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deviation in storage by Mew333x
deviation in storage by Mew333x
Due a writers block for Light Within Darkness, I have decided to open up a few request spots for short stories.

You can ask for short stories which can be released here but also for NSFW content.

I do: Dragons, Pokemons and Kingdom Hearts.
1. :iconmartynm: NSFW FINISHED
2. :iconcrimson-flazey: SFW Under correction!
3. :iconreflectthelight: SFW Under correction!
4. :icond0m0a: NSFW Under correction!
5. :iconmyuuriko: NSFW

When accepting Request, I discuss with you the the setting and what should happen and then I bring as soon as I can a version which will be modified until it can go into correction. Just a warning: The correction might take some time!

Also to remind you:

My friend :icon6liza6: opened up a Patreon account ( ) and is looking for people to support her.

She is a great artist and deserve the help she is asking for. Just look at her Gallery to see how good she is. Also she is doing commissions and YCHs on

Update: And recently I intalled AdventureQuest Dragons. For inbetween actions like tapping on a gem or buy upgrades for the dragon I think it is a nice way to kill time... for anybody who might want to try it I have the following code: 460455z6 gives a free Dragon Key for unlocking certain upgrades or getting more dragons.


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Due a writers block for Light Within Darkness, I have decided to open up a few request spots for short stories.

You can ask for short stories which can be released here but also for NSFW content.

I do: Dragons, Pokemons and Kingdom Hearts.
1. :iconmartynm: NSFW FINISHED
2. :iconcrimson-flazey: SFW Under correction!
3. :iconreflectthelight: SFW Under correction!
4. :icond0m0a: NSFW Under correction!
5. :iconmyuuriko: NSFW

When accepting Request, I discuss with you the the setting and what should happen and then I bring as soon as I can a version which will be modified until it can go into correction. Just a warning: The correction might take some time!

Also to remind you:

My friend :icon6liza6: opened up a Patreon account ( ) and is looking for people to support her.

She is a great artist and deserve the help she is asking for. Just look at her Gallery to see how good she is. Also she is doing commissions and YCHs on

Update: And recently I intalled AdventureQuest Dragons. For inbetween actions like tapping on a gem or buy upgrades for the dragon I think it is a nice way to kill time... for anybody who might want to try it I have the following code: 460455z6 gives a free Dragon Key for unlocking certain upgrades or getting more dragons.
Saph and Youta were in the library, checking the contents of the books for anything that Saph was looking for…

"How come that your world has books about dragons in six different sections instead of one?" wondered the dragon while looking in a very big book which also seemed very old.

"That's because in this world there's a lot of legends of dragons in other countries."

"Dragons in other countries? I thought you didn't have any real ones… at least, living ones."

"And that's why we have archeologists. They're always searching for answers in ancient temples or other places, trying to discover if legends are true or not," Youta explained.

Nodding, Saph kept studying the book and stopped, "Youta… I think I found something."

And he laid down the book and showed a picture of an ancient wall where there was a bird and some ancient letters represented, "According to this book… this bird from yesterday was the first sign of an ancient legend… though the chapter is incomplete."

"Can the book also explain what for this creature is?" she asked.

"This bird is described as the first of six prophets… and after the prophets the Zodiac comes to prove our worth before… something comes to make the judgment for the universe," told Saph. "But like I said… the chapter is incomplete, so a lot is missing. I can only read that between each prophet one disaster must be stopped… the first could even be running already … an invader from a different… something to increase and control the shadows of the heart."

"Well, that sounds like a disaster that is just waiting the pluck."

"Indeed. Maybe father might know something…" Saph realized that it was not Youta's voice and suddenly the same woman that Herito met, grabbing the book and look at it.

"And I must say those picture are just precisely the same like in the computers I saw in that ruin back home."

"Who are y...!?" but she put her finger on his lips.

"Shhh, this is a library and we have to be quiet around here. Let's go where we can talk in privately, k?"

"Sure… and where?"

"Maybe the daughter of the heroes of the Keyblade War might know a place or two," she said and this surprised the two.

"H-How.. mpmph!?" the woman put her finger on Youta's lips.

"Library, remember?"

"O-okay," she said and escorted them to a park.

Saph looked around and wondered, "Is this really a good place to talk in private? And furthermore… who are you?"

"I'm Lusina Astul, a treasure hunter and how I know about that little war," she pulled out of her bag a book with Herito's face on it.

"That's one of Herito-san's book!" Youta shouted.

"That's right. But he sure is a weird guy with his extreme security. Must really love his job, don't you think?" Lusina asked.

"Never had the honor to meet him," admitted Saph. "I only heard about his reputation."

"Either way, I came here because I have a request to your daddy, but since you guys are in a bit of trouble with a Verstoter invasion, I say this go both ways for us."

"Wait, you know what that thing was?!" Youta asked.

"Well, 'know' is a big word. Like I said before, I saw it in an the ancient ruins in my world, Santura."

"Then that means you came from that hole," Saph said. "And this request of yours I'm taking that you want to go back to you own world?"

"My, you sure are sharp one! But yes, that is my request, blueboy."

"But why do you have to request that?" wondered Saph. "You just don't have to travel back or is there something I am missing out?"

"Well, I hear from those people in, what is called? Radiant Garden was it? That the dimensional hole thingy is a bit unstable," Lusina explained.

"Wait, how do you know that?" Youta asked.

"Because I heard while I took one of those fancy rocks," Lusina pulled out of her bag a Star Shard.

"You stole a Star Shard!"

"Have you ANY idea what you are holding?" asked Saph in shock.

"A stone that teleports me to other worlds, yes," she said while the shard span on her finger. "Anyway we better get rid of those assassins that is hide behind the bushes!" she pointed to the bushes and shot a mini dark sphere at it and exploded. "You really think that I would not notice that you were stalking the kids? Where are your manners?" from the smoke emerged two wolf-like humanoids wearing black bodysuit with brown light armor and on their left shoulder patch was a symbol of a reaper wrapped around a black rose.

"Hand over that stone Silver Hagedis and we will spare your life," threatened one of the assassins.

"My, my, the famous Magere Rosen knows about my little adventure! I'm touched," Saph looked at Youta and wondered.

"Do you think it is a good time to make a tactical retreat? Or should we just watch how this turns out and chose a side?"

"We have to stop them!" Youta was about to stop them but Lusina stopped her.

"You are wasting your breath dear. The Magere Rosen only think of their mission, and will do anything to complete it. Even it means to murdering innocent bystanders without remorse."Lusina explain, Youta gasped in horror.

"I wish good luck with me," told Saph. "Even if you somehow get me, I bet you won't be eager to face my father's wrath." He then looked at Lusina and wondered, "And how do you know about them anyway?"

"Because they are the most dangerous assassins of Santura. They even almost burnt a kingdom to its doom."

"Enough talk!" the wolf-men within their battle stance cried. "Give us the stone now!"

"None of you should hold the stone," countered Saph. "So we are taking it."

"Stop!" Youta screamed and stood between the fighters. "There's no reason to fight each other! So please!"

"We will not listen to a little brat like you!" one of the assassins charged at Youta, but she sidestepped to the left, kick him into his guts and grabbed his arm throwing him at his comrade. But he jump just out of the way.

"Lusina-san if you want my dad's help you have to promise me that you're not killing anyone, even if they're are assassins," Youta demanded.

This surprised both Saph and Lusina, "Heh, you sure make a hard barker, but if that is what you want, I will accept. Besides, I have a new power and I'm dying to try it out."

Lusina suddenly was covered in darkness and from it to a being that almost looked like Xehanort's Guardian but more feminine.

