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Will found himself in some kind of a forest, looking around.

"Kuran! Are you around!?" he shouted only to hear his echo. "Guess not," he sighed.

However, he heard rustling around… probably of small animals which lived in that forest. He looked down to see small purple rat-like creatures running past him as well as some small brown birds flying overhead.

"Are those... Ratattas and Pidgeys? No way, this is a pokémon world!" he said to himself.

But then spears pointed at his head and body… by bipedal creatures with mammalian features. Their snouts were short and wide and they had triangular ears and large, red eyes. They also had three-fingered paws, large feet with oval markings on the soles, and long, thin tail endings in ovoid tips. Most notable is that their fur consisted of different patterns of black, white and grey tones.

"Well… that escaladed quickly... is there anything I can do for you?" he asked cautiously.

"Who are you? And how did you show up in our territory?" asked the leader, getting closer, his spear ready to impale Will if he did ANY wrong move.

"My name is Will. Right now I'm looking for someone. I don't suppose any of you has seen someone wearing black clothes and a green scarf with blond hair?"

The creatures looked at each other and one drew closer, his spear pointing at Will's throat, "No! But if he is here, we will capture him! And now tell me! How did you get here in the middle of this forest?"

"That's a bit hard to explain," Will chuckled nervously.

"Try me!"

"I just sort have appeared here… I know it doesn't make any sense but it's true."

They looked at each other and one told, "Come with us! And by the first wrong move… you get our spears in your body!"

"Lead the way," Will said trying not to cause a problem.

And they began to lead him… to a tower which was huge even Will's standards. And he saw two other groups moving to towards the tower, with several prisoners.

'Right... I see where this is going,' he thought to himself.

And he was thrown alongside with them into the cell. After everybody had taken seats in the cell, one of them asked Will, "Have you been close to their borders as well?"

"Apparently, yes," he responded.


"I have no idea where I ended up."

"You don't where… are you telling us that you have no idea why you got in reach of the Mewpyre empire?"

"Mew what now?"

"Never heard of the Mewpyres?"

"From where did you come from?" asked another prisoner.

"Everybody knows of the blood-sucking Mewpyres!" declared a third one.

'Bloodsucking? They must be some kind of vampires... that would explain the smell of blood they give off… a world with both pokémon AND vampires. Interesting...' he thought.

"Hello? Are you still with us?" asked one of his fellow prisoners.

"Sorry. Just thinking to myself," Will said in embarrassment. "Like, how to break out of this place without the Mewypres swarming us?"

"Unfortunately, I got nothing," he sighed.

As he looked around he noticed a Heartless crawling in the wall.

"Oh crap!" he spoke as more started to appear.

An alarm began to ring in the entire building and Mewpyres began to fly by everywhere, each of them holding either weapons from medieval times or something modern like a resized machine gun, engaging the dark creatures.

"Not again," groaned a prisoner. "We run ran into them before we were arrested by the Mewpyres."

"And due to these things appearance the Mewpyres are more jumpy than usual," told another.

"Really?" Will asked before wondering how long those Heartless have been here.

'These Mewpyres look like they could hold their own against them.. .but I doubt they're in a winning battle... better do something about that,' he thought before opening a dark corridor out of the cell, striking down a few Heartless.

Before he noticed, a fire spell destroyed a Heartless behind him. A female Mewpyre came up and asked, "How did you get out of your cell?"

"I figured you'd be grateful that I'm helping you all out here," Will huffed.

"I ask more how you survive even touching them! No human did that before," countered the female.

"Well, it's a good thing I'm not a normal human," Will responded before shooting his own fireball at a Heartless that was about to attack the female from behind.

"Sorry, but orders are orders," she replied, taking a gun out and shot three times into Will's chest, aiming at the heart, before leaving to join the others in fight.

"Man, you Mewpyres are so ungrateful," Spoke Will's voice.

The female turned around to see Will getting up and dusting himself off like nothing happened. She stared at him, while mindlessly blasting a Heartless, "Now we have a problem… we ordesr our orders are to kill ANYBODY who exits the cells without permission… and you just took three bullets head on."

"Eh, beats getting your head chopped off," Will shrugged before striking down a few more Heartless.

"Then come with me! I have the authority to take you with me. Or else everybody will jump to kill you! We are more than frustrated about these things constantly showing up! While only non-Mewpyres died so far, it makes us blow on our society, life stock and they destroyed two of our blood banks."

"So… where are we going?...If you don't mind me asking?"

"To the southern storage room. Our blood reserves are stored there and they concentrate their attacks there. And reports say one a bigger fish came out as well"

"After you," Will said.

She lead the way and once they got close to the storage, Will could see that many Heartless were there, trying to break through the Mewpyre defenses. And joining them was a large white version of a Wizard Heartless, "Don't recall seeing that one before," Will admitted before summoning his Keyblade.

The Heartless blasted one of the Mewpyres. While he didn't seem to be harmed, he collapsed after some seconds and then was shruddering. One of the others, who noticed that called, "Medic! Low blood!"

A Mewpyre came out and held on a bag filled with blood. However, the Wizard managed to blast him as well and not only he collapsed as well… the blood bag was empty. Like there was never blood in it.

Will threw his Keyblade, hitting the Wizard across the head, getting its attention.

"Yo! Over here!" he shouted.

The Wizard answered by sending its blasts at Will… and from what he had seen, its attacks make blood disappear.

Will jumped out of the way. Running at the Heartless, he jumped up slashing at it. It winced and tried to flee from Will… only to have a steel lance slammed into the body by one of the bulkier Mewpyres, pinning it the ground.

'Guess they CAN hold their own,' Will thought.

The Mewpyre kept holding it down, while others were blasting it with spells. Will noticed that only certain Mewpyres are casting cast spells while others kept their hands on the weapons. Only a few handled both but they were either using primary weapons or magic… like they were in a job system of a RPG game.

'This is one interesting world,' Will thought before slashing at the other Heartless, eventually getting rid of them.

The female he had followed, called up, "Report! What is the status?"

A few minutes later a male one told, "Three dead servants. One slave missing. Damage all over the place. Two sudden Blood Dries."

"How the heck did this thing make Mewpyres blood dry?" asked the female. "And why aiming for it? While it disables us, slowly killing us in pain, there are faster methods to get rid of us."

"It's like... the Heartless want to make your kind suffer," Will said.

"This dark prophet," mumbled the female and called. "Get the repairs done and send a message to the capital! Explain what happened here and send word to Queen Sarafina! We got somebody who knows what these creatures are! And he is not killable!"

"What? Are you jesting Commander Siga?" asked one of the Mewpyres.

"If it's all the same for you, I'd like to meet your queen and ask her a few things," Will said.

"You have some nerve asking for a audience with our queen, human!" one of the Mewpyres snapped pointing his weapon at Will.

"Lower your weapon," told Siga. "The queen will probably want to see him anyway for his information… and if not him, the elders will call him. We are in a war against an unknown enemy and every bit of information can help us," the Mewpyre did so, growling at the Keyblade wielder.

"Are we ready to go?" Will asked.

"I have to pull together a team first. And we should do a formal introduction. I am Siga Nevor. Leader of the 25th Border Control army. Sixth generation of born Mewpyre in the Magic Bite Family."

"My name is Will. Travelling swordsman and giving this circumstance, potential mercenary."

"Get me a team together," told Siga. "We got to deliver a swordsman to the queen!"

"Before we do," Will turned to the Wizard Heartless and sliced its head off. "Trust me, it's not a good idea to keep those things alive."

"We already knew that," told the female Mewpyre. "We tried to keep one for Elder Istar to examine it… result, her lab was destroyed and twelve of her best servants died."

Then a Mewpyre brought her a blood bag and she slammed her fangs into it, sucking it out in front of Will. And also he saw that every other Mewpyre was taking rounds of drinking blood as well. Those who were Blood Dry and the ones who used too much magic took more blood than the rest.

'So these creatures are a Pokémon-vampire hybrid… hmm, for some reason they share a little bit of similarity to Kuran's Aura. The only thing I can think of is, why is that… wait, I'm I back in Kuran's universe?' Will thought as he waited for the others.

Soon the team and a carriage were together. And they started moving towards the capital.

"So how far are we anyway?" Will asked.

"It takes a week to get the highest point of the capital in sight," told Siga. "And this tower holds the record of reaching 2 kilometers into the air."

"Well… this is going to be a long road trip," Will said to himself.

In this one week nothing much happened… while they passed patrols who told them more and more about the attacks in the towns, and the first Mewpyres died. One of them sucked dry by a sort of hybrid of them and these creatures.

"I don't think I've heard of a Heartless doing THAT... this is insane," Will said.

"We have to hurry up," mumbled the mage and they increased their already fast pace, making the mons which pulled the carriage going to their limits.

Eventually, they reached a city where Will noticed a large tower.

"Wow that is a big tower."

"That is the highest tower of Queen Sarafina's castle. You should be able to see it since it is in generally three quarters high as the tower," explained Siga. "Her throne room is in this tower."

"Well, at least it's easy to find," joked Will.

"Good luck in getting up there without running into one army of guards at each floor," challenged Siga while looking up. "It has been years I have been here."

