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deviation in storage by Mew333x
deviation in storage by Mew333x
deviation in storage by Mew333x
Due a writers block for Light Within Darkness, I have decided to open up a few request spots for short stories.

You can ask for short stories which can be released here but also for NSFW content.

I do: Dragons, Pokemons and Kingdom Hearts.
1. :iconmartynm: NSFW Under Correction!
2. :iconcrimson-flazey: SFW Under correction!
3. :iconreflectthelight: SFW
4. :icond0m0a: NSFW

When accepting Request, I discuss with you the the setting and what should happen and then I bring as soon as I can a version which will be modified until it can go into correction. Just a warning: The correction might take some time!

Also to remind you:

My friend :icon6liza6: opened up a Patreon account ( ) and is looking for people to support her.

She is a great artist and deserve the help she is asking for. Just look at her Gallery to see how good she is. Also she is doing commissions and YCHs on


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Serena was still standing on top of a building and tries tried to hold the enemy with her magic seals but they got weaker with each passing second. Desperate she shouted, "When do we finally get a killing blow on it?"

Kanade then invoked two large swords and plug in the wings of the monster. While Chris' minigun changed to a crossbow with a purple crystal arrow on it she shot the crystal arrow into the air and that breaks apart into a large number of smaller arrows, all which rain down on the bird.

"Did we get it?'' Kanade asked.

While it wasn't flying, the bird roared loudly at them. Serena stared and asked, "Is this real?"

The bird began flashing and then let an electric shock wave. Chris and Kanade had just escaped, but Serena was hit by the shock wave and became paralyzed.

"I hate this," she groaned loudly, trying to struggle up.

Then the monster fired a beam of light at Serena. Just before it hit, she was able to block the attack with a shield, "Serena-chan!''

Serena turned to see who has called and asked, "Youta?" She looked up and saw Youta in her Symphogear armor and wondered why she had cat ears and a tail. Youta then dived into the monster and performed a flying kick against it its back.

However, due to the kick, Youta also catapulted herself into a position where she would fall all the way down to the ground if a barrier had not appeared in air serving as platform and she landed on her butt while Serena called over, "Watch out what you are doing!"

Youta laughed nervously, "I think I used too much force. Do you not think?''

"And you didn't look where you would land once you hit the opponent," she groaned. "What do you know about fighting?" before she can could answer her question Youta saw the monster bird started to glow again.

She stood quick on her feet and jumped to Serena. She picked her up and jumped away just in time to dodge the shockwave.

"Let me down!" protested the green-eyed girl. "I have spells to cast."

"But if I do that the monster will attack you first! And you cannot move because of him,'' Youta said while a barrage of twenty-four missiles headed towards the monster.

"Moreover, you're exhausted. Do you really think that you can still perform a spell in that condition?'' asked Chris with Kanade behind her.

"Enough for Ultima," she told. "At least one time," the three girls were surprised by what Serena just said.

"Whoa time out! You know Ultima!? And is not that a bit dangerous to use?'' Ask Kanade asked.

"That's because this is my second last resort," she countered. "For it I need prep time," but Youta had a different idea in her head.

"Chis-san, Kanade, can you guys take care of Serena-chan?'' she put Serena gently on the floor.

"I have the feeling you don't trust me," she countered while looking at her but Youta shook her head.

"That's not it. I'm going to beat that monster with my special attack," the two Symphogear users realized what she meant. Chris then grabbed Youta's collar.

"You're crazier than her, you know that! Your control over the darkness is still weak. Who knows what may happen to you if you are not careful!''

"But I'm the only one who can defeat the monster! I cannot just sit down while the bird put my friends and family in danger! And don't worry, before my dad left he helped me with control the darkness in my heart. So everything will be fine."

"Control the darkness?" Serena mumbled in surprise. "Then that means she..."

Chris sighed in defeat and let Youta's collar go, "You truly are your mother's daughter."

"What are you planning?" Serena asked. "I am pretty sure I can help you with the set up."

"Then can you hold it for a little bit more?" asked Youta.

Nodding, Serena told, "Get him into position to recapture him and I pin him down like a butterfly if I must."

"No worry, we protect Mrs. Overkill here. While you give the final blow to the stupid chicken,'' says said Kanade.

Serena glared at them but got into position to prepare her spell to unleash it once the bird was ready to be trapped. Once it was in a good position the chains reappeared and trapped the enemy, making it to an immobile target.

Youta focused all her energy on her right gauntlet until it was completely covered with darkness, almost seemed as if she had a demon arm. The feathers behind her shoulders were in reality boosters that ignited and shoot shot Youta straight at the monster, while the claw energy became large enough to grab the monster.

The bird was trying to get away from Youta's grip, but only to have the chains of Serena wrapping tighter around the victim, and with a last firm squeeze from Youta the monster exploded into small orbs and went high into the air.

But at that moment Youta's armor disappeared and she started falling.

"Youta!" Kanade flow as fast as she could, but a large blue pillow suddenly came out of nowhere and rescued the unconscious Youta.

"That was close! If it was a second later my favorite sunshine would have become a nickel.'' the pillow start to talk and change in our favorite Genie.

"Genie! What are you doing here?'' Kanade asked.

"Simple, my fine fiery friend! I came here because I have a message for you guys. But then I saw the orphanage completely destroyed and frozen! As if someone threw a giant snowball at it! So!" but then Chris coe came in between the conversation.

"We can discuss this later. Genie, could you send us to our the base? We need to ask Serena a few questions."

"You mean the girl that resembles Faith that just teleported away while I explained why I was here?" Genie asked.

"She what!?" Kanade and Chris turned around and saw that Serena was indeed gone. "You gotta be fucking kidding me!" shouted Chris.

Kanade whistled, "You have to admit… she is good in her magic. I mean, just teleporting away after spending so much energy in fighting?"

But Chris was not impressed. Her hand began shaking in anger while her bows change back into miniguns.

"Here. You hold her," Genie gave Youta to Kanade and Chris started shooting at Genie.

"You stupid good for nothing Genie! Why the hell did you not stop her!''

"You didn't ask me to do that!" shouted a panicked Genie as he did the best to avoid being shot, even starting to breakdance.

Kanade watched them with a sweatdrop on her head, "How our mother became friends with Chris is a mystery to me."

"I can only agree on that," told Harmonia as she came to them and wondered. "But… what now?"

"For now we must stop Chris before she change Genie in swedish cheese... Wait Harmonia! How long have you been here!?'' asked Kanade.

"Genie brought me along," replied their friend. "He appeared in front of me and asked where you were and I just answered his question."

"And how is Hibiki-san and the kids? Are they safe?''

"Shaken, but safe," was her reply. "Although… we don't know if they could return home."

"Girls! Help me! My legs' battery batteries are running low!'' Genie screamed while he's doing the polka dance.

"Crap! we forgot about that!"

"I thought Genie is immortal… so it wouldn't kill him right."

"I think we should stop Chris first and ask questions later," Kanade put Youta gently on the floor and tried to calm Chris down.

At that time, Youta began to moan and they turned to her while Chris was still shooting.

"Are you alright Youta?" Harmonia asked.

Her eyes were wide open and she stood on her legs so fast as possible, "Where's the bird!?"

This made Harmonia jump in surprise. Youta blinked a few times with his eyes and saw Harmonia, "Harmonia? What are you doing here?" at that time a blue blur past the two girls.

They looked behind and saw Genie who was stuck against a wall. Harmonia looked at Genie and told, "He brought me here."