Both Youta and Saph stepped back in shock, "What the…?"

The feminine guardian flew towards the assassin and grabbed them and slammed their heads, making them lose their conscience, "Happy?" Lusina asked innocently.

"Are you… seriously… using… A HEARTLESS?"

"Actually, it's more of a dark symbiote. At least, that what I think," Lusina said.

"B-but it looks like one of their Guardians!" Youta said but a bullet hit on the Guardian's head which has no effect on it.

"You just won't stay put? Huh! Xehanort!?" they turned to the left and saw Chris in her Symphogear pointing her gun at Lusina.

"Wasn't Xehanort a guy?" wondered Saph confused at the sudden escalation.

"The bastard can put a piece of his heart into other people! Now get away from her!" and Saph did like he was told but Youta didn't.

"Wait Chris-san, she not one of Xehanort's people!"

"Yeah right! Are you explaining me that she will just voluntarily give herself in?" Chris asked and Lusina rose her hands in the air and the guardian mimicked her.

"I give myself in," Chris almost fell in anime style but keep her balance.

"Huh!? Just like that!?"

"Just like that," having no idea what was going on, she took a pair of handcuffs and put them on Lusina's wrists.

"That is… odd," Saph commentated when a police car came and took both Lusina and the assassins and when to the HQ.

"Well… what now?"

"We're going back and you two are going to tell us what the hell just happened," Chris said and went together with Saph and Youta to the HQ.

"And I am back here," he mumbled. "I really was planning on having a more productive day for my mission."

"Cheer up, Saph-chan," Youta try to cheer the dragon up.

"Easy for you to say," he countered.

"Are you to sure we can trust her?" Genjūrō asked.

"In my opinion, not a single clue," told Saph. "I cannot judge her really. All I can say is that she had some info to share with us."

"I don't trust her. She seemed way too fishy," Chris said.

"Especially that she use that bastard's Guardian," Saph looked to Youta to hear her opinion.

"But if wasn't not for Lusina-san, who knows what could have happened with those Bakere Snosen."

"It is pronounced Magere Rosen, Youta," Harmonia corrected her.

"And like I mentioned," told Saph. "She had a good deal to tell… perhaps we should explain what we found in the library," he then explained what they heard from Lusina.

"So that bird is called a Verstoter, huh? A fitting name for a creature like that," Genjūrō said and Youta rose an eyebrow.

"Why is that?"

"Because if you change the second 't' into an 'o' and put the 'e' away you get the word verstoor, which means disturbed in Netherlands' language," Miku explained.

"And this is fitting because of why?" wondered Youta, not getting the point.

"According to the data, the negative energy that's inside the Verstoter you fought against last night are completely out of control," Miku explained.

"Then any idea what we have to face next?" asked Youta.

"According to what we found, five more are coming, each with an own disaster."

"To find the answers someone has go to this Santura world which lies beyond that wall," Genjūrō said.

"And I don't think it sounds like a good idea to go there… at least not unprepared," told Saph.

"Maybe Mickey can help us in this situation with a gummy ship," Youta said.

"I think we should let this be handled those who have more experience," told Saph. "I still have something to do and… not much of fighting experience."

"For now I'm going discuss this with Mickey and the rest on how we are going to handle this," Genjūrō said. "I think this sounds good for my part."

"What is going to happen to Lusina-san and those assassins?" Youta asked.

"They are both in a cell so we can keep an eye on them," Miku said.

"Well…" began Saph but suddenly a man came in and told.

"Sir! We got a visual on this girl!"

"Where is she?" asked Genjūrō.

"At the park! Whipping out attacking Heartless."

"We have to go there right now!" Youta said and went to open the door and Lusina was standing in front of her.

"Mind if I tag along?"

"How did you get out?" asked Saph.

"Less talking, more teleporting!" she took her Star Shard and teleported herself with Youta, Chris and Saph to the park.

Where they just saw Serena having her arms in the air as a yellow globe glowed there and thunderbolts rained down, terminating a large bunch of Heartless that had been surrounding her, "I must say that an eight out of ten," Lusina clapped her hands.

Serena turned around in surprise and told, "Didn't think you would show up THAT fast. So what do you want from me? That I let myself get arrested?"

"My, straight to the point, aren't you?" Lusina asked and Youta suddenly hugged Serena.

"Oh, thank goodness you're okay! Are you hurt? Why did you disappear like that last night? And why did you appear in mine dream? And…"

"Stop! Stop! Stop!" told Serena. "What do you mean I appeared in your dream?"

"Not to interrupt this reunion but…" Lusina pointed to the left over Heartless. "We have still to clean up this place."

Serena nodded and got herself free from Youta's hug before shooting a Mega Flare at the left over from her palm, "Huh, that's one way to do it," Lusina said. "Now that they're out of the way you're coming with us Serena," Chris said

"Give me why and how will you do it," told Serena. "I escaped you before, I can do it again."

Suddenly Lusina's Guardian appeared behind Serena and bearhug her so that she couldn't escape, "The hell!?" Serena said, struggling to get out. "LET GO OF ME!"

"It's not very polite when someone ask you for a couple of questions and disappear like naughty girl," Lusina said.

"And if the questions you have are the ones I don't want to answer?" asked Serena, struggling to get at least an arm free.

"Don't know till we try," Lusina pull a small cube out from her pocket and tossed it above her and it suddenly glow.

"Where did you get it?" Serena asked, narrowing her eyes.

"Oh, a smarty pants, are we? Well, I got it from a store from Merbel hills in Santura if you want to know," Lusina explained while the rest was confused about this.

"Never heard of this place but I know what it is," she told but grinned. "However… magic isn't my only tool!"

And two darkness spears impaled the Guardian in the back, "She can use control darkness like me!?" Youta gasped as she feeling a strange pulse in her heart, like it react to Serena's darkness, the Guardian screamed in pain and tried to get the spears out of its back.

Serena used the opportunity to free herself and then opened a Dark Corridor before storming towards it, "Serena-chan! Wait!" Youta quickly went after Serena.

"Youta wait!" Saph rushes into the Corridor with Lusina after him.

On the other side, they found themselves in a complete unknown world. And it was deepest night, though light came in from a crystal that floated above Serena's hand, "Why did you have to follow me? Didn't I make it clear that I am not planning on talking with you?"

"I just want to know why you will not help us. And how do you have the power to control the darkness like me?" Youta asked.

"I am on a mission," Serena told them. "And for my abilities of the darkness… didn't Xehanort control the darkness as well? Or many other people the keybearers fought against? Or some of the keybearers themselves? So why does my ability to control it surprise you?"

"Because it feels like almost the same as mine!" Youta said. "I don't know why but my heart react when you use yours against Lusina-san's Guardian."

The blue haired girl didn't answer and just waved the hand. A Dark Corridor opened and she told, "You better leave… this Corridor will take you back. Not many can survive for long in the Dark Plains."

"The Dark Plains!? But that's...!" Serena opened another one under her feet and sank into it.

"Serena-chan!" Youta shouted as the Corridor disappeared and suddenly many pure Heartless emerged from the shadows and attacking attacked the three.

Saph got his stone out and transformed into a dragon form, freezing many of the heartless, while telling, "We have to go now! Serena was right about surviving here," realizing the danger Youta, Lusina and Saph went into Corridor, back to Youta's home world.

And they ended up back in the park where they left earlier. Saph turned backs and looked at a surprised Chris, "Uhm… how long have we been gone?"

"Just a few seconds, but what the hell just happened?" Chris asked.

"We… have been in the Dark Plains," told Saph. "But Serena got away and we had to retreat from the Heartless."