"We should get going ma'am," suggested one of the Mewpyres.

"Yeah! Go in advance and request a meeting with the queen… or at least with our direct superiors," ordered the female Mewpyre.

The Mewpyre's made their way and came back after what seemed like an hour.

"Her Majesty as agreed to see this human," they bowed.

"Then let's go," she replied and they made to the palace… which made a third of the town. They had to walk for ten minutes to reach even the center of the ground floor… were an elevator waited for them.

"Be happy human," told a guard. "Only chosen guests can use Queen Sarafina's private elevator."

"Well aren't I lucky," Will said dryly.

They entered the elevator and began to move up. In the elevaor it were seats but they were told NOT TO EVEN THINK OF TOUCHING THEM.

"Are they busted or something?"

"Private seats of the queen," was the reply. "They were made from the rarest and most exotic materials of the world. It took 20 years to gather them with the world hating us."

"Why would the world hate such a charming species such as you?" Will spoke jokely.

"Where have you been in the last 500 years?" asked the female to him. "We weren't asking very friendly as we build the empire, and afterwards we made clear that we didn't want trespassing our borders without our permission. Not to mention we got a few crusades against us over the time. Not to mention, getting the hate of the people as they learned that after killing the last vampire, they got us in place."

'Nice history lesson,' Will thought as the elevator made it to the top.

They exited the elevator and guards were waiting to escort them to the throne room.

As they went on, Will noticed the view out of the window, looking out at the vast view that seemed to stretch out across the land.

"Like the view?" asked Siga.

"As the world tallest tower, it's no surpise that it has this view," he said, continuing on their way, reaching the doors to the throne room. And they were huge. Either they wanted to show that way that of how great they were, or they wanted to compensate for their little size.

"Wait, what the…?"

"Something wrong?" asked the Mewpyre.

"Is that little Mew your queen?"

"No insults to our queen!" told Sina while bowing in front of the white fur-collored Mew with red eyes.

Will looked at the Mew before speaking, "If you weren't a blood thirsty vampire hybrid I'd be giving you a big hug right about now."

"DON'T INSULT OUR QUEEN!" one of the guards yelled before kicking him in the back of the legs forcing him to get on his knees.

"Let him be," told Sarafina. "He is currently our guest. While the insult part will be punished, it is more important to learn about our enemies," then she turned to Will. "If you had shown up 600 years ago, you would have seen me as non-Mewpyre… instead an ordinary Mew."

"Well, I got to say, you look well for someone who has lived that long. Not to mention maintaining a vampire empire that would put Vlad Tepesh to shame."

"Who is Vlad Tepesh?" asked Sarafina curiously.

"Dracula. You know… before he was known as Dracula."

"Lord Dracula? The weakest vampire in history?" asked Sarafina. "So far I know he died because of the shine of a candle."

"Anyway... I understand that these creatures, they're called Heartless by the way, have been causing some trouble. How long have they been here?" Will asked.

"Three months and two weeks," told the queen. "And two weeks before the first appearance, a man managed to get in here. He called himself Dark Prophet and demanded from me that the Mewpyres do a democide. I refused of course, and ordered his arrest. However, he escaped by a sort of dark mist with the words that everybody in the empire will pay."

"Why would this 'Dark Prophet' want you all to do that?"

"For the same reason why we face every other century a holy crusade against us… to remove us from the existence," told Sarafina. "We didn't ask to be dependent of blood sucking. We are bitten or born this way."

"I see… do you have any idea where he might be?"

"No… but we know that the minority of the attacks happened around Sakraled, the second best secured place in the empire. Only my palace has better security since this guy showed up."

"Hmm I thought so… any case, I know how to stop these things for good… it's why I'm here."

"How do you plan to help us?" she asked. "After all, we are talking about creatures which show up anywhere at anytime."

"These things originally come here though a 'gateway'. All I have to do is find it and seal it."

"How can we find this gateway?" she asked. "I will send my soldiers out to search it."

"Well, see the thing is… I actually have no idea. Truth is that this gateway could be ANYWHERE. There's no real indication that its around unless we see it," Will explained.

"Isn't there ANYTHING we can do? After all, Sakraled is the most attacked place in the empire. One of our national treasures is stored there."

"What is it?" Will asked.

Sarafina wasn't sure to tell it but did anyway, "The blood gem. This artifact dates back to the high time of vampires. It allows a single vampire to exist without the need to blood. We use the power of the gem to reduce the general need for blood in the empire."

'Hmm, there IS a chance that it's there… but I doubt they'll let me anywhere near it,' Will thought to himself before speaking.

"It might be a good idea to keep a close eye on things for now, as well as keeping an eye out for that prophet guy as well," he suggested.

"You do understand that we are already searching for this guy while protecting everything of value to us," told Sarafina, glaring into his eyes.

"Hehe… umm right," he chuckled nervously.

"Aww, what's wrong? Getting cold feet from a cute little Mew?" echoed a voice that was familiar to Will.

Rising up, the queen demanded, "Who is there? Show yourself!"

Will could not help but get chills as a familiar figured appeared from a dark corridor in front of everyone.

"What are you doing here Null!?" Will asked.

"Oh nothing just enjoying a world-wide tour like you," the Heartless responded.

"I demand you to disappear!" told Sarafina. "Or face the wrath of Mewpyres!"

"I'm sorry, but I cannot for the life in me take that cute little face seriously," Null laughed.

Sarafina hissed at him, showing her fangs to him while the guards got ready to attack.

"Aww now, isn't that adorable," Null mocked, encouraging the guards to attack. Null quickly turned around, cutting of one of the guards heads with ease.


Null the other grabbed another guard by the neck, squeezing it until giving off a loud snap.

"For a bunch of real guards... they don't seem very good at their job," he mused.

"What are you trying to get your hands on this time!?" Will asked, pointing his Keyblade at the Heartless.

"Oh, what was it called again? Your friend there called it the Blood Gem, I think."

"WHAT?" she shouted. "We won't let you touch it! Let alone see it!"

"Why do you want it? What can you POSSIBLY do with it?"

"Oh I'm sure I can think of something... I guess it comes down to who gets to it first," Null mused.

"Touch your filthy fingers on it and I suck you dry personally!" hissed the Mewpyre queen, before throwing a spell which impacted with Null's chest, sending him flying

"Good luck with that, sweetie," Null mocked as he stood back up. "But just so you know, it's not really for me. It's for a... friend of mine."

"Don't tell me… you work with the Dark Prophet," she snarled, storming towards him.

"Maybe I do, maybe I don't," Null said.

And she got close to him, hitting him with Iron Tail on the head, attempting to kill him with the move in her rage. Null managed to grab the tail and spun the mew around before throwing her across the room.

"Even when you're angry, your adorable... better watch that temper though, such rage is so uncivilized for a 'queen'," he mocked.

Will ran at the Heartless and swung his Keyblade as Null summoned his to block the attack.

"What's wrong? No mommy's boy to help you this time?"

"You of all people know how strong I am," Will countered before kicking him in the stomach, pushing him away.

Sarafina got up and shouted to her mages, "What the hell are you waiting for? Shoot this enemy of the empire! And get the heavy artillery up!"

"Alright, now THIS is a fight!" Null laughed as he ran at Will, cutting him with his Keyblade.

The mages of the queen were taking aim but didn't know if they should shoot their 'ally' as well under those circumstances.

"And here comes the cavalry. Just as their queen demanded. Of course, being a bunch of mindless drones that's to be expected," Null mocked.

"Drones?" asked Siga, completely offended by this statement.

"Face it. That's all any of you are why else you'd you obey such a creature? I'm willing to bet that she only ALLOWS you to still act this way probably because she feels sorry about you fate, or maybe she is trying to justify her actions. Or perhaps it's because she wants to keep a figmentation company to hide the fact that no one will judge her over the fact that she's just another power hungry tyrant," Null said.

"YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE QUEEN!" was the shouting reply and he stormed forward, impaling the offender with an energy lance.

"To have these pawns obey every order without question, I'm willing to bet that they don't know why. SURELY these creatures have wondered that from time to time," Null spoke as he managed to dodge every lance and rushed to one of the guards, impaling him on his Keyblade. "Let me ask you something. Aside from 'that's what were asked to do' or anything like that, why do you serve your queen?" he continued.

"She is our queen," told Siga. "And she built with the first Mewpyres the empire, always looking at the best interest of the Empire it."

"Is that what you think or is that what you were told to think?" Null asked before sighing. "One second though, forget it. Reasoning with a bunch of mindless puppets is pointless. I for one have bigger things to take care of and since I'm not getting anything done here I might as well move on," Null quickly ran towards the window and jumped, everyone looked out only to see no one falling.

"He got away again. Damn it!" Will said.

"Who was that?" demanded Sarafina. "And why did he call my people drones?"

"That was Null. Don't let his words get to you. He knows how to mess with people's heads," Will explained.

"Then he had to do better… I had more executions running for people who wanted to get me off the throne… each of them for a different reason."

"Well, I'll have you know he was more than likely doing this for fun," Will sighed.

"For the one who brings me this guy's head, gains a Lord title," shouted Sarafina.

