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Due a writers block for Light Within Darkness, I have decided to open up a few request spots for short stories.

You can ask for short stories which can be released here but also for NSFW content.

I do: Dragons, Pokemons and Kingdom Hearts.
1. :iconmartynm: NSFW
2. :iconcrimson-flazey: SFW

When accepting Request, I discuss with you the the setting and what should happen and then I bring as soon as I can a version which will be modified until it can go into correction. Just a warning: The correction might take some time!

Also to remind you:

My friend :icon6liza6: opened up a Patreon account ( ) and is looking for people to support her.

She is a great artist and deserve the help she is asking for. Just look at her Gallery to see how good she is. Also she is doing commissions and YCHs on


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Due a writers block for Light Within Darkness, I have decided to open up a few request spots for short stories.

You can ask for short stories which can be released here but also for NSFW content.

I do: Dragons, Pokemons and Kingdom Hearts.
1. :iconmartynm: NSFW
2. :iconcrimson-flazey: SFW

When accepting Request, I discuss with you the the setting and what should happen and then I bring as soon as I can a version which will be modified until it can go into correction. Just a warning: The correction might take some time!

Also to remind you:

My friend :icon6liza6: opened up a Patreon account ( ) and is looking for people to support her.

She is a great artist and deserve the help she is asking for. Just look at her Gallery to see how good she is. Also she is doing commissions and YCHs on
Kuran and Will left the Dark Corridor and saw the tower of Yen Sid… with Kuran sweatdropping, "This place has definitely seen better days."

The tower was really in bad shape, as if something very bad happened to it. Either the trees around the tower were dead or burned.

"I guess The Fallen has gotten this place too," Will said. "Wait… I'm still sensing Yen Sid's Aura."


"Assuming it didn't collapse, the top."

"I hope this thing still supports our weight," told Kuran and ran to the door, not wanting to risk anything by using a Dark Corridor to get into Yen Sid's office.

The two looked around to noticed that they're were the only ones there.

"This is odd," Will pondered.

Soon they noted the presence of something behind them, and turned around, finding a floating being of a ghost wielding a mast and a cloak. Kuran jumped back in surprise, getting his Keyblade out. Will grabbed his katana, not knowing what would happen next.

The ghost simply signaled behind them. When they turned, they found Yen Sid, or a translucent version of it, sitting in the remains of the chair, behind the broken table. When they turned again to the ghost, it had disappeared.

"...Well that explains the Aura I felt."

"Master Yen Sid?"

The old master's ghost looked at them, "It has been a while from the last visit I had here. Tell me, who are you? You don't seem to be from here… or maybe… from this universe."

"That's correct… we came from a different universe due to a task given to us," told Kuran. "And this mission brought us here… just… what the hell happened?"

"All this begun, at the Second Keyblade War," said Yen Sid.

"The Second Keyblade War?" asked Kuran. "You mean it's in this universe the X-Blade was forged?"

"That was near of happening," said Yen Sid. "Fortunally, Sora, Riku, Kairi, Terra, Aqua, Ventus, Lea, Roxas, and Xion, fought him and the Organization XIII. Xehanort was stopped, but there was no news from any of them. There was no trace for search.

"So what happened after? Who are these Fallen and who's in charge of them?" Will asked.

"They appeared short after the war. While the Heartless represent the heart's darkness, and the Nobodies represent the lack of emotions, the Fallen are a twisted mix of both beings," said Yen Sid. "They're the darkness of the heart, and the lack of emotions of the soul. By some reason, they take form of nightmarish creatures, as zombies, or skeletons, or whatever that causes fear," then he looked to at Will. "Then included what could be called 'bio-weapons'."

"So these things are basically nightmares incarnated?" Will asked and Yen Sid replied.

"In a short resume, yes."

"How nice… how can we deal with them?" asked Kuran.

"Getting seven objects, perhaps reincarnations of the seven princesses to open the door to their big boss?" guessed the Keybearer

"Unknowing form when you came exactly, all this began around five years ago. But yes, maybe you can reach their mistress' fortress if you release the power of the seven Princesses of Heart," he said. "But that will be dangerous, because at least six of them are strongly guarded by Lilith's Six Devils."

"I assume Lilith is the mistress' name?" asked Kuran and wondered. "And what about number seven? Not to forget… where can we find them?"

"The Princesses are prisoners on their home worlds, but those worlds are corrupted by the power of the Six Devils," he said. "And the seventh is actually in Radiant Garden, but the darkness that protects it can only be banished if the other six princesses are saved."

"Perhaps I should formulate my question different..." sighed Kuran. "Are we still talking about the same princesses of hearts or are some dead? Kairi I guess is dead since she didn't return from the war."

"But if Kairi is dead there wouldn't be a seventh princess," Will countered.

"We don't know if Kairi is dead or alive. I only said that we had no trace of the keybearers," Yen Sid said. "But if you want know the answer to that question, you must reach Radiant Garden."

"Radient Garden it is," nodded Kuran. "Thank you for your help."

"But remember, for being able to reach Radiant Garden, you must rescue the other six Princesses of Heart from their worlds."

"Do you know which Princess is closest?" Will asked.

"The world's disposition changed after the beginning of this age, but the Princesses worlds are forming a circle around the world were Lilith resides."

"I see. Anything elss we should know?"

"Only that you must take all the needed precautions. The Six Devils are nothing compared to what you surely had saw have seen until now," Yen Sid said. "And Lilith can get aid of beings of darkness that maybe we're not aware of."

"I suppose Gummi Ships aren't available anymore?" asked Kuran. "Because who knows if we can get there with the Dark Corridors?"

"Maybe you can, but if you try to open it for reach Radiant Garden or Lilith's stronghold, the darkness will repel you. Just think as one of that bouncing walls," he explained.

"Then we try to get to the first world we can connect to."

"This can help you," Yen Sid used a remnant of his powers and created a magic map. On it there were seven worlds, all surrounded by a black mass in the centers. And one of the worlds was darkened too, "This will help you to find the worlds," in that map, it was showed the worlds Agrabah, Wonderland, Beast's Castle, Castle of Dreams, Dwarf Woodlands, Enchanted Dominion and Radiant Garden, the last one covered in darkness.