"Genie!" Youta went to him and tried to pull it him out of the wall and with a final tug he was finally off the wall, but he was flat as a coin.

"Thanks Youta," Genie puts his thumb in his mouth and blew himself up. "Chris really should learn to cool down once in a while, do you not think?'' Genie asked while he cracked his neck.

"That's because dumbasses like you are always on my nerves!'' Chris yelled and Genie turned into a cat and jumped in to Youta's arms.

"Just because he didn't stop Serena-san?" Harmonia asked.

"Wait! Serena-chan is gone?" Youta questioned.

"She teleported off once the battle is was over." Kanade answered

"Let us first go back to the base. The kids are probably very worried about their big sister, don't you think Youta?" Kanade asked while she hang her arm around Youta's neck.

"Ah! You're right!'' she turned around and asked Genie. "Genie, can you bring us to the base?"

"Leave it to me. One transport spell coming right up!'' Said Genie said. "Bibbedi Babbedie!" and on the last words, were Youta and the rest disappeared in a puff of cloud.

As they reappeared somewhere else, Harmonia asked, "Why did these words remind me of something?"

"Youta-oneesan!" Youta turned around and saw all the children of the orphanage tackling her to ground.

"Oh that's gotta hurt." Kanade said

"I thought Youta-San is used to it," told Harmonia. "Or am I wrong?"

"Welcome back you three,'' said a tall and muscular man with golden eyes, red hair, and a goatee, wearing a crimson shirt with his sleeves rolled up. "I see that Youta already received the welcome committee from the children.''

"Genjuro-ojīchan,'' said Youta while getting up.

"Thank you Genie, for saving Youta's life," thanked Genjuro.

"It was nothing," Genie said while he stroked Youta's hair. "I could not abandon my favorite sunshine while she almost turned into a pancake."

A door opened behind Genjuro and from there came Hibiki and her childhood friend Miku, wearing a Mobile Disaster Response Corps uniform, "Ma!/Mother!'' Youta and Harmonia went to hugging their mother

"I knew you could do it Youta. I am so proud of you!'' cheered Hibiki.

Harmonia wondered, "Do you know what happened to Serena, Mother?"

"I wish we knew. Thanks to Youta and Chris we had a chance to calibrate our scanners which normally would register the activation of the Gears on her magical flow. But then… it suddenly disappeared after a spike of a different energy. But it was too short to have it analyzed."

"But why would she just disappear after helping us?" asked Harmonia. "She could have talked to us."

"I think that she didn't want to face us… after all, she was hiding something from the beginning," told Youta.

"Well, at least we know that Serena-chan is not a bad guy. She saved you and she even helped you with the monster, and that's good enough for me."

"That is what Sora would say, alright,'' Genie said and realized something, "OH! I completely forget about the message!"

Everyone looked at him, "Oh yeah, you said you had a message for us," Kanade put her hands behind his head. "So from who is it?"

"It is from Sora and the rest!"

"And what are they telling?" Harmonia asked.

"They have found a lead on what is going on, and it has something to do with that turkey that you guys defeated," Genie explained.

"Ehh… details?"

Genie snapped his finger and a chalkboard came out of nowhere, "Well we found a sort of hole that leads to other worlds,'' he drew on the chalkboard two lines and on the right drew the Kingdom Hearts symbol and in the middle of the lines a few planets. "And it is probably not made by Kingdom Hearts."

"There are worlds that is are not made by Kingdom Hearts?'' asked a surprised Youta.

"It is that even possible?'' Genjuro rubbed his goatee and said. "After the things we've been through with Sora and his friends, it would be no surprise that these kinds of worlds exist.''

"And have they inspected the hole?" asked Chris.

"We were just about to do that when suddenly monsters came out from that hole!" he then turned the chalkboard and drew the bird that Youta and the girls defeated it, but in many different colors. "Like the monster that you guys have defeated. But they had other elements and different forms."

"In elements, you mean the elements we know and love?'' asked Kanade.

"Yep! Fire, water, wind, earth, you just name it!" answered Genie while his index finger is on fire and his middle finger is wet, a mini tornado circling around his ring finger and lastly his pinky is covered with mud.

"And which one did we just beat?" asked Youta.

Genie took a big breath and say answered, "I have... no clue!''

"What do you mean? You don't know?" asked Hibiki.

"Well that bird was a little different then the others. But if I have to guess... Light maybe? Or lightning?"

And they waited for an answer from Genie until Genjuro started talking, "Miku, can the analysis tell what kind of element that monster had?"

"The scan is not complete yet. It may take a while before we get a report," told Miku.

"And how long would it take?" wondered Harmonia.

"Apart how much data we have ... I think two weeks."

"Can we send the data to Radiant Garden?" asked Genjuro.

"Sadly no, there are many disturbances lately, and if we send the data now, it will only be destroyed before it's arrived,'' explained Miku.

"So the only thing we can do now is send someone with a copy of the data to Radiant Garden. Can we send someone to there?" asked Genjuro.

"Tsubasa is currently on a tour around Europe. So she is out of question, and because of that bird bastard suddenly appearance, the festival will probably be canceled and I'll probably get a lot of paperwork. Lucky me," Chris sighed.

"And what should we do if more of them appear? Just hope we guess right about their weaknesses?" asked Youta. "And where is Serena?"

"How should we know this?" asked Chris. "After all, she just disappeared, and for the others, not a clue."

"The only thing we can do is investigate what kind of creatures they are, and who and where Serena is."

Genjuro looked at Genie while he changed into the thinker, "Genie could you just bring her here through magic?"

"Need to find her first. After all, her means of leaving aren't something I do daily."

"What do you mean by that, G?" asked Kanade.

"Well she uses a kind of item to teleport herself out of here, so it will be like finding a needle in a big universal haystack,'' told Genie.

"I don't think it is that big of a haystack," thought Chris out loud. "After all, why did she make the trouble of establishing a fake identity here if she wasn't planning on staying in this world for a longer period of time? Think of the others feats. Did they ever made the effort to make fake IDs for their rather short visits on other worlds? And even if she left this world, on how many known worlds could she have disappeared too? The only two in optional reach were Radiant Garden and Traverse Town. Both places which hiding undetected for a long time is quite difficult to achieve. In Radiant Garden, everybody knows everybody and in Traverse Town newcomers are detected quite easily."

Genjuro nodded, "Given these facts, she would probably only hide for some time until we stop searching and continue whatever she was doing here."

"So, in other words, we have to wait on our asses until she makes a mistake right?" Kanade sat on a chair with her hands behind her head.

"That just peachy."

"Don't be like that Kanade-chan. She must have a good reason for her behavior and her action. All we have the to is ask her the next time we see her," told Hibiki.

"For now you girls take some rest while we try to make connection with Leon and his friends," told Genjuro.

"Fine," replied Kanade.

"And leave the orphanage to me!" Genie changed to a builder. "I will make it better than new! And if I don't, you will get your warranty back!"

"Thank you Genie," Hibiki smiled. "And you able to let my husband know that, I am I alright? I am very sure he will be worried once he hears about this."

"Everything for the favorite people in my list! Just let me poof you girls and kids back home," but before Genie could transport them back Harmonia wanted to say something.

"Genie could you just teleport Youta and rest back home? I want to help my mother with the analysis, if i can.'"

"Are your you sure Harmonia?" Youta asked.

"I am sure," replied Harmonia. "If I help, we might find an answer sooner."