"And if it wasn't for Ryuman-boy here for freezing them into popsicles, we would be kissing our asses goodbye," Lusina told.

Saph nodded and looked at Youta, noticing that she was looking like deep in thought he wondered, "Youta? Is something wrong?"

"Serena-chan's darkness felt just like mine. And my heart feels like it's burning? I just don't know."

"How about we call it a day and think about it in peace?" asked Saph, Youta nodded her head.

"Well then, I'll go back to my cell if you don't mind. We will talk tomorrow okay?" Lusina said and took her shard out, tossed it to Saph and he caught it.

"Why does we need it?"

"Somethings tells me you guys need it more than i do." She answered

"Thanks." Saph said as he escorted Youta back to her home.
On the next day, everywhere around the city machines started repairing the damage from the previous night. While some knew the truth, the government came up with a cover up story that stated a sudden storm from the previous night was responsible for the damage and assured that in the future nothing like that would happen again.

Kanade groaned after hearing the news from the radio and asked, "Seriously? Do they really think that people will believe that the damage was caused by energy blasts, ice, fire and thunder spells and what else hit around can be explained by a thunderstorm?"

"It's the only thing they can do Kanade," told Chris. "How the hell can they explain that the city was attacked by a bird that summoned lightning?"

"Like how they explained the Noise," offered Kanade. "I mean, people were at least some sort of prepared for them… as good as any non-symphogear user could have gotten prepared."

"Because Genie told us that the bird came from that wall where Lea and the rest found. Nobody would guess something that big," Chris explained.

"Still… worlds that weren't created by Kingdom Hearts. That sure sounds amazing, don't you think? I mean, they don't have to worry about the Heartless or the other crap we face," Kanade said as she laid on the ground.

"Yea right, I bet there are things that they have to worry about," said Chris as she was about to take a sip from her cup when suddenly they heard a big thump sound.

"What was that?" asked Kanade, standing up.

"That's probably Youta waking up," Chris guessed. "She used all of her strength just to beat that thing. Even I told her not to use her control over the darkness."

"So she just happened to fall off the bed because she cannot move?" questioned Kanade. "Then we should better look for her, not that she hurt herself in the process."

Chris sighed as the two went to her room.

They opened the door of Youta's room and saw that she was lying on to the ground.

"Need a hand, sleepyhead?" Kanade asked as she helped Youta get back to her feet.

"Oooh, my head," Youta groaned.

"Well you hit your head to the ground, so yea, it's hurt," Chris said.

"That was the weirdest I ever had," Youta said to herself.

"If you are saying you had a weird dream," began Kanade. You better not bet on it being a dream."

"What was it?" Chris asked as Youta sat on her bed.

"Well, I was standing on a floor made of glass and in the middle was a door. I opened it and saw a reflection of myself for a sec when suddenly it changed to Serena-chan."

"Your reflection changed to Miss Overkill? Why?" wondered Kanade.

"I don't know. I went closer to the mirror when it suddenly started glowing bright. And saw a someone holden holding me up."

"Was it Hibiki?" Chris asked but she Youta shook her head.

"No, it had long hair and I think it was pink or purple."

"Someone with long pink or purple hair… The heck does that mean?" Kanade wondered.

"And the glass floor. Isn't that the place where you get a Keyblade?" asked Chris to herself.

"Do we know anybody with this kind of description?" wondered Kanade. "Or should we ask Hibiki?"

"I'm home!" the three suddenly heard Hibiki coming back from the store.

"If this isn't timing, I don't know what is," Chris said as Hibiki entered her daughter's room.

"You guys won't believe how crazy it was in the store. I really had to fight for the things I needed to get."

"Hibiki, do you know somebody with long purple or pink hair?" wondered Kanade.

"Someone with long purple or pink hair? Why do you ask?" Hibiki tilted her head confused.

"Well… I think it is better that Youta explains this," told Kanade. "Because she just told us that somebody like that was in her dream."

Hibiki thought about that before she said, "The only people I know that has the same hair is Maria-san and Faith-san."

"Do you know where they are right now?" wondered Kanade.

"I haven't seen them for a while now. Maria-san is at the Land of Departure while Faith-san should still be in Radiant Garden… I think."

"Not quite around the corner."

"Well, thinking with a empty stomach is not going to help us. Youta, can you wake the kids up? After you change from your school uniform," Hibiki said.

"On my way, mom," told Youta and slowly got up to wake the children and get clothed as the others began to help preparing breakfast.

During the preparations, Kanade wondered, "Say… where is everybody else?"

"I haven't heard from Miku, so I think they are still at work," Hibiki explained and then came Youta wearing a yellow-colored sleeveless shirt, blue jeans with only the left pant leg, with the kids and started having the breakfast.

"Youta, what are you wearing?" wondered Hibiki. "I didn't know you had… such jeans."

"Oh, this? I wanna try something new so I kinda cut a piece out of my old one," she explained while Kanade smirked.

"Aren't you just trying to get a certain dragon to like you?"

Hibiki looked at them and asks asked, "What dragon?"

"W-well… Umm…" Youta mumbled while her face went red.

"It's Saph," told Kanade while Youta's face got redder and steam coming on to out of her head.


"What? It isn't a secret that you like him! Not to mention… I heard he is in town."

"R-really!?" Youta stood up in excitement.

But Chris did not believe what Kanade said, "Hold on. How to you know that Kanade?"

"Genie gave the tip before he zapped himself to old man Yen Sid. And according to him, he will be researching on some stories about dragons in our world. A request from his father."

"But Saph is a dragon! If he shows up here right now would only cause for us," said Chris. "How the hell are we going to cover that!"

"I said the same ding to Genie! And all he said was wait and see."

"Where could he research about dragon stories?" asked Youta.

"In the library?" Kanade shrugged when suddenly the doorbell rang.

"Who could it be?" wondered Hibiki and stood up.

She went over to the door and opened it to look who it was. She saw a boy that was around 17 years old, average length light blue hair is, the eyes ice blue and he wore a purple jacket and a white T-shirt and grey pants. The boy smiled and told, "Hello miss Yamo. Is Youta here?"

Hibiki looked confused and asked, "Who are you?"

"It's me," told the boy. "Saph."

"Saph-kun? Is it really you? But… you…"

"I don't really look like a dragon," interrupted Saph. "I know. But I prefer not to talk about it here… can I see Youta?"

"Mom, who is it?" Youta came and saw Saph in human form.

"Hi Youta! Has been a while," he smiled to her.

"Huh? How to you know my…" Youta took a closer look and realised realized who he was. "No way! Saph-chan! Is that you!?"

"That's right," he smiled. "Surprised?"

Both the women nodded and the rest came to see what was happening, "What's wrong Youta? We hear you scream and… Hello hotie!" said Kanade.

"If you are looking for hot, ask my sister or my father. They have the fire," Saph chuckled. "I got mom's ice."

"H-How did… And Why... Huh?" Youta try tried to find the right words but could not find any.

"It's a long story… only so much: magic help from Yen Sid and the Chronicler," explained the human turned dragon. "Can I come in?"

"Sure," told Hibiki. "We were just having breakfast."

"Oh! Then I don't want to interrupt you."

"I-it's okay! W-why don't you j-join us?" Youta asked shuddering and Kanade whispered. "Smooth."

"If you insist," told Saph. "Although I doubt you have my typical breakfast here."

"Wh-What is your ty-typical breakfast?"

"Two or three rabbits," told Saph. "But in this form… I could try something new."

"Y-yes you should! Y-yes you should!"

"What can you recommend?"

"Leave to me Saph-kun. I'll make some food for you," Hibiki told as she went to the kitchen and Saph went to the dining room.

