.

Then they began to hack away at the vines. Soon they hacked away all the vines, and when they got near the Pumpkin King, suddenly woke and attacked them.

"Woah SOMEBODY woke up on the wrong side of the patch." Commented Al.

"No kidding." Will said before blasting it with ice.

The giant pumpkin grunted but tried to slap him with his strains.

Will easily jumped out of the way before shooting a Mega Flare, but resisted the explosion and whipped again, but Edea cut the strains with her katana.

Will threw his Keyblade hitting the pumpkin in the face, but with the hit he replied shooting pumpkins that began to chase them.

"I HATE pumpkins." Babbled Dan and began to slash the small pumpkins.

"I dunno I think they're pretty tasty." Will said.

They soon dispatched the small pumpkins and concentrated again in the Pumpkin King, who replied to their attacks with headbutts and whips with his vines.

Edea blocked the headbutts with her katana and tried to cut the vines that got near of her.

Will transformed and blasted a stream of fire at the vines.

The Pumpkin King got angrier and shoot more pumpkins against them, only to be burnt by Will's fire. And Dan and Edea used that moment for try to chop it with their blades.

Will rip off some of the vines and smacked the pumpkin with it before slashing it with his Keyblade.

After the attacks he turned his head, showing now an odd face, and began to shot pumpkins that acted as contact bombs.

"Now kamikaze pumpkins? But where are we, in the Country of the Rising Sun?" Asked Al.

One of the smaller pumpkins was about to hit Dan.

"Time Stop!" Will shouted before the pumpkin froze just inches away from the skeleton. Dan was confused, with his eye the only thing moving, trying to get what just happened.

"You going to move out of the way or what?" Will mused.

Dan quickly rushed away of where was the pumpkin.

"When you said that you had time control, you wasn't joking." Edea Said.

"It comes in handy from time to time..Ha, get it?"

"Later I will get it."

Will then knocked the frozen pumpkin back at the giant one before time returned to normal. But the explosion doesn't affected so much the Pumpkin King, and kept attacking them with his headbutts and vines.

Will managed to shove his keyblade into it's mouth before blasting it with another Mega Flare.

The pumpkin began to 'cough' from the explosion, giving Edea and Dan time for attack it.

And after of attack it continuously, the Pumpkin King soon was dethroned.

"OK! You make fine veggie kebab out of HIM. Horray!" Said Al. "Now, where is chilli sauce?"

Edea panted. "Please, I don't want hear veggie jokes for a while."

"Come on let's go back and see if we can't get that stone." Will said.

"Guys?" Dan babbled, signaling the Pumpkin King's corpse, which was being filled with dark smoke.

"I don't like it." Edea commented.

"Me neither." Will added.

Then from it appeared a armored Fallen, carrying a large double edge Axe on his shoulder. (Big Axe Armor)

"Seems we have a idea of how the Fallen are formed." Said Edea.

"Seems like it." Will said getting his Keyblade ready.

The Fallen raised his huge axe and attacked them with it, but they avoided it easily going to a side.

Will threw his Keyblade and shot a stream of electricity at the Fallen. The Fallen got shocked by the hit and the electricity, and Edea used that opportunity of decapitate it, soon disappearing into a heart and soul.

"That wasn't so hard." Said Edea.

"Never sell the bear's skin before you kill it. Look, that odd smoke is still on that pumpkin." Warned Al.

Soon the black smoke began to surround completely the Pumpkin King's corpse, until the pumpkin got destroyed from inside, releasing a big white gorilla-like monster without hair, pure red eyes and a jaw that can divide into two, roaring at them.

"Oh, no! How we can have this much bad luck!" Al yelped.

"Could be explained with the universe hating you, the script or that we all just love to mess with the protagonist." told XSDStitch "Sometimes Protagonist Armor isn't that great of a thing"

"Don't you have your own chapter to work on?" Will asked.

"I have," was the reply "I'm just bored now and mess around to kill time."

"Please, can you stop of breaking the fourth wall, please?" Al asked. "We're in a huge mess now!"

Will ran over, slashing the ape with his blades.

"Don't let him grab you!" Warned Al.

Before he could ask why, the monster grabbed him firmly with his hands, and soon bitted his head to the neck, and decapitated it with his own sheer force, sending his head on a side, and the body to another. Dan could have puck, if he EVER had stomach.

"Well this sucks." Will's head spoke.

"What the hell is that?" Edea asked.

"That's an Inacors, is the thing that remains when somebody turns into a Fallen. Is like a Nobody, but without soul and more brutal." Explained Al. "But they doesn't form very often."

"I will ask later what is a Nobody…"

"Well that's just nice." Will deadpanned as his body placed his head back on.

The Inacors suddenly jumped near Will and hit him with his arm, sending him flying against a wall.

Managing to land on his feet on the wall, he jumped towards the creature, impaling his blades before turning into a dragon and blasting it's face with fire. But the monster surprisingly resisted the attacks and grabbed his neck with his hands. But soon Edea and Dan began to attack his back with their weapons.

Taking advantage of the distraction, Will brought his leg up and manage to kick the ape creature across the head, making it drop him. And soon Dan began to cut the Inacors' back with his sword, while Edea tried to cut the beast's mouth for null his 'One Hit Death' attack.

Will followed up by throwing his blades at the Inacors. The beast roared when the blades impaled his chest but then tried to hit Dan, who quickly ducked, and Edea cutted his other arm.

Will ripped his blades out, tearing the ape in half. Before the body fell to the ground, it disappeared, just as could the body of a Nobody disappear.

"These guys really are like Nobodies.. Do they really disappear like them?" Will asked Al.

"They're only the remains of a body when a Fallen is generated."

"Does anything happen to them when they do disappear?" Asked Will

"I don't know. Is the first time that I see somebody DEFEAT one." Al responded.

"I see. Well in any case I say we get going." Will suggested.

"Yes, we have a witch to visit and a fragment to recover." Said Edea.

With that Will grabbed the two and flew back to the witch's hut. There, Will used the magic amulet for call the witch, who quickly came.

"One pumpkin, ready for the pot!" Babbled Dan, prideful.

"Poor, poor little Pumpky Wunky… squashed." The witch said in sad tone, making the three glup. "HAH! I made a JOKE…" Suddenly she said with a laugh. "… kind of… I suppose you want my Precious, now?" She said, signaling herself, giving some odd idea, and Edea rolled her eyes.

"Actually we just want the Anubis stone." Will said.

"I MEANT the Anubis Stone. Whaddaya think I was talking about? Weirdos." Said the witch.

Edea began to whistle while Dan looked confused.

"Here, take it if is your must." She said, throwing her piece of the Anubis stone to Edea who grabbed it. "And Sir Daniel…? If you see my sister, the Forest Witch, in your travels… Tell her to STOP PLOTTING AGAINST ME or I'll BOIL her HEAD in her stinking hippy KAFTAN for pig-food!"

Now Edea jumped at Will's arms, who this time jumped on Dan's arms, who looked scared at the witch.

"Okay? Bye-bye." She said and left flying.

"Doesn't take much to light her fuse don't it?" Will said getting off Dan.

"Yes, I don't want see she in her WORST mood." Said Edea getting off of Will.

"Let's get out of here before we find that out." Dan mumbled.

"Good idea." Will said before flying off with the two.

“You think we should have mentioned about what happened to the pumpkin?” Edea asked to Dan, but he shook his head. “Yeah, surely the best is say nothing about it.”
Which of you would like to see this fine art from :iconether-core: be colored?

Midna by Ether-Core

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