"Thanks Harmonia. I appreciated it," told Miku.

"Alright kids, it's time to go home, say goodnight to Genjuro-ojīchan," the children say goodnight to Genjuro, Genie snap his finger and send Youta and co. back to their home.

In Radiant Garden, Herito was analyzing new info in his home, as the infamous information broker suddenly heard someone knocking on his door. He quickly ran to it and prepared his cannon, "Whoever you are, you not welcome! Now scram!"

"Whoa there, is that how you greet your new clients?" a feminine voice asked through the door.

"I only give to my things to people I trust. So go away!" he yelled.

"Oh, come on now, be neighborly."

Herito heard the voice behind him, he turned around and saw a woman in her late twenties with short jet-black hair, her eyes pure silver, dressed with a black jacket with a red button-up tee and torn-up short shorts that fit perfectly with her body that make every male drool, along with knee high black and red heeled boots. She had a small red shield-like gauntlet that had a lizard head design on her left arm.

"What? H-how?!" he shuddered while the mysterious woman laughed.

"It never gets old. Anyway, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lusina Astul and I want some info," She grabbed a small bag from her breast pocket and tossed it.

Herito caught it and looked in and could not believe his eyes. "How much to do you want know?"

Lusina smirked, "Everything that there is to know."
Kuran and Will reached to the next world, Dwarf's Woodland, more exactly where the castle is… or was. The top half of the large castle was completely destroyed and was in ruins, and when looked around, they found the green forest, turned into a forest of flames instead of leaves.

"Nice little hot-spot we've found," Will said dryly.

"And I thought the hot-spot we would visit was Agrabah… not… wherever we are."

"Hey, you morons!" somebody yelled near them. "Don't stay there as sitting ducks!"

"Where are you?" asked Kuran, looking for an opening.

Soon they found a dwarf that was waving at them angry, near of what seemed be a entrance to a an underground placement, "Come here immediately or they will get you!"

"Sure thing, grumpy," Will mused.

Kuran looked at Will for a moment before moving towards the dwarf, going into the entrance.

The dwarf began guiding them around what seemed be the castle's dungeons, "In first place, who are you and why are so mad for staying out there where any of that walking flames could get you," asked the dwarf, sulked.

"I am Kuran and this is Will… and for why we were out in the open, we just got there. To put it simple, we got here to find… which princess lives on this world."

"That would be Snow White," Will said.

"Sometimes I only shake my head at these names," told Kuran.

"If you're looking Snow White, I am sorry for you. It's already in hands of that devil," the dwarf said. "You want a tip? Get back from where you came."

"Well… we managed to free Alice so I think we can free Snow White as well," told Kuran.

"That is if you're fire proof and lava proof…" the dwarf said. "Thing that I doubt it…"

Soon they reached the deepest area of the dungeons, where they found other six dwarves and some refugees.

"Hey, the whole gang is here," Will mused to himself.

"Mind to fill me in?" asked Kuran. "Because I have no idea."

"These are the seven Dwarves, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey, Doc and Bashful," Will said addressing each Dwarf.

"Seems you know about them," said somebody that seemed be a prince.

"And you are?" asked Kuran.

"I would want to say Prince… but now there is nothing that would give me that title," said the man.

"Except maybe killing the devil and rescuing Snow White," Will countered.

"Like that was possible. Nobody was able to pass the Forest of Flames, that is how it is called now, and less reaching the Dwarf's mine, turned into a cave flooded with lava."

"Well… Will here survived a magma bath before so I have no trouble saying he would able to pull this off."

"Sure, why not?" Will sighed.

"You are the immortal one, not me"

"That doesn't mean I'm in the mood to die all the time... Whatever, I'll go."

"Any better idea?" asked Kuran. "Because I have no spell which neither makes me fireproof nor do I know anyone able to eat up flames."

"Why don't you don't ask to the mirror?" the prince suggested.

Kuran and Will found the very same ghost that they saw in Yen Sid's tower, going across a door going deeper in the dungeon.

"Does it connect to the mines?"

"No, to where the mirror is. Before 'that' day, I believed that the mirror's spirit was gone, but when all this madness begun, he reappeared there."

"Anything we should know about the mirror?" asks Kuran

"The only thing I know is that he's all knowing… And that he likes to talk in rhymes," Will said.

Kuran looked at him, "Let me guess, we have to ask it in rhymes as well?"

"Thank god, no!" Will laughed.

A chuckle came from Kuran, "Good thing," and then he moved to the door to see the mirror.

They walked until reached the room, where the mirror was, but no trace of the ghost. Kuran get closer to it and asked, "Is anybody home?"

Soon a face appeared in the mirror, "Ask me your question, and I shall answer."

Kuran looked surprised at first but then asked, "Tell us how we reach Snow White."

"The Princess you search, in the mine you will find. To reach the mine, the forest of flames you shall pass. If you want save the world, the Devil Salamander you must defeat," said the spirit of the mirror.

"Is there any way of passing that forest without getting burnt?" Will asked

"Within the Queen's belongings there is a potion that will protect you from flames you will find, but their power only on this world takes effect, and the direct contact with the flames and the lava will affect you."

"In short a heat shield for this place…" summarized Kuran and shrugged. "Could be worse. We'll try and find this potion."

"The Queen of this castle has a secret underground chamber. Any potions we'll find will more than likely be there," Will said.

"Any idea how to get in there?"

"We could try checking out to lower levels of the castle."

"Then you lead the way."

The two ventured into the lowest level of the castle finding themselves in the dungeon where they found a hidden passage that led to some kind of secret lab.

"Well, here we are. Probably should have asked that mirror which was the potion we're looking for," Will said looking at shelves of different kinds of bottles.

Kuran took a few of the bottles to look at the labels but…. "How the heck was the queen able to differ between her stuff? I don't see anything that could help identifying the contents. And I am not eager to taste all of them to get a lucky hit."

"Me neither."

"Any suggestions then, aside from trying our luck in resurrecting death or using guinea pigs?"

"Surely there's a recipe for the potion we need. If we make it ourselves we'll know for sure that it's the one we need," Will suggested.

Kuran nodded and looked at a book, "Well… then let's start finding the recipe and hope we find at least the necessary things… not that we need something like 'fresh baby tears' or 'blood from a Princess of Light'... and before you ask, got my hands on a recipe claiming for eternal pain once… but since I neither had the means to get the first two parts nor on the left middle toe of a six headed dragon from Heaven I threw it away."

"Whatever, let's just start looking," Will said before flipping through some books on a shelf.

Kuran did the same and after a while he told, "Found it! Although… do you happen to have orc blood with you?"

"This world has orcs?"

"At least it is one of the necessary ingredients…"

Will looked around and saw a bottle labeled 'orc's blood'. After giving it to Kuran he looked through the book.

"Alright next we need, a dragon's tail," Will read before getting a deadpan look on his face. "God damn it."

"How long would it take for you to grow a new one?"

"Dragons don't grow their tails. But thankfully that's not the case for me," Will said before turning into a dragon, holding up his tail. "Go for it."

Kuran got a larger axe than usual and went to cut the tail off… only for the weapon to break into tiny pieces.

"Wow, never knew my tail was that durable," Will said.

"Should I put more darkness into the axe or should I try it with Light Within Darkness?" wondered Kuran while summoning his Keyblade.

"Try the axe again."

Nodding, he charged the next axe and after five minutes of charging he roared, and went to hit the tail with the darkness weapon, this time making a clean cut.