"D-did Hibiki said Saph?" asked Chris. "He's Saph!?" Youta nobs nodded.

"Hello miss Yukine," told Saph "It had been… five years?"

"I think it was two years," Chris said. "And we heard from Genie that you came here to research. W-why?"

"First of all… we got a wonder done. Every book of the Seafang library got indexed... and it turns out that any information about dragons in other worlds is missing," told Saph. "So a set of dragons were asked to make research. And dad asked me to get here."

"And since when do you have a human form? Was that not a bit difficult to do?" asked Kanade.

"Thanks to Yen Sid's and the Chronicler's magic," he told and pulled a stone out. "My dragon form is sealed in this stone as long stay in a world without real dragons."

"Huh, thats handy," Kanade looked at the stone and one of the kids pulled on Saph shirt and asked.

"Are you Youta-oneesan's boyfriend?"

"Boyfriend? How did you get THAT idea?" asked Saph surprised, his face blushing deeply by the sudden question while Kanade tried not laughing.

"A-anyway, the food is getting cold! Why don't eat right now?" Youta quickly changed the topic and started eating with the kids while Kanade went to the living room and grabbed a pillow and put it on her face as she laughed.

Saph nodded and went to the table, looking at what Hibiki made for him.

After breakfast was over the children went to play outside while Saph listened to what happened the day before.

"You had an eventful day yesterday," admitted Saph after hearing the full story. "But… what was this bird? And… just who is this Serena?"

"That is what we are trying to find out. And what's more, Youta had a dream that a mirror gave a reflection that was Serena instead of her own and later she saw some sort of vision of someone holding her up," Hibiki explained.

"O… kay…" told Saph, completely unsure how to handle that information… reading dreams wasn't something he learned as a dragon. "And… what happens now?"

"We wait until Miku and the rest find something about all this," said Hibiki.

"And this is frustrating. Anyway, how do you know where to look for those books, Saph?" Kanade asked.

"Well… it would be helpful if anybody could guide me to the library so I could look at the books. And not fantasy novels. I am talking about legends or historical books," shrugged Saph.

"Well, Youta here would gladly give you a tour to our home!" Kanade said while she put her hand on Youta's shoulder.

"Huh? What!?"

"And since Youta has no homework or many chores, she can help you finding those book you looking for," Hibiki said as she also put her hand on her daughter's free shoulder.

"You too mom!?"

"I would greatly appreciate the help," Saph smiled. "Leaves only the problem… I have no… what are they called again? Paper?"

"Really? Then that is a problem," Hibiki said. "I talk to the old man if he can make some papers for you," Chris said as she picked up her phone.

"Old man?" asked Saph, trying to recall who it was only to realize… he didn't know any male citizen from this world. "Who is this old man?"

"She meant Genjūrō-ojīchan. Long, beefy, red hair. You met him once in at Disney Castle," Youta explained.

"To tell the truth… I don't remember this one at all… in fact, red hair? Reminds me on of Lea."

"The one that helped Herc with the boulder that was at the raceway by punching it," Kanade said.

Saph raised an eyebrow and asked, "Who lives on which world? If I have to remind you, I haven't seen that many worlds. In fact, I was only on three, this one not counting."

"Well you are about to met him, so," Chris said.

"He will just ask if Saph would like to come to HQ to get his papers."

"If you guide me, sure," was the reply.

"Well you hear the man Youta! Go with him to get his papers!" Kanade pushed Youta and Saph to towards the outside and closed the door.

"Wait! What about my shoes?" The door opened and Youta's shoes flew and landed in front of her feet.

"We should go now," told Saph. "Please lead the way, Youta."

"Just a sec!" Youta said while she put her shoe's on. "Done!"

She took Saph's hand and went to the HQ.

It took a while but they reached the HQ and Saph asked, "What… is that?"

"This is the Mobile Disaster Response Corps HQ! It may look like a police building but it's just a cover for the real HQ," explained Youta.

"For me it looked like one of the toys dad gave me," told Saph and looked at the entrance before moving over. Once inside he took a good look around, "Sure is different than back home… A lot."

"This it's just the tip of the iceberg Saph-chan! After this, I'll give you a tour through the city!"

"So… where do we find the guy to get my papers?"

"This way," Youta and Saph got in an elevator. She pushed a few buttons and a hand scen scan appeared next to her. She put her hand on to the scanner and after a sec and handles appeared on the back of the elevator, "You might hold on to these."

Saph looked a bit uncomfortable but grabbed onto the handle and Youta did the same.

And they moved down… FAST. Staring at Youta, he asked, "What the hell? Is this going to the world's core?"

"No, just a few meters underground!" she shouted and the elevator came to a complete stop.

And Saph slammed on the ground, groaning in pain, "What the?"

"Saph-chan, you okay?" Youta asked while she helped the human-turned dragon standing up.

"Yeah… but they should think about seatbelts for these elevators… or let me fly down."

"Actually, that rise only suspicious if we put seatbelt here," Youta explained.

"Still…" told Saph. "Not an experience I like."

Youta laughed weakly.

"Not funny! Now, let's get over with it" they exited the elevator and went to Genjūrō's office.

"This is the place?" asked Saph while going to knock on the door, when it went automatically open they saw Genjūrō sitting behind his office desk.

"Uhm… Hello," told Saph.

"Ah Saph-kun. I was expect you."

"Thanks," he replied. "So… Are you are Genjūrō?"

"That I am. I have to say I was quite surprised when Chris told me that you have a human form. It sure suits for a young dragon such as yourself."

"Thank you," told Saph. "Although… how do you know how I look like as dragon?"

"That's because I have met you with your father once at Disney Castle," Genjūrō stood up.

"Sorry, but I don't recall you," told Saph with a helpless shrug and Genjūrō laughed.

"It is understandable. You were just three years old when we first met."

"Yeah… that was a really a long time," told Saph with a sweatdrop.

"It is alright. We are almost done with you papers. All we need is a photo and we're done."

"Uhm… Where to take it?"

Genjūrō escorted Saph to a room where they took his picture, "And with this you be have no problem mixing with the human of our world," he gave a passport and a social security card to Saph,who took it. Although due his curiosity, he looked into the passport to see what was written in there.

"What's this?"

"These will help you prove who you are and when you're traveling around," Genjūrō explained.

"By the way, Genjūrō-ojīchan, did you find something about that bird?" Youta asked.

"As a matter of fact we might have found a lead of what it was made of," Genjūrō said as they went back to his office. "It seems that the monster was made of not just an element but it also has a lot of negative energy within it."

"Negative energy? From where?" asked Saph. "The only place we can think of, the hole that Sora and his friends found."

"In this case I have to say… I am pretty uninformed," admitted Saph. "Any way I could help?"

"I heard that you are looking for books that came from your world correct? If you found any information that could help us in this situation we would be very grateful. "

"If I find anything, I will let you know," promised Saph. "But now I should start looking or I will find nothing at all."

"Harmonia-kun have already located the most possible location where the books are," Genjūrō said.

"Oh, that's right! How is she?" Youta ask asked.

"Sleeping right now. She worked until midnight. Should I wake her?"

"No, it's okay. Just tell her that I said hi," Youta said and took Saph's hand. "Come on, Saph-chan, let's go get those books!"

"Yeah, lead the way please," told Saph and left the place with her.
Kairi walked around the inside of a old private crypt, while her companions had an eye on the new people that just they found, before of run inside the crypt.

"Oh, my… how did we get in this mess?" She asked, thinking about what just happened.

The three girls were confused, seeing the odd reactions of the two mysterious boys talking between them.

"You...are Kairi...Right?" One of them asked.