"Wonderland is the closest," saw Kuran. "So we head over there"

"Kuran! Will! Where are you?!" yelled a voice outside the tower, giving them a chill on their backs. Cleary they recognized that voice from before. "I know that you're here!"

"Never thought we'd bump into this bastard this soon," Will sighed.

"Sometimes I hate our luck…" told Kuran. "Perhaps we can still get away without a confrontation."

"If you don't come do-wn, I will get you do-wn!" threatened Null. "And don't think about using a Dark Corridor to escape, because I will feel it!"

"Will… I hate Null."

"You now have a good idea how I feel," Will said before looking down at him from a window.

"Yo, how you been?" Will mused.

"A little bored without you!" Null answered. "Why don't you come here, and we talk?" he asked, preparing his sword. "Come on! You and I know that you can't die!"

"If you're bored, how about a game of hide and seek… I know it's your favorite," Will smiled.

"I know it, but just now I'm in the mood of a fight," he said. "You know, getting accustomed to the laws of this universe and all that crap."

"Pity… oh well, guess we'll just have to settle for a good ol' fashion game of tag... you're it!" Will said before warping out of the tower with Kuran through a Dark Corridor leaving Null there.

Kuran and Will ran through the corridor and Kuran mused, "I never have been in here that long… do you think this is different to in other universes?"

"Who knows?" Will asked before noticing Null right behind them. "Wow, not going to lie, you are a pro at this," Will whistled.

"Seriously? How does he even know where we are go…" began Kuran but then it hit him. "He can feel that too?"

"It's not the darkness that he uses to find us… it's me," Will admitted.

"Come on, you really thought could use that trick for escaping?" Null asked. "I basically created that trick! What? I need is patent it now?" he wondered with an evil smirk.

"Will… I hate him and you right now," told Kuran, stopping and get his blades out.

"I don't blame you," Will said getting his blades out as well.

"Well, where we left it?" Null asked. "Oh, yeah!" he said and prepared his Keyblade.

"Alright, let's dance!" Will said.

Kuran held his blades ready, waiting for Null to make the first move.

The masked Heartless threw his Keyblade at Kuran while running towards, Will swinging his sword, forcing him to block. Kuran side stepped it and ran to Null's back, slicing the opponent's back a few times.

Null grabbed Kuran's arm, throwing him at Will before shooting a dark fire ball at them. Kuran blocked the fire ball before throwing a dagger at his opponent. Null jumped up dodging the knives and slammed his Keyblade on the ground, making icicles shoot up from the ground upon impact.

Kuran jumped and landed on a dark shield to protect himself from the ice while looking at Will, wondering what he was doing.

Will ran at Null, drop kicking him in the face making him crash through one of the icicles.

Kuran took a spear out and used it to nail Null on the ground to force him to divide the attention of removing it while the others attacked. Null struggled to get the spear off him before getting blasted by a bolt of lightning from Will.

And Kuran got an axe ready to get the head off. While it might not kill him, it will distract him even more.

Null couldn't help but curse as his head rolled off.

"If he is like you when your head is off," chuckled Kuran. "Then he will be busy picking it up. Especially if we take the other body parts off as well."

"As fun as that sound, we unfortunately don't have time to we better get going."

"You are right," told Kuran and began to leave, leaving the darkness spear in Null's body.

The two went on their way, eventually making it to Wonderland. At first view, Wonderland seemed normal as usual, but they could feel the darkness roaming around that world, feeling as if the time had just stopped there.

Kuran looked around and asked, "How does it look like normally?"

"This is Wonderland, there's nothing 'normal' about it," Will said.

"Well… I just thought it was more… colorful. And not an empty white space," told Kuran. "A boxed white space."

"Well... logic would suggest that it will get better if we find the Princess and get rid of Lilith," Will added.

"Where is the door?" countered Kuran. "Because I don't see any"

Will signaled down to a wall, where was a small door, extremely small for crossing it now.

"You don't happen to know a shrink spell? Or is there a bottle with the words 'drink me'?" asked Kuran.

"Said bottle are usually right here," Will said before stomping on the ground which somehow caused a small table to pop up from the floor with two small bottles on it.

Kuran took one and asked, "How does it taste?"

"Beats me, I never actually drank it myself to be honest," Will admitted.

"But you have been here before?" asked Kuran before gulping the liquid down.

"Not necessarily," Will answered before taking the bottle and drinking it as well.

Soon both reduced in size until the size of a mouse. Small enough for to go across the door, so they moved to the door, to pass it, only to find it locked. Kuran rolled his eyes and took his Keyblade out, looking for the keyhole. But there was no keyhole, only a large face where it was supposed to be, and to made the things worse, it was asleep.

Kuran opened the mouth but decided against it and looked at Will, wondering if he could wake this door. Luckily, Will spotted a small mouse hole at a side of the wall, where they could go.

"Please tell me this is normal," told Kuran, walking to the crack.

"I already said, there's nothing 'normal' in this world," Will said as he followed.

When they went inside, they found themselves inside of what seemed be a hedge garden, with what seemed be prepared for a trial. But the garden seemed all brown and dry, and where was supposed to be the judge was only a fat woman, similar to a queen, but without crown or scepter, and she seemed depressed.

"Hmm, never thought I'd see her like this," Will said.

"I won't ask," told Kuran and they moved to the woman.

She sighed depressed and looked them, "What? You want laugh at me too?" she asked. "Come on, who couldn't laugh at me now, who in the past was the greatest Queen of Hearts. But now I am the Queen of Nothing."

"I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that these Fallen have overthrown your reign of power," Will said.

"Where can we find the boss?" asked Kuran straight away. "Or the Princess of Heart. We are here to save her."

"What princess?" she said with a sigh.

Since Kuran didn't know the name, he looked at Will to say the name.

"Alice, you know, young girl, blue dress, blonde golden hair."

"Ah, yeah, that insolent girl… you have no idea the shock I had when I discovered that she was a Princess of Heart…" the ex-Queen said. "And if you're looking her… look up."