"Alright, what's next?" Will asked as he transformed back.

"Skin of a fire salamander."

"Wonder where we'll find one of those things," wondered Will.

"Well… outside in the fire," Kuran sighed.

"Right… I'll be right back," Will said before stepping into a Dark Corridor. After some time, he came back covered in burns as he held a dead salamander. "This bastard better be worth the effort."

"And now… 5 kilogram of strawberry," told Kuran. "And one banana… and for mixing we need a staff with a diamond tip."

"Well, I got some fruit on me but a don't know where to find… Wait, seriously? Fruit?" Kuran showed the recipe and pointed to the ingredient list. "...Wow. Anyway I digress, have any idea where to find a daimond diamond tipped staff?"

"Well… no," admitted Kuran.

"Hmm, maybe we can make one with the good queen's treasure?"

"Care to look?"

"Why not?" Will said before looking through the castle, finding a room full of all kinds of treasure where he found a diamond and secured it to a golden pole.

"Alright, let's give this a shot," the two tossed all the ingredients in a cauldron, mixing them all together with the staff.

Then the mixture became silver and smelled like… rotten apples. Kuran looked in disgust and asked, "We have to drink it or put it on our skin?"

"I'm going to go out on a limb and say drink it," Will said pouring to potion in two separate bottles, giving one to Kuran.

"I hope it tastes better then it smells," told Kuran and prepared to drink it.

"Wait," Will said before grabbing an empty bucket from his bag. "Ok, go ahead."

And Kuran gulped his potion down, chocking by the taste, "This… is terrible!"

"Terrible is an understatement," Will said after drinking his. "Oh god…!" Will gagged before vomiting into the bucket. Despite the bad taste the two began to glow a soft orange, "Ugh… Safe to assume I didn't barf up the potion entirely."

"Must have a better stomach," groaned Kuran. "Let's go."

"Right," Will nodded before they stepped out into the flame enveloped forest.

As they got there, Kuran wondered, "What kind of fire burns for so long?"

"Flames of magic…"

"Stilll… I thought there are limits even for magical flames."

While they continued walking across the forest, they were ambushed by fire salamanders and 'zombies' engulfed in flames going to them.

After cutting the head of the last zombie off, Kuran wondered, "How far until we finally get to this cave?"

"Shouldn't be too far now," Will said striking down a salamander.

After a while, they reached to the mountain where the mine was, protected by rivers of lava and skeletons with bows on the rocks.

"Storming, sneaking or both?" asked Kuran, looking at the defenses, wishing he could cast ice spells.

"It will be easier to just sneak by," Will said opening a Dark Corridor to the mine's entrance and the two walked through it… only to find themselves on a platform in the middle of the lava sea.

"Well, time to see if this potion works," Will said dunking his hand in, only to have the lava slide off as he brought it back up, noticing that his hand was not burnt off this time.

"Alright," told Kuran. "How long do we have before we become crisped?"

"Probably should have asked the Mirror about that," Will said.

"I hate our own stupidity at times."

"Just means we won't take any risks and have to finish this quickly."

He agreed and told, "Better we run to the part where we are save"

"Good idea."

And Kuran jumped, dashing in the direction where the next cave was.

"I'm willing to bet our devil is in the deepest part of this cave," Will said jumping after him.

"I am not going after the bet."

"Come on, we better get going," Will said before transforming and flew off, carrying Kuran.

During the travel, they kept being assaulted by Fallens that used Fire as attack method, but also they found some skeletons with scimitars and shields with the Heartless symbol. When they bashed their blades against the shields, some Heartless were summoned by them.

"Note to ourselves," told Kuran. "NOT hitting the shields," before cutting the next one's the head off.

Will blasted to roof of the cave with a fireball, causing rocks to crash down on the Heartless as he kept flying by.

"Now we have to run before the effect wears off."

"Why do you think I'm not stopping?"


Soon they reached to what seemed a large isle in the middle of the lava, with the only access to continue being blocked by a jail bar.

Kuran took his Keyblade out and guessed, "There is our target waiting."

"Seems like it," Will shrugged.

"And where is he?"

"Probably inside."

"Immortals first."

Suddenly they spot something moving inside the lava, "I don't like it."

Suddenly a huge fireball flew from the lava until stopping above them and began falling on their direction.

Will quickly dodged, landing in front of the door. Kuran was forced to jump back before dashing for the door.

Will took out his blades and ran into the structure, followed by the darkness user, but they found another jail bar behind the first one that blocked the way, and such jail bar was burning, forcing them to return back to the room. When they looked where the fireball fell, they found that it WASN'T a fireball. It was a large floating beast with fire instead of legs, two flaming fists and a horned head. The large monster was staring at them.

"What did you guess…" mumbled Kuran. "A giant fire ox… demon...?"

"To be honest I was expecting something like an evil fire bird or something," Will shrugged.

The demon roared and shot a fireball from his jaws against them.

Will quickly grabbed Kuran and flew out of the way.

"You know… I never learned how to kill an ox."

"The real problem is the fact that he's made of fire."

"I know! You don't happen to have a lake in your pocket?" asked Kuran while throwing some daggers. "Or should we feed him with my cooking?"

The ox demon tried to slash them with his claws while chasing them on air.

Will shot Ice at the flying ox as he flew away. Kuran also tried throwing Darkness weapons since he wasn't planning on risking his very few other weapons to be melted by this fire demon.

The attacks didn't stop him and hit Will on a wing, who was sent flying towards the ground.

"Damn it!"

"Try to get up!" shouted Kuran. "Or we make a hot bath."

"Don't worry, I'm fine," he said as he stood up

The ox demon shot some fireballs to at them that caused flame curtains at impact on the ground, "Hate that."

Will shot Ice at the flames, extinguishing them before flying at the ox.

Kuran got a good hold on Will while getting the spear out, planning on impaling the demon in the head with it. If this guy in ALFheim Online was right, then he shouldn't be having trouble in piercing this thing through the skull.

The creatue roared by it and shook his head, the spear still in his skull, but the creature tried grabbing them with his claws. Will quickly slashed at the devil's hands with his Keyblade before kicking the spear deeper into it's his skull.

The beast roared but then fell to the ground.

"Did we get it?" Wondered Will.

Kuran looked carefully and told, "Would be too easy."

Soon the beast disappeared in black mist and the flames of the jail bar disappeared, but without warning the island began to shaking and sinking into the lava.

Will grabbed Kuran and flew off.

"No talk about me being right?" asked Kuran. "Normally you have something against me tempting fate."

"That applies if that thing was still alive," Will countered.

A look came from Kuran but he refrain from saying anything… to not risk risking anything. They kept going forward, reaching an area where the lava was completely off, and there was no heat there. They felt that something was watching them in the dark.

"I don't like this…" Will said.

"Feels like… we only passed the door guard."

Without a warning, a large tongue impacted inches at Kuran's feet.

"I think you might be right," Will said, nudging the tongue with his foot.

The tongue returned to the darkness, and soon they were surprised by a bipedal creature similar to a merman without fins.

"The next guard or the boss?" asked Kuran. "I bet guard."

"Yeah, definately guard," Will agreed.

Suddenly, more creatures as the first one appeared, surrounding them.

"Ugh, this is going to be annoying," Will sighed, getting his blades ready.

Kuran nodded and got his Keyblade out, ready to fight. The creatures jumped at the same time over them.

Will threw his Keyblade, hitting a small group of the creatures while slicing at another with his katana. Kuran was turning into a flurry of sword while using darkness weapons to push the ones too close back for a moment. While part of them was destroyed by their attacks, others attacked them with their tongues from distance. Will grabbed one of their tongues, spinning the creature around, bashing it into others.

The number of enemies slowly got reduced but one of them grabbed Will from behind. He stabbed himself with his Keyblade which resulted in stabbing the creature.

"Say Will… how painful is it to stab yourself?" wondered Kuran while cutting from a different creature the head off.

"Well, the thing is all this dying has left me with a VERY high pain tolerance, so not that painful," Will said pulling out his Keyblade.

"Will be a wonderful thing if you get rid of this immortal life," remarked Kuran while holding his Keyblade.

"Yeah, specially ever since I became immortal I've been a magnet for death."


Soon they destroyed all the creatures, but they still had the feeling that something was watching them in the darkness.

"If that Ox thing wasn't the devil we're looking for then he's got to be here somewhere," Will stated.

"Then how about this devil show himself up?"

Then they heard heavy steps from behind. Will looked behind, then looked back in front, "Kuran, we have a problem."

Then Kuran turned around, and then back at front, "And a big one, sure."

Just behind them was a massive monster, a behemoth, with the frontal half on furred flesh, and the back half being only bones.

"I offer that we take care of the bones first to limit the movement," suggested Kuran after staring at the beast for some seconds. "And then I need to release my panic."

But there was a 'little' problem with the plan. The Behemoth was as huge as the cave, so it was impossible to get behind it. Without warning, it charged against them.

Will quickly stepped through a Dark Corridor, getting behind the beast and took the chance to strike at its hind legs. But it didn't stop it, because the bone legs resisted the hit and kept charging against Kuran. The darkness user got ready to strike and once it was close, he fell through a Dark Corridor, landing on the back of it and slamming the Keyblade into the neck.

The behemoth roared by the hit but it kept going forward, trying to shake the darkness user out of it. However, he didn't fall off and used the Keyblade to hold himself on the monster's back, playing rodeo on it to force it to a wall.

"Time Stop!" Will suddenly appeared on top the behemoth alongside Kuran as one of the hind legs broke off.

But either if that leg was broken, it kept going forward, to what seemed to be an entrance to another section, illuminated surely by a lava lake. And they were going to it!

"Should we jump?" asked Kuran, though he knew the answer.

"We could," Will said.

Riding the 'undead' monster, they soon reached the chamber, and the large monster began falling to the lava that was just at the entrance.

"Better we jump now."

Will suddenly got an idea, "Yeah, let's jump."

And Kuran pulled his Keyblade out, ready to jump off, though having not noticed that Will had other thoughts.

"Time Stop!" Will shouted before taking to the skies.

He quickly pulled a few Ethers and drank them before launching a flurry of Ice at the lava. He then grabbed Kuran as time returned to normal as the behemoth crashed hard onto a now hardened floor of rock.

The impact, literally, destroyed the behemoth, but also caused cracks on the rocks, causing lava to appear on the cracks.

"Will… was this your plan?"

"Yep. Come on, let's get out of here," Will said carrying Kuran as the place began to slowly be engulfed in lava.

Soon they found another access, away of the lava. When they reached inside, they were in a large platform surrounded by lava, but when they looked up… Bingo! Just over them was a dark sphere, with the Princess of Hearts that they were looking for.

"Which means…" began Kuran and summoned his Keyblade, aware that they didn't face the demon yet.

"I'm surprised that you were able to reach here. Seems that the news about Panther's demise wasn't an exaggeration," said a voice around them.

"How about showing yourself?" challenged Kuran. "Or are you afraid?"

"Afraid? That's funny, coming from somebody that can't swim in the lava.

"Yeah well, last I checked, not everybody can," Will added.

"Are you sure?"

Suddenly some fireballs jumped from the lava, raining over them. "What now? A Bowser Rip-Off?"

Will held up his hand creating a barrier that deflected the fireballs, "Have you been to the Mushroom Kingdom too? Or is that something your author just felt like saying?"

"Last one… and he rather hates the Mario series… that's why he loves two of the Deathbattle videos so much."

"Oh yeah, I remember that," Will said as the two purposely ignored intended target.

"Then we are already breaking the fourth wall…" told Kuran. "What do you think of the last threesome story that my author made?"

"Not one-hundred percent sure we should be talking about that. You never know if any readers out there are sensitive to that kind of thing."

"Will you keep talking about nonsenses or will you go where you're suppose to!?" yelled the voice.

"Why the hurry?" asked Kuran. "We are just on page 12 so we can spare one or two more pages with talking random stuff."

"Plus it's hard to take you seriously when you're just a voice," Will added.

"You will wish never said that," the voice said and a body jumped from the lava.

It was a red anthropomorphic reptile, visually strong and with the tail in flames, "You wanted it! Let's dance in the ember!" said the Devil Salamander.

"Try not to burn yourself too, 'cause I hadn't had much to eat today and unfortunately for you, fried salamander is good eating," Will said.

"You like hot? Let's see how hot you want?" he said and from his hands began to throw Firaga balls against them, quicker than they expected.

Kuran got a shield up and blocked the Firaga, though his arm felt uncomfortably hot by the impact.

Will jumped over Kuran and rushed at the Devil, but Salamander jumped to aside and breathed a stream of fire over him.

He quickly responded by blowing his own breath of fire, clashing with Salamander's, but was being easily pushed back by the Devil's attack.

Will jumped up and threw his Keyblade at the fire lizard.

He stepped back by the hit, but replied with a Firaga.

Will's Keyblade flew in front of him, taking the hit before flying at Salamander again, and Kuran came from the side, slamming his Keyblade into the leg.

The devil knelt by that but hit him with the flaming tail. Flying back, the darkness user only made sure he didn't land in the hot zones before getting back on the feet and running back, wondering why Will wasn't using any ice spells… or at least he thought it is the weakness of the salamander.

The devil stood up and breathed his flames against him. Kuran got his shield up and ducked behind it, trying to get somehow a construction done that would help him not to burn his arm off.

Will's Keyblade struck Salamander from behind as Will flew over Kuran, striking him from the front.

Salamander shook his head by the hits and then jumped into the lava, laughing.

"What's wrong Sally? Slithering off like a snake already?" Will mused.

"Do you think teasing him like that is smart?" asked Kuran.

"Not my fault he's such a HOT head."

"Will… Boss battles and phases?" countered Kuran.

"I regret nothing!"

"You are immortal. I am not."

Suddenly, from the lava, fireballs began flying and landed on the ground randomly, sometimes falling too near them.

Kuran got two shields up to protect himself from two directions in case some of those fireballs land… very uncomfortable. Will smacked away any fireballs that came close to him with his blades. Then a large fireball flew from the lava and stood over them, but suddenly exploded into ten Firagas that fell to the ground.

"Will! Can you try to freeze this lava?" asked Kuran while using a club to get some of the fireballs away from him.

"Sure," Will smiled before getting another Ether out and drinking, he then unleashed a flurry of Ice tat froze the large fireballs, making them explode before they could impact.

Then suddenly, Salamander jumped from the lava, holding a massive fireball on his hands and in the air, throwed threw it directly to where was Kuran was.

Howeve,r Kuran opened a Dark Corridor and sent the fireball into a different direction. failing the shoot, the devil landed on the platform and began shooting Firagas against them.

Kuran kept blocking them and tried to buy Will a moment so he could counterattack.

Will jumped and dodged the attacks as he quickly came up to the devil, enveloping his Keyblade in ice as he forced it into Salamader's stomach, and Kuran went to slam into one of his eyes.

He fell to the ground by the two hits, but he raised on his feet on the ground, and threw a pair of flame curtains against them. Kuran hid behind a shield.

Will took the hit as he dug his Keyblade into Salamander's body, the ice from the blade slowly beginning to envelope his body. But he smirked and the ice began to melt, and he grabbed Will's head with his hands, "Good trick, but useless!"

Kuran jumped on Salamander's back, running the body up and hit the head a few times. The devil grunted by the hits but got rid of him with his tail.

Will noticed that even though the ice was gone, the hole in his chest was not, but his view was interrupted when Salamander breathed his fire on his face. He quickly jumped out of the way, landing next to Kuran, "Looks like this is going to get a bit easier," he muttered.

"Seems like that. Now, let's keep hitting him," told Kuran and raised his Keyblade for the next attack.

Salamander shot an array of Firagas at them, just before jumping back into the lava.

"Oh, no you don't!" Will shouted before diving in after him.

But chasing him inside the lava was completely impossible, because he was faster than him on it. The lava level began raising, threatening to swallow the platform.

"Will! I need you to fly up," told Kuran, rushing up to his friend.

Without a warning, Will emerged from the lava, grabbing Kuran as he flew in the air. The platform be swallowed by the lava, and took a while until the lava level went down to what it was before, but for a time the platform was excessively hot for landing.

"I really should learn how to use magic," mumbled Kuran getting his daggers out.

Waiting to the platform to cool down, Salamander began throwing Firagas at them from the lava. Kuran used his charged daggers to counter the Firagas since they exploded on impact with the fire spells.

Will shot a few Bizzagas at the lava, causing it to freeze into more platforms to use as he landed.

After Kuran jumped off him, Will rushed over to Salamander and slies sliced at his leg. He knelt by that attacks, but he breathed his flames to Kuran, who rushed away.

"Hey Sally!" Will shouted from behind.

But received a slap from his flaming tail. He quickly grabbed the tail mid swing and managed to force his fist in the giant hole in his chest, forcing the devil to his knees in pain, and Kuran started cutting open the back, going for the heart of their opponent.

But both were interrupted when he slams his fist to the ground, causing an explosion that sent both of them away of him.

"Got to hand it to these devils, they really know how to take a hit," Will said.

"Yeah… wish they were glass cannons and not tanks," admitted Kuran, whiping whipping some blood from his lips.

"Unfortunately for him, even tanks have limits and he's clearly reaching his," Will said before fusing his blades.

Salamander panted but then jumped to the centre, and once there began spinning with the arms extended to both sides, shooting an unlimited number of Firagas to where the hands were aiming.

Will seemed to effortlessly smack away the blasts with his transformed Keyblade. Following suit, Kuran did the same while throwing a few daggers, hoping to hit something. But he kept spinning and shooting Firagas around him.

"Ok, now you're just annoying," Will said as he managed to disappear and reappear in front of Salamander, grabbing him by neck, impaling him with his Keyblade.

He groaned by the hit but prepared his claws for tear Will's face.

Will only smirked as his Keyblade fired a large beam of silver light that swallowed him, leaving nothing behind. But for a moment, Kuran believed seeing the silhouette of a Keyblade before the beam disappeared.

"Another Keyblade…" Will muttered as his Keyblade turned back into his katana.

"Do our enemy make these devils through Keyblades or Keybearers?" wondered Kuran as he walked up to Will.

"Hard to say…"

Soon the lava began freezing and the dark sphere that held Snow White disappeared, she began falling down slowly.

Will grabbed the princess, "Let's get you out of here. The others are really worried about you," he smiled.

"I hope the fire of the forest has stopped as well… or it will be a hot trip."

The two went outside to see the forest lush and green, almost as if nothing had happened. Kuran looked in disbelieve and asked, "How many years did we spend down there?"

"I'm pretty sure this is the result of us dealing with Salamander. Just like with Panther. Looking at their names, I think I'm seeing a pattern here."

"They have names of different animals?"

"I dunno, maybe… Come on, let's get back to the castle."

"Agreed… let's go."

Later, Snow White was laying on a large bed with everyone watching her in concern. Looking at Will Kuran asked, "How did she wake up before? A kiss on the lips?"

"Yeah but she was cursed before," Will answered .

A few minutes passed before the Princess slowly opened her eyes. She soon sat on the bed, looking around.

"Where I am?" she asked, confused.

"You were abducted by a devil, but me and my friend Kuran here took care of him. You're back at the castle," Will explained.

"Really?" she asked again. "I don't remember anything of what happened until now…"

"The same was with Alice in Wonderland," told Kuran. "But we are on our way to free each of you, Princesses."

"With that said, we should really get goingm" Will stated.

"Point," told Kuran. "Up to the next world… and I hope we can rest a bit… I feel roughen up and tired. Even a keybearer has limits."
It was late in the evening and Serena just finished cleaning the kitchen after making herself a good meal. Then she heard somebody ringing on the door. She turned and wondered, "Who could it be? I told nobody where I live during my stay."

She got to the door and checked who was standing in front of it. She spotted a woman with white long hair and purple eyes. She wore blue jeans and a red vest. Opening the door slightly, ready to shut it close anytime, asks asked, "Can I help you?"

"Your name is Serena Schwarzmagier?''

"That's correct," told the blue haired girl. "And you are?"

"I'm Chris Yukine. I am one of the teachers in your school,'' Chris said while she had some paper in her hands. "You have accidentally forgotten to sign some papers.''

Serena sighed and opened the door completely, "I thought all of them had my mark. Come in please."

Chris walked in and went to the living room. She gave her the paper and began to write her name.

Serena started signing them while Chris took the opportunity to look around… nothing unusual except for the lack of a family picture of her family in the living room, "Where are your parents?'' asked Chris.

"They are on a business trip," told Serena. "I am alone here until they get back."

"Why do you not have a picture or two photo from your parents?''

"Because my parents accidentally took most of the pictures. There was a mixup in the package. At best I have only a pic of my mother in the house, which is in my bedroom," Serena said as she gave the paper to her teacher. Chris took the paper and left.

Serena looked after the teacher and wondered, "Why didn't they just wait until tomorrow and called me to the office to take care of this?"

Little Stars Home

Everybody just finished the dinner and Harmonia told, "You made a wonderful meal like always Hibiki-San."

"And thank you for helping preparing the food,'' said Hibiki. "I was looking forward to meeting new kids who come to live here. I totally forgot to cook for anyone,'' while she looked outside and saw Youta and Kanade playing with the kids.

"It's not a problem," told Harmonia with a smile and helped cleaning the dishes, before noting, "It's lonely at home without father."

"No worries Harmonia-chan! Terra is one of the strongest Keyblade wielders there! He will be back before you can say Firaga!''

"I know! Nobody can defeat father but… he is already gone far longer than usual and from the last letter we got, he stated each time they thought they finally dealt with it, it started again just far worse than before… like somebody is was playing games with them," explained Harmonia and sighed.

Hibiki was about to say something until they heard a scream. They looked out of the window and sees saw Chris with a ball on her face

"This must hurt," told Harmonia with a sweatdrop while the children were running. Since they already learnt about the temper of Chris, "May I ask who kicked this ball?''

Everybody pointed at Youta, ''Hehe … Sorry. I did not see you there Chris-san.''