"Will… that is the dumbest question I ever heard." told Kuran while waving a hand to her "Because look at her! How can't she not be?"

"I'm just trying to make sure this is not some kind of trick." Will said before examining her.

"...Ok yeah she's Kairi."

"Rena, you have a idea of what's going on?" Asked Kairi to the elf.

"Sincerely, I have no idea." Rena said.

"They act as… if they believe that you were death or something." Said the blonde, Edea Lee.

"Really? For start, I don't know them." Replied Kairi.

"How about we just ask her about Lilith?" suggested Kuran to Will "If she doesn't know about her then we are no longer in this universe." Edea heard them when he said 'universe'.

"Sorry, but you're saying that you aren't from this, universe?" Edea asked, and the two girls looked confused.

"Will and I are from two different universes to be exact" told Kuran

"Oh, then that can explain your reactions." Said Edea, and Rena and Kairi looked her. "I had my own experience about universes, remember?"

They nodded, and then Rena looked them. "The energy they generate, is similar to yours, Kairi, but only similar."

"They're… keybearers or… summoners?" Asked Kairi.

"Keybearers" told Kuran "But funny… the Kairi I know is a summoner as well"

"Freaking Chocobo." Will mumbled as he rub his cheek.

Edea and Rena lowered their weapons and the three walked to them, and Edea began. "How you got here?"

"We sort of...Fell into a trap and was sent here." Will explained. Kuran sighs "Yeah… hurts my pride since it was my favorite form of trap"

"That's what I call 'ironic'." Rena said.

"Heh, yeah. Anyway sorry for the weird reaction from before. It's just before we were sent here we were on a mission to free the Princesses of actually the other Princesses, truth is we don't really know what exactly happened to you." Will said.

Kairi looked him confused, but then got a call from her communicator in her ear. "Yeah, Eve?"

"Kairi, I detect some signals, and one of them generates a large signal of darkness!" Said Eve from the communicator.

"And where is?" Rena asked.

"It is front of Kairi!" She yelled.

Suddenly the three aimed their weapons to who was in front of her: Kuran.

"Should I call Maluz to help you out on this?" asks Kuran sarcastic "i am pretty aware of my strong darkness connection"

"Don't worry, he's harmless." Will said.

"Really? You don't work for Xehanort, Maleficent or the Fallen?" Asked Kairi

"Haven't met Xehanort yet, don't know much of the Fallen and Maleficent. While I have past with her, its rather because of my father. Next time I see her I shove her present into the head" replied Kuran, while generating a sword made of pure darkness in his hand

"Hmm... If you all are dealing with the Fallen too, then it's safe to assume that this universe is strongly similar to the one we were just at..." Will pondered.

The three looked them and then downed their weapons and Kairi replied. "Well, Xeharont and Maleficent wants me by clear reasons, but the Fallen, they just appeared after of around 15 years of inactivity, and three demonesses, a cat-like warlock and a mad man turned into a robotic AI wants me death." Said Kairi. "Is the only I know of them.

"Well knowing our luck, I bet Null, one of the dimensional heartless and somebody we yet have to meet wants us dead as well" told Kuran "Well… most of us because Will here is a bit unkillable"

The three looked Will, doubting if that's true.

"Will… should we prove it or just wait for some unfortunate event?" asks Kuran.

"It would be funny to wait for it." He said.

"Okay, this starts to take the word 'odd' to a new level." Commented Edea.

Suddenly the ground began to shake suddenly, but then stopped.

"What was that?" Asked Kairi.

Edea turned to a side, and then looked in front with a deadpanned face. "Pals, we have problems."

They looked to the same side, and turned to front with the very same face. "Yeah, serious problems, indeed." Said Kairi.

Just on a side began appear from the ground a large sea of zombies, literally 'rising from their graves'

"Will… which game developer came up for this cliche like setting?"

"An easier question would be: Who hasn't." Will said summoning his Keyblade.

"Point" told Kuran, making a few daggers and threw them at the nearest zombies while getting his Keyblade out

Rena shot some magic arrows against some zombies, while Edea and Kairi dealt with the nearest ones, but they were too many.

"Any idea before of end being their meal?" Edea asked, decapitating a zombie.

"Running to a safe place while Will covers the back?" offers Kuran, swinging an axe to cut a row down, followed by spinning a spear around. "Or… THIS!" holding a hand out, forming a dark corridor close to them

"Go in there!" was the keybearers command

"Sure that is safe?" Rena asked, having doubts about the dark corridor...

"NOT ASK AND RUN INSIDE QUICKLY!" Said Kairi and pushed Edea and Rena inside, running to their destination, soon followed by Will and Kuran.

Kairi returned to the reality after of think about the incident, and then looked to Kuran and Will. "Okay, we now we want to know everything. Who are you, and why are you here?"

"I think we already told you what we were doing" told Kuran. "As for names: This is Will and I am Kuran Yuma"

"Yeah, and I suppose that this sudden incident is 'accidentally', right?" Edea asked.

"At least not caused by us" countered Kuran

"Then who caused this?" Kairi asked.

"The Fallen not, indeed." Replied Rena. "That zombies weren't the usual Zombie type Fallen."

"So there just normal Zombies?" Will asked.

"Is possible. After all, this world seems to be cursed." Said Rena.

"But if that's true, we must break the curse. Or else…" Said Edea

"For that we should better find somebody who could tell us about the curse" told Kuran and then everybody stared at behind him. "Let me guess… a living skeleton with a single eye, some odd armor, and missing jaw is standing behind me?" spoke Kuran with a deadpan

"Standing behind you not, but..." Kairi said, signaling behind him.

Just where the tomb of the crypt was, there was a skeleton with the description that Kuran gave, which just sat on the stone bed, as if something was talking in his head.

"Kya! This starts to get odder for moments!" Yelped Edea.

"Confirmed, the curse reanimate the dead." Said Rena.

"Err, sorry if we disturbed you." Said a voice… from inside the skull!

"I think nothing can surpass this on odd." Said Edea, and Kairi nodded, adding. "Somebody I know could confuse this world with Halloween Town."

"Sora right?"

Will examined the skeleton for a moment. "Hmmm….I know I've seen you before. But I can't remember the name." The skeleton appeared to want to say something, but Will interupted. "No no, don't tell me, I can get it." He said thinking hard.

After a few moments a name popped into his head.

"Sir Daniel Fortesque the great Hero of Gallowmere, If I'm not mistaken."

"hero? This guy?" asks Kuran "I have my doubts"

The skeleton looked Kuran offended, but then sat on the stone bed.

"Excuse him, he actually awaken." Said the voice inside the skull, appearing to be a small green thing with a eye, looking across the empty eye slot.

"And you are?" Kairi asked.

"Oh sorry. While usually the corpse's skulls have just worms, Dan is honoured of have the great genie Al Zalam."

"A genie?" Said Edea. "Sorry if I doubt it."

"Truly, we the genies lives trapped within the lamps. That is bad, and very oily for the skin, but far worse, let me you, is when the evil sorcerer tricks you, and traps you inside the skull of a cowardly knight." Al said, and the skeleton, Daniel felt offended by that, shaking his head. "You say I lie? Well, if you're busy being dead, we all just sit back and watch Zarok destroy Gallowmere once more." By only naming 'Zarok', he panicked and jumped behind the table. That reaction made Will slap his forehead.

"You know this Zarok?" Asked Rena to Will.

"He was a court jester who had been practicing dark magic to raise an army of the dead. It was Sir Dan here that had led a militia against him and had been know as a great hero well over one hundred years ago." He explained.