They looked up, and they found a dark sphere floating over their heads. It was difficult to see, but clearly Alice was inside it, as a statue.

"Oi, just like Sonic and his friends," Will sighed.

"And how do we get her out of this thing?" asked Kuran. "Because if this involves defeating a boss, we better prepare something in case she falls down."

"I have no idea of where it is… but if I recover my scepter and my crown, I could call all my soldiers for force him to appear," said the ex-Queen. "But only I know that they're heavily defended, only for desperate me more than needed…"

"So where are they?" Will asked.

"One of them is in the deepest area of the forest, while the other… I have no idea…"

"Right. Well, in any case we'll get going," Will said.

"Which way is the forest?" asked Kuran, admitting this place was anything but understandable for him.

"This way," Will said taking an opening that was on their left.

They appeared inside a forest, but it was so brown and dry as the garden. When they made some steps inside, they were surprised by a group of skeletons, some wearing bows and other wearing swords, or simply wearing clubs made of bones.

"Well... at least we know were on the right track," Will mused.

"Yeah… which is a very clear," told Kuran. "And right now I wish we had Gajeel here…"

The skeletons ran to them, while the ones wearing bows began shooting arrows against them.

Kuran slammed the nearest ones with his Keyblade, shattering the bones while blocking the arrows with a Dark Shield, using it to hit other skeletons when the arrow rain paused for a moment.

Will blasted the archer skeletons with a fire blast before striking the one that came close with his katana. When they destroyed the skeletons, they were then assaulted by a pack of wargs of their size. The wargs surrounded them, looking for where to attack them.

"The day just got a whole much better," told Kuran ready to fight back if they attack.

One of them lunged at Will, who kicked it across the head. The warg retreated but other two jumped over Kuran and Will from behind.

Though Kuran managed to slam one of them with his Keyblade into the chest, deep into the body.

Will managed to get a hold of the other one and slammed it into the ground. And Kuran began to slash around to keep the others at distance. The other wargs kept attacking them, and one bit Kuran's weapon with his jaw, and other one bit Will's arm.

He swung his arm around, bashing the wolf creature into the others. The wargs regrouped and attacked them, but the two didn't take too long for to dispatch all the wargs.

Kuran looked around in case there were more of them before carefully moving forward. The two carefully continued on their way, eventually making it to what appeared to be some garden party. The place seemed to be a complete mess, without nobody there, unless you counted two bronze statues of a rabbit and a man with a massive hat sitting on their chairs. At first view, it seemed that they were affected too by the darkness.

"Well no surprise there I guess," Will said.

"Who are they?" asked Kuran.

"The Mad Hatter and the Marched Hare. Common residents here in good ol' Wonderland," Will explained. "Of course if they weren't like this, they just might help us out... maybe."

They heard noises at the other end of the garden, and looking there they found an entrace to another section of Wonderland. They followed it, and they found a large plain inside the forest, with a large tree in the middle. Looking it in deep, they could see something shining inside the tree.

"I guess we found the first of our two treasures," chuckled Kuran. "Cut the tree or climb in?"

Will transformed and spread his wings, "We could try flying up there."


Will picked up Kuran and flew to the top of the tree. But without warning, the tree's treetop began to shake violently, and later they heard a roar, coming from the very own tree.

"The hell!?" Will quickly backed away a bit.

The tree began to move, soon revealing that the tree wasn't a tree, but a Treant, and a very angry one.

"Damn it, it's like everything in existence is trying to kill us," Will moaned.

"We have to kill everything before it kills us," chuckled Kuran and pulled an axe out, ready to attack.

"Says the only one of us NOT immortal," Will said before throwing Kuran at the tree creature for an attack.

And Kuran hits the head of the creature, hacking wood away with each strike of his axe. The Treant roared angrily and extended a pair of arms and legs, grabbing Kuran with an arm, and throwing him against Will.

Will quickly grabbed Kuran, blasting the Treant with a ball of fire. The Treant shook violently to extinguish the flames, turning more dangerous getting near.

Kuran started throwing the daggers at the tree, but the daggers only dug on the tree. Kuran mumbled, "Come on! Come on!"

Then the daggers began exploding with darkness and Kuran made a 'yes' as he saw that his idea at least worked so far… then he had to see if it really caused damage.

"Whoa, since when could you do that?" Will asked.

The Treant roared by that hit and when the flames extinguished, the wood beast tried to grab them.

"Well… to make it simple I put far more darkness than usual into my daggers and then I simply released it," told Kuran. "Normally when I release the darkness of my weapons they simply dissolve… so I thought to myself: what happens if I put in more than normal?" replied Kuran, throwing a few more of his 'exploding daggers'.

"Cool. Could you do that with your other weapons too?"

"Not yet… the daggers require far less darkness than the other weapons," admitted Kuran. "It's more difficult to put more into the other weapons… and more time. Still training it."

"Well, in any case, keep it up," Will said.

Nodding to Will's words Kuran kept throwing the daggers. The Treant kept trying to grab them, while suffering the exploding daggers.

Kuran kept on and told, "Will! How about you take attacking for a moment? I try to make a bigger blow."

Will nodded as he let him down, but that was a mistake, because the Treant tried to crush Kuran with his huge wooden leg. Will blocked the foot with his Keyblade and struck it with his katana.

Kuran got into distance and muttered, "I was thinking of long range attacks from you," and went back into his task, concentrating so much darkness as possible into one weapon.

"Whatever, just do what you got to do!" Will shouted.

Kuran didn't even try to make sense of this sentence and kept on. It took a few minutes but finally he shouted, "I am ready!"

The Treant suddenly roared so loudly that generated a shockwave with the roar that pushed them back.

"You still good for your attack?" Will asked.

"The weapon I prepared is still here! Only problem: to make the best result it has to gulp it down."

"Give it to me!" Will said.

The Treant grabbed a fragment of ground and threw it against Will, who quickly flew out of the way.

