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Leafa, Kirito and Kuran were stood in the middle of the underground town and Kuran told, "I cannot believe that you bribed this guy."

"What? It worked!" told Kirito.

Kirito had offered everything he had earned in that battle against the last remaining mage in exchange for his information. From that they learned that this group was especially dispatched to take care of their little trio since Kirito took care of one of better players in one swing and something else… but due to the rank the mage, he didn't know the detail. What he also could tell was that a raid group sized headed north but not for the grand quest in the World Tree due to the lack of Legendary Equipment and the Salamanders were saving up to buy them.

Kuran had crossed his arms as he ran though the information… then he asked something, "Leafa… are there any quests or system exploits which could allow this Salamander group to gain a lot of money?"

"Not that I…" began Leafa but stopped. "There is something… but how would they know…"

"What is it?" asked Kirito and Leafa explained. "Our Faction Leader is meeting today with the one of the Cait Sith to form an alliance to tackle on the grand quest. If the Salamanders are attacking now… they could not only invade the Slyphs territory but also the Caith Syth territory after slaying the leaders. Then they also could raise any taxes and get a third of the territories stored Yrd."

"To know something like that you need a mole," told Kuran. Leafa agreed and tried to contact her friend Recon since he had sent her a massage during the run. However he seems to have logged out and told the two that she is logging out for a moment to call him.

Once she was out, Kuran shoulders the empty avatar of hers and Kirito asked, "Why are you grabbing her?"

"If her leader is about to be attacked, it is better to have a head start," was the darkness user simple reply. Accepting this, the two Spriggans began to move and Kuran asked Yui, "Can you determinate where the current Leader of the Cait Sith or the Sylph are right now?"

"Moment," told Yui and concentrated a bit and after a while she told. "You have to fly north once you exit the caves on the other side of the mountains… though I cannot say it detailed… the Cardinal System only allows access to the local maps and nearby players… I was only lucky for the factions leaders due to a loophole but this was closed by one of the sub routines."

"Can it fix its own bugs?" asked Kuran and Yui nodded and Kirito explained. "Given the original creator of the Cardinal System and his plans for it, I am not surprised."

"Would love to hear the story but we have to hurry," told Kuran and they rushed out. On the way Leafa was had woke up or rather had logged back in and gasped in surprise as she found herself being carried by Kuran.

"Welcome back!" told Kuran and put Leafa down. "We thought a head start would be good."

"That's correct! I just learned from Recon that Sigurd has betrayed the Sylphs!" shouted Leafa and Kuran nodded. "One more reason to hurry… if the Cait Siths learn that they were sold out by a Sylph it wouldn't help the relationship at all."

And with that they sped off, hoping to get to this meeting in time… though without a single clue what to do once this Salamander Army arrives.

As they got closer to the meeting point, Yui informed them that 38 players were in the near, good chance that this was the Salamander attack force. And fourteen further up. Probably the Slyph and Cait Sith players. Even if the three were thrown into the mix, the Salamanders outmatched them by roughly two to one with four spares for the Salamanders…

"Thank you… Kirito… Kuran… but we didn't make it in time," told Leafa. "This is far enough. You two go to the World Tree while I go to save Sakuya."

"I prefer to stick around and even the odds a little," told Kuran while Kirito just explained. "Running away isn't really my style."

Before the two could react, Kirito sped off and land like a meteor between the Salamanders and the diplomats.

Staring, Kuran only wondered, "Why is he doing these stunts?"

Then they heard him calling, "Everyone, put away your swords!"

Everybody looked in wonder about who that was while Leafa and Kuran landed and moved to the leaders of the Cait Sith and Sylph.

"Sakuya," told Leafa and the woman turned and spoke. "Leafa… What are you doing here?"

"It's not easy to explain," told Leafa and Kuran shrugged. "In simple words: We are here to save your necks… somehow."

Then Kirito demanded to talk with the Salamander's commander and one of the Salamanders began to move forward, demanding, "What's a Spriggan doing here?"

As Kirito didn't answer the Salamander just stated, "I'm going to kill you, regardless of your answer. But in honor of your bravery, I will speak to you first."

"My name is Kirito. I'm an ambassador for the Spriggan-Undine alliance. Together with my colleague Kuran, we are attending to this meeting. If you attack it, I can assume you desire a full-scale war with all four races, correct?"

Kuran only blanket out at Kirito's claim… this is a heck of a bluff.

"An Udine-Spriggan alliance?" asked the commander. "And you, with only a single guard, are their ambassador?"

"Yes, that's right," answered Kirito. "I'm merely here to negotiate trade terms with the Sylphs and Cait Sith. But if the talks are disrupted, it will be much worse. The four races will ally against the Salamanders."

"You're all alone, wearing horrible gear," began to leader and looked at Kuran. "And your bodyguard may have a better weapon but the rest is still terrible. You can't expect me to believe you," and he drew his sword and told. "If you can withstand my assault for thirty seconds, I will believe you are an ambassador."

Kuran didn't like that… something told him that guy had something up his sleeve. Playing along this trick he flew up to Kirito and told him, "Kirito! As your bodyguard, I have to insist that I take the fight for you."

"It's alright Kuran," told Kirito and turned to his opponent. "That's a generous offer."

Kuran shook his head while landing and Leafa told to Kuran, "That's bad! This guy… this is General Eugene. His younger brother leads the Salamanders and this guy is said to be the strongest player."

Kuran turned and cursed. Aware how difficult it was to face a strong opponent head on, Kuran was sure that Kirito had to rely on his sword skills and different tricks.

Kirito and Eugene were still facing each other without moving, until a sun beam hit the Salamander's blade and he used it to blind Kirito before storming forward to attack him. Kirito went to block the attack but Eugene's blade just phased through and hit, sending Kirito flying down.

"What the…?" called Kuran and the leader of the Cait Sith explained. "The Demonic Sword Gram has a bonus skill, Ethereal Shift, letting it phase when someone tries to block with a shield or sword."

"Such a skill is totally broken," told Leafa and Kura grabbed on his weapon, wishing he could just team up with Kirito. However, out of the corner of his eyes he saw something, he jumped at the Leaders and forces them to fall back, just moments before fireballs hit the ground. Jumping into the air, Kuran stormed at the Salamander's which had dared to attack.

It was a group of three. Two were casting spells while the third was trying to stop Kuran… but a black smoke appeared between Kuran and the opponent. Thinking it is just a smoke illusion spell, he flew into the thing but was surprised that he was suddenly on a different spot as he should be by flying straight. He looked around… only to find himself between Eugene and Kirito storming at each other…

As they were clashing together again, terminating the warrior by sandwiching the two swords. Though they broke off afterwards due to the confusion how this one got into the way before they turned to the scream of the two mages as Kuran dispatched the two mages.

General Eugene shouted over, "What is the meaning of this?"

"Three of your soldiers attacked while nobody was watching!" told Kuran. "So I dealt with them."

Turning around the general shouted, "If any of you attack again without my allowance, I will rip you apart personally!" Then he turned to Kirito and smirked, "And I am amazed that you are still alive!"

"What was that attack?" demanded Kirito before storming forward and slashed at the general wild and fast.

Then they flew acrobatically and Kirito dodged General Eugene's attacks as much as possible while attacking back.

However, the Salamander still managed to get a clean hit on Kirito who demanded, "Hey! It's been thirty seconds by now."

"Sorry, but I decided to kill you. Now you have to survive until I kill you," explained Eugene and Kuran stormed forward but stopped as Kirito was faster in attacking the Salamander and they exchanged wild and hard blows at each other. Then after Kirito got several hits, he flew away, cast a spell and suddenly the entire place was filled by smoke.

Nobody could see for several moments until the smoke began to clear by a swing of General Eugene blade, however… Kirito was gone already. Everybody looked in confusion and some even began to claim that the Spriggan had fled. Kuran, on the other hand, got suddenly a feeling and looked up at the sky, starting to grin.

Eugene and others had caught on and looked up as well. Kirito was high in the air, using the blinding sun to get close to General Eugene but Kuran wondered why Kirito was holding one of his hands behind the back.

Eugene stood up and attacked, his blade phasing through Kiritos sword… only to be blocked by Leafa's blade.

Kuran understood then. Kirito had used the smoke to grab Leafa's sword to perform a dual wield style.

General Eugene was so shocked by that so that he couldn't defend himself from Kirito's onslaught. Then Kirito impaled the General with both swords, forcing of them to fly down. However the General didn't plan to get down without a fight and pushed him off. Kirito wasn't faced much and attacked again before using Leafa's blade, starting to cut the Salamander in half. The two halves exploded and a flame ball flew down on the ground… General Eugene of the Salamanders… the strongest Player in ALfheim Online was defeated.

Everybody was staring at that turn of events. Until Lady Sakuya held out a fan and told, "Splendid! Simply splendid!"

"Nice fight!" shouted the leader of the Cait Sith. The Slyphs and Cait Sith cheered on the victory while the Salamanders admitted the strength of Kirito.

Later on, Sakuya was resurrected Eugene with a spell. After standing up and flexing his arms a little, he admitted to Kirito, "You are an excellent fighter. The best I have ever seen."

Kirito thanked him before Eugene continued, "I had no idea there was someone like you among the Spriggans. The world is a bigger place than I'd thought."

"Will you believe us, then?" asked Kirito and General Eugene narrowed his eyes at first, tension building up at everybody as they waited for his answer.

Kuran was close to grab his weapon as a Salamander spoke up, "Gene-san, a word?"

"Kagemune?" asked General Eugene. "What is it?"

"You know that my party was wiped out yesterday, right?" wondered the Salamander and after a 'yes' from his general he explained. "This is the Spriggan who did it. There was indeed an Undine with him."

Eugene looked at him for a moment before telling, "Very well. Then I suppose I must believe it. It's true that neither I nor our leader intend to fight the Undines and Spriggans. We'll withdraw for now. But someday, I'll fight you again."

"Sounds good to me," told Kirito and raised a fist. Eugene hit the fist with his own before the Salamanders retreated completely.

"Guess not all Salamanders are bad," told Kirito after they were gone before receiving a punch from Kuran. "Did you even thought this through for a moment? What would you have done if this General had known that there wasn't an alliance between Undine and Spriggans?"

"I just hoped that he would give me the benefit of doubt," told Kirito and Kuran shook his head. "Really? You played on a Batman Gambit without even knowing the people involved?"

"That's correct!" told Kirito and Kuran could just stare on him. Sakuya came to them and demanded to know what just happened.

Once they finished explaining everything to the Sylph leader, she replied, "I did sense some degree of irritation in Sigurd's attitude."

"Irritation? At what?" wondered Leafa and Sakuya explained. "He couldn't accept that in terms of power, we were falling behind the Salamanders. Sigurd is a man to whom power is very important. Not just for his character stats and abilities… He desired power as a player, as well."

"But even so, why would he spy for the Salamanders?" asked Leafa and Kuran wondered. "Is there a way to switch factions?"

Sakura nodded, "There are rumors about the 5.0 patch which will be released soon… that finally comes with a reincarnation system into the game."

"Bring me your leader's head and I welcome to the Salamanders… this would be the deal with this snake got," mused Kuran and grinned. "What kind of punishment should he gain?"

"Lu," began Sakuya, turning to the Leader of the Cait Sith. "You've rasied youu dark magic skill, right?"

She nodded while her ears twitched slightly and Sakuya requested, "Open a Moonlight Mirror to Sigurd."

A mirror materialized in front of them and the Sylph leader told, "Sigurd."

"S-Sakuya," gasped Sigurd while the Sylph leader told. "Indeed. Unfortunately, I'm still alive."

"Why?" asked Sigurd and corrected himself, "I mean, what happened at the meeting?"

"It concluded successfully," explained Sakura. We must still sign the treaty, though. Oh right… We had an unexpected guest."

"A g-guest?" asked Sigurd and Sakura told. "General Eugene sends his regards."

Kuran could see how Sigurd got pale by the mention of the Salamander. Then he spotted the three and told, "So that's it! Those incompetent lizards. Then he grinned, "What will you do, Sakuya? Fine me? Kick me out of the government? But without me running the military, how long will your rule last?"

"No," Sakuya smiled. "If you cannot stand being a Sylph, I thought I would grant your request."

"W-what?" asked Sigurd and Sakuya began to work on her menu. He asked, "Are you insane?! Me? You're banishing me?"

"That's right," answered the Sylph leader. "You can wander the neutral territory as a renegade. Hopefully, you will find something new there to occupy your time."

"Curse you!" shouted Sigurd and disappeared in a flash of light. Then the Moonlight Mirror spell was ended and Leafa began, "Sakuya…?"

"Thank you, Leafa," explained Sakuya. "I'm very happy you came to save me."

"I didn't do anything," told Leafa. "You should thank Kirito-kun."

"Hey, what you were saying about being a Spriggan-Undine ambassador," began the Cait Sith leader. "Is that true?"

"Oh, that was just a big lie," told Kirito and Kuran sighed. "That's why I punched him."

"You're crazy," told Sakura. "I can't believe you came up with that on the spur of the moment," the Cait sith grinned. "For a big lair, you're pretty strong. Maybe you're the Spriggans' secret weapon? After all you are with an Event NPC…"

"Event NPC?" asked Kirito and the Cait Sith nodded. "Before I logged in today, I saw that a randomized NPC was created. Acting like a player and teaming up with a random player of the same race. The player had the quest to defend him, while all others… the one who slays him would get a great reward."

"I am not I the mood to get killed for some treasure," told Kuran and Kirito chuckled. "I am just a wandering mercenary.

The girl laughed loudly and hugged Kirito's arm, "If you aren't tied down anywhere, why not be a mercenary for the Cait Sith? You'll get three meals a day, play snacks and a nap."

"Kirito was it?" asked Sakura. "How about you join me for a drink after this in Sylvein? I'd like to know you a little better."

"That's not fair Sakuya! You shouldn't try to seduce him," protested the Cait Sith leader. Sakuya countered, "You're clinging to him too much."

Kirito sighed and Kuran stepped towards him, "He would sure love to sort this out, but we have to deal with our own problems first. We just got here to help out but now we lost a lot of time, and after learning that now an entire world is after me, I prefer not to risk getting killed before my job is done."

"I appreciate the offers," admitted Kirito. "But Kuran-kun is right. And Leafa promised to take me to the World Tree."

"What a shame," told Sakuya. "You're going to Arun, Leafa? Sightseeing?"

"I was planning to leave the Sylphs…" admitted Leafa. "But now I'm going to return to Sylvein, though I'm not sure when."

"Understood. I'm glad to hear it," told Sakuya. "Make sure you come back."

"Stop at by my place on the way back," told the Cait Sith. "We'll throw you a party."

Then they began to say goodbye to the three and Kirito made one last goodbye present to the two leaders… a heavy bag of Money. The goal of this alliance was to venture the World Tree and Kirito wanted to reach the top of the World Tree to meet somebody… somebody he couldn't reach in the real world.

Kuran wondered who this one was…

In the meanwhile, Oberon was meeting his business partner again.

"Did you handle the problem?" asked the dark creature while the Fairy King just told. "The Technicians found new data but we were unable to remove them from the system since they were actively used right now and some delete protection protocols are running. So we put in a quest that promises a great reward for the one killing him. Once he is killed, we are free to delete him."

"Better hope you don't fail with this plan. After all… we have your part of our contract. Only because of something you still have, gives us a reason to still interact with you."

"Don't worry my friend. Once everything is over, I will be truly a god and you have your own little place calling home. And with your enemy somehow appearing as game figure just made it way easier".

"Your word in whatever deity you believe in," he told and turned. "I am meeting with the others now… he is better dead when I come back or I take matters personally."

Later at an unknown location the Heartless stood there and was soon joined by two others.

"I take it your doing well?" asked a man in all black with red eyes.

"Did you get the information?" the Heartless inquired.

"I'm looking over it right now... Did the Dark Keyblade wielder really made it to your location?" asked the other who looked cybernetic.

"It would appear so. 'His Majesty' claims to have the situation taken care of," the Heartless answered.

"This could be troublesome. It will no doubt be a matter of time before he finds the Keyhole in this universe," the red eyed man spoke.

"The way I see it, that will happen we should consider cutting our loss and drop the dead white," said the cybernetic one.

"Perhaps, but let's not forget what happens when those two find the Keyholes. In any case, what should we do about Oberon?" the Heartless asked.

"Let the fairy play his game. If he wants to control others, fine. It's not like it will matter when we are finished. However, should he prove disobedience, remind him that he's still just a human," the red eyed man said.

"Right," the Heartless said before leaving.

In the real world it was close to the time where Leafa and Kirito go usually to bed, so the two, along with Kuran went down on a village to go to sleep but… seeing that nobody was around, not even NCPs Kuran got suspicious and opened the map menu to confirm that that village was on the map.

After a good look at their coordinates, he cursed and shouted to Leafa and Kirito, "Don't touch anything!"

However… it was too late. In the very moment were Kirito had touched what he thought to be the local inn, the ground began to rumble and the first thing that Kuran did was fly high into the air. Only as he felt safe, he looked around but realized that neither Kirito nor Leafa were around. So the next natural thing he did was looking down… finding a large earthworm which used some part of the body to fake that village. If they had bothered to looking at the map beforehand, this trap wouldn't have surprised them… and from the looks of it, he was the only one escaping it.

Since this was a game right now, though Kuran didn't know how much it applied to him, the two weren't permanent dead and should respawn somewhere.

With this in mind he opened the menu and texted to Kirito and Leafa: "Going to Arrun and wait for you. Contact me upon Arrival. Kuran."

Since he didn't know how long it could take, he didn't wait for a reply and flew off to the World Tree. Though after a few minutes he got a reply which just confirmed his plan.

He landed in the front gates of the town of Arrun and looked impressed that there was a town added to the tree itself. In his mind he wondered if there was a real world which such a place.

He explored the town a little until he got to a plaza where he had a good view on the visible parts of the World Tree's top. Curious about how far his abilities could bring him, he began to ascend into the air, raising to a height were nobody on the ground could see him. He started using his dark corridor to put him so far as possible without using up the time limit of flight too much. However… the cooldown of the dark corridors were three minutes, but thanks to it, he was able to cover the ground of a five minute flight.

Near the lowest branches of the World Tree, he found a barrier surrounding the top. Properly to prevent Players to get up by flying if they somehow managed to surpass the flight limits.

However, for Kuran this was just another test about the limits of his abilities in this world/game. After the cooldown of the dark portal reached zero, Kuran attempted to open a corridor to the other side of the barrier, upon the lowest safe branch he could see.

Once he got on that branch, he started looking around and high up he spotted something golden being reflected by the light. Seeing no direct way up Kuran reasoned he had either to fly or use a time consuming usage of the Dark Portal… after deciding not to risk to fall down due to being too high in the air for his fairy wings to be used, he began to use Dark Corridor after Dark Corridor and got on the branch he wanted to reach. This branch had a sort of pathway that led either to a door in the tree or to the golden object… which is a Golden Cage.

The Cage was of bigger interest now since it made him come up in the first place. He also wondered why somebody kept a cage up there, at least in that size.

He got to the door and gasped. Inside the cage were a bed, a table and a few more things fitting for a room to live in. And on the table was a girl crying… while Kuran couldn't see her face, she had long orange-brownish chestnut hair. Also she wore a white outfit with a long white skirt, a tube top showing her belly, and a red ribbon that went around the topmost part of her top and came together to make a bow. On the feet, she was barefooted, and wore a white strip around her ankles.

Kuran cleared his throat and called, "Excuse me."

The girl looked up and turned to him, revealing her hazel eyes. Confused about his appearance she stood up and looked at him.

"May I know why you are in a cage?" asked Kuran and she only asked. "How did you get up here?"

"I got a way," told Kuran and she ran to the door. "Then let me out and get me down to the ground."

"Easier said than done," told Kuran since his Dark Portal was still in Cooldown Mode and the door was locked by a code Panel, something that the Keyblade couldn't open just like that. "It would take some time before I could try to get you out," admitted Kuran. "So why don't we get to know each other? I am Kuran."

"Asuna," was her reply. "And I need your help. Even if you cannot free me here, you have to tell somebody about what is happening here."

"I am all ears," told Kuran. She sighed and told, "I am a survivor of SAO. Sugou Nobuyuki, chief of the research institute of RECT Inc. trapped including me 300 players of Sword Art Online during the log out procedure and proceeded to use them in illegal experiments of manipulating the minds to their bidding."

Kuran gasped at that and nodded, "Alright! Once I am able, I will tell this to friends of mine. They have the better means to spread this around. Then he laughed, "Bet Leafa and Kirito never thought that something like that is happening here."

"Kirito?" asked Asuna surprised. "Black hair, black eyes, tends to wear black and use one handed sword style, if possible also dual wield?"

"That sums up. You know him?" asked Kuran and Asuna nodded. "He… he was also a player of Sword Art Online. And my in-game husband."

"So that's the reason he came here," muttered Kuran and asked. "Should I tell him something?"

"Give him this, please," told Asuna and handed him a card over. "And tell him that I am waiting for him."

"In case he is a different one… how can I identify him," asked Kuran and Asuna told. "His full name is Kirigaya Kazuto. And mine is Yüki Asuna… with either name he should be able to confirm his identity to you."

Nodding to these pieces of information, Kuran stored the card and told, "I make sure that Kirito gets to you as fast as possible."

"Thank you Kuran," told Asuna. To tell the truth she didn't really trust that guy, but given her situation, she was willing to grab on every straw offering to her as long as it frees her form this prison.

Nodding, Kuran turned around and told, "I will be so fast as possible to get down."

Then he jumped from the tree, spreading his wings but like he had guessed… at this height the wings weren't working. Gulping by his stupidity, he cried as he fell from the height of the World Tree. Soon he had passed the lowest branches and knew he would soon impact with the shield. Crossing his arms, he prepared for the impact but…

It never came. Looking up he saw he floated in mid-air and a system massage told him: "Area not access able due to Server Maintenance. Please return later."

"Server Maintenance?" asked Kuran in confusion. Then he laughed, "Guess I should try to sleep now… but not up here."

He looked around and decided to lay down on one of the branches. Floating up a bit more he flew through a Dark Portal, landing on a branch which would be big enough to sleep on. Laying down on it, he closed his eyes and slept.

On the next morning he yawned loudly and shock his head before raising up, wondering if Kirito or Leafa were back online… or if the server was still down for maintenance. Deciding to risk it, he jumped down of the tree bench and once he got the maximal high limit for flight, he slowed himself down, and he touched the barrier… and passed right through it. He stopped in mid-air and touched the barrier, this time not able to pass. It seemed that this barrier was only programmed to be one sided… though he wasn't sure if it was the simpler solution or intended.

His stomach growled and he decided to go eat. Landing on the ground, he walked to the closest inn and ordered something to eat, starting to enjoy the meal.

After this meal, he began to walk around Arrun once more before he got a massage… it was from Leafa, telling they were close to Arrun and they would meet at the main gate.

Nodding, Kuran went to see it for himself. Once he was by the main gates, he saw the two landing in front of them.

"Hi! How was it being eaten by a worm?" asked Kuran and Kirito shrugged. "Could be worse. The worm didn't kill us… just threw us down to the underground dungeon Jötunheimr, the second most difficult place of ALfheim Online."

"Yeah… top rank is still the Great Quest," laughed Kuran. "So… what have you done as you got there?" wondered KUran and Leafa sighs sighed. "Long story… but we managed to get out and find a real village where we stayed as a sever maintenance was announced."

Nodding, Kuran told, "Once I got here, I tried to reach the top of the tree through flying… and found a bug which allowed me to do so. However I cannot reproduce it before you ask and I didn't meet King Oberon."

"Yeah. I bet here would have been an announcement if anybody had managed to get there…" told Leafa and Kirito nodded, but looked down at Yui. "What is wrong Yui?"

"I… I can feel Mama's Player ID! It's up to the world tree!" told the Pixie and Kirito gasped. "What?"

He tried to make a headstart but stopped as Kuran grabbed him, "Her Mama… does it happen to be a girl named Asuna?"

Freezing by Kuran's question, he asked, "How… how do you know?"

"Simple," replied the keybearer. "While I didn't run into a King Oberon, I met a girl in a cage…"

He pulled the card out and told, "She gave me this with the request to bring a massage to a Kirigaya Kazuto. Mind if you tell me her full name to confirm you are the guy I am looking for?"

"She used her real name in SAO… and her full name is Yüki Asuna," told Kirito and Kuran handed the card over. "She sends you her regards and you should hurry up to get her out of there."

"Onii-chan," whispered Leafa suddenly, who had been shocked since the moment the name Asuna fell. Turning around, Kirito asked, "Sugu…Suguha?"

Leafa stepped back while staring at Kirito and spoke, "How cruel… This is just too much, this…"

Without wasting another second, she waved and gestured with her hand, logging herself out. Her avatar body became soulless and Kuran asked, "You know her?"

"She… she is my sister," told Kirito and he asked Kuran. "Can you look after our bodies? I… I have to talk with her."

Nodding to this, Kuran told, "I will look after them until they are gone or you being back."

"Thanks," told Kirito and logged out as well. Looking at the two soulless bodies, Kuran could only wonder what was going on between the two… however, he decided to not being that tactless and ask them about it.

"Kuran… how is Mama?" asked Yui and Kuran replied. "While I don't know if it is wise to tell but… she is doing well given her situation."

"Huh?" wondered Yui and Kuran shook his head. "It's better if Kirito and Leafa are back before I tell anything… though it doesn't look like it would do any good."

"Ok," told Yui and after some time the two avatars disappeared since their owners didn't log in anymore.

Kuran returned to the town and explored it, while talking with a few other players and NPCs to get a better grasp about SAO.
Riku, Aqua and Yen Sid were standing in the outskirts of Radiant Garden, waiting for the arrival of Xehanort. Recently they received word that Sora was able to get Kairi back and Braig had informed that the 'old coot' had learned about a major weakness of the Dark Knight and that he wanted to meet them there.

Though… Xehanort wasn't coming… they had waited already for an hour. Aqua turned to Yen Sid and asks asked, "Should we still wait here? In my eye it is clear that Xehanort isn't coming anymore."

" Patience, Master Aqua… Xehanort has his own pace of action. Perhaps something came into his way that forced him to change the mentioned pace."

"Or he just wants to let us standing here like idiots," offered Riku.

"An interesting aspect… perhaps I should try it out once to see how you would react when it turns out true," told a voice and upon turning around, the three could see Xehanort standing there, with Braig and Xemnas on his side.

Yen Sid faced Xehanort and told, "It has been quite a while Xehanort."

"I agree, Yen Sid," told Xehanort. "It must have been over 20 years since we faced us instead of sending others to… bring our messages."

"Listen. I do not tolerate your actions. However… the risk for the Princess and the worlds are is too great to ignore your acknowledge."

"I am aware of it… but I also requires your strength. I found a way to defeat the Dark Knight but… it is unavailable for me. It requires something that Organization XIII is lacking… much to our own dismay."

"And what is it?" asked Riku.

"The Master Keeper Keyblade," told Xehanort. "I know where to find the weapon that can destroy the Dark Knight… but it doesn't help if we don't know about the exact location, and the final key. To find both, we need to gain access to the Archives of the Land of Departure… which is right now in the form of Castle Oblivion thanks to Master Aqua here."

"Archives?" asked Aqua. "I didn't know that the Land of Departure had such an archive."

"Ah… Erasqus didn't tell you, I see… I am not surprised. This secret was rarely given to fresh masters. Only to the true steward of the Land of Departure and one trusted master was given the acknowledge. The steward has the key, while the other knows the exact location," explained Xehanort. "But its location can only be reached if the world is in its normal state."

"Then it won't work," told Aqua. "You pledged it into the darkness. All I did was protect what remained and Ventus."

"On the hindsight, this move might have been too bold," admitted the Keyblade Master. "But even in this pledged state, the archives can be reached."

"So you are suggesting that Aqua returns to Castle Oblivion to its original state to reach these archives?" asked Riku. "Sounds pretty much like one of your schemes to get something which is locked away."

"It is," admitted Xehanort. "A scheme to gain the advantage against the Dark Knight. Of course we could go a different direction but then we would risk to blow up some the world, and ourselves with it. Something I prefer to avoid, at least to the point where we start our war."

"And what is this weapon we are searching?" asked Aqua and Xehanort chuckled. "I was wondering when you would ask this."

Then he waved his hand, "It is something from the distant past… the time were the people began to seek for the light, giving birth to the darkness. It is a Keyblade."

"A Keyblade? What makes this Keyblade different to ours?" asked Riku and Xehanort asked. "Did you never wonder how the people learned how to forge the Keyblades, images of the X-Blade?"

Yen Sids eyes widened at the question, "You don't suggest…"

"Oh, I am not only suggesting it," told Xehanort. "The Keyblade we are seeking, is one of the first of its kind. And if I am right with my theory… it is the first successfully crafted Keyblade by mankind. The prototype of the today's Keyblades."

"Xehanort," began Yen Sid. "Are you aware that such a powerful weapon shouldn't be removed from the place it is resting?"

"Normally I wouldn't even bother to reach for it. It is nothing compared to the X-Blade, not to mention I would have more trouble to reach it than what it is worth," was the old man's reply. "But the circumstances are forcing our hands. So we better are looking for it, or we might hand over the Princess to the Dark Knight right now."

"This is a difficult path you are suggesting Xehanort. While acting fast is necessary to protect the Princess from this danger, we need to think about the wisdom of this choice first."

"We will be waiting at Castle Oblivion," told Xehanort. "Just don't take too long… time is something we might not have."

With that Xehanort left and Aqua shook her head, "I can't… I can't just hand over the Lands of Departure over to Xehanort."

"Nobody is suggesting that," told Riku. "After we got the info we are looking for, you can still turn it back to Castle Oblivion to keep it protected."

"That… sounds good," admitted Aqua and Yen Sid told. "We have to return to the tower, to talk with the others. I hate to admit, Xehanort's plan is the most promising one, but I cannot force any of you to follow it. I need all of you to decide on your own."

In the meanwhile, Xehanort returned with his 'guards' to their hideout and Braig asks asked, "Why did you never tell us about such a weapon? Or that a sort of archive is in your former home."

"Because I thought it was inaccessible for me," told Xehanort. "Once I told my… old friend about my intentions, his reaction told me that he would never let me have the access to the Archive. And later I thought my goals were close enough that I wouldn't need it anymore. A miscalculation of my side."

"Will we keep the weapon once we bashed this walking armor with it?" asked Braig and Xehanort shook his head. "That depends on who can use the weapon, and if there is a gain for us to have it. After all, prototypes tend to be better than the final products, but they also still have some kinks which would be bad."

"Alright old coot!" told Braig. "Then I go and look where this Dark Knight is right now"

"Good idea," told Xehanort. "Better have your eye out for it… and distract it if necessary."

Then he turned and found his younger form, who told him, "We have found the one you are requesting… though it was troublesome to… make it cooperate with us."

Xehanort nodded and told, "For now make sure everything is getting in line. I am going to Castle Oblivion now, waiting for our… 'allies' to show up and proceed with the current plan."

"So you are expecting they are playing along?" asked his younger self and the older man answered. "WE are expecting it. For a good reason… a reason I still try to figure out how it became a problem in the first place."

"I understand. We proceed with the procedures now," told young Xehanort and left while Xehanort himself left for the castle.

On the other hand, Yen Sid just finished explaining Xehanort's plan and the required steps to every Keybearer and the allies which are fighting with them right now.

And it was a mixed response… some of them agreed that desperate times calls for desperate measures, others were not agreeing to Xehanort's plan at all… and a few were not sure what is was the right course of action right now.

Xion shook her head and told, "As much we hate it… Xehanort brought up the most practical solution for us and we have no other choice but consider it. I am for going through it."

"Well… not that I like what is going on in complete, but lacking any other plan right now, I say we do it," told Lea. "Though I would feel better if we get a plan B… or even a C."

"I am with Xion," was Roxas simple reply. "Pretty much for the already mentioned reasons."

"I want a more direct solution," told Kairi. "So I say we look for an alternate way instead of going for his help."

"He ruined so many lives," Terra shook his head. "I cannot follow this plan, even if I wanted to."

Donald and Goofy looked at Mickey and the king sighed, "Gosh. As much I would refuse this plan, I think we should do it, but also look for a different path in case something goes wrong or that Xehanort is tricking us"

"In this case I fear I have no answer," told Yen Sid. "The knowledge of the Dark Knight is long forgotten. That Xehanort was able to retrieve anything about this creature, is proof that he is able to find the answers he seeks."

"Seriously? We have to play along Xehanort's plans now just because there is something we cannot beat?" asked Sora. "Isn't there a different way?"

"I am not aware of anything we could do. While there are some possibilities, they don't apply for the Dark Knight, mainly as it isn't a person but a construction," explained Yen Sid. " Though I will try to find something, but this course of action doesn't hold many promises. Also, time is necessary. The Dark Knight will not be fooled forever. Sooner or later, it will discover that the Princess of Heart is hidden behind the dark fragments of the X-Blade"

"Then I will go," told Aqua. "We have not much choice at this point. But as soon this Dark Knight is gone, we will move against Xehanort. He has been ruining everything for everybody long enough."

The others agreed on that and Xion told, "You shouldn't go alone Aqua… I would like to accompany you."

"The same goes for me," told Ventus and Terra nodded as well.

"I will go as well!" declared Sora while Riku told. "Faith has disappeared… I will try to find clues about her for now. After all we need her to make the procedure to stabilize Xion."

"I go with you," told Lea. "Mostly because Even would ask me to get her back anyway."

"Since when he is your boss?" asked Roxas and Lea told. "Since he told me how he plans to… return the favor I did to him and many of the others."

"Looks like your Chronic Backstabbing Disorder is backstabbing you now," joked Xion and Lea laughs laughed. "Haha! Very Funny! I laugh myself to death when I find the time."

Later in the front gates of Castle Oblivion, Xehanort was already waiting as the Keybearers arrived and the old Keyblade Master told, "I was already expecting you to come, now Master Aqua… may you do the honors?"

Aqua made a glare to Xehanort as she proceeded to enter the castle, heading directly to the Chamber of Awakening. Stepping behind the throne, she summoned the Master Keeper and aimed it at the appearing Keyhole on the throne.

The entire room began to glow white, blinding everybody. Slowly the light disappeared and everybody was in a throne room with three thrones and the place looked completely ruined.

"Is this…" began Sora. "…your home?"

"At least what is left of it," told Terra, putting a hand on one of the walls. "To think who we had to thank this."

"You can place your blame whenever you want. Right now we have to concentrate on the reason why we are here," countered Xehanort and began to walk through the ruined halls.

Sora shouted, "What are you thinking? Because of you this place is such a mess and all you can think are you goals?"

"Sora," began Terra. "You cannot talk with him… only fight when the time comes."

"But… this is your home. Aren't you angry?"

"We are," told Ventus Aqua finished. "But we cannot let our feelings cloud our judgment. At least not when it could cause something terrible."

Sora groaned and let his head fall in defeat before the group proceeded to follow Xehanort. He let them into the Catacombs which were even unknown to Aqua, Terra and Ventus.

"Why did Master Erasqus never tell us about this place?" wondered Ventus and Aqua thought out loud. "Perhaps we weren't ready for it. Don't forget that we wouldn't know about the archive if it weren't for Xehanort."

"It feels strange to thank Xehanort for anything," admitted Ventus. "After all what he has done to all of us."

"Perhaps Sora should thank me as well," chuckled Xehanort. "If it weren't for my heartless Ansem, he would have never left the islands and become a Keybearer. The same could the counted for Riku and a few others."

"Without you a lot would have been better," countered Sora. "You have plunged the worlds into the darkness, you made so many people suffer."

"Some goals require sacrifice," told Xehanort. "But if you happen to know a 'good' and easy solution to end the tyranny of the Light over Darkness, making sure they exist equally in our universe, I am willing to listen."

Sora wanted to counter but couldn't bring up anything better than, "We won't let you do this!"

Xehanort chuckled loudly and stopped in front of a wall. It seemed in that wall have once been a door but it was closed off and became part of it.

"Well Master Aqua," started the old Keybearer. "Now it is time to use the Master Keeper to open the door of the Archives of the Keybearers."

"What is this archive about?" wondered Ventus. Xehanort laughed, "So Yen Sid didn't tell you? I cannot blame him… his own codex forbids him to reveal the secret. The Archive is the storage of all knowledge which remained after the lost of the world. Many secrets are here… some harmless like telling you that Agrabah is a dessert world, others so dangerous that there were large discussions if they should be kept around."

Then he paused before wandering aside, "Over the years, many documents became unreadable while new ones were added if any Seeker stumbled upon forgotten documents from the worlds origin. I found something from such origin. And it give me clear view on what I have to do."

"To think that this was all the time under our feet," mumbled Aqua. "I wonder what I would have done with it."

"That is an interesting question. Right now the answer is reading its content to find the first of the Keyblades," told Xehanort but Terra asked. "But you said many documents were either lost or no long existing. How do you know that what we seek is here?"

"In this case we have to rely on our luck… and for some reasons you have it in spades. So I am confident that any of us will find a map or description of the whereabouts."

"I cannot believe I am saying this," told Sora. "But I hope you are right."

Aqua held the Master Keeper out again and on the door appeared a Keyhole. After the white beam struck it, a click was heard and the door disappeared, leading into a dark room.

They went in and Sora said, "I don't see a thing!"

"Just wait for it," chuckled Xehanort and suddenly lamps began to glow, revealing a large room, filled with books, papers, shelves and anything else which could contain any information.

Everybody stared at the room and Sora told, "No way! How are we supposed to find anything?"

"Like you did to find your friend," told Xehanort. "By looking for it."

"Any way to narrow down our search?" asked Terra but Xehanort chuckled again. "It is for me the first time as well… I only knew of the existence but entering it was only allowed when I found something to add to the archive."

"One thing for sure," told Aqua. "Once we are through this and having rebuilt our home… we have to organize this mess."

"I stay on the beach," told Sora. "And why can't there be here a book with the title 'Whereabouts of Keyblades'?"

Now everybody looked at him in an odd way.

"Let's look," sighed Terra and began to take the first books.

It was a long and boring task for the group. While they found a lot of interesting information, many were simply not usable for any of them, or the dangers behind them were too great… even for Xehanort.

Sora had fallen asleep at one point, drooling on the table he was sitting while next to him was a pile of twenty to forty books.

Ven had to leave for some time due the eyes getting tired and getting the amount of dust off his body. Aqua and Terra had begun to take turns of their piles of books.

The only one who didn't show trouble was Xehanort. He studied book after book, not troubled by the dust, the dim light or the continued straight and concentrated reading.

Xion, who didn't speak a single word until now, raised from her chair after reading a few dozen books as well and told, "Guys! I think I have something here!"

Everybody turned to her… well… almost everybody since Sora was still snoozing loudly but right now nobody cared.

"What do you have?" asked Aqua and Xion answered. "It is the dairy of a Keybearer. And I just found this entry."

She cleared her throat and started reading, "13th month after the catastrophe. It has been 8 months since all known surviving keybearers have found each other again and 6 since we found the world which we call 'World of Departure' for now. One of the few scout groups we had send to find out more about the new worlds and gather everything which could help us to establish our new order found something… they found the Elastor. The first Keyblade. It is a wonder that it survived the war and the destruction of the world. Instantly, a recovery team were was send to bring it to us. Between our leaders was a large discussion about how to handle this finding."

Xion paused for some time and cleared her throat again before continuing, "Our decision was that nobody should try to wield it… so we brought it to the very world where we found each other. In one of the inhabited places on this world, we created a tomb and placed Elastor there. Then we closed it with Keyblade seals, build more security to prevent intruders to enter the place. Then we covered the tomb completely and we swore to make sure that this new place became part of the environment. The name of this world… I have the feeling it is a very fitting name considering that it is where we found each other. Where we stored Elastor… and that it was a remaining piece of the old world. And the place where Elastor was created in the first place. The new name of this place… of this world…"

Xion stopped reading and told, "This… this is impossible."

Everybody tried to get a look minus the still sleeping Sora and Xehanort told "Of all worlds I have been… this one is the last place where I expected the Keyblade to be."
Name: Myst

Class: Assassin

Species: Zorua (Anthromorphic)

Middle sized Zorua with B-sized breast. Her Assassin clothes consists of two red colored leather arm protectors, brown boots reaching just below the knees, a dark blue skirt which is hold by a belt which holds different pouches and two hilts for equipment. Her chest is protected by a dark blue leather armor thought wearing seemly stomach free. And a black coat with hood.

Myst is a sly, seductive Zorua with a calm nature. Taking her work as Assassin serious, she will always seek for a way to eliminate her target. Also she is known for using her body as weapon as well to lure targets or obstacles into their doom.
Despite this, she is very picky about who sees the true qualities of her body and who will go with her for a more… closer relationships.

Also she is picky about her jobs. She would never take a mission which involves to eliminate innocents. Also if the targets are not known for corruption or any kind of crimes, she demands proves that satisfy her standards of honor. While she is loyal to her employers, and known for never double cross anybody during a job, it isn’t unheard of that she dispatches some of her former clients if she is wronged.
Those who call her an ally or friend thought can count on her and receive help from her. Thought some can claim that she… has a habit of changing the conditions if something gets her deeper interest.

However only a few knows about her deep admire for the Assassin’s Creed Character Enzio Auditore Da Firenze. If she could wish anything from a Jirachi… then she would wish for being trained by Enzio himself and receiving a Hidden Blade from him. Due her admiration for him, she opted to pay her respect to death and tells everybody who dies or is dying during her missions “Requiescat In Pace”

Also she is a hobby of collecting trophies and exotic tools, while having a fondness to sweet wine.

Since she is an Assassin she knows to move stealthy and getting to the targets. She has experience in Close Combat with bare hands and different kinds of weapons. Also she uses her Illusion ability to either hide, or disguise as a different person.
Her equipment contains the following:
Smoke Bombs,
2 combat Daggers. Special manufacture, with curved red blades.
throwing knives
poisen darts

And she knows following moves:

Night Daze
Shadow Ball

Raven: She and Raven have a close friendship. Met while working on the same mission, they worked together for some time. They even were a couple for some time but due their tendency of having different kinds of mission and some differences on world view, they opted to only stay close friends. Thought this doesn’t stop them to share the bed whenever they run into each other…
Istar, elder of the magic mewpyres of the empire. She was one of the first people who served Queen Sarafina, though she started to work for the queen long before she became a mewpyre.

Originally she wanted to prepare the mewpyre queen to live up the legacy of the vampire and then die with the knowledge that she put her mark on this work through the mewpyres. It was unexpected that the queen made her to an elder with the intention to use the witche's knowledge about magic.

She didn't complaining though … she saw the raise rise of the Empire and took her role to help shaping it. After her bite family had grown to a considerable size, she started her research of magic anew with the intension of helping the Empire further.

While she had many assistance and servants, she never took a mate or lover like other elders… she found the idea to spend time with somebody or raising children as… time wasting. Her life may not end. At least not as long no natural end of a mewpyre's life was known, she would spend her entire existence with researching. The only breaks she allowed herself were the ones forced by the body and her duties as Elder.

Like the order she carried out right now… or at least she thought that way in the beginning.

In front of her lied a human. A human named Guil. Sarafina had bitten him by herself, meaning he was to be considered as a future Elder. Also knowing Sarafina's nature as the first mewpyre, nobody could predict the abilities of this future mewpyre.

She was annoyed that she were tasked with the mundane job of overlooking his transformation. There were many others better suited for this job. However, upon hearing who bit him and his secret, she was more than anxious to proceed with the task.

From what she could tell the poison was still at the beginning state.

While it is called mewpyre poisen, it is more of a paralyze drug combined with a virus. And this virus is was the necessary part for the transformation.

The first thing the virus did was reprogramming the DNA to match the one of the mewpyres. Then it went further on and infected every cell. This task alone took up to several hours. Once the body was completely infected, it starts started first by rearranging the vital organs to fit a mewpyres body. Since most species are bigger than the average mewpyre, lots of cells got destroyed, the remains reused to get the necessary energy. Following up came the rearrangement of bones, muscles and other body parts into a new body shape. At least in simple words.

This part of the process was the most complicated and critical one. Istar assumed by Guils size, that this part of the transformation would take at least a week. And a few extra days for the tail to be fully grown since humans didn't have any kind of tail.

Every non-necessary cells like mentioned before, were consumed for energy and a complete new organ was also be formed. This new organ has the only duty is to act as blood storage for the vampire side of the mewpyres.

The last part of the procedure was the fur. This last part of the transformation was more or less a final touch before the new mewpyre opened his eyes.

Given how relative fast a non mewpyre becomes a one of their kind, the 'victims' have usually a large appetite and big thirst of blood in the first few days.

Due to her research, Istar kept a large stock of blood in her storage, though for the food… she had to inform the chef in charge to prepare for extra large portions… it's rare that a transforming being stayed in the palace. Normally they would be brought to the hospital where they would have a special department for transformations.

She and some of her must trustful servants kept an eye and Guil and like Istar predicted the changes only became visible a few days after the bite.

He shrunk a little and he lost any kind of hair due to the process. Also some of his bones and muscles were displaced, though what Istar surprised a little was that the body already showed an early stage of a tail. Normally they would only start showing up once the main part of the body reached the intended size of the coming Mewpyre. Also his skin showed already patches of fur.

Due to this unusual part of his transformation she ordered to record every stage of his transformation from this point on, reporting her everything that was unusual.

And the first thing she learned was that he already got his blood storing organ. And that his body was showing an increased blood production. It was like the body wanted to have him sort of ready to cast spells or something like that.

Fearing this unusual behavior of the virus might cause harm, she ordered the infusion of salt water into his system. Which brought her next problem… the transformation process was unpredictable. While it is known what it will do to finish the job, nobody could tell WHEN it would happen. If they put the infusion into a body part that still has had to transform, the needle might be bended or broken in the process. And nothing on his body seemed to be finished for final stage of transformation.

As a result several needles were prepared AND the infusion was relocated every other hour to ensure they didn't blocked any changes of the said body.

During his transformation, Istar performed a few tests to have a first glance on his abilities. Thought these tests only scratched the surface of Guil, to prevent any permanent damage, so of this reason, they are highly inaccurate.

Istar however was still impressed by the results. If these results remained by the accurate ones… then the queen made not only a good but a perfect choice.

Time passed and Istar came to see the final form of the new mewpyre to-be Elder: his feet were black while the legs got pure white. The torso part of the body got grey with a lighter grey on the chest and stomach. Arms and head are white while the hands were black and black rings surrounded his eyes. His tail got white as a black stripes wrapped around it, engulfing the tail tip halfway. The top half is white.

His tail is was also fully grown already and showed signs of slowly waking up. Istar instantly sent a message to her queen… while also informing the chef to prepare the food of their new to-be Elder. With a wide grin, Istar watched Guil now waking up… she knew that Sarafina would ask her to find out his abilities… and she was eager to learn such. Her mind already making plans for finding out how…

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