"Yeah, but I was there that fateful day, that's only a story." Said Al but Dan tried to shut up him. "Say what you want, but I saw you hanging back, pretending to tie your bootlace, and getting hit by the first stray arrow!"

"But he is a hero or not?" Asked Edea, completely confused.

"History will forever know him as one...Even if he WAS the first poor guy to die." Will said.

The skeleton sighed beaten. "Come on, I know you're a tough guy deep you. We can work with that!"

"Okay, what we can get helping you?" Rena asked.

"If we don't stop Zarok, this curse can attract the Fallen here, and the things can get worse." Said Kairi.

"Assuming it already hasn't" Will added.

"Eve could have detected them." Replied Rena.

"And who is Eve?" asked Kuran

"A friend from my world, a Nasod girl that actually is in the Gummi Ship, watching the world." Rena answered.

"While we're on the topic of introduction, what about you two?" Asked Will.

"Oh, sorry, with all this problems we forgot present ourselves." Said Rena. "I'm Rena, a elf from Elrios."

"And I'm Edea Lee, daughter of Braev Lee, Marshal of Eternia's Duchy." Said Edea.

"A pleasure." Will smiled.

"Eternia?" asked Kuran "Do you happen to come from Luxendarc?"

"Yeah." Edea replied. "Why you ask?"

"Have been there once" told Kuran "Three years ago. Is your Eternia a neverending spring land as well?"

"You was wrong. Eternia is a neverending WINTER land." Said Edea.

"That's one drastic difference" told Kuran surprised "Back to the main topic"

"That fact right now is that Zarok is back and has cursed this world with his undead army. Can't have that now can we?" Will stated.

"True." Said Kairi and then looked Dan. "And maybe we can help him to take down that mad wizard." Then Dan looked them.

"Yes, is a good idea." Said Al inside the skull.

"For that we better leave this crypt and graveyard… and where does our yet to be seen friend have his home?"

"Is said that he has large fortress floating somewhere around Gallowmere." Said Al.

"Either if that info is useful, first we must get outta here." Said Kairi and then talked to her ear communicator. "Eve, is safe get outside?"

"There still are zombies around the graveyard, but not the large sea that I spotted before." Said Eve from the communicator and Kairi communiqued it to the others.

"Well with that said: Let's get going." Will said and tried to open a Dark Corridor… but isn't worked.

"Don't tell me it is blocked now"

"Well….Damn." He sighed.

"I guess were taking the long way…"

"And how we got outside this crypt?" Asked Rena.

Kairi found a book near the tomb and read it. "This book says that if somebody buried was still 'alive', must use a rune somewhere in the crypt for open the door."

"Sounds simple… too simple"

They looked around, until they found a rune inside of one of the rooms in the crypt, and using it they opened the door, getting outside the crypt.

When out, they found a small horde of Zombies which was quickly dealt with. And when they found the exit of the graveyard, they discovered that they needed a key for open it, and was just in the mausoleum on the only hill found in the graveyard.

"Such a nice detour"

After the long detour to the hill, at his feet, they found a old man with odd clothes similar to a mage, holding a trident at the mausoleum entrance. "Ohhh nooo… YOU'RE back." The mage reacted after spot Daniel. "Looking like something from a butcher's dustbin. And what's that SMELL? Eau de-Composition?"

Edea smelled Dan. "Now he mention it, yes." That two comments offended Dan.

"Well, you're too late, anyway." He said, ignoring the people NEAR Dan. "My army has already risen from the grave. Still, never mind, eh? Chalk it up as yet another of your inglorious failures." He said and began to laugh, but suddenly cough. "I really need to work on that mocking laugh." He commented and then went inside the building.

"He is who I believe he is?" Kairi asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Yup that's Zarok. Ugly little bastard ain't he?" Will confirmed.

"Yeah, very ugly." Said Rena.

"Now that we have him here, we can deal with him now." Said Edea.

"Edea… trust my expertise on these things. We won't get him now. Sort of cliche and the rest would break something" told Kuran "But at least we could try, get the key get out and try to deal with every shit on this world until we finally go to his castle and kill him. Knowing our luck we will face probably a dragon and meet death on the way."

"Please, don't try to scare us." Said Kairi. "Enough we have with was we already saw."

"If I were trying to scare you, I would tell you about Maluz" told Kuran "This guy is a real scare"

"Nothing compared to Null in my opinion." Will stated.

"Null?" Edea asked.

"He's...A messed up Heartless. And since were traveling together you'll more than likely meet him soon." Will stated.

"And any detail about him that we need to know?" Edea asked

"Humanoid appearance and as a mask covering his whole head, but is most intimidating feature is that he can wield a Keyblade." He explained.

"Great, just great…" Kairi groaned. "Anything else?"

"He's immortal…" Everyone, either Dan and Al, looked Will shocked. "You heard that right."

"Deal with him must be worse that deal with a stubborn camel in the middle of a desert in Summer." Said Al.

"You have no idea…" Will sighed.

"Anyway, let's get up there for catch Zarok, or at least get the key." Said Kairi.

"I agree with you here" told Kuran

"If you are going to go to the mausoleum… do you do me a favor?" asks a voice and Kuran groans "WIll… is in this world ANY time related object or being?"

The three girls looked confused and turned to who said that. And they found a white Hedgehog looking at them.

"You again?"

"yes me again"

"And you're?"

"Wodahs" was the simple reply and Kuran asks "What do you want?"

"Simple: In the tomb is a hourglass. I want to ask you to bring it to me! And if you want to ask why I don't get it myself: This place has a spell that prevents anybody with time spells to enter. Not counting keybearers. And it should be for your advantage as well: Does Bravely Second ring a bell?"

If was possible, everybody could had a ? on their heads.

"An interesting Ability. I thought Edea would know what I am talking about" told Wodahs, but then thought she could had not use something has that. "An interesting ability… lets you make a free move with the enemy giving no chance to counter. A variation of the stop spell but much more potent. No stop spell existing could counter this ability"

"Eeeeh, sure that will work in this situation?" 'Babbled' Dan.

"Three times before it has to recharge" told Wodahs.

"And how long needs to recharge?" Asked Edea.

"24 hours for all three uses." told the hedgehog "Thought it starts recharging after the first use so for example if you use it now, it take only 8 hours to be completely recharged"

"Are you sure? And why you want us to get that hourglass?"

"Ask them" told Wodahs and points to Kuran and Will "Me for my part I am leaving. Once you deal with this world's problem, I collect the hourglass from you"

And with that he disappears.

"This is natural for you?" Rena asked. "Because seems be a magnet for odd things."

"You have no idea" told Kuran.

"And what happen with him and this hourglass?"

"From what it sounds he wants it. He is collecting all sort of time related magic to do something crazy that will freeze up a lot of alternate universes in time" told Kuran

"And… why you help him?" Said Rena. "Play with the time is dangerous. I heard stories of somebody that got sealed inside the time space itself by play with that powers."

"It's usually dangerous when you're new to it. The more you use it the more you can handle, At least that's how it is for me." Will said.

"Anyway, let's get that key, find that hourglass, and hope not use it without reason." Said Rena.

"And about your question with helping him: I never recalled that I said that we are helping him willingly. He just has a knack to make us work in his way"

"In fact: I have half a mind to find and then break it right in front of him. But enough talking, let's get going." Will said before moving ahead.

Kuran agreed and moved with him, blade ready.

The three girls and Dan also moved, and after of have a lot of problems with undeads, skeletons and rolling rocks, soon reached the Mausoleum. Soon them went inside, finding Zarok behind some jails.