Kuran rolled his eyes and threw the axe he prepared at Will, knowing that he would either catch it or his body would take it, both cases good for the further work. Will grabbed the axe with his tail and flew at the creature, striking its face with his blades to distract it before forcing its mouth open with his hand and foot, throwing the axe in its mouth.

In that moment the Treant grabbed Will with his hands and began to squeeze him forcefully.

Kuran watched for a moment before snapping the fingers to release the darkness contained inside the axe… enough to make an axe in size of Will's body. Dragon body.

Will managed to force the Treant's hand open and flew away, before the darkness exploded inside the Treant, causing a large hole where was the face. The Treant soon began to fall as a tree on the ground, bursting in flames as the other Fallen they beaten before.

"Damn tree," Will said to himself.

"Makes a nice amount of fire wood," muttered Kuran and looked at Will. "What do you think of this darkness bomb?"

"I got to admit. You're the first darkness user I've seen capable of making almost anything from darkness. That was pretty awesome," Will said transforming back.

"Well… I have to cover the fact that I cannot use magic."

"Manipulating darkness is a kind of magic," Will said as he looked through the charred remains of the tree looking for one of the queen's treasures, where he found the queen's crown.

"Do you think a crown would fit me?" joked Kuran but added. "If darkness manipulation is a form of magic, then why I am unable to do most magic?"

"All depends of the point of view," a voice said from somebody invisible.

"Who is there?" asked Kuran.

Suddenly, in front of him appeared the head of a smiling cat.

"What the…?" began to Kuran, looking at Will, losing any sense of normality in this place.

"What's happened? You never saw a cat smiling?" said the cat's head.

"Why, if it isn't the infamous Cheshire Cat himself. To what do we owe the pleasure?" Will mused.

"Never saw a bodiless cat head smiling… or a smiling cat at all," told Kuran.

Soon the body appeared, "Well, I think you're looking for the queen's treasures. So maybe I can help you."

"Ok… how?"

At the other side of the clear appeared another entrance, "Following that route, you can find the scepter, but this one is very guarded by a huge monster, and the way is guarded by huge armored beings named 'Sentinels'. With them, a frontal attack is synonymous of suicide."

"So we have to sidestep them," told Kuran and sighed. "Should have taken the offer of this one guy."

"You want a tip?" the Cheshire Cat asked. "At times, either if is really dishonorable, a backstab in the back with a weapon no less useful as a Keyblade can open the way."

"That kind of goes without saying considering that whole 'frontal attack' thing you mentioned,"Will said

"Like I said… I should have taken this one guy's offer," told Kuran. "Could have learned how to backstab even in the middle of a crowd without anybody noticing." Then he thought of something, "Do they react on Dark Corridors?"

"They can react to them, but only if something isn't getting already their attention," he said. "But if you abuse it and annoy him with that, he will shot at merely feeling the Dark Corridor."

"Hmm, this sounds like the job for an assassin," Will said before pulling out a medallion that Kuran recalled at Mayfil.

"Who are you planning on calling?" asked Kuran.

"Same guy... assuming you don't have a better idea."

"Though you know somebody else who can play Assassin," told Kuran. "Like this one guy I met once… En… En…. Enzio something."

"Ezio? Wait… you meet Ezio Auditore da Firenze?"

"That's was the name!" told Kuran. "Was a couple of years ago… had to fight some guards as I protected a bullied woman and then this guy in his white clothes appeared, helped me and offered me to join his brotherhood."

"Remind me to introduce you to someone named Myst when we're done here. In any case, Wesley is an assassin who was trained by his ancestor Altaïr… at least when he was still alive."

"Myst? Trained by his ancestor?" asked Kuran. "I ask later."

"Well, if you're fine now, I have nothing to do now," the cat said and disappeared.

"So without further delay," Will said before shooting a small beam of light at the medallion, causing it to burst in a black fire and disappeared, revealing Wesley who was leaning against a tree.


"Hey man, I don't mean to sound like a slave driver or anything but we kind of need you as an assassin real quick," Will said.

"Sounds like fun. So who am I killing?" Wesley asked showing off a dagger that shot out from his wrist.

"Really like that Enzio guy…" muttered Kuran and asked Will. "Same brotherhood?"

"When I was still alive, yes," Wesley himself replied.

"Well… time to get you on the job," told Kuran. "An armored thing called the Sentinel is guarding something we need to obtain. Problem is, it has to be backstabbed since frontal attack is considered as suicide."

"Sounds like my kind of fun," Wesley said giving a creepy grin.

Will rolled his eyes, "Come on, let's get going."

Both went inside the hole, reaching to a labyrinth. While wandering around, they heard some heavy steps near. When they wanted to watch what it was, they stepped on a dead branch. Looking around they soon spot something… which made them look at each other like if that was the target.

"I think we found our guy," Will said.

What they found was a huge red armor with a massive shield on an arm and a mix of cannon and gatling gun on the other arm. The Sentinel was just walking to where they were.

"My time to shine," Wesley said putting his hood on. As the Sentinel moved forward he noticed a small pellet looking down to see what it was it exploded into a thick cloud of smoke.

"Diputs tac… erus taht eh si dniheb fo siht ekoj!" said the armored monster after being victim of the cloud of smoke. "Fi I barg mih I lliw nrut otni a teprac!"

Wesley, who had sidled up behind the suit of armor, jumped high into the air, landing on its shoulders as he dug the dagger from his wrist into the back of its neck. The problem was that, he dig the dagger into nothing, and the Sentinel began to shake to take him away.

While Wesley played the 'cowboy' trick, Will and Kuran remembered what the cat said: why in his advice he said precisely 'Keyblade', and not for example 'sword'?

Kuran rolled his eyes and asked, "Why do they always have to make it as sort of puzzle?" while summoning his Keyblade.

"Wes, try using your Keyblade!" Will shouted.

"Got it," unfortunately he got tossed off. "Damn it!"

In that situation, the only solution was waiting until the Sentinel gave his back to Will and Kuran while dealing with Wesley.

"Once we hit him, you take his attention," told Kuran while storming forward.

Will ran up to the Sentinel, stabbing its back with his Keyblade, followed up by a stab from Kuran, though he decided to leave the Keyblade there since it hit a point where the Sentinel should be rendered, unable to bow down. After receiving the stab there, the Sentinel groaned and kneeled, soon disappearing in smoke.

"You know I would have gotten it if you guys TOLD ME ABOUT USING MY KEYBLADE SOONER!" Wesley yellowed frustrated.

"Dude, it slipped my mind, chill out," Will said.

Now with the way free, they continued, trying to avoid the other Sentinel they found in the way, or at least taking care of them without calling their attention.

"I think I see it," Will said pointing to something shiny in the distance.

They followed it, reaching a large room, with the queen's scepter in the centre of it.

"Will… how about you get it? Because it looks too much like a trap for me," told Kuran.

"Yeah, you're more expendable," Wesley added.

"So are you. You're already dead," Will countered before sneaking over to the scepter and slowly grabbed it.

A clack was heard and for a moment nothing came … until dozens of arrows flew at Will, followed by spears, bombs, chainsaws, a floating baby head and as finisher a giant green clown shoe.

"Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap!" Will shouted running for his immortal life.

Soon the barrage of traps finished, all was in peace, until the only exit got blocked. Before they were able to ask, something hard landed behind them. Turning around, they saw a huge man if while pale skin and a black armor in the middle of where landed all the traps. This being was huger than the Sentinels from before.

Kuran stepped back a little and asked, "Does anybody know what this is?"

"A Tyrant… model 103, if I'm not mistaken," Wesley said.

"You would know about zombies," Will mused.


"Good… where is the kill switch on this thing?" asked Kuran.

"Half of the time the best way to deal with one of these things is to kill it until it stays dead," Wesley said.

Without warning, the Tyrant rushed to them and was near to punch Will hard, "Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, CRAP!" Will shouted, seeing what was come.

The Tyrant then punched his head on a side, sending him flying against a side of the area, causing a large cloud of dust where he impacted. Kuran blinked for a moment before just throwing his Keyblade at it, but the hit only got his attention on Kuran.

Will stood up holding his head before blasting the creature with fire. The Tyrant ignored the flames and began to walk against Kuran. He decided to throw his daggers while stepping back to avoid of getting too close to that thing.

Wesley shot a barrage of icicles, impaling the Tyrant before pulling out his shortsword and throwing it at the creature, nailing it in between the eyes. But the sword didn't nail deep enough and the Tyrant grabbed the sword out of his forehead, and began to use it to attack Kuran. The blade quickly vanished from its hands and reappeared in Wesley's.

"Sorry but no one uses my toys without my permission," he said as a Keyblade appeared in his other hand.

The giant ignored him and rushed to at Kuran, preparing his arm for punching him at the moment that it would reach him.

Will jumped in front of it, blocking the Tyrant with a punch of his own.

"Miss me?" he mused before taking out his Keyblade cutting its head off.

"He better be dead," mumbled Kuran.

The Tyrant fell on the ground, disappearing in black smoke.

"Well, I think I did my job here. Unless there's anything else you need from me," Wesley said.

"For now, we're good," Will answered.

"Then I'm off, see ya," Wesley said before disappearing in a black fire.

"Well, that takes care of that. Let's go," Will said.

Kuran nodded and began to move to grab the scepter. Though he wondered, "Where is the exit?"

"Right here," Will said opening a Dark Corridor that led back to the hedge garden.

Kuran nodded and they left the garden to bring the queen her belongings.

When the queen recovered her scepter and her crown, the things around changed. All turned lively again, but still brown, as if the darkness began to disappear slowly, and soon an army of cards began to appear and form in front the queen.

"Soldiers!" began the Queen of Hearts. "This world has suffered a lot in the hands of the Fallen and the Devil Panther. We had been living in the darkness for so long. But no more! Today we will rebel against the Fallen and their leader, and recover our lands! And for the Devil… OFF WITH HIS HEAD!" she yelled, giving a leap in her chair, but landed and broken broke the chair. Surely this had not good use for her during this time. "I must find another throne…"

"Help us find this Devil and we'll get its head for you," Will offered as he helped her up.

Soon they heard something growling around, as a big feline or something like that. That showed that they were being watched, but they didn't know from where.

"You really think that is enough with recovering your tools and your army, Queen?" a voice asked, booming around the garden.

"That voice… Panther!" said the Queen, looking around, while the card soldiers looked around too, not knowing where to aim their spears.

Neither the Keybearers were able to find from where came the voice.

"Are you the Devil of this world!?" Will asked.

"Exactly," Panther's voice boomed. "I'm surprised that you were able to come here, but I found amusing how you dealt with the Treant, the Sentinels and the Black Tyrant, only to get the tools of this fat woman."

"HEY!" yelled the Queen. "I'M NOT FAT!"

"Only big boned," tried Kuran and pulled his Keyblade out. "And how about you show yourself so we can we can take it on a personal level."

Then the voice laughed, "Very funny, but I will not go to you. You will come to me," he said and suddenly the floating orb with Alice shone and moved quickly to the entrance that took to the Bizarre Room.

"Fine, if that's the way it's going to be," Will stated before the two made their way to said room.

The room was no more white, it returned to how it was… in some way. The place and forms of the huge furnitures, resembled that both are as small as rats, and that the room seemed to have come of a horror movie, all twisted and sinister. On the roof of it they found the dark orb with Alice, but they knew that somebody more was there.

"I'm surprised that you came, either knowing that it was a death wish," Panther's voice boomed in the room. "One of two, you're really brave, or you're really idiots."

"That would be intimidating… if you were, you know, ACTUALLY intimidating," Will mused.

"You know…. I saw better horror movies," told Kuran. "But I am not really scared."

Then somebody appeared on the table. It was a large anthropomorphic Sabertooth, larger that an adult, or Maluz himself, well, taking into account the size, with a only leather armor covering chest and groin, but was really muscular, and wore a pair of large claws that would put any werewolf in shame, "Am I intimidating NOW!?" the beast said, roaring.

The two keybearers gulped at the same time.

"I wish I faced Maluz right now… he could be better handled right now."

"Still not as overwhelming as I originally thought," Will said.

Panther did a movement as ripping something, but this sent a wave that reached Will, ripping his chest, sending him flying to the ground. Will stood back up and casually dusted himself off with his chest blown open, "Not going to lie, not bad."

"Immortal, uh?" Panther questioned. "Maybe I use you as meat for the Wargs. An endless meat supply."

"Got to earn it first," Will said summoning his Keyblade.

"Bad taste kitty," chuckled Kuran.

"I will teach you who is the kitty!" roared Panther, jumping from the table, landing in front of them.

Will quickly jumped out of the way before rushing at him striking Panther's chest with his Keyblade. But the Devil got the Keyblade before impacted on him and threw him against Kuran but he disappeared in a Dark Corridor and reappeared above the enemy as Kuran threw a set of his daggers at his opponent, testing how he would react on his explosion trick.

The explosion didn't affect him a lot and Panther jumped to Kuran, ready to slash him with his claws. Will got in the way and stopped the pair of claws by stabbing the Devil's hand with his katana.

He roared by that and kicked him away, and tried to slash Kuran with the other claw. But he hit with his claws a shield before Kuran tried to stab him with his own weapon. Will took the opening and slashed at Panther's stomach with his Keyblade.

He grunted by the hits, landed on his feet and jumped as a flash to one of the walls, bouncing against it, landing near one of them slashing downward, causing a cutting wave that ripped the ground around three meters in front of him.

"This guy is insane!"

"Yeah, my kind of insane," Will admitted before transforming and flying at Panther, slashing at him with his own claws.

He roared but bit his neck with his two large fangs and ripped one of his wings with one of his claws.

Kuran threw more of his daggers, a good set of them digging into Panther's body while Kuran ran up, planning to ram his Keyblade into his body, "Will! Hold him!"

Panther slashed Will again and jumped from him against a wall, bouncing against Kuran with the idea of using the same attack against him, claw ready.

Will quickly flew at the Devil, digging his claws and talons into his back sending him crashing into the ground, biting down on the back of his neck for good measure, "DO IT!" he muffled.

Kuran roared on his own and slammed his Keyblade into the opponent's body, slamming his blade over and over into Panther. The Devil grunted by the hits until he suddenly roared, sending a shockwave that sent both keybearers way, leaving place for jump over the table, "Very well. Let's see how you deal with this now," he said and roared loudly.

Seconds later, the ground began to be flooded by a visually endless pack of Wargs and even a few next to him, leaving only a place for fight: on the table where Panther was.

"To close for my taste," muttered Kuran and grabbed his Keyblade tightly.

"Relax, I got this... Time Stop," Will and Kuran suddenly vanished appearing on the table behind Panther.

The spell didn't affected the Devil completely and when he spotted them, he turned around with a circular kick to back them away of him. Kuran grunted loudly stabbing the Warg that was lunging at him. Another Warg tried to ponce pounce at Will, who only kicked it, sending it flying at Panther, but he sent it away with an arm.

And Kuran began to run into a better position to start an attack, looking at Will, who got a tactic down.

Panther began to send slashing waves at Kuran, keeping the distance between them, without losing sight of Will, who swung his Keyblade, sending his own slashing waves to block Panther's as he flew at him, kicking him with his talons in the chest. Then a sudden blade rammed into Panther as Kuran got behind him and slammed a dagger into the neck for extra measure.

Will took extra measures by jamming his katana into Panther's chest before biting down on his neck. Panther roared by the array of attacks, but he began to spin around, sending them away.

"Jeez, I'm starting to think this guy is immortal too!" Will groaned.

"Then you pull your sword Deadpool," told Kuran with a groan.

He stared at them, panting loudly.

"Cat can't take much more of this, that's for sure," Will added before noticing his katana still stuck in Panther's chest.

The Devil took the katana out of his chest and threw it against Kuran. But the darkness user got his shield up to block the attack before throwing more daggers. Will grabbed his katana, running at him. He slashed at the hole in his chest. Kuran ran up as well, having a dagger ready which was slowly being charged.

He grunted by the hits and jumped to the wall, bouncing on the four walls, sending a slashing wave each time he bounced on a wall, always going around them.

Kuran kept moving around to not get hit. Will blasted Panther with a stream of lightning and one of the bolts shocked the dark creature greatly, but the beast resisted the shock and kept bouncing around them, at some times jumping to the table, sending a cutting wave in front of where he landed, beginning to bounce again for repeat the process.

"God damn it, just die already!" Will shouted before managing to smack back one of the waves back, hitting Panther.

Panther landed on the table by the slash done by his own attack, but he prepared for last attack, enough powerful to destroy the room itself.

Will turned to Kuran, "I think it's time we wrapped this up."

"Indeed," agreed Kuran as he got his Keyblade ready, charging it to release a more powerful hit on his enemy.

Will fused his blades together before engulfing it in a silver fire.

"I get the head," told Kuran and stormed forward.

"Guess I got the rest of the body," Will mused.

Panther soon saw them come to them, and tried to unleash his attack, even if wasn't complete.

Will swung his Keyblade, unleashing a large crescent blast of silver fire.

And Kuran jumped through a Dark Corridor, appearing above Panther, his Keyblade ready to remove the head and the Keybearer shouted, "OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!"

Before The Devil could react, he was hit by Will's attack, leaving him open. And Kuran's Keybalde sliced through the neck.

"About freaking time… jeez," Will sighed.

Panther fell on the ground, began to shine and without a warning, exploded into a large black cloud. Kuran thought have seen something similar to a Keyblade inside the cloud, but when the cloud dissipated, there was nothing. Soon the Wargs began to run away.

"Let's try to get to the Princess," told Kuran and looked up.

The sphere where the Princess was began to shine, blinding them.

When the shine went off, the room returned to how it was before everything, and Alice, without the sphere, began to float down slowly, until landing with her back on the table.

Will carefully picked up the unconscious girl, "Come on, let's get you somewhere a bit safer."

"And where is a safe place?" asked Kuran. "I am pretty sure that a lot of people will try to get her back now."

"Let's just get her somewhere where she can rest a bit," Will said.

The two took her to a part of the woods, gently laying Alice down under a tree.

"Hope the other Devils aren't this much trouble. I mean, jeez," Will sighed.

"I have the feeling this was just the beginning," mumbled Kuran and looked into the distance.

Alice soon began to open her eyes and looked around.

"Rise and shine sleepyhead," Will smiled.

She sat on the ground and looked around, "Where am I?"

"In the forest of Wonderland. How are you feeling?" Will asked.

"As if I had slept all my life inside an icebox… with the brain inside a howl…"

Kuran thought about where she has been and told, "Well… given where we found you… I guess you weren't that far from the truth."

"The last thing I remember… is hearing something behind me… and then I'm here," she said, with a hand on her head.

"Well, in any case, you're fine now," Will said.

"But… what happened?"

"In short, you were prisoner of a dark creature. We defeated it to save you and then the rest you can guess."

"I see…" she said. "And… the other Princesses are in the same situation?"

"Yeah. At least that is what we were told," said Kuran.

"We are planning on saving them as well," Will said before turning to Kuran. "Speaking of which, we should get going."

"True," told Kuran. "And we have to find something… because regardless of the acknowledgement that my darkness weapons aren't as effective as usual, I still tend to use them."

"I got a few things you can use if you're interested," Will offered.

"Do you have anything that can replace my darkness?"

"Well, I have a few spare weapons I keep... now that I am thinking about it, what about you're double ended spear?" Will wondered pulling out said weapon from his bag.

"Good point," told Kuran while taking it. "Time to leave."

Inside the dark throne room, Lilith was staring the huge mirror of the room, her throne turned at its direction, until she heard the doors opening. From there, a pair of large armors with long swords were carrying, or dragging, Null inside the room, and threw him, landing at some meters of the throne.

"I know I'm quite capable of coming here myself, thank you very much," he huffed dusting himself off.

The armors ignored him and went outside the room, closing the gates.

"You're the Immortal's double, am I right?" questioned Lilith, without turning to him, still staring the mirror.

"How'd ya guess?" Null wondered. Soon he saw in the mirror a known scene: when he got separated from Will. "Magic Mirror got nothing on this, heh," the masked Heartless mused.

"There is no mirror able to imitate the Mirror of Fate," she said and the throne turned around, now looking at Null. "It can see past, present… and some images of the future… if you know where look."

"If that's true, then you PROBABLY know what me being here may or may not mean."

"Let's resume this in this sentence: the people fear the Heartless… and the Heartless FEAR me," she said. "And obey me," suddenly a group of Neo-Shadows appeared surrounding Null.

"If you know who I am, then you know I'm not a normal Heartless," Null said.

"I know, but I can give you something that you want," she said. "The Immortal."

"What makes you think I NEED you to get him? I am more than able to do that myself."

"Yeah, I saw how you played being the Headless Rider after your encounter moments ago," she said, signaling the mirror.

"You think that's something, you should have seen all of HIS deaths. Good Times," Null laughed to himself. "What I'm curious about is, why the offer?"

"The Mirror shows events, but not the things behind them. I need information and now more that they defeated one of my Six Devils."

"Why didn't you say so? No problem, after all, you know that old saying: the enemy of my enemy is my friend," the Heartless responded.

"I prefer the new saying: the enemy of my enemy is my servant," she said. "But I understand what do you mean. And if you accept, first I want something from you… information."

"Help me out with a little project I'm working on and you got a deal."

"And what this project is?"

"What would you say to an opportunity to become more than just a queen of just few worthless worlds?"

"Interesting, but do you know that a Heartless from other universe offered me a similar treat?" she questioned.

"Sounds like you already met a few friends of mine," Null chuckled.

"Let's say that I showed them to not mess with me."

"If that's the case then I suppose I'm wasting my time," Null said before turning around. "Have fun taking care of those two."

"Are you sure?" she questioned. "I'm offering you something that I offered them, and they rejected. Resources, infinite resources. After all, in this universe, if Kingdom Hearts represents the light, I represent the darkness."

"The question here is whether or not you really need my help."

"As I'm saying, I need something you have and I don't… information," she replied. "And maybe I have something you don't have and need..."

"I'll take that as a yes. With that said, we have so much to talk about," Null said turning back to Lilith. "And what do you want to know?"

She turned her face to a side, and Null saw in the mirror the images of Will and Kuran, and then she turned to Null, "Everything."
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Rushing back to the throne room they saw Kairi being surrounded by Unversed and Vanitas was grinning at them together with Repliku.

"You!" shouted Sora. "Leave Kairi alone!"

"You wish," told Repliku. "However, we need Kairi for our cause."

"Do you really thing we would let you leave with her?" asked Aqua, summoning her Keyblade and Vanitas laughed.

"Nope! We completely expected that you fight for her. However… Xehanort was so nice to hand us his last gifts for you. If you survive the next one, then you get one more and can prepare for our final confrontation."

"What are you talking about?" asked Riku and suddenly they were knocked back by a loud screech directed at them.

Groaning from the loud tone a shadow moved like liquid in front of Repliku and Vanitas and slowly a figure formed form it… while the outlines reminded of a woman, the skin and hair were black, the eyes glowing white and the mouth was filled with fangs. No doubt that it was a creature of darkness. Perhaps even an unknown form of Heartless.

"We found this one by chance in the Realm of Darkness and wanted its host back," told Repliku and Vanitas laughed.

"And we were more than willing to give the host. We were even so nice to give a certain immunity towards light!"

The being laughed and told, "I hope you like the greeting! Because next time I use it, you are either knocked out or outright death! No matter how, your lives end here!"

"I would love to watch the show but we have orders from Xehanort!" laughed Vanitas and his Unversed grabbed the panicked Kairi and dragged her into a dark corridor before the two organization members followed.

The being grinned widely and the floor began to get covered by darkness and tentacles grew from the ground, "I could terminate you all on the spot! But testing my newfound powers will be more enjoyable while reducing your wrenched Keyblades into dust!"

"Only in your dreams," told Riku, struggling to get back on his feet, but from the match against the Dark Knight he was like the others, still weakened.