"Dammit, Youta! Look before you kick the damn ball!'' screamed Chris to Youta.

Harmonia sweatdropped and told, "I think Youta should really learn to watch out. She has a really bad tendency of running into people or hitting others with projectiles."

Hibiki went outside to calm Chris down, "It was just an accident Chris-chan. It's not as if you often to get a ball on your face.''

"This was the 15th time that Youta shot a ball on to my face Hibiki!'' Chris yelled at Hibiki while she went a step backward.

"So Chris, you just came to yell at Youta and Hibiki-san or something else?'' asked Kanade.

Chris take took a deep breath and say said, "Yes it is about your so-called classmate, Serena.''

"So called?" asked Harmonia. "What is wrong with Serena? Granted she isn't the nicest but still," and to answer Harmonia's question Chris picked her I-Pad from her purse.

"An I-Pad?" asked Harmonia confused and on the I-Pad with a photo of Serena with word unknown on it. Harmonia looks to at the word and turns back "What does it mean?"

"This means Serena doesn't exist at all" told Chris. Harmonia looks more confused "But… we all saw her, so how could she not exist?"

''I was at her apartment and told that she forgot to write some papers'' Chris says and then Kanade understands what her plan is ''You went after her fingerprint. Is it not?'' Chris nods her head

''But why do you want Serena-chan's fingerprint?'' asks Youta ''Two days ago, We had received a message from Mickey. that their found a signal which is the same as the thing that Terra and the rest fighting against.''anyone shocked what they just heard.

''Oi! wait a minute! if it is so. Then why did you not tell us?'' Ask Kanade

"I thought their were fighting against hordes of heartless" told Harmonia

''This signal indicates that a person with strong magic and it is not a Heartless or a Nobody. and the signal is found today.'' And that Youta remembered the accident this morning ''Chris-san! was that signal around our school?''

''Yes. Why do you ask?'' ''Is the accident this morning. Is it Youta?'' asks Kanade and Hibiki look at her daughter. ''Accident? What does Kanade-chan mean by accident! Youta?'

''A boy was almost hit by a cart and I tries to save him. until I suddenly became faster.'' told Youta ''And not only that! I met Serena-chan an mij way to school and she was not wearing her school uniform!''

''I asked the director who Serena is. He said she an exchange student from Germany and I knew nothing about an exchange student.''

"Well… we found it already odd that we didn't learn about an exchange student beforehand" admits Harmonia "But… why should she do all of this?"

''We simply ask Serena-chan!'' Hibiki says, but then gets a finger flick from Chris ''You blockhead! If you do that, she will properly use her powers against us!"

''What else can we do?'' Asks Youta and Kanade joked. ''We played 50 questions with her.''

"I don't think she would even answer a single one" told Harmonia. "But what should we do when we meet her in school tomorrow?" and suddenly Chris's phone went off and pick it up ''What is it? What! You are joking! Is this true?''

Everybody looked at her in confusion and Hibiki asked, "What is wrong Chris-chan?"

"Headquarters picked a signal above the city! And it's big!'' exclaimed Chris and Harmonia asked.

"It is the Heartless?''

"No! They say that this signal is nothing compare to the other!''

Suddenly, they heard a crackling sound, "Huh? Did you guys hear that?'' Kanade asked everyone and looked where that sound was coming from. Youta looked up and saw a crack starting to forming in the sky!

"T-there is a crack in the sky!'' She point at the sky and everyone looked at it gasping

"What… what is that?" asked Harmonia.

The Children of the Little Stars Home were hiding behind Hibiki, afraid of what would happen. And suddenly, the crack began glowing and burst apart! And from the crack came a giant white energy that resembled a bird.

"What the hell is that? A Lightbringer?'' asked Kanade.

The bird flapped its wings and threw energy balls to the Little Stars Home, "Shit, we gotta get out of here! Now!'' Kanade yelled and everything started running, but Youta trip on a rock and fall on the ground.

"Youta! Run!'' yelled Hibiki.

Youta looked up and saw the energy balls almost there!

Hibiki rushed to her daughter hoping that she could save her. But what Youta only did was just scream in fear. Everything seemed hopeless until an ice wall formed around the orphanage. The energy balls hit the wall.

"I should have known that you're giving me problems,'' everyone turns turned around and saw Serena in her normal clothes.

"How did you find this place?" asked Harmonia surprised.

"The answer is simple. I secretly followed Yukine. I had a feeling that she was hiding something. And now excuse me! There is a bird that has to be taken care of," adds added in and went over to have a good view of it.

"Serena! It's too dangerous!" protested Harmonia, trying to stop the blue haired girl.

However, Serena pushed her back and told, "I can watch out for myself!"

Suddenly, the bird flew over the orphanage and tried to attack again. Serena snapped her fingers and lightning came from above the monster but it had little effect.

Then she held her hand out and a large energy ball grew. Once it was in the size of a basketball, for more balls surrounded it before changing into the form of spears. Then the ball and spears were shot in high speed against the bird and upon impact, the energy attacks exploded, creating a shockwave that destroyed rows of windows and caused even Hibiki and the others to get pushed by it, though Serena seems to be somehow unaffected from the aftermath of her magic attack.

"Damn! She will destroy the orphanage if she goes on like this!'' Chris said and starts singing.

Serena looked at Chris. "Great…"

Suddenly, Chris' clothes disappeared and then she wears her Symphogear.

Serena crossed her arms, "Do you think with your guns you do better against this? Or Symphogear in general?"

"How...? AAh! Fuck it!'' Chris's arm guards suddenly turned into miniguns started shooting at bird. But it have no effect. "Hibiki! To take the children to HQ while Kanade and I distract that stupid bird!''

"Okay!'' said Hibiki and gathered all the children and starts started running.

"Harmonia! Keep an eye on Youta!'' Kanade started also to sing and her clothes disappeared and then she wears a dark blue predominantly, but also sports red and white parts, with the first ones being shaped like flames and the second resembling phoenix's limbs. It's basically made up of three different parts: the revealing breastplate with phoenix like wings attached to it, with the gauntlets and the phoenix claw shaped greaves.

Serena created a barrier to block some of the bird's attacks as they flew at them, countering with a few elemental attacks, trying to figure out which one had the biggest effect against the enemy, but the bird dodge dodged almost all elemental attacks.

Serena changed tactics and began shooting homing attacks. They were not so strong like normal projectile spells but they were sure hits. Chris performed a Megadeth Quartet.

Kanade draw a katana from one of her wings and flew toward the bird giving it a couple of slashes before moving away just in time as the missiles and Serena's homing attacks hit the monster.

Serena looked closely which of the elements damaged it the most so she could concentrate on one element. Kanade's sword began growing big and delivered a swing laced with blue flame against the bird.

But the bird fired a laser against Kanade's attack. The attacks collided and created a large explosion.

Meanwhile, by Hibiki's group, they were almost at the S.D.A.U. HQ until they heard the explosion. Youta & co looked at where the orphanage was and saw a big smoke coming from there, Is the scary bird gone? asked a kid.

The smoke cleared up and they saw that the bird is was still alive, "There is not even a scratch on the bird,'' said Youta surprised.

"Is there a way to defeat this creature?" asked Harmonia.

Two of their strongest Symphogear users, even with the help of Serena, they were having difficulty against the alien monster. Was there no hope to defeat that thing?

"Never give up hope!'' everyone looked at Hibiki. "As long as you never give up hope! A miracle is always possible!''