"Ohhh, Dan. Daniel. Dannikins. You are so persistent; I'll give you that." Zarok said. "But then so are beggar's babies, and I trample those underfoot, too!" Then he sighs. "Look, you really must get it into your thick, exposed cranium. You, neither your allies, CANNOT stop me from conquering Gallowmere."

"That's what do you think." Said Kairi.

"Ha, already I have transformed the populace into servile zombies and drained the sunlight from the skies, withering many a tomato plant in the process. How could a spindly monovisual carcass like YOU reverse the momentum of such a epic master plan!"

"The only thing we need to do is get rid of you." Will stated pointing his Keyblade at the sorcerer.

"Maybe, maybe. But you see where your stubbornness hag got you? Do you SEE?" Asked Zarok. "All you're trapped forever in this necropolis!"

"Really?" Edea asked.

"Still you could always discuss your predicament with my good friend up there." He said, showing a showcase of a monster behind him. "I'm sure he'd do his best to help you!" He then laughed.

"We have to beat THAT?" Edea asked, staring the showcase.

"Sadly I can't hang about to listen the musical twang of your tendons. My army is amassed and it will not be long before my scouts locate the Demon Claw that will unlock my beloved Shadow Demons!"

"Sure the things will get worse if that happens." Commented Rena while Dan 'yawned'

"I must return home to oversee the invasion of this pathetic realm. And possibly take a power-nap." Finished Zarok.

"Sorry, but you will not take that nap." Said Rena and shot a mana arrow from her bow to Zarok, but this one disappeared in a red cloud curtain, missing the shot, hitting the showcase instead, but without break it. Suddenly the showcase began to move and from it appeared a large red demon made of glass, with a beating heart of glass inside his glass ribs.

"Was worth a try" admits Kuran and got two blades out, through the other was hold in an reverse grip and he was surrounded by a black smoke

"Just a little Question Rena… if I hand you an arrow out of darkness, would you shoot it at an exposed spot, preferable a weak spot?" wondered Kuran

"Well, I could try, but with a normal bow. This one only shots mana arrows." She said. "But maybe we could find a bow here that you can use. I see that you're all melee, without many ranged attacks."

"True." told Kuran "And it is more… about asking you to shoot a bomb" told Kuran, while offering a dark arrow.

"What do you mean with that?" She asked

"The arrow is like a bomb" told Kuran "Highly concentrated darkness, which explodes whenever I want"

"I understand, but still we should need a normal bow for that."

"Why not yours?" asks Kuran "Because I was thinking to send it with yours"

The Glass Demon threw a curtain of glass daggers, forcing them to duck for avoid them.

"If I can say something, a mana bow can only work with mana arrows, because needs mana for create the string." Said Al. "For that you should use a bow with a string."

"Can we talk about this later?" Will said as he swatted away any shard that flew towards him with his blades.

"True! We will find a bow later!" Said Kairi, jumping to a side seeing the monster jumping over them, and everybody moved aside.

Kuran grabbed his Arrow and changes it into a dagger which he threw at the monster, but it bounced when clashed with the body.


Will threw his Keyblade, hitting the monster in the face.

The Glass Demon looked him and threw some daggers to him

"We need a crack" told Kuran "Then we could try to blow it up" giving them an idea what he was thinking, but without warning the monster began to float and his chest opened, showing his glass heart, which was preparing some type of attack.

"You're the expert, any idea of what will do now?" Asked Al to Will.

"Come on that heart piece is practically saying 'HIT ME'. Just don't linger on it for too long." He responded.

"In this case" told Kuran and threw a few more daggers, making sure they explode on impact.

The impacts cracked the heart glass a little, but the heart shot a beam to them, but they dogged it.

"You said nothing about that the heart SHOOTS a beam." Said Kairi to Will.


"Less talk and more shoot!" Said Edea

"Yeah" told Kuran, throwing more daggers and his Keyblade whenever he got it back.

Kairi sent some Fira and Blizzara against the heart, while Rena shot some arrows against it too, keeping moving around while Will shot a Mega Flare.

"When is the heart showing again?"

"We must wait sure." Said Kairi.

"I hope not too long" told Kuran and threw more daggers

They kept attacking him, while he retaliated them more aggressively, until he began again to prepare his 'heart attack'.

"Who came to this idea?" asks Kuran "Sounds crazy"

"Tell it to me." Babbled Daniel, throwing some daggers to it.

Then Kairi looked Kuran. "What could happen if a Fira hits one of that explosive daggers?"

"Never tried it." told Kuran "Since these daggers are made of darkness"

"Let's see what happens." Said Kairi.

"Alright" he told and threw an extra charged one.

When impacted, Kairi shot a Fira against the dagger, causing a large explosion of fire and darkness, that shattered completely the heart, and without it, the demon fell to the ground, shattering into pieces, leaving only what seemed a key made of glass.

"I don't want be near of that explosion." Commented Edea.

Dan walked to the key and grabbed it.

"And where is this hourglass supposed to be?" asked Kuran

"Good question." Will stated.

"Should we look?"

"If is a time control tool, surely something could get odd around it."

"Like… shards floating in the air?"

"Well, if they float because time is stopped, yes."

"You mean like that?" Will asked, pointing to what Kuran was talking about.

Some of the shards in what the Glass demon shattered were, in fact, floating in the air, as if the time had stopped on them.

"Yeah, is possible."

"And who goes to look?" Al asked, and everyone got away of Daniel, making him sigh. "Don't worry, pal, I'm with you. After all, I have no option."

Dan began to open the tombs that were in the area near the shards, and soon found what seemed an hourglass, and he grabbed it.

"I think, if so powerful is this hourglass, I think we could get something from it." Commented Al.

"And leave that hourglass at the hands of anybody? No, thanks." Said Rena.

"Come on, let's get outta here." Said Kairi.

After get outside the mausoleum, and open the door, cursing to who though on put the keyhole of such door UNDER A BROKEN BRIDGE away of it, only reachable crossing a river, they were able to get to the route that got outside the graveyard. But still they needed to find a form of follow Zarok.

"Any idea of where go now?" Kairi asked.

"How about we go to the city and look what the situation is there? Perhaps we are lucky and find somebody who could tell us more" told Kuran "We just have to watch out for zombified people."

"And any freak we can find there." Said Kairi.

They walked around, until they found somebody with black robes without head, and with a large scythe. "Greeting strangers, I am Death. It is I who ease the passage of lost souls on their final journey… The hours are hell but I wanted a job working with people."

Everybody, included Will, got white seeing him, and the only who 'talked' was Dan. "Hello Mr Death."

"I bet this is the Death of this world." Suggested Rena.

"But hold, you three, the girls, aren't a little away of your worlds, isn't?" Commented Death looking Kairi and the others girls. Then looked Kuran and Will. "And you two... seems you aren't from this universe. But you, have we not meet before?" He asked to Dan, until he remembered it. "Sir Daniel Fortesque! I've done you once already… I never forget a corpse." He said.

"It's that pesky Zarok!" He continued. "I'm up to my eye sockets in the ex-deceased. Business hasn't been this brisk since the great Massacre of Mellowmede, I may have to take on an intern."

"Since we are here to deal with him, how about you give us some info we could work with?" suggested Kuran "And… does a guy exist named Maluz? Or Ynsadi?"

"Well, if they don't got here, I have no idea." Death said. "But, help you fight Zarok? Of course, if only to get some rest. I'd be off on holiday, topping up my tan if it wasn't for that evil madman!" He accepted. "But there IS a way to stop him…"

"Please, go on…" babbled Dan.

"What is that way you're talking about?" Asked Kairi.

"You'll need the ANUBIS STONE. It was used by Zarok 100 years ago to create an un-dead army… the very army that you fought on the day of your… er… arrow-based mishap." Death explained, and Dan looked depressed, knowing what he meant. "After that most bloody of battles, the Gallowmere people acquired the stone. To prevent its power used again for evil, they broke it into four and gave each piece to a trusted member of the realm." He continued. "You'll will need to find all four pieces to use the Stone's power. Then you can summon an army that can compete with Zarok's elite guard: The terrifying Fazguls."

"I take it you know where these pieces are?" Will implied.

"Well, I've seen and heard things on my deathly duties. I could write a book, you know… of course, no publisher would touch it. All they want these days is romantic fiction and epic poems."

"I'm more of a fantasy adventure guy myself…"

"Fantasy" told Kuran

"Anyway… one piece was buried with the great Mullock chief. His tomb is in this very cemetery. The Mayor of Sleeping Village inherited a piece from his predecessor, and knows it's current whereabouts. There's a rumour that the witch of Pumpkin Gorge has a piece in her possession, although she may have put that about herself for drum some tourists fortune-telling trades. Ah yes, and the fourth and final piece is in possession of the deceased King of Gallowmere." Dan suddenly got in a military salute. "Assuming he IS still deceased. You never know these days, do you? But if he IS, it'll will be locked in his castle vault, okay?"

"So, one is here, other is in the village, other in that place, and the fourth in the castle. Okay." Said Kairi.

"Thank you." Thanked Dan.

"You're very welcome. Now go and stop Zarok, before he drives me to a early grave."

"Driving Death to the grave?" asked Kuran "That… is an odd way to say… the Mayor first?"

"The first stone is just near here, so is better get it first." Said Kairi.

"That's why I asked" he admits "Let's go"

They walked until they soon found a massive tomb, surely from the said Mullock. Soon they discover that in the top of the large tomb was possible dig. Kuran soon created three shovels with darkness: One for him, one for Will, and the last for Dan.

"Why not they too?" Dan 'asked', signaling the girls.

"You want us to do the dirt work?" Asked Rena, joking.

"A real knight shouldn't force three young girls to do such a work." Edea taunted.

"And, my heart is pure light. The shovel could disappear if I touch it." Finished Kairi.

"If you were Maluz: Yes. You? Explosion" told Kuran "Tried it with the Kairi I know to give her some options to her summoning and Keyblade skills by handing over throwing knives…"

"just start digging." Will said as he began to do so.

Dan sighed and began to dig with the other two, until they found what they were looking. "Ah a piece of the Anubis Stone!" exclaimed Al. "It's power and worth is unimaginable! I know a bar where can get cash for this." Suddenly Dan hugged it tightly when he heard this bad idea.

"Now that we have this, we should get moving before any unpleasing surprise shows up" told Kuran, thought they turned as the earth shook for a moment and Kuran sighed "Me and my big mouth…"

In front of them were now three Axe Armors, ready for combat.

"Fallen, just opportunistic." Kairi sighed.

"Oy, it's always something." Will sighed before summoning his Keyblade.

One of the armors threw his chakra-like axe against Edea, which blocked it with her katana, but the other two threw their weapons to the keybearers.

Will knocked the weapon away with his own katana before stabbing the Fallen with his Keyblade.

Kuran had a shield up to block the hit before going in and starts cutting his opponent.

The attacked Fallen disappeared releasing the heart and soul on them, while Rena shot a pair of arrows that hit on chest and head, destroying the third one.

"If when you say something and something bad happens, please, shut up." Said Al to Kuran.

"Sorry?" Said Kuran.

"Let's get outside this place and find the remaining pieces." Said Kairi.

The group leaved the tomb and reached to a squared courtyard between the cemetery and the outside, but when they got inside, both doors suddenly closed, with Dan 'comically' eye-popping looking the door behind them.

"And now what?" Asked Edea.

"Hehehehe, hey, having fun in the cemetery?" Asked a very AWFUL known voice for Kuran and Will.

"Null? Seriously? are you following us to the end of our days?"

The group looked around, until found a humanoid-like heartless sitting on one of the wolf-like statues over the door.

"That's Null?" Kairi asked.

"Yes… Will's heartless and uncomfortably unkillable like Will."

"Okay." Said Edea.

"Yeah, and for your info, I'm only here because Lilith 'ordered' me to follow you, but I like how the things are going in this world. Is… entertaining." Said Null.

"You have a sick humor" told Kuran "How was it to run without head by the way?"

"Say whatever you want, but I'm busy now looking around, but I can leave my guys to deal with you." Said Null and soon they were surrounded by Fallen, 5 of them being armors with short swords, another 5 carrying heavy shields and spiked maces, and 5 ones holding bows.

Kuran didn't hesitate a single moment to pull his blades out.

Will threw his Keyblade at one with a bow before blasting it with a barrage of ice icicles. And another one found Kurans keyblade on the head

Rena shot to the shield user Fallen, distracting them time enough for Edea for reach their back and attack them from behind, while Kairi attacked with her keyblade to the sword user Fallen.

Another was about to strike from behind only for Will to push her out of the way, getting sliced in half as a result.

"Damn it!"

Dan looked shocked what happened to Will. And so the other girls.

"What the?" Asked Rena, shocked.

"cannot help but… Pull yourself together Will!" told Kuran, while slicing the next fallen the head off

Will's lower half jumped up and kicked away a Fallen that was about to attack Dan.

Dan looked more confused at that.

"Dan! Hey, Dan, wake up! We have things to do!" Said Al from his skull, snapping him from his confusion.

Daniel shook his head and holding his blade began to attack blindly against the fallen, either spinning his torso 360 degrees at times.

Thought one time he hit a shield from Kuran who just told "Watch out where you swing this thing! here are others as well"

"Yeah, I might be immortal, but the others aren't." Will's disembodied upper half said.

"And will… I made this joke already BUT pull yourself together!"

"I would but these guys aren't giving me the chance to." He countered.

"Would a free fall of… sixty meters time enough?"

"I suppose it would."

"If you're thinking on use a Dark Corridor, they're blocked." said Kairi, dealing with one of the bodyguards.

"Just leave me give you space." Rena said and began to shoot arrows to who was near of Will.

Eventually Will got himself in one piece before slicing through the remaining Fallen.

"Okay, is over alrea-" Said Edea, before of slash behind her, where was Null, who jumped away of her.

"You have good senses for your age, but the next time you will not avoid me." Null said, but then felt that was touching something with a hand, and when he turned his head, found that the hand was just on one of Rena's large breasts, and she was blushing, angry. "Uh oh."

"YOU PERVERT, GET LOST!" Yelled Rena and with a punch sent Null flying across the gate, soon disappearing from their view.

"Nice punching arm." Will smiled.

And Kuran made a few more steps away and told to Will "Will… make sure she doesn't get an energy drink"


"Better. NO energy drinks for ANYBODY."

Rena looked them, still with his angry face. And Kuran jumps on Will's arms who gave him a deadpan look.

"Looks at her face"

"Scary." Will said before dropping Kuran on the ground. "Let's move on already."

"You know Will… you could have played along this joke"

"Yeah, I could have…" Will said smiling to himself.

"Hate you"

Soon they got out the graveyard, and now they had to choose between two zones: reach Sleeping Village or the Pumpkin gorge.

"So where to next?" Will asked.

"Let's do two groups. One will go to the Sleeping Village, and other to the Pumpkin gorge." Suggested Kairi.

"Sounds like a plan. so who goes where?"

"Village" told Kuran "I don't want to run into a witch… too many problems in the past"

"I go to the Village too." said Kairi.

"I will go with you." Said Rena.

"So, that leaves me, Dan and Will to the Pumpkin gorge." Said Edea.

"Then it's settled."

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