Siga's eyes widened, "Are you sure your Majesty? You are offering a spot of the third highest place of the empire?"

"Don't bother," Will said causing everyone to look at him like he's insane. "If any of you tries to deal with him you'll just end up dead. He's THAT dangerous."

"Are you suggesting to leave leaving alone a guy that insulted our queen and threatened to steal one of the most important national treasures?"

"I'm saying leave him to me, assuming we will bump into him real soon."

"So what do you think should we do?" asked Sarafina. "Assuming you know what has to be done."

"The only thing I can think of right now is waiting for Null at this Blood Gem," Will said.

"Get an escort to get him as FAST as POSSIBLE to the place!" ordered queen Sarafina.

As a few guards left they heard a rumbling outside. Will looked outside to see a Darkside in the city.

"Looks like Null gave us a little distraction," he mused.

"And it destroyed my new theater…" sighed Sarafina. "I was waiting 50 years to have it build."

"Why don't you wait for me outside. Leave this thing to me," Will said drawing his blades.

"You know that shows a bad light at the empire," she replied.

"Think of this as my apology for my own early insults," he smiled.


Will suddenly transformed into his dragon form. Before anyone even had a chance to wonder what happened, he took off flying towards the giant Heartless.

Sarafina turned to a servant, "Get Istar! She will a new research object after this."

Meanwhile, the Darkside was about to fire energy balls from its chest before meeting Will's clawed foot to its face, which somehow managed to make it stumble back a bit.

The defending Mewpyres stared at the dragon that had joined the fight, forgetting to fight as well.

The Heartless swung his arms at the distracted Mewpyres but instead hit a barrier.

"You all might want to stand back a bit," Will said.

The Mewpyres began to retreat and reforming their lines.

The Darkside swung its arm again. Will simply jumped up and landed on its arm as it hit the ground. He then proceeded to run up the arm and slashed at its face. Spells and other long ranged attacks from the Mewpyres provided cover while Will fought the beast. The Darkside eventually fell over from the attacks. Will took the opportunity and flew up and dived on to its head, burying his blades in between its eyes, causing the Heartless to disappear in defeat.

The Mewpyres spread out to make sure that no other bad surprises were around and proceeded to repair the damage.

Will took to the sky and flew back to the tower where he saw everyone outside. He landed and transformed back.

"Well, that takes care of that thing. I'm deeply sorry for causing more unnecessary damage," he said.

"Could have been worse. We had once to rebuild a town after a meteor," told one of the Mewpyre.

"Well, now that everything is good here, shall we get going?"

"They are coming soon to escort you."

"Well, alright then."

And soon Siga and other Mewpyres arrived at the scene… and they were heavily armed.

"Come on, let's get going."

"That was our plan," Will nodded as they went on their way.

Although they moved as fast as possible, it took nearly the entire day to reach the outer reach outside of the fortress Sakraled. And they could already see that the west side was under heavy assault.

"It would seem that the Heartless have an idea as to where the Blood Gem might be," Will said before getting his blades ready.

"It's in a special safe, located fifty meters under the place. The area around it is reinforced with fifty feet of steel carbon plates and the only entry is a tunnel from the center of the fortress."

"Still, better safe than sorry, right?" Will said before running at the Heartless easily taking down any he could hit.

Though he had to look out since cannon shot and arrows were raining down as well… the Mewpyres understood how to react on invading forces and he could see that any Heartless which got at least on the wall were greeted by close range and middle range weaponry.

Suddenly, the walls were pelted by a series of massive fireballs. Will looked only to see something flying over head, "Damn it, it's a Dustflier."

The Heartless landed, causing a shockwave that made almost everyone fall back.

"I was wondering when you'd show up, Keyblade bearer," it said.

"You can talk? So YOU'RE the one responsible for the Heartless here."

"Stop your attacks or once we find your hiding place, you will face the wrath of the Mewpyres!"

"Your empty threats mean nothing to me, you little rat!" the Heartless said.

Will suddenly notice something about the Heartless it.

"Wait… are you a female?"

"Yes, why? Is it not noticeable?"

"No, actually, it's not."

Siga looked at the heartless and asked, "They have genders?"

"I... guess they do. First time I've heard of this though," Will said.

"Have you already forgotten that we are not normal Heartless?" Dustflier countered.

"Yeah that's what I guessed," Will admitted.

"That's why I was glad to negotiate with them," told a new voice and a man in a dark cape, his face covered by the hood of the cape appeared through a dark corridor. "Greetings Keybearer… I am the Dark Prophet. And I suggest you to leave our business. This time, it is for the good of this world."

"He's not going to. Once he knows who his enemy is he intends to do on doing whatever it takes to stop them," spoke someone and the group turned to see Null leaning against a wall.

"Surprised to see you here," Will said dryly.

"You knew I'd be here."

Siga growled and was about to attack. Will place his hand on her shoulder insisting that she should stay where she is was.

He then turned to the Dark Prophet, "I can probably guess why, but I want to know why you're doing this."

"They are beings that shouldn't exist… the blood sucking should have ended when the last vampire was burned. But instead, we got a plague which is a thousands times worse and even harder to get rid of than the original vampires," told the Dark Prophet.

"Unfortunately for you, you're going to learn the hard way that the Heartless are worse," Will countered.

"It's hilariously ironic that you of all people are allying yourself self with a bloodsucking freak of a tyrant," Null mocked.

"It's true. I don't approve of their treatment and enslavement of other living beings. But I'm willing to work with them over the fact that they don't want to destroy this world," Will explained.

"Well… we don't have any use for a dead world," told Siga. "So we see it from the practical side."

"I'm a bit surprised that these things haven't already made you in an all-you-can-eat buffet yet. Might not be a good idea to trust them when THAT happens," Null said.

"Shut up. This is not about what side I want to be on, it's about what side I NEED to be on," Will countered.

"It doesn't matter what side you're on, these things are going to perish regardless," Dustflier said before flying in the air.

Which gave the mages and long-ranged fighters a chance to aim at her directly.

The Heartless dived at the attacks at incredible speed, blasting them away on impacted. Will ran as fast as he could at the Heartless, striking its wings, causing it to roar in pain. The Mewpyres used this chances and shot arrows at the wings as well while small cannons and guns were aiming for the head and body, though the defenders had their hands also full with the other Heartless and at one spot they had to gather more since the walls were starting to break.

Dustflier retaliated by swinging her clubbed tail, knocking away the Mewpyres.

Before Will had a chance to act he found the Heartless close to him.

'How the hell is this thing so fast!?' he thought before getting blasted point blank by a large fire ball which sent him crashing into one of the walls with large rubble falling over him.

Siga glanced to at Will but since they had a more daring situation, she didn't take the moment to check on him. Instead, she tried to defend the hole that got formed by the rumbling stones, getting aid from the defenders.

Uncomfortably since the defending force slowly grew thin and the first Heartless managed to get past, forcing the inner defenses to get active. Dustflier shot multiple fireballs into the sky that rained down, destroying almost everything.

The Mewpyres which didn't get hit, got for cover to avoid to be being hit by anything else while preparing their counterattack.

There was a flash of light as the rubble covering Will suddenly got sliced up. He stood there covered in a silver fire and his Keyblade looking a little different as well.

"Well, I don't think I've heard of you doing that before," Dustflier said.

"Oh, this? This is my Sword Fusion ability. Gives me a huge boost in power and all that," Will said with a smug on his face.

Siga looked at Will and decided to report that to the queen later… though she noticed something, "Where is Dark Prophet?"

"Looks like he bailed. Null is not here either… Probably acting as a body guard for him," Will said.

"Better we hurry up so we can find him later," told the Mewpyre and shot a few energy balls, which were target-seeking.

The Heartless swatted the shots away with her tail and was about to shoot a fireball herself, but did not expect Will to appear out of nowhere, punching her in the face hard enough to actually crash her to the ground.

Siga called out, "Keep her grounded! Get the explosives in place!"

"Leave it to me! Bind!" Will shot chains of light and darkness that wrapped around Dustflier, making her unable to move.

"GRR! Damn it!" she cursed.

Then explosions were heard from a nearby building and… it began to fall down… to her direction.

After the dust settled from the collapsed building, Dustflier broke free from the rubble badly injured.

"You are all going to pay for that!" she shouted before charging at Will.

The Keyblade wielder took a deep breath before rising his weapon.

"Zantetsuken!" he struck the Heartless, leaving a huge gash on her chest.

"AAAHHH!" she yelled before collapsing.

"It's over," Will said as his Keyblade turned into his katana and the silver fire covering his body vanished.

"It… it wasn't... it wasn't supposed to end this way for me…" Dustflier whimpered before vanishing.

"At least one less problem," sighed one of the nearby Mewpyres. "But we still have to finish off the rest."

"With Dustflier gone that should be easy. I for one need to find this Dark Prophet," Will said.

Siga's ears twitched and suddenly her grey fur turned white while the eyes got wide, "Oh no…"

"What is it?"

"An alarm is ringing… an alarm that indicates that somebody is getting close the Blood Gem!"

"Damn it! Let's go!" Will said.

They rushed to the entry and saw that the building that was placed above the entry was turned apart. Siga looked in horrer, "This was the most reinforced place in the whole fortress."

"Not reinforced enough it seems," echoed Null's voice as he walked out, casually twirling his Keyblade.

And next to him was the Dark Prophet… with a ball that seems to contain a red fluid

"The Blood Gem," gasped Siga and wanted to rush over but suddenly she cried in pain and collapsed on the ground, as the gem shone slightly.

"What the hell!?"

"Did the queen forget to mention it?" asked the Dark Prophet. "The Blood Gem can not only reduce vampires and Mewpyres need for blood… it can turn their very life source into a deadly poison which only effects them. Right now, due to the widespread effect of the gem, it only causes major pain. However, once I went through the ritual, the effects will be so strong, that every single Mewpyre in the world are dying shall die… slowly and painful while the poison takes their life away… depending on how effective the ritual turns out, it will either take a few days or a few hours."

"Sad for you that you're not getting a minute," Will said before throwing his Keyblade at the hooded man, managing to knock the Blood Gem out of his hands as it bounced on the floor.

The glowing effect stopped and Siga slowly recovered from the effects, groaning loudly from the aftereffects.

"So, the effects are determined by who holds it… interesting," Null mused.

"NO… it's how you use it," told the Dark Prophet. "However, you HAVE to know how to use it."

"Time Stop!"

The Blood Gem seemed to vanish from place. After looking around, everyone found it in Will's hand.

"NO!" shouted the Dark Prophet and tries to run over to take it back but suddenly a thunderbolt hit him, forcing him on the ground.

"Doesn't look like you are getting this anytime soon," Will said.

Siga panted and hand her paw raised, still an aftermath of her thunderbolt attack.

Will grabbed her, helping her up before handing her the Blood Gem. She took it and held it close.

"I suggest you get out of here. Things are probably going to get intense in here," the Keyblade wielder suggested.

Nodding to him, she held tight on it and got moving so far away as possible, probably getting the gem into a new safe place.

"Well, that was surprisingly uneventful," Null mused. The Dark Prophet growled. "What… are you doing? Finish them! We have… a deal!"

"The 'deal' was that I helped you secure the Blood Gem, and I did. Whether you manage or not to keep the blood gem it, well, that's your fault," Null countered.

"You… betrayed me?" asked Dark Prophet.

"They don't call us 'Heartless' for nothing," Null mused before impaling him in the stomach with his Keyblade. His eyes widened and collapsed on the ground, clenching on the spot he was hit. "You're a fool to think we would listen to you. We have our own goals to fulfill. You're nothing but a pawn to help us," Null said.

"Why… did you need me… if you had your own plans?" he groaned before collapsing, knocked out from the hit.

"Because we need the Blood Gem too," Null said.

"Correction: you need the Keyhole," Will said.

"Well, duh. You of all people should know that most of the time Keyholes almost always appear in object that hold some type of importance to that world."

"As long as I'm alive, you'll never get it!" Will said pointing his Keyblade.

"Then I'll have to keep killing until you stay dead!" Null swung his own Keyblade.

Will quickly drew his katana, smacking the weapon away following up with a swing from his other blade. Null summoned a sword in his free hand, blocking the attack.

The masked Heartless kicked Will's stomach, causing him to stumble back. He managed to quickly regain himself and swung his Keyblade, barely managing to scratch Null across the chest.

Growling, Null swung his sword. Will side stepped out of the way and kicked him in the head. Null stumbled back before shooting a fireball that sent Will crashing into a wall. Before he could act, Null quickly ran up and impaled him with his blades, he then lifted him up and slammed him to the ground.

The Heartless stomped a foot on his chest, "Come on, I know you're better then that!" he mocked.

Will grabbed his Null's leg as he quickly got up. He spun him around a few times before throwing him a few yards away.

"I don't know what you're trying to accomplish with this fight. It's not like you can kill me," Will said.

"Your immortality will just make it all the more sweet for me when I devour your heart and become whole," Null said.

"Did the Dimensional Heartless promise you my heart for your cooperation?" Will asked.

"No, it was MY idea. I give them the dirt on you two in exchange for being a part of their sweet plan of re-writing reality," the Heartless explained.

"And you expect them to mean that?" Will asked before blocking Null's blades.

"Of course not. I'd have to be dumber than Sora to think that they will stay true to their promise. I have my reasons."

Will pushed Null back before blasting him with Thunder.

"GAHH!" Null yelled before falling to his knees.

"Unfortunatel,y those plans won't do you any good when you're gone," Will said.

"You know what? You're right. No point staying here when I've got so much to do," Null chuckled.

"Oh no, you won't!" Will swung his blades only to hit the ground. "GRRRAAAHHH! DAMN IT!" Will yelled in frustration.

The Mewpyres closed in, wondering what just happened.

Then one of them asked, "What the… do we have to worry about him showing up again?"

"I don't think so," Will said.

"Then we have the next problem," told Siga as she came back with a bunch of soldiers. "I received orders to bring you and the gem to the queen."

"What's wrong?"

"She will explain it to you."

"Alright. Let's go."

And they began to travel back to the palace. They made their way to the throne room where they met Sarafina.

"You wanted to see me, your Majesty?" he asked kneeling to her.

"We have a problem… you know about the secret of the Blood Gem," told Sarafina, getting to the point. "While you deserve a reward for helping the empire, we cannot risk of having you leaving since you might spoil to the world how they could get rid of us easily."

"I see…" Will said feeling uneasy.

"Before we think about it," she started and snapped her fingers. A few guards dragged the Dark Prophet into the room and tossed him into the room it. Sarafina looked at him and told, "Time to check who you really are."

One guard took the hood off and revealed a human with bright green eyes and messy grey hair. Sarafina studied his face and asked, "Do I have to know you?"

"You should know me! I am the grandchild of Sarto Mirdoza."

"Sarto survived?" asked Sarafina curiously. "Then my people weren't that clear in removing the stain of your family."


"Your family killed our diplomat, his guards AND his family in the very moment they arrived the kingdom's front door… with the white flag," she paused for a moment and continued. "Then as we took over your kingdom after the war… your family attacked us instead of signing the contract that allowed them to keep their kingdom under our rulership… it's their fault that we took the kingdom as the center of our empire."


"So THAT'S why you were trying to get rid of them," Will said.

Sarafina was just laughing loudly and told, "I knew many reasons why anybody would want either all Mewpyres dead or only me personally, but you are the first who does it to get a lost kingdom back."

The man turned to Will and asked, "What are you waiting for? Kill this monster! If she dies, all Mewpyres will die as well! Then this is over! You can be a hero!"

"Since neither of you might be able to tell that to anybody, I have news for you. The Rumor that my death brings the death of all Mewpyres is a lie… a rumor brought up by ourselves to concentrate the attacks of the commando groups to me."

"So the Mewpryes can survive even when you're gone?" Will assumed.

"Of course," told Sarafina while the 'Dark Prophet' stared in shock at Sarafina.

The Mewpyre Queen turned to him and wondered, "What should I do with you? Sucking you dry, drop by drop? Execute you in public? Throwing you into the deepest dungeon for the rest of your life? Making you a slave? Making you ONE of us but still a slave? Or… killing you right here and hang your corpse in my gallery as a warning for everybody to not move against us?"

"I never thought I'd met a Mew capable of being so... cold hearted. Most Mew's are always so playful," Will spoke.

"Be one of us for a day and you understand what it is for most of us. And I am a Mewpyre for good six hundred years. I was forced to kill, to defend myself. Heck, I even had to execute my first love or he would have destroyed me to get my throne! And I was even considering to share the throne with him before he forced my hand!" told Sarafina. "Getting cold is not a surprise."

"It's left you with a huge distrust for others... didn't it?"

"The only ones I trust are my Elders," she told. "That's why I cannot trust you to leave, without knowing how to prevent you from telling that the Blood Gem is a good way to get rid of us."

"Is there anything I can do to convince you otherwise?" Will wondered.

"Try me," told the queen. "Give me anything that might convince me to trust you enough to allow your leave."

Will thought for a while before getting an idea he felt he'd regret.

"My blood."

"Your blood?" she asked. "Why would it be of our interest?"

"Because I'm immortal. I can't die. You can take all of my blood you want in case something might happen to the Blood Gem and you need nutrients. I can provide enough blood to last for years," Will explained.

"You realize it might take time to get enough blood from you to do that?" asked Sarafina. "Not to mention… you would have to stay here for this time being? And we might take even more to perform experiments on it."

"Before that happens, could I ask of something?" Will asked.

"And what is it?" asked Sarafina.

"I would like to see the Blood Gem. I don't want to hold it or take it. Just… see it."

She snapped her fingers and two guards transported it in, while a small army got ready to jump at him.

Will calmly walked up to it, examining it from all angles before noticing a glimmer that formed a small Keyhole.

"Ah, there it is," he said.

"What is it?" asked Sarafina, narrowing her eyes while looking at this strange keyhole symbol on the blood gem.

"It is the gateway I was talking about. Could you give me a sec?" he asked, summoning his Keyblade.

The guards get on more edge while the queen thought for a moment, "... alright."

He pointed the Keyblade at the Keyhole, shooting a small beam of light at it, causing it to disappear.

"And that's it," he said.

"So what did you do?" she asked with a curious look.

"I sealed the gateway. There will no longer be any more Heartless to get through," he explained.

"Just what is your weapon?" asked Sarafina.

"A special weapon called a Keyblade," Will explained.

Sarafina looked at him for a moment but then she ordered, "Bring the Blood Gem back to its vault while the fortress is to be rebuild! And prepare for our guest a room. He will stay for a while to donate blood!"

Then she looked down at the Dark Prophet and told, "And you… how to deal with you…"

"Umm, excuse me, your Majesty," spoke one of the guards.

"Yes?" asked Sarafina. She then looked around and noticed someone missing. "Where… WHERE IS HE?"

"H… h… he was here a second ago, I swear!" cowered the guard.


"Of course, your Majesty!" shouted the guard and with the others, he carried the order out.

Later, in an alleyway, Will poked his head around the corner looking at Mewpyres who he could assume were looking for him.

'Sorry you Majestey, but I can't afford to stay here for years, not while the existence of time and space are on the line,' he thought to himself before not wasting any more time and opening a Dimensional Corridor.

"I have more important things to do," he smiled.

Meanwhile, at an unknown location, the man in black stood with his arms crossed and eyes closed. Next to him was Stalwart Blade.

Soon they were joined by Orcus.

"You seem to be doing better," said Stalwart Blade.

"I'll live," Orcus said.

"Consider yourself very lucky… Dustflier has fallen," Spoke the man, getting the attention of the two Heartless.


"How did this happen!?"

"Ask him," the man said motioning to Null who was leaning against a wall.

"He preformed his secret ability. Poor girl didn't stand a chance after that," Null said.

"Secret ability?" ssked Orcus.

"He calls it Sword Fusion. He basicaly summons his Keyblade through his sword. It gives him a large boost of power," the masked Heartless explained.

"Oh great, now the other one has surprises!" Orcus growled.

"Maybe for you guys," Null taunted.

"Relax. They still have to find the others… there is still time for our plan to work," Stalwart Blade said.

"Indeed… we have lost a good number of our allies, but we cannot let their demise go to waste," spoke the man.
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Will stepped out of the Dimensional Corridor in some alleyway, "Well that was rough, you alright Kuran?"

However he found himself alone, "Well, damn... I guess that explains the rough travel. Ignitus DID say there was a chance we'd get separated. For now I'll just have to have faith in him and move on," he said before walking through a town.

As he made his way, Will noticed a structure surrounding a large lake with a stone platform in the middle of it, 'Where… have I seen this place before?' he thought before noticing a small group of men at a small stand. "Something going on?" he asked as he approached the group.

"Just placing some bets on the next match," one of them said.


"Yeah, against the current champ Rock. Assuming anyone is crazy enough to challenge him," another man explained.

Hearing that name got Will's attention as he took another look at the structure, 'Wait is this…Lakeside Coliseum? Ah, I see this is from one of the Soul Calibur games. And from the look of the arena in the lake I should say the 3rd one. If that's true then I'm positive the Keyhole to this dimension is at the Forbidden Sanctuary,' he thought to himself.

"Hey, do you have any bets?" the man at the stand asked.

"You know what? I do. 200 pieces of gold… on me," the men turned to him like he was out of his mind.

"You… want to take on Rock?" one of them asked. Will just ignored them as he made his way in. "50 pieces says he doesn't last a minute."

Will made his way to the ring where he met a large muscular man wearing a loincloth and a horned animal pelt on his head, holding a mace, "I take it your Rock?" Will asked.

"I am. Tell me, do you honestly think you stand a chance against me?" he asked.

"This sword is not for show. Besides, I wouldn't be here if I didn't. Not to mention that I heard you're looking for Soul Edge."

"I take it you are too?" Rock asked.


Rock held up his mace. "Surely you would not be on this journey unless you know what you're getting into... alright, let's see what you got."

Will ran at the man, managing to dodge his mace and striking his chest. Rock stumbled back a bit before running at Will, ramming his head into his stomach. Using the horns on his head, Rock threw Will back, who looked up and saw the man about to swing his mace again.

"This is the end!" the large man shouted.

Will somehow smacked the mace with his katana. He then quickly summoned his Keyblade and followed up with a strike to on Rock's leg, bringing him to his knees. Before he could act, he found Will pressing his blades on his neck.

"It looks like I'm the winner," Will mused.

"I don't believe it!" Rock said in disbelief.

"Mind if I ask you something? Where were you going to go?" Will asked before withdrawing his blades.

"I had heard stories about an alchemist who people claim to know about the sword to the far west. I was planning on going there and asking about it. If you are looking for Soul Edge, it might be a good idea to go there as well," Rock said as he stood up.

"Thanks. I think I will," Will said before making his way back to the balcony.

After collecting some winnings from some still dumbfounded people, he headed west until he found a large seemingly abandoned mansion.

"Valentine Mansion. Current residence to one Ivy Valentine, bastardized daughter of the feared pirate Cervantes de Leon," Will spoke before stepping through the doors. After a few minutes of aimless wondering he thought to himself 'God damn it, I figured this place was big but jeez.'

Eventually, he came to a balcony where he found a woman leaning on the railing, looking out a window. She had white hair, wore a very revealing outfit and a bronze gauntlet on her left arm and a red-handle short sword to her side. The blade seemed to glow a bit before sections of it detaching itself revealing to be attached by a wire that snaked its way around the woman and pointed at Will. The woman turned around to see him.

"Well you must be an interesting one," she said.

"How do you figure?" Will asked.

"My blade responds to the essence of Soul Edge, yet you don't seem to have any trace of that sword," she said.

"Your sword is more than likely responding to my katana Silver Fang," Will said holding the handle as of it gave of a light glow. "I'm here to find information on Soul Edge. I take it your you're Ivy Valentine?"

"I am," Ivy said as her sword attached itself to the handle. "And if you are after that sword, I would like to know if you want it for your own selfish reasons," she said, pointing her blade.

"I'm looking for it…" Will pulled out his katana. "To destroy it."

"Show me how determined you are," Will rushed at the woman who leaped out of the way and mused.

"Well, aren't we cheeky, this will be fun," Ivy lashed her sword barely nicking Will's cheek as he ran at her, swinging his katana.

Ivy managed to dodge and brought her sword together to block a followed strike. Ivy's sword split apart again, pushing Will off, the pieces began flying on their own, surrounding him.

"Damn!" Will cursed.

"This is the end. TEAR APART!" the woman shouted.

"TIME STOP!" Will summoned his Keyblade, swatting away the blades, catching Ivy off guard.

"My... you're a strange one," she admitted.

Will only winked with a smirk. The blade reconnected itself as Ivy strapped it back on her side.

"If you plan on destroying Soul Edge, then surely you know the truth about that blade."

"That it's a evil sword that devours the soul of whoever wields it. Yeah," Will answered withdrawing his blades.

"I don't know what help I can be. All the information I originally had was destroyed by a man wearing a white hood, carrying a scythe," Ivy said.

"Do you at least have any idea where it COULD be?" Will asked.

"That sword was last found in the ruins of Ostrheinsburg Castle. If anything, there might be some hints as to where it was taken to."

"Thanks," Will said and with that, he left the mansion.

'A man with a scythe huh? I suppose this means Zasalamel has begun making his move. If I remeber right, Zasalamel is attempting to revive Soul Edge to try and break his curse of Immortality,' Will thought as he came across ruins of a old castle. 'I know Soul Edge is not here, but that does not mean this place is not worth investigating. Not to mention a chance to get rid of an annoying obstacle.'

As he approached to moat that surrounded the castle, he spotted a large makeshift raft floating down stream.

"I never DID understand where that comes from," Will shrugged before jumping onto the raft. A few minutes passed as Will sat down.

'Hmm, wonder if I'll meet psycho freak Tira…' he wondered.

As the raft was about to pass under a bridge, Will noticed someone on it looking down at him. It was a teenage girl wearing green torn up close carrying a large ring like weapon.

'Speak of the devil.'

The girl jumped down, landed behind Will looking at him with a seemingly innocent look.

"You know, you really shouldn't be here," she said.

"Well I heard that Soul Edge was here at one point. So here I am," Will responded.

"You're looking for Soul Edge too? Hmmm... well, I guess you'll make a decent host," the girl said.

Will quickly drew his katana barely nicking the girl's cheek.

"Sorry but that's not happening."

"Ugh! Bastard!" the girl shouted, swinging her weapon only for Will to jump out of the way.

"You'll have to do better than that," Will mused.

Without a warning the girl ran at the Keyblade wielder as Will dodged every swing of the girl's ring.

She was about to swing again but Will sidestepped and kicked her in the back of the head, causing her to fall off the raft and into the water.

"Well that was... surprisingly uneventful," he said.

After deciding to get off, Will noticed someone walking away. It was a black skinned man wearing a white hood carrying a scythe, 'Zasalamel... looks like I found my next lead after all,' Will thought as he decided to follow the man.

Keeping his distance, Will followed the man to a large abandoned clock tower, which appeared as no surprise to him. Having a good idea as to what might happen, he took out his katana and entered. Looking around, he saw a stairway that lead upwards to the upper levels he went up and jumped down on to a large cog. Looking around some more, he heard the man's voice.

"I cannot allow anyone who knows about the sword to live. It's time for you to die."

The cogs suddenly began to slowly move. Will suddenly heard a loud banging noise, he turned around to see one of the giant cogs falling down and rolling at him. Will He jumped out of the way, letting the cog fall and plummet down below. The man suddenly landed in front of him holding up his scythe.

"I will not allow you to get in my way. Let's go!" he shouted.

"Ha! You'll have to do a lot better than that to get rid of me," Will said pointing his blade.

He ran at the man, swinging his blade only for the man to block it and push him back. Zasalamel then swung his scythe only for Will to duck out of the way. He then summoned his Keyblade and was about to strike, but Zasalamel quickly kicked him, making him fall on his back. The man quickly swung his scythe impaling Will in the stomach.

"Hmph, I'm disappointed," the man said pulling his scythe out as he began to walk away.

"Don't turn your back on me, you bastard," Will's voice spoke.

Surprised, Zasalamel turned around to see Will running right at him. Before he could respond, Will jumped up and drop-kicked Zasalamel in the chest making him stumble back and eventually fall of the giant cog, plummeting into the dark below.

"Jeez, how many scythes am I going to get impaled by?" he wondered before making his way out of the clock tower.

"Great, now where should I go?" he asked before thinking deeply.

'Hmm, maybe I should try my luck with Soul Edge's previous owner Cervantes,' he thought.

After wondering for what seemed like weeks, the Keyblade wielder eventually came across a harbor.

"Hey there. Any chance of renting a boat here?" he asked some nearby sailor sailors.

"That would depend on what boat ye be looking for lad," one of them responded.

Will responded by pulling out his winnings from Lakeside Coliseum and tossed it to the sailor, "Whatever boat I can get with this."

Sometime later that day, Will found himself and on a ship, singing sea shanties as he steered the ship across the ocean.

"~What do we do with a drunken sailor? ~What do we do with a drunken sailor? ~What do we do with a drunken sailor early in the morning... hmm?" Will noticed storm clouds forming as rain began to pour down.

As he looked around, he eventually noticed a mountain side with remains of some kind of pirate ship.

"I guess this is it," Will said before stepping onto a row boat, making his way to the broken up ship as the storm got heavier.

He eventually got to the lower half of said ship which appeared to be the most durable, considering that the front half was scattered amongst the growing waves. Will looked around as he explored the ship, "I can feel his evil… that ghost pirate is close," he said to himself.

Almost as if on cue, Will heard something land behind him. He turned around to see a man wearing some kind of pirate outfit. His skin was a light purple and had milky white eyes, holding two blades, one looked like it was made into a pistol and the other seemed to give off an unnatural feel. The pirate lunged at Will, performing some kind of spin attack. Will quickly grabbed his Keyblade blocking the attack, knocking the pirate back.

"I shall cast you into a watery grave," the pirate said.

"Good luck with that," Will mused.

The Keyblade wilder ran at the pirate to strike only to be blocked by his sword.

"That sword… has a fragment of Soul Edge, right?" Will asked.

"So what if it does?" the pirate growled.

"What better way to find Soul Edge then with one of its shards," Will responded.

"I won't let you take my fragment!" the pirate howled before pointing his pistol at the Keyblade wielder.

Will quickly grabbed his katana in time to smack the pistol away as the bullet barely missed his cheek. He jumped backwards, rubbing his cheek.

'Man that was WAY too close,' he thought.

The pirate ran at Will about to strike, who ducked the blades and sliced at the pirate's stomach, making him stumble back. He then ran at the pirate kicking him across the head.

Before giving the pirate a chance to make a move, Will quickly rushed at him, forcing his Keyblade into his chest. The pirate stumbled back before falling to the ground, dropping his blades as he did. Will walked up to the sword that the pirate dropped. Shattering it into pieces with his keyblade, he picked up one of the pieces.

"So, this is a piece of Soul Edge… well no need to stay here anymore," he said before beginning to make his way back, until he saw his boat getting destroyed by the giant waves.

"DAMN IT! Great, now how am I going to get back?" Will asked himself.

Thinking for a moment, he slapped his head when he realized an easy solution. Transforming into a dragon, Will spread his wings and took to the sky.

After some time flying, Will landed in some ruins located in a desert.

'Hmm, if I remember correctly, these are the Silk Road Ruins,' he thought to himself.

While looking around, Will started to hear strange growling. He turned around to see a large red lizard-like creature standing on top of a statue, before jumping down to him. Will slowly backed away only to bump into another lizard. Before long, more started to appear, surrounding him.

'Crap, I forgot that this place belongs to the lizard men,' he thought as the reptiles circled around him.

A lizard man stepped into the circle but this one was different than the others. It was light blue and had feathery frill on the back of its head, holding a small shield and axe. The Lizard walked up looking at Will, examining him.

"Easy big guy. We're all cold blooded reptiles here, right?" Will chuckled nervously.

The lizard man gave a loud growl before swinging violently. Will ducked and dodged and managed to jump away. The lizard ran at the Keyblade wielder before suddenly stopping. It felt something was… off. It looked behind it and gave a shocked look as it saw its tail flailing on the ground.

'Did… did he… accidentally cut his own tail off?' Will wondered, not knowing how to react.

And judging by the other lizards, neither did they. The now tailless lizard man seemed to give up trying to fight as it began to curl up into a ball and sulk. Will, having no idea what next action to consider, walked over and picked of the disembodied tail and went over to the depressed reptile. He held the tail where it was originally and placed his hands over the cut.

"Heal," the lizard man felt a strange warmth he turned around to see his tail back in place.

The lizard man stood up hugging Will tightly, clearly happy for what he did. The other lizard men jumped around, appearing to be glad that their leader was better.

'I have NO idea what's going on,' Will thought to himself.

The lizard men left, waving goodbye to Will. Still confused, he decided to just shrug it off and took to the sky again.

As he flew, he eventually passed by a mountainous region, finding a large hole that seemed like a an entrance of some kind. Curious, Will walked in, finding a large chamber filled with gold and other kinds of treasure.

'Is this… the Money Pit?' Will realized something else. "…Oh crap," he jumped out of the way as something tried to land on him.

It was a tall slim man wearing leather straps all over his body, even across his eyes and mouth, holding a pair of katars giving a low beast like growl.

'God Voldo is even creepier in real life. Though I will give him dedication for protecting his dead master's treasure,' Will thought to himself.

The man apparently named Voldo swung one of his Katars. Will quickly stepped out of the way, kicking the man in the stomach. Voldo swung again, nicking Will's arm who quickly drew his katana, blocking a follow up attack.

Voldo gave a hiss as he bent back grabbing his ankles, rolling towards Will at a surprisingly fast speed. He managed to tackle Will to the ground and was about to stab him with his blades when Will quickly summoned his Keyblade to block the attack and kicked him off.

'Man, I knew this guy was a pain but damn,' he thought as he got back up.

Voldo gave another growl before running at his opponent. Will ducked the attack and punched him... in between the legs. Voldo fell on the ground hissing in pain before Will punched him across the head knocking him out.

Deciding not to stay any longer, Will flew out of the hole he came in.

'Well that was a waste of time,' he thought.

After sometime, he noticed that the shard of Soul Edge began to respond to something. Will looked at it noticing that it was pointed to a desert.

"Odd, I don't remember anything in a desert," he wondered.

He followed the path the piece pointed to, finding some kind of cave.

"What the hell?" Will thought for a moment before deciding to go in.

He walked down a seemingly long stairway until it eventually got pitch black due to the lack of lights.

"Damn it," Will cursed as he felt around, finding what he could only pray was a wooden stick.

He shot a small fireball at one end, lighting it as a torch.

"Oh thank god," Will sighed.

He continued walking down an empty hallway examining the structure as he moved.

'Is this… the Hidden Labyrinth?' he wondered.

As he wandered around, he eventually saw a light. As he approached, he entered a large room with a man sitting cross legged on the far end. The man felt Will's presence and stood up and turned around revealing to have the head of a white owl and talons for feet.

'Hey it's Olcadan. I guess it IS the Hidden Labyrinth,' Will thought.

"I don't know who you are, but I suggest you stay away for your own good," Olcadan said as he took a martial artist's stance.

"Sorry. Afraid I can't do that," Will responded as he took out his blades.

"So you want to get in my way? Then you better be ready for the consequences." the owl man said before lunging at Will, swinging his leg, forcing him to duck out of the way.

Will swung his Keyblade only for Olcadan to jump out of the way and run at him. He then threw his Keyblade at his opponent who only smacked it away and threw series of punches.

'Man this guy is arguable just as tenacious as he is in the game,' Will thought, blocking and dodging the assault.

Olcadan swung his leg around, kicking Will's Katana out of his hands.

"Hmph, how disappoint…" Olcadan was interrupted from getting Will's fist to his face.

"I'm not done yet you old crow… not by a long shot."

"Hmm, not bad," Olcadan said.

Will summoned his Keyblade and rushed at the owl man. Olcadan dodged the attack only to be met with a back hand that made him stumble. Will quickly ran at Olcadan, slashing at his chest causing him to collapse.

Will sighed as he withdrew his Keyblade and went to pick up his katana before making his way, eventually finding an exit to where he found himself at a vast green plan plain out in the distance he saw a large church-like structure where he felt the fragment of Soul Edge reacting.

"Looks like I finally made it… strange. If a Keyhole IS here, I should have bumped into a few Heartless by now," Will said before noticing a black mass composed of the black creatures surrounding the structure.


After a while of fighting though some of them, Will stepped through two large doors and managed to close them before any more could get in.

As he navigated through the large cathedral, Will began hearing the clash of swords in the distance.

'This sound… it's the fight between Siegfried, the previous owner of Soul Edge, and Nightmare, the manifestation of the cursed sword,' he thought to himself.

"Ah yes, the infamous battle between two halves of the same mind to see who gets the body," someone spoke.

Will turned around to see someone he hadn't seen in a long time.

"Null… I didn't want to believe it at first but here you are nonetheless… but what I don't get is how you came to be this time," Will said gritting his teeth.

"You can thank those Heartless at the Divine Tree for that. Gaining a slight self awareness from Savan's test of courage didn't really help you either," the masked Heartless said summoning his Keyblade.

"Did you follow me? No, you were waiting for me," Will concluded, getting his Keyblade ready.

Null quickly lashed out, locking his Keyblade with Will's. He quickly grabbed his katana and swung at the Heartless, who only blocked it with his own sword that appeared in his hand and kicked Will away. After stumbling back a bit, Will shot a spear of ice. Null swatted the spear away only to be met by Will's foot in his face. He fell to the floor, quickly rolling away barely missing Will's blade.

"Slippery little bastard!" Will cursed.

"You're one to talk!" countered Null as he stood up.

Will rushed at the Heartless and swung his blades managing to knock Null's Keyblade out of his hand, only to get punched in the face. Null managed to force his Sword into Will's stomach and threw him back a few feet.

Will stood up and was about to attack, until the whole structure began to shake violently.

"What..?" Null began.

"The hell?" Will concluded.

The whole place was suddenly engulfed in fire as the cathedral began to fall apart. The seemingly peaceful structure gained a more hellish appearance as the sky outside turned bright red and the clear water flowing from the fountains became muddy.

"Looks like Zasalamel managed to obtain the power of Soul Edge along with its counterpart Soul Calibur in his attempt to break his curse of immortality," Null mused. "To bad he never anticipated what would really happen."

"Damn it!" Will cursed.

Null suddenly withdrew his blades.

"As much as I'd love to deal with you, I'll have even more fun watching you struggle against that freak. He always did make you ragequit. Chao," he said before disappearing.

"Ah! Damn it!" Will cursed before making his way to a large balcony that seemed to overlook the entire destroyed cathedral.

There he met a skeletal figure that had a black orb of darkness in the center of its body, holding a giant scythe. Without a second thought, the skeleton threw his scythe at Will, who quickly blocked it. The skeleton floated to the ground as his weapon flew back to his hand.

"Damn it. This is what you get for trying to gain the powers of both swords!" Will said.

"You, who would stand against me, prepare to die!" the creature responded before running at him, swinging his scythe.

Will ducked the attack before swinging his katana. The creature jumped away before throwing a large ball of fire. Will managed to dodge the blast as he ran towards the skeleton, striking it across the chest. The skeleton kicked Will back a few feet.

Will quickly stood up and shot a shard of ice, which was quickly sliced up as the skeleton ran at him again, this time impaling Will with his scythe and picking him up to slam him on the ground. Will moaned in pain as the skeleton floated high in the air.

"Time to die!" it screamed as its scythe floated in front of it, spinning, forming a wheel of fire.

Will threw his Keyblade, managing to stable the orb of darkness. The orb appeared to go haywire with darkness as the skeleton failed in pain before disintegrating into thin air, dropping the swords. One was large and looked like it was made out of something unnatural with a big eye in the center looking around. The other was a smaller, double pronged sword that had a calm light blue.

As Will approached the two swords, he noticed something appearing in the eye of the larger one.

"The Keyhole! I was right. It was within Soul Edge," Will said before sealing the Keyhole.

He then struck Soul Edge with his Keyblade, causing it to shatter into pieces.

"At least now it won't consume any more souls," Will said before picking up the smaller sword, examining it. 'And with Soul Edge gone, its counterpart Soul Calibur has no real purpose… eh, I'm sure no one will mind,' he thought before putting the sword in his bag.

Will then proceeded to open a Dimensional Corridor.

'I wonder how Kuran is doing. Wonder what kind of things he's experiencing right now,' Will wondered to himself before sighing. 'With Null on the loose, things are going to get ten time more hectic. I hope we met up soon,' he thought before stepping through.
Istar watched as Guil was awakening... grinning at the possibilities this new mewpyre held in his veins.

Groaning Guil opened his eyes and looked around, "Where... where am I?"

"You are in my lab," told Istar. "I am Istar. Elder of the mage bite family."

Guil looked at Istar in wonder, feeling his tail moving according to his confusion. He was about to ask her why he was there as he noticed a few things...

First she looked like his size, which was odd since mewpyres were considered as rather small creatures. Second... since when did humans have tails?

His eyes widened and he looked at... his paws...

With a chuckle the mewpyre elder told, "I was wondering when you would realize it."

"I AM BITTEN?" shouted Guil in realization, staring at the female in front of him. Nodding, she replied, "Indeed. You were bitten by our queen herself! Consider it an honor since you are the first person bitten by her since the founding days of our glorious empire."

"Uhm... thanks?" replied Guil not sure what he should think of that situation... not to mention he wouldn't be able to return to his old life.

"Anyway," spoke Istar. "We have much to do. Finding out more about you, getting you ready for our queen and teach you the basics before sending you to school."

"School?" asked Guil in wonder. Turning to him, Istar answered, "Did you seriously think we mewpyres are a bunch of monsters without any education? Then explain me how we achieved all of this if we didn't know the difference between a knife and a spoon."

"I... I was more surprised that I am going to visit a school," admitted Guil. "Not that you have a school system at all. And... I am thirsty. Can I have some water?"

Istar shook her head, "Nope! The thirst you are feeling isn't that kind of thirst. It is the first sight that your mewpyre nature is awakening."

Then she reached into a fridge behind her and took out a small bag filled with a red liquid, "Here! This is what you need to drink."

Guil took the bag and looked at it, "Is this... blood?"

"Of course," told Istar. "You are a mewpyre now. It's natural that you are drinking blood now."

Guil tried to say something but the female mewpyre stopped him, "Don't even think about protesting or refusing about drinking. Sooner or later your instincts would take over, forcing you to drink from the offered source of blood."

Guil looked down at the blood-filled bag and then he simply knew... he simply knew how to drink from this bag it. His mouth opened wide, revealing his new fangs and he slammed them into the bag. The fangs retracted from the holes made in the bag, starting to suck the red liquid from the cool bag. He felt it running down in his throat, disappearing into his body. Guil wondered where it went within him... and how much more he would need. Once the bag was empty he dropped it and stared at Istar, still feeling thirsty, having the need for more!

The elder seemed to understand and handed him the next bag, which he took and proceeded to suck it empty as well. Nodding satisfied she told, "I will be right back. Until then one of my assistants will keep you supplied with blood bags."

Guil nodded and kept drinking from thee bags. Istar left her lab and went directly to the observation room next to it. Sarafina, the mewpyre queen, was waiting there, looking through a one-way mirror to Istar's lab. Turning to the magic elder, the queen asked, "What do you think of him?"

"He shows great promise Your Majesty," replied Istar. "Not only he shows a great blood storage in his body, but early test reveals great magical potency. Nearly reaching high-class levels."

Sarafina looked at Istar with great interest. While every mewpyre could reach low-class levels of magic, only a few including the elders and Istar's magic bite family could reach middle-class. And only Istar's bite family and Sarafina herself could reach high-class magic

This and the original reason why she bit him... the boy became more promising by the second. Grinning to herself she ordered to Istar, "Find out what kind of elder he becomes. Once you know about his new abilities, send him to me!"

"As you wish!" replied Istar moving back to her, calling for her best assistants to prepare everything they need to learn the new mewpyre's power.
The keybearers just arrived at Destiny Islands as and Sora said, "You know… I never thought I would come back here before our adventure is was over"

"I can understand it Sora. Especially given how much we went through since we left the islands in the first place," replied Riku. "Though… I prefer not to think how we left it in the first place."

"Come on Riku! It wasn't that bad. Everything turned out fine in the end," told Sora and Riku shook his head. "Just because of you."

"If you two are done," began Roxas. "How about we find Xehanort? He got here before us and who knows what he is doing right now."

Sora and Riku looked at each other and called, "The cave!" and they dashed off. The other keybearers just looked at each other for a second before running after them. They reached a small cave and in there was standing Xehanort, in front of a wooden door.

"Don't touch the door!" called Sora. Xehanort just turned and mused. "Why should I open a door which would ruin our biggest chance to succeed against the Dark Knight? I am here because I was looking for the sanctuary. Why wasting time if I could already get clues of its whereabouts?"

"Fine," told Aqua. "Then tell me: what did you find so far?"

Xehanort chuckled, "The entrance is indeed on this island. I found a few things I overlooked in the past and could put together the clues… though only one clue is missing to determinate where the entrance is and how to open it."

"Why bother to know how to open it if we have our keyblades?" wondered Sora and Roxas sighed. "Sora! Think about it. It was built by keybearers to prevent something dangerous running around. Do you think they wouldn't have thought of the possibility that somebody might try to open it with a keyblade, not knowing what he or she is doing?"

Sora thought about this for a moment and laughed, "Guess I didn't about this."

"Sometimes I don't believe you," moaned the Nobody. "You really could use your brain more often."

"What? I saved the universe twice so far," countered Sora. "Doesn't this prove something?"

"Cut off your two," told Lea. "A fight among us isn't helping, you know?"

Xehanort chuckled and spoke, "Perhaps we should concentrate on our task on hand, don't you agree?"

"Then how about you tell us where you have been looking so far?" inquired Riku. "I don't want to search on places where you have been already."

"Almost the entire island," told Xehanort. "Except for this small cave and the small island pass the bridge."

"We would have noticed it, if there was anything," told Riku and Xehanort shook his head. "You wouldn't… you didn't look for something that only a keybearer could notice."

"Mind to explaining?" asked Terra with crossed arms and Xehanort did so. "You must see, the clues are hidden underneath Keyholes, Keyholes which were hidden by Keyblades. You need to search with your Keyblade to find the Keyhole… unlike the Keyholes to the hearts of the worlds, they were designed to be found when you poke your Keyblade in the near of them. Not when the time is right."

"Wow! They really didn't want an accidental release," mused Lea. "Perhaps we should lock down the Knight instead of unlocking this thing."

"Gladly," told Xehanort. "If you can tell me where and how to imprison it, without risking that it might break out any again."

Lea looked at him and told, "I was being sarcastic."

"I thought so," told Xehanort. "I was just replying to it."

"So we have to go to the other island and hit everything with our Keyblades?" asked RIku. "We should be clad glad that it is such a small area we have to look at. Would have been worse if we had to look through the entire island."

"I agree with Riku," told Aqua. "We should go to see where the Keyhole is."

"Given on how old this Keyhole should be…" thought Roxas out loud. "We can cut out anything that was added recently… but we have to look underneath them."

"Since you have never been here before…" began Riku. "You should know that except for the bridge nothing additional was added there. It served as our brawling place."

"Oh… crap," told Roxas as reply. "Then it will be fun to search."

"Luckily it isn't that big," told Riku.

The keybearers went to the mentioned island and began to search through the place… they hit on every spot on it that might be there since the storing place of the Keyblade Prototype was placed in this world… but nothing came out.

"Seriously?" asked Sora, getting angry of the outcome. "We turned this small place upside down and nothing!"

"I am confused as well," told Xehanort. "I was sure it would be here!" while walking into the center of the island, close to the tree standing there.

"You played with us!" shouted Sora angrily. "You just wanted to have a laugh! Now tell us where the Keyhole is!"

And in his anger he threw the Keyblade at Xehanort. The former master simply side stepped to avoid the hit and the Kingdom Key got stuck in the tree.

"Easy Sora… killing me right now might not be the wisest decision… though I can understand your anger."

"Sora… as long we need him, killing him won't be any good," agreed Riku. "So wait until this is over."

"I don't want to calm down!" told Sora and Aqua tried to calm him down anyway. "Listen Sora…"

Then a clack was heard and they turned to the source of the noise… and a Keyhole surrounded Sora's Keyblade.

"You gotta be kidding me!" told Terra. "Who was supposed to check on this tree?"

"Eh… me," replied Ven and everybody looked at him. "Hey! I never knew that a tree could be that old."

"In fact, this type of tropical tree cannot get that old," mused Xehanort. "Even I left out the possibility."

"Sorry for the outburst then," told Sora with a grin and Xehanort only rolled his eyes. "Just open the Keyhole."

Sora nodded and moved to his blade, moving it and another clack was heard. The tree began to glow with the surrounding ground and everybody stepped back. A grey ground was now in place and part of the ground it lifted up, revealing a sort of 'elevator' to use.

The group looked at each other as asking, "Should we risk it?"

Xion only shrugged and stepped into the elevator. Once she stood there she asked, "Are you coming or not?"

"We don't have all day," agreed Roxas and stepped in as well, followed by the others. Once they were in the 'elevator', Ven wondered, "So… how do we make it move?"

Cue Due this it began to move down. Once they were underground, the cabin was lighted up by blue lines at the wall. Knowng that as long it didn't stop in front of a corridor or exit, they would be stuck to do nothing. So they decided to just wait… and wait… and wait… and wa- "ENOUGH!" shouted Sora. "How long is it still gonna take? We have been in this thing for days."

"Actually we are only in here for a mere hour," Roxas corrected him . "But sitting here and doing nothing gets on the nerves."

"I am wondering how long we are still in here," told Aqua. "We must be already deep under the ocean."

"Actually, we are already several meters below the deepest point that surrounds the islands," told Xehanort. "So this shouldn't take long anymore much longer."

"How do you know how deep it can be here?" asked Aqua and Xehanort told. "That, dear Aqua, remains as my business."

"If the complex is that deep under," began Xion. "Then it must be large. At least larger than the island itself."

"I agree," Terra nodded. "Sounds like we are in a Dungeon Crawling here."

It took some more minutes but finally the 'elevator' stopped and they were faced with a small corridor. The same blue glowing light illuminated it and the keybearers proceeded in walking down the path. Xehanort looked curiously at the walls and touched them to feel them.

"Fascinating," told the old Keyblade Master and Sora wondered. "What?"

"These walls… are made from a material I only encountered once. Several years ago… but the place was in ruins, long before any recordings were made in this world."

"I wonder how advanced the keybearers had been in the past," told Ven and Aqua shook her head. "I think more that somebody helped them to create this place… only to dissaear disappear afterwards."

"That is what I also think," told Xehanort. "Even the oldest recordings of the Keyblade Order suggests that we never had the means to create a place like this. And we are only talking about the corridor."

"This would be a challenge then to get the grand prize then!" smiled Sora and stormed forward.

"Sora! Wait!" called Riku. "You don't know what lies before us!"

Just as Riku said that, a cry came from Sora who just ran past the door at the end of the corridor. The others followed suit and stopped, to find Sora sitting on his butt. It seemed he had to make a surprising halt since… if he hadn't he would have been on the way down.

Roxas looked and thought to himself way, way, way, WAY down.

In fact the ground was barely seen from the position since the blue lines on the walls were not providing enough light to let them see the entire room they were in.

The keybearers began to look around and saw that they were on a platform that was connected to others. Even in this half dark place, the blue glowing lights provided enough light to tell that this room must be huge. At least of the size of the former beasts Beast's castle, if not larger.

Ven noticed on the wall a design that resembled a hand. Looking surprised he asked, "What is that?"

The others turned to see what he meant and Ven asked, "Sould we touch it?"

"Given that we don't know what we have to do here, it cannot hurt," told Sora and Lea laughed. "You realize that we might accidently activate the self destruction of this place by touching anything?"

"I don't think they would make the destruction of this place THAT easy," countered Riku. "Though I can see your concern here."

"Let's do it anyway," told Sora. "Who knows? Perhaps his it will lighten us up down here."

And like he said, the keybearer touched the design on the wall and it glowed for a few moments…

"Was that all?" asked Sora and the place began to shake. Violently.

"Did you had to say that?" asked RIku and upon a call from Xion, they looked up and saw that five slightly glowing crystals moved down from the ceiling. Four were at the same size but the middle one was huge. Then four holes opened in the room and a beam of light hit the crystals, which redirected them over the surface of the large crystal.

The room lightened up so much that everybody had to shield their eyes until the light dimmed down to comfortable brightness and once their eyes were adjusted they just stared at what they saw in front of their eyes.

In front of them was a large replica of the X-Blade stuck in the ground. The size reached half of the room igh height and four armored individuals held the blade. The keybearers moved forward and looked to the ground. They noticed that four beams were on the ground, meeting at a center piece that glowed while the 'tip' of the X-Blade replica was stuck in it. And they noticed that also large chains were connected from the four inner corners of the floor with the walls. Also small pathways and bridges were all over the walls.

One led to the section of the replica that connected the handle with the blade. And a door seemed to have opened there.

Sora chuckled, "Well, it brightens us up, alright!"

"Sora… sometimes I wonder how you do that," told Riku while Sora just replied. "Don't ask me! I do what I always do."

"Now we just have to find a way through a maze of pathways and bridges to this door," told Terra while Ven suggested. "Why don't we use our Keyblade Riders?"

"Oh sure, use flying or teleportation without knowing if this place wouldn't react to these actions," came the sarcastic comment from Lea. "Seