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Does anybody?

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The dark corridor opened, revealing Kuran and Will stepping out. Thought once their eyes adjusted to the new place, Kuran gasped, "What… what happened here?

"Beats me… this place has definitely seen better days," Will said.

What they were seeing was what seemed to be Traverse Town… or better, what was left, because every building of that world was in ruins, and the place seemed desolated, without any person visible. Whatever happened there was much for this that world.

"Whatever happened here, it wasn't done by the Heartless. If it was, this world would not be here to begin with," Will concluded.

"True…" muttered Kuran and moved to the Cafe… or at least the remains of it. He stroked the part of the stone wall that still remained and told, "This place… was the closest thing I could call home after finding it… I was always here to rest or gather new information concerning my quest of hunting down Maluz…"

Soon something fell from the roof remains of to the ground. They looked it, and saw that it was a rotten body, but didn't seem like anybody of that world. They heard something there behind them, and were surprised by corpses that were standing there, walking slowly. Without warning, the fallen corpse moved and grabbed Will's arm, trying to bite him.

Will quickly managed to get his arm away and kicked the corpes' head off.

"Oh great... more zombies. Hey Kuran, you got your ramen on you?"

"You took it in your bag," countered Kuran. "And I didn't have a chance to refill my supplies for a while…. after all, while hanging out with Kiro and the others and being in a video game, you don't get many chances to shop."

The zombie who Will decapitated turned into shadows and vanished, while the other zombies walked to them, slowly surrounding them. One of them tried to scratch Kuran with his arm. However, he jumped back and smashed its head with his Dark Axe before pulling out two katanas and cut the closest zombies into pieces, calling to Will, "IF you want to use the ramen, then do it now!"

And after a few seconds he wondered, "Wait… ramen? I made pasta way back!"

"No, you said noodles, which are another name for ramen," Will said slicing a few zombies.

Whatever they kept on destroying, more zombies appeared, leaving clear that was impossible hold the fight in that district, and the only safe way took to what was the second district. Kuran made some space from them by slamming his Axe on the ground, causing a shockwave of darkness, sending the zombies flying before dashing at the door to the second district, slicing the few zombies which were still in the way.

Will managed to slam the doors shut when Kuran ran through, "Well... safe to assume what happened to this place… at least there are not bio-weapons."

"Only zombies," told Kuran. "Though I have the bad feeling this was just a first glimpse of what we are facing here… I want back to our holidays."

"I can use a vacation myself," Will sighed.

Suddenly, they heard something landing hard just behind them. Seconds later, a huge chainball just impacted between them. They turned around, finding a huge armor of round 5 meters, carrying a huge mace that turned into a chainball. The armor recovered it and used it again against them.

Kuran jumped aside and shouted, "What the hell?"

The ball managed to hit Will's side, takeing out his arm, "SON OF A BITCH!"

"Pull yourself together Will," sighed Kuran, throwing a few sets of daggers to see if there was a weak spot on this armored enemy.

"Real freaking funny," Will said as he struck the suit of armor with his Keyblade while his arm reformed.

"Always," told Kruan, forming a club out of his darkness and jumping through a dark corridor to reach the head of the armor, hitting it multiple times, trying to dent it.

The armor tried to grab Kuran with his arm, while kicking Will away with his huge foot. After a lot of problems, he hit Kuran, sending him away to a wall. The darkness user groaned in pain and got back on his feet, "I hate these moves."

The huge armored being then tried to smash him with the chainball.

"Time Stop!" Will shouted, managing to get Kuran away.

After the fail of the hit, he recovered the chainball and slammed his feet on the ground causing a small earthquake, strong enough for send them to the ground.

Will stood up, "Ok, I am seriously getting pissed off here!" Will fused his blades together and was engulfed them in a silvery aura. "COME ON!"

Kuran pulled somthing out and Will saw it was a hookshot. Using it he got to the chain of the armor's weapon and slammed his blades into the joints, causing the armor to be unable to move the hand properly, giving Will the chance to get a clean hit on the armor while also throwing daggers into its 'face' to distract it more.

Will took the opportunity and ran at the suit of armor, who tried to crush him with his fist. Will jumped up, slicing up the arm as he ran on it, making his way to the head before cutting it off.

But it seemed that the armor was very tough, and it slapped Will back to Kuran. And when the armor tried to attack them, he began to receive shots from a side of the district, making him backstep. They soon found soldiers with machine guns shooting at the armor.

"Come on, over her!" yelled one of them to Kuran and Will.

Kuran looked at Will for a moment before dashing over, wondering how bullets could even harm that thing if his darkness weapons didn't even scratch it…

"Captain, we must retreat to a secure place! We can't take the Chieftain here!" yelled a man to the captain.

"Okay, take that two suicidal and retreat!" he ordered.

"Suicidal?" scoffed Kuran.

"Yea, right, like that would do me in," Will huffed.

Two of the soldiers took Kuran and Will with them, and another one used a bomb, trying to distract the huge armor, giving them time to retreat and hide inside the sewers. There, they took them across until they arrived on what seemed a underground town, where they could find more people living, or better said, surviving.

"What happened here?" asked Kuran. "Last time I was in Traverse Town it wasn't the best place either but at least the first district was considered as safe as heaven."

"From where did you come? Under a rock?" asked who seemed be the captain. "You have no idea of what just happened here?"

"We both came from another world like, not even five minutes ago. How were we supposed to know?" countered Will.

"If you really came from another world, you should have known what is happening not only here, but in other worlds as well."

"What's happening?"

"The Fallen, is happening," he said, taking his mask out, revealing on his a brown haired man with trimmed beard and a scar on the left cheek.

'Is… Is that Chris Redfield?!... Oh god, please tell me we didn't end up in some sort of Resident Evil universe…' Will thought to himself.

"If this is happening in other worlds… then would you believe that we came from a different universe?" tried Kuran.

"Another universe?" asked the captain. "When I heard about the demons and what that bitch was doing, I nearly believed it. But another universe? Trust me, but that's hard to believe."

"Believe me… until I had my first experience about this, I couldn't believe it either," told Kuran. "And how else should you explain that we don't know about the Fallen?"

"That's the official name of how they're being called, but they're also called monsters or demons or whatever synonymous you can find."

"And you said they have taken other worlds too?" Will asked.

"Other worlds?" asked one of the soldiers. "They have taken all known worlds."

"When I heard about this I believed that was some bioterrorism madness here, but when I saw the first Fallen, all that changed completely," said the captain. "And believe me, this things were created by man hands."

"And this armor earlier?" asked Kuran. "Was him the boss for this world?"

"Yes, that thing is a Chieftain, a Fallen Boss," he said. "And trust me, if you really are from another universe, please, return from where you came if you're smart enough. Neither of you can take care of that thing with that weapons you have."

"You know… the problem is that we are here because of a quest we have," told Kuran. So, unless we really want this place blown up into oblivion, we stay and fight."

"If you really want to fight, first show me your best weapon you can use. And I will show you what weapon is better than it."

For Kuran it wasn't a big question and he pulled Light Within Darkness out, looking to Will, who pulled out his katana and showed his own Keyblade.

He sighed and slapped their heads with his hands, "And why the hell you don't used them against it?!" he asked, angrily. "Those weapons of darkness you used are less useful against a Chieftain. Look, one of our knives is more useful that any weapon of darkness you use. And yes, we saw you use that type of weapons!"

"Hey, we managed to damage its arm and head before you all showed up!" Will said.

Kuran also added, "My preferred weapons are darkness weapons! Grew up using them."

"Maybe you damaged its arm, but we know that keyblades are more useful against them. It's a shame that nobody can use them."

"Well, you now got two who can right here," Will said.

"Two kids in my opinion," he said.

"I am a happily married man, thank you very much," Will huffed.

"To two dragons, no less," muttered Kuran and added. "And we got our victories under our belt."

"Dragons? Don't made me laugh. And about your victories… seeing how you were dealing with the armor… sorry if I am not happy with what I see saw," he replied.

"Will… I think we just have to pull out a beat up on this thing to get the respect we need to get straight answers," sighed Kuran, shouldering his Keyblade before asking. "Will it be where we left it or does do we have to search it?"

"We were chasing it around the city until we heard a lot of sounds near the District One," he said, but then looked at them. "No…"

"District One? That's where we showed up," grinned the Keybearer.

"Yeah, but then again I could have gone somewhere else at this that point," Will added.

"In the name of… you both are mad!" he said. "You… you… argh, forget it. You know what? If you want to die, okay, search that Chieftain. But do not look at me if you fail," he said.

"Well, alright then," Will smiled. "I'm going to get an overhead view to find that thing. Be back in a bit," Will transformed into his dragon form and took to the skies before anyone could say anything, leaving Kuran with the captain's awkward silence.

"Have fun," told Kuran. "And don't get shredded… I am not in the mood to piece you back together."

"Eh… he…" he signaled Will. "Turned into a dragon? Yes that's normal."

"And he can…" he began, but he sat on a rock, trying to get the idea on his mind.

"Best I finish the mindblow up… he cannot die. Got his head off, burned, hit by a laser cannon, blown up and dozens of weapons into his body."

"That could mean what happened to the arm," said a soldier to another.

"So… where are we?" asked Kuran. "Because I never have been in this corner of Traverse Town and the town being in ruins doesn't help."

"We're under the District Four actually, but the only access here is from the Fountain Plaza," said a soldier. "Or whatever remained there."


After a while Will came back, "I found that thing in the 3rd District. It seems to still hurt from when we fought it though."

The captain looked at him, but shook his head, "Sooner or later any damage you done did to him before will be repaired."

"Then let's kill that thing before it recovers."

"Walk or fly?" asked Kuran.

"Well, flying is faster than walking," Will said before grabbing Kuran and heading towards the 3rd District.

While they were flying, they were surprised by arrows shooting from the ground, finding some skeletons with bows and arrows shooting at them in from the roofs.

Kuran narrowed his eyes and threw a couple of spears at them to lower the rain, though as single person it was quite a difficult task.

The skeletons' aiming at times forced them to turn to aside away of the fast way.

Will shot a stream of fire at the skeletons as they flew by. Kuran kept on throwing spears, wondering when they would get to their target while Will continued to doge dodge the barrage of arrows, eventually making it to the 3rd District.

There they found the huge armor, hitting one of the walls, completely angry surely, until he spotted Will and Kuran, and threw the chainball against them.

Will quickly dodged the giant ball, landing on the ground.

The armor recovered his chainball, and turned it in a mace, trying to smash them with it. However, Kuran escaped through a dark corridor, falling at the head and hit it with his Keyblade.

Will took the opportunity and stabbed his mid section with his own Keyblade. Cleary, the keyblades were more effectives with him that anything used with him before, but he drove them away with his hand. Free of them, he grabed a fragment of the ruins and threw it against Kuran.

He looked at it and growled, "I am seriously sick of this!"

And with a roar he charged at the debris and cut it while jumping forward towards the armor, pulling out his double bladed spear.

Will ran up to the armor, enveloping his hand in a silver aura and punching it in the leg with enough force to bring it him into his knees, giving Kuran a better opening.

Grinning, he charged in and forced his spear into the armor, giving him something to step on to reach the head, slicing at it with all of his strength. Will also began to viciously slice at the armor. The two eventually reduced it him to a pile of scrap.

From the remains of the armor got out a crystal sphere, and the armor remains began to float around, spinning around the crystal.

"Better we smash this crystal," told Kuran, throwing his Keyblade at it, hitting it head on.

But the crystal resisted the hit, and 'threw' some remains against them. Kuran hid behind his Darkness Shield while Will got hit by some debris, cutting him badly. Will retaliated by blasting the crystal with a stream of electricity.

The attack seemed to affect it, but the electricity affected the metal remains, turning them more dangerous. Kuran looked at Will, wondering if he had even had considered the chances of the metal could get loaded instead of damaging the crystal Then he grabbed his spear and threw it at the crystal, followed up by his thrown Keyblade.

The ball began to crack by the hits, and soon shattered, the remains falling to the ground. Then they began shining and suddenly they exploded in an explosion of darkness, leaving no trace of it.

"Never thought a ball would end up giving me such a headache," Will sighed.

"Will… I only say Water Temple," told Kuran, then he scratched his chin, "Wait… I have never been in the Water Temple or heard of it… so how do I know about it?"

"Don't pretend that you know how to break the fourth wall," Will stated.

Then Will's handy rang, signaling he got a voice message. He opened it, and heard a strong and loud voice form it, "DON'T BREAK THE FOURTH WALL AGAIN! THE BOTH OF YOU!" that was the entire message.

"You DO realize that Kuran breaks it more than I do right?" Will asked.

Kuran laughed weakly, "I think nobody cares right now… and I am waiting for this captain to show up and stare at us for dealing with this thing."

After returning to the settlement, the people were perplexed of knowing what just happened and how they defeated the Chieftain.

"Still think we're just some kids?" Will mused.

"Okay, I admit that I was wrong," said the captain. "But you still have no idea of the big picture here."

"Then how about you tell us about it?" told Kuran. "After all, if we want to clean up here, it might be a good idea to tell us where to start."

"We can take the cleaning work from here, but I don't know all the details of this mess. But I know who is… I think his name is Yin Bum... or Yan Gen… or Yen Fud… or something similar…"

"Yen Sid," spoke Kuran. "Is he still living in his tower?"

"Who knows? Nobody has gone to that tower in ages… not after all this begun."

"Then we have to try our luck."

"Worth a shot," Will said

"See you later then," told Kuran to the captain, making a Dark Corridor.

They saw them leave across the Dark Corridor.

"Captain, you think they can do something about all this?" asked a soldier.

"I doubt it… I doubt they can stop this age," said the captain. "Sure that they will die at the hands of the first Devil."

At that time, inside a large, dark throne room, dimly lit by wall sconces with faint blue flames, allowing only glimpses at the silhouettes of who might be inside. At this event there was a throne with ornaments representing a dark phoenix in the background, and two feet behind him was a huge mirror.

Sitting on the throne, just seemed to be a woman, impossible to describe by the darkness in the room, looking forward aimlessly, but soon the only large double door at the salon opened, letting in more light, but only part of the room, catching her attention.

Through the door came a woman in armor that allowed to describe her figure, her head completely covered by a helm with two large horns, a pair of wings made of steel feathers on her back, and armed with a black trident red tips.

She kept going until she stopped and knelt with the head facing the ground in front the woman, which was still hidden in the darkness on the throne.

"What's happened?" the woman in the throne demanded to the newcomer.

"Sorry for bothering you, Lady Lilith," the armored female said, rising her head to her mistress. "But we got news from one of the worlds. It seems we have a pair of outlanders, skillful in the use of weapons, including Keyblades."

The woman looked directly at her, and the armored female stared to the ground again. "Keyblades, you say? You mean that we have Keybearers here?"

"Yes, my Lady," was her reply. "The first informs seems to indicate that they dispatched the demons installed in that world, also destroying the one controlling them," she continued. "In resume, we lost control of that world."

She waited for an angry scold for that news, but the scold never came, and Lilith asked, "And you have information of how these outlanders are?"

"For what we know, both are boys, possibly teenagers. Both of them seem have control of the darkness, because they're able of open Dark Corridors, which was never done after the Second Keyblade War. We know that at least one of them is immortal."

"Immortal?" Lilith asked, surprised. "You mean that he can't die?"

"Yes, my Lady. He suffered some mortal blows from our demons, and he still kept fighting. He could be a big threat by this."

"And the second boy?" Lilith asked.

"For what we know, he is more expert in weaponry than the immortal one. Plus all his weapons are formed of darkness. That would mean that his heart could hold more darkness than usual," the armored woman said. "But still, neither of them is able to access to this world unless they have the help of the Princesses of Heart."

"I understand," the woman said, thinking.

"What are your orders, my Lady?"

"Return to Radiant Garden and watch the Princess of Heart there. Be prepared if they try to help the other six Princesses and defeat the Six Devils," she ordered.

"As you wish," the armored female said, standing up and walking back to the door, closing it when she left the room.

"Two Keybearers… interesting… very interesting," murmured Lilith. "At last some fun after a long time."

She leaned to a side of the throne to see the large mirror in the background. The mirror's reflection began to change, soon showing Kuran and Will on it.
The preparations of the trap for the Dark Knight were in process ,thoug the mood of the Keybearers was gloomy since Xion lost Kuran's heart… and given the fact that as long Faith was missing, that meant her survival is uncertain.

Xehanort of course wasn't even touched by this since he saw her like most other Organization members, only as puppet and thought she wasn't even worth the effort to save her. Of course this upset the keybearers even more, especially Lea and Roxas.

Though they already voiced while the two were helping preparing everything and supporting them if possible, they also told they wouldn't fight with them… currently they would be only an a hindrance instead of a help.

Their friends understood it and agreed that the two would leave once the Dark Knight was there.

Once they thought they were finished, King Mickey asked, " Has everybody evacuated?"

"Yes, your Majesty," told Goofy and Donald told.

"Every irreplaceable object is also secured, the gummi garage sealed off and every gummi ship is relocated."

"Good," told Mickey. "And the Princesses of Heart?"

"They are ready to get here in the throne room," replied Riku. "We only have to bring them down and get the Fragments of Darkness off from them to make them the ideal bait."

"I still don't like it," admitted Sora. "We should not risk the lives of the princesses that easily."

"We know," told Aqua. "But we have nothing else that lures the Dark Knight to this place. I just hope everything works out."

"Yeah, especially that the most critical part is that Sukai manages to crack or destroy the protective armor of the Dark Knight," told Terra. "If this fails, game over."

"Then better we not lose this game," chuckled Sukai. "And if you distract it long enough, I can at least open the back up."

"That's right," told Sora. "We can do that! We just have to keep positive."

"You are an eternal optimist as ever," told Xemnas. "Although it still bears the risk that some of us might lose their lives in this battle."

"Don't be so negative," told Sora with a glare.

"Silence," told Xehanort. "We are about to have a battle that can decide the fate of this universe and I prefer to get through the plan again before anybody screws up. Especially the ones whose very existence can screw plans."

"I don't know if we should be offended or feel praised," commented Riku. "Do your recap."

"Good!" replied Xehanort. "In the very moment we start the operation, we move the Princesses of Heart down here and remove the Fragments of Darkness. Alone the presence of all seven being here, will act like a giant fly lamp for the Dark Knight. However, to increase the chances, half of my organization will actively search for the knight and try to lure it here. Once it is here, the Cornerstone of Light should weaken it instantly, though the presence of the Princesses should keep it here. Six of the princesses will be brought to the Cornerstone to protect them while we fight it up here. Kairi stays for two reasons: first, to take the attention of the knight and second… she refuses to stand back. Sukai goes into the fight and cracks or destroys the armor. Once the armor is gone, we go in full force for the destruction. But we have to be careful. We don't know what the Dark Knight is capable of."

"Why cannot this new brat provide us with information?" asked Xigbar and Sukai laughed weakly. "Well… to tell you the truth, while I know a few things, I never saw them in full action. I was rather busier with dealing with other Keybearers who thought that fighting me was the best solution to get what they wanted."

"One might wonder how the Keyblade War would have ended if people had used their minds way better," mused Xehanort. "Perhaps I would have already the knowledge I seek, or I should have different goals."

"We will never know," told Riku. "Better we start right now with the plan."

They nodded and made the final tasks to start the plan. The seven Princesses of Hearts were moved down and the fragments were removed from them. Once they were stored away, the Organization began to search for the Dark Knight.

The princesses were chatting with each other while Sora took a nap. Ventus, Aqua and Terra were catching up with Mickey about the past 12 years. Riku on the other hand was talking with Sukai. Xehanort and his organization members were just standing in a corner, waiting for anything to happen.

Suddenly, a dark corridor opened and a dragon flew out, crash-landing into a wall.

Everybody looked in surprise and even Sora got awake from the crash. Riku was the first to recover from the surprise and turned to Xehanort, "I take this is Xartec?"

"Objective as ever Riku," replied Xehanort. "That is indeed Xartec"

"Ehh… how could this be Xartec?" asked Sora confused.

Riku slapped his face and replied, "Xartec is the Nobody of Retac, which is Fugeo's ancestor. Hence, it would be not surprising that he is a dragon."

"Makes sense," muttered Sora and Xeharnort asked to Xartec. "You found him?"

"Yes…" groaned the dragon, turning himself into a humanoid form. "And he should have detected the Princess already."

True to his word, the heavy stomps were heard and the Dark Knight appeared within the room.

Looking around, it stated, "Several unnatural light sources detected. Proceed to eliminate!"

"Not so fast!" told Aqua and got into the way, her Keyblade ready to fight.

The Dark Knight looked at Aqua for a moment while Terra and Ven were guiding the princesses down, closer to the Cornerstone of Light.

"Low level threat," stated the Dark Knight. "Concentration on irregularity."

The Dark Knight swatted at Aqua, but she blocked the hit with her Keyblade and just skitted back. The Dark knight proceeded its movement, but staggered as it was slashed. Sukai had got up behind the armored enemy and slashed the back for the armor, damaging it greatly. The mechanical being turned around and looked at Sukai, who held on his Keyblade.

"Keyblade Prototype detected. High-level threat. Proceed to remove!" declared the Dark Knight and slashed with his Keyblade. Sukai jumped back to avoid the hit while Aqua shot a Triple Firaga, joined by Mega Flares from Sora and Riku at the crack on the back.

The Dark Knight stumbled at the hit, turning around and shots black balls at the three.

Riku and Aqua managed to defend themselves with shields but Sora's attempt to block the attacks showed the painful result that these balls were explosive and had thrown the keybearer at the wall.

"Dammit!" muttered Riku and stormed forward, clashing swords with the opponent. Then the Dark Knight tried a downward slash, but stopped as it was hit on the helmet by a fire spell. Turning around, it spotted Kairi.

"Attacking anomaly. Removing," it stated and turned, giving an opening of its front which was used by Sukai who slashed at the chest armor.

The Dark Knight tried to react but found its sword arm frozen by Xehanort while Aqua used Gravity spells to hinder the movements of the free hand. However, it managed to break the ice of the sword arm and raised it to slash it down. But it was stopped by Riku who held on Way to Dawn and Burning Heart, pushing at the blade. Sukai used the opportunity and Key Chain began to surr, like as a chain blade being activated and hit the sword from above, forcing the Dark Knight to react.

It let go of the blade and it got dug into the ground.

With both hands free, the Dark Knight grabbed the two Keybearers, though the grip wasn't holding long as two more Mega Flares exploded on the damaged back, opening the cracks more. It turned and shoots an explosive ball of darkness at the attackers, Aqua and Xehanort. The old Keyblade master merely waved a hand and a rock formation erupted from the ground, taking the destructive hit.

Kairi was also shooting random spells to earn the attention of the knight while Sora, getting up from his earlier hit, got both of his blades out and rushed forward, holding the two together as one and made an downward slash at the knight's back. It began to crack more and Sukai made a roar as he stormed forward and passed through the Dark Knights defense somehow and delivered a vertical slash, severing the front of the Dark Knight's armor greatly.

The cracks began to join and the protective armor broke apart revealing it to be a skeletal construction with a large crystal ball in the center, pulsing in different colors, mostly dark variations.

"Primary defense down! Threat Level 10 achieved!"

"I guess we got it mad," stated Riku and true to his word, the armor sped up at Riku. But the speed was too fast for Riku to realize what was happening until the knight was already in front of him. The keybearer wasn't able to put up a defense as he received a huge blast of fire energy upon his body, causing him to crash into the walk, breaking it.

The others looked shocked at the sudden movement and the enemy was already on the way to deal with Kairi. However, to her luck, got Aqua between them and blocked the attacks with a barrier spell but it quickly lost its power due the brutal onslaught on the surface.

Sukai aimed at the Dark Knight and shot an energy ball at it, but the knight detected the projectile and blocked it with the own blade.

Mickey who had been waiting for a good opportunity so far, went close in, jumped up and delivered three strikes before jumping back, avoiding one of the blasts of the Dark Knight.

Xartec, who had recovered by now, stormed at the Dark Knight and grabbed the two arms of the construction.

Their power struggled and it seemed the dragon and the magical powered object were on equal footing. However, a rock formed in front of the sphere in the center of the knight and shot into the Nobody dragon stomach, sending him away before the knight rushed at Sukai, slamming him head into the ground and tried to stomp on him. But a Dark Firaga from Xehanort caused the armor to stumble back and turned the focus to the old Keyblade Master.

It jumped over and shot an ice spells at him. Xehanort defended himself with a fire spell, melting the ice before contact. At a wave of his hand, Ordo got in and magically threw spears at the knight, hitting him at the shoulders, legs, head and three into the sphere.

It caused the sphere to slit a little but was still far from finally breaking and as revenge of the attack, Ordo received from the Dark Knight an overwhelming amount of darkness which exploded at his face.

After the blast he was lying on the floor and he stated weakly, "Against this order, my sense of order was overwhelmed…"

Turning its attention back to Xehanort it proceeded to try and harm the old master by assaulting him with deadly spells of all types, except for light.

Xehanort, however, due to his experience, was able to counter most of them while blocking the rest. But due his high age, it was only a matter of time before his reserves were emptied. As the Dark Knight tried to charge another attack, he used the opportunity and caused a part of the rooms ceiling to fall on the enemy.

While the Dark knight dug itself free, Xehanort stated, "I am at my limit now. I am sorry but I need to retreat. Once I make contact to the rest of my organization though, I will send reinforcements towards you."

And only a few seconds later he left through a dark corridor.

Aqua wasn't really amused by this and stated, "Typical for him! He let us deal with the main work."

"Then we better end this now," told Mickey and Sora agreed to it, pulling his Dragon Key Amulet out and summoning the Keyblade from it, storming with both weapons in hands towards the Dark Knight with Mickey.

The little mouse jumped around the dark armor and hit it from all sides while it blasted around to take him out of commission.

Sora on the other hand interfered with each attack, causing the enemy to lose its coordination over the body and had to stabilize itself.

Sukai used this chance and slammed his Key Chain into the crystal core.

"Critical condition! Final Move!"

"What?" asked Sukai and the core began to glow brightly. "Oh shit!"

He tried to dash away but it was too late. The core exploded, filling the entire throne room with its elemental blast. Once the blast settled down, Mickey rose up, groaning and looked around. The room was a mess and parts of the walls were destroyed but it didn't look like the room would collapse soon . Mickey was glad that while constructing the castle they made sure that it was build to withstand a lot.

Though they originally had meteors in mind and not an explosion from the inside. Coughing by the dust he asked, "Is everybody alright?"

"I am okay," told Riku and Kairi added.

"Aqua and I were able to protect ourselves through spells."

"I am alright as well," told Sora, shaking his head. "Though I have a heavy headache."

From a wall came the next heavy groan and they saw Sukai leaning at a wall, unable to move. And the reason wasn't hard to guess… the way his arm and leg were twisted suggested that he broke some bones.

Mickey and Aqua moved over and checked on him. Shaking his head he told, "Like I thought… magical inflicted injuries."

"And from the pure blast I guess even our magic is limited," told Aqua and Sukai chuckled weakly.

"Guess I am out of the contest for now."

"That's correct," told Aqua and suggested. "Better we look for the others. Even if their duty was to watch out for the other princesses, we better take no other chances."

"Yeah. Not to mention… where is Xehanort?" wondered Riku.

Just right then they noticed that no one of the Organization was there. Not to mention… they barely helped out in the battle.

"Oh no!" gasped Mickey and he rushed to the remains of the throne. Though the mechanism to open the stairs was busted so they used a few spells to break the door open.

They quickly rushed down and stared at what they saw… Terra, Ven, Lea and Roxas were lying on the ground, unable to move while each of the princesses was gone.

"He... he really dared," told Riku weakly and Sora grit his teeth, tightening his fist.

Suddenly they heard a scream and Sora gasped, "Kairi!"

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