Her tentacles reached for the Keybearers but they didn't plan to just sit there and wait. Riku and Sora used their speed to cut quickly the tentacles which were trying to grab them. Mickey was doing acrobatics while Aqua opted to use shields and quick spells while all of them tried to prevent her to grab on those who couldn't defend themselves. But what worried them more the most was that it seemed that the Cornerstone of Light either didn't do it's supposed work or that the dark being was not weakened enough by its power.

Additional to the fact that the cornerstone wasn't working, she was shrieking loudly and everybody was swiped from their feet, quickly grabbed and tied up by her tentacles of darkness.

Laughing loudly, she declared, "Now that I have all of you in my grasp, I will exterminate you once after another!" turning her gaze to Riku she also explained. "And I will start with you … you remind me a lot to the one who dared to defeat me in the realm of darkness! My territory!" her arm began to change form and became a long spike made of pure darkness.

The tentacles forced Riku into a kneeling position, making him look at her as she closed in. Laughing madly she lifted her arm and aimed at Riku. But her laugh died off soon as she noticed something. She turns around and a corridor of darkness was there. Tilting her head she wondered, "Are they back again? What do they want now?"

Instead of a humanoid body appearing from the dark corridor, a growl came out of it and a pair of green eyes fixed on her. The creature of darkness stepped back by the sheer glance from whatever was in there and it began to slowly move out.

It was a bipedal creature with two strong legs a long tail and a round body. Two shorter arms were coming from the body while the head was triangle formed and the mouth resembled a large beak. On the back grew a pair of wings, though they appear to be semi transparent.

The dominant color of the creature was black, though the neck sported the color green while on head was a golden forehead.

She didn't think long and called, "If you want to make yourself useful, kill one of these meddling Keybearers!"

But it didn't follow her order, though she was sure that she was the strongest one able to control Heartless. Slightly unnerved by the lack of reaction she called, "What are you waiting for? Do something!"

And with that the Heartless began to dash… aimed at her. She shrieked but it didn't show effects and in the own defense she melted, forming a puddle of darkness getting behind the Keybearers while her tentacles launching at the foe.

The dragon-like heartless stopped and looked for its prey as the tentacles wrapped around it, immobilizing it. She chuckled loudly and told, "Looks like you are now at my mercy!"

The Heartless roared and mobilized its strength, ripping the tentacles off. Also it grabbed one of them and chewed on the tentacle before gulping it down. She stared at it in shock while the Keybearers were surprised as well. It growled and stormed forward again, disappearing in a dark corridor, only to reappear in front of her and the Heartless jumped at her.

She stared at her foe for a moment before trying to melt and disappear in its shadow but the jaws snapped and pulled her up again. She screamed in horror and hit his body with her fists, but the arms of the Heartless grabbed her and began to pull. She screams at the Keybearers, "Help me! Please! Stop this thing!"

She screamed more and suddenly a body fell down on the ground while she turned into a dark mess in the Heartless jaws, the tentacles and the darkness produced by her disappearing.

The Keybearers stood up slowly, watching how the Heartless kept chewing on the dark mess before gulping it down like a piece of flesh.

It looked around and let out a cry, causing the Heartless Keybearers to call their Keyblades. Looking at the body at the ground it didn't move. The Keybearers looked as well and they gasped shocked as they recognized who it was; it was Faith.

A weak groan came from her and she slowly opened her eyes. At first everything was blurry in her view then it began to clear, but as she saw the Heartless she gasped at first, crawling away in a first instinct.

The Heartless moved towards her, but Sora called, "Stay away from her!"

Reacting to Sora's call, it turned towards the Keybearers, letting out a roar before storming away from them, leaving in a dark corridor.

Panting loudly, Faith looked at them, "What happened? And how did I get here?"

"The same we could ask you," told Riku. "First you disappear, and now you reappeared after this Heartless… ripped the darkness off from you after you tried to kill us."

"It took control over me again?" asked Faith and Riku turnws his head.

"I think we have to go through step by step… what is the last thing you remember?"

"The last thing I remember… it is that I stood above Xemnas after kicking his butt," told Faith. "Then… I felt pain and… then I woke up here."

"And what do you mean you got controlled again?"

"I… I was once controlled by the darkness. Upon meeting Kuran I got freed by him and he brought me also to Radiant Garden."

"I see… I guess you got kidnapped by the Organization and merged with this darkness again," guessed Riku and Mickey told.

"And used as distraction to keep us busy while the Organization took Kairi."

"With that they have all seven princesses," spoke Riku and Sora gasped.

"Then we have to save them!"

"And where do you think we should look for them?" asked Riku. Sora wanted to answer that but only an 'oh' came from him.

Mickey on the other hand had taken the opportunity to fill Faith in on what happened from the point she was gone missing and her reappearance.

She looked at the direction where the Heartless had gone and told, "The Heartless… somehow it… felt familiar."

"Have you seen it before?" asked Mickey but Faith shook her head.

"No. Definitely not."

"Then perhaps it has been once somebody you knew," suggested Aqua and Faith nodded.

"Sounds likely," then she turned to the others. "Better if you bring Sora and I to Even so we can help Xion. While somebody takes care of the others."

"A good idea," told Aqua. "And secure this place… I fear this room won't be able to withstand anymore."

"Yeah…." told Mickey. "It will take a lot of time before we can let anybody enter this room again."

"Your Majesty! Your Majesty!" suddenly shouted the voice of Donald as he rushed in.

"Donald! What happened?" asked Mickey and the duck shouted.

"Somebody appeared in the garden and he-"

Donald stopped as he noticed the damage around in the room and shouted, "What happened here?"

"You knew a fight was going on here," told Mickey. "What is about this man?"

"He claims to be an Armor Maker," told Donald and Aqua asked.

"Amor Maker for Keybearers?"

"Armor Maker?" asked Sora and Aqua told.

"Each armor worn by a Keybearera is created by a special blacksmith. And the last one disappeared shortly after he made the one for Ventus."

"Better we check on him," told Riku. " I have the feeling his appearance isn't just fate. But part of Xehanort's plan."

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