"But what can we do Mom? Kanade-chan Serena-chan and Chris-san are doing their very best to beat that bird but cannot even make a scratch on that monster!'' exclaimed Youta while Hibiki suddenly hugged her daughter.

"Do you remember the stories I told when you were still little? About how I your father and I and our friends saved the multiverse?'' asked Hibiki and let go of Youta.

"Of course I remember them Mom. You and Dad were the best there was!''

Hibiki giggled of Youta's excitement.

"But there were moments where I thought of. 'Can I really save anyone?' or 'Am I really worthy to use Gungnir?'' told Hibiki. "But thanks to the support of my friends, I finally know what I can do and how I can help people. And if we have hope in our hearts and we support and help each other, we can make a miracle with no problem!''

Another set of explosions came and they could hear the bird crying while chains wrapped around it. It seemed somebody was using a spell in attempt to prevent the enemy from moving.

on top of a building, Serena stood in the middle of a magic circle, hands spread out while in the air several other magic circles surrounded the avian and from the center of each of them came a magic chain which is was wrapping the bird.

Serena gritted her teeth since that kind of magic required a lot of energy and concentration… one mistake and she would lose it and be unable to keep on. If she knew the weakness of it, she could add the element into the chains, turning the trapping spell into an offensive cutting spell.

"Mom! Harmonia! Go on without me!'' shouted Youta.

Hibiki smiled and said to her daughter, "Youta, show that bird what a Yuma can do!'' and went away with the children to HQ.

Youta started the singing and instantly change in to her Symphogear consisting of a white, black and yellow bodysuit that exposed her belly button, a pair of white-yellow thigh-high boots, black-like feathers are also attached on her back.

And she had a yellow cat tail on her butt and cat ears like head phone on her head and she wore bulky gauntlets with claws on her wrists. "Hold on! Youta Yuma is ready for action!'' and went to her friends.
The keybearers were in the infirmary to treat their wounds while Mickey asked to Terra and Ven what happened.

"We were looking after the six princesses," began Terra when suddenly two dark corridors opened and… Ordo appeared together with Braig. "While having our keyblades ready, we asked them what they wanted and Ordo just spoke of something about bringing everything in the right order."

"Terra and I looked at each other in wonder," continued Ven. "As Terra shouted in pain. The last thing I saw was Kuranord holding a taser as he collapsed before I was hit on the head by something heavy… and you can think of the rest."

"That explains it," told Aqua. "They used the confusion to get the princesses… and probably they also got all fragments we were able to collect so far."

"Which means we have to hurry with recovering," sighed Mickey before turning to Aqua.

"Should we now talk to our guest?"

"Since we cannot do anything else aside from sitting around, it is a good idea," was her reply.

The two nodded and went to the man that appeared. He was sitting on a chair, tired. The clothes told that he was a sort of prisoner for a long time and the features of the face and color of the hair told that he was at least 50 years old.

"Excuse us," told Mickey. "We would like to talk with you."

"Of course," he sighed. "You would like to know why I am here, right? And who am I?"

"These are questions that I like to have answered," replied Aqua and the man told. "Like I told those before… I am an Armor Maker for Keybearers… I was in the business for a long time and was also for a long time in the Lands of Departure."

"I am sorry but I cannot remember you, and I was trained by Master Erasqus," told Aqua and the man replied.

"I moved out of the Lands of Departure since Master Erasqus asked me to leave, after I did something he found unforgivable."

"And what?" asked Aqua and the man wondered. "What do you think of darkness?"

"Nessescary for the balance," told Aqua. "But not to trusted. Aside from only a few people, I would never trust darkness, rather exterminate it if it were possible."

"I made a deal with somebody who uses Darkness," was his reply. "To save the life of…" before he could speak, Aqua shouted.

"You made a deal? Didn't you expect it would bit you?"

"I knew what was coming! She came just a few years later, claiming me for her plans. And once she was fallen, the next group came to take me, and after that Xehanort came to claim me for his plans. But unlike the other two groups, I was tasked to bring you a message once he releases me."

"What kind of message?" asked Mickey and the man told.

"I should tell you the following, if you survive the present he left with me, you should recover and gain Armors for the final battle. Until then, he will wait… but not forever."

"How long?" Mickey asked and the man told.

"One month. In one month he will declare where the war will have its battle."

"A month… that's not much of a time," told Mickey. "Enough to recover from the wounds we sustained today."

"And make keyblade armors for most of you," told the man.

"That would be helpful," acknowledged Aqua. "I am Master Aqua… I took Master Erasqus place after his… demise."

"I am aware of Erasqus' death. Xehanort himself told it to me," told the man. "And I heard of you, King Mickey, Ruler of Disney Castle. Though… you need to spend some time for repairs to show the full glory of this place."

"I feel honored that you heard about me," told Mickey. "But I am afraid we didn't catch your name."

The old man nodded, "My name is… Bringsir Yamo."

In the meanwhile Faith, Sora, Donald and Goofy just arrived in Radiant Garden. While neither Sora nor Faith were in their best shape, Sora due the battles and Faith due her… experience with the darkness recently, Sora had insisted that they should go there as soon as possible so they could help Xion. Faith had agreed to it as well. After all they didn't know how much time was left before it was too late for the procedure.

Namine was already expecting them and smiled, "Hello Faith… it is great to see you again."

"Yeah., though it was a bit difficult to get back… no clue if I would be able to do it myself," told Faith. "Didn't manage it the time before after all, although… this Heartless felt familiar."

"Perhaps you faced it before," suggested Namine and Faith nodded.

"Sounds like that."

They headed to the labs and Even looked very nervous at the whole set up and told, "I am glad you are here. Everything is ready."

"How will it work?" asked Sora and Even explained.

"You will sit in the second capsule and Namine will extract the memories necessary for Xion. Then she will fill them into a prepared crystal. Faith will make a copy of the crystal and then we give you back your memories while Xion receives the copy."

Nodding, Sora climbed into the capsule and Even closed it up. Once they were sure that Sora was safe in there the procedure began. It was difficult since the Nobody had to make sure that Sora's memories didn't fall apart while the few chain links of memories were missing… in fact, even transferring them into the crystal, she had to concentrate to keep the rest of Sora's memories intact.

Knowing that, Faith made a quick but careful work to copy the information stored in the crystal. Once she was done, Namine was getting the chains of memories back into their right order. Once this was done, Namine was panting loudly from the exhaustion.

"Are you alright?" wondered Faith and Namine nodded.

"Yeah… just give me a moment to rest up. Then we can help Xion. Sora can also get out of it."

Even and Faith went over and let Sora out, though… he kept on snoring loudly. Deciding to let him be, they waited until Namine was rested up enough and she proceeded to put the memories into Xion. It was a very difficult work… while the spot she needed to fill was easy to find, it was a different story about which parts of the puzzle belonged to these spots .

The work seemed to take hours and once it was done, Namine slumped into a chair and panted tiredly, "It is done… but… Xion is… safe now."

"Lea and Roxas will be glad to hear that," told Faith while she opened Xion's capsule.

A groan came from her body and she slowly opened her eyes. Seeing Faith she asks, "Faith? You're here?"

"Yeah," told Faith. "You remember what happened?"

"I… I was attacked… by Kuranort. And Even… he has seen the whole thing."

Even shrieked in fear and cowered in a corner and Namine asked, "What is the meaning of this?"

"I… I can explain everything..." whined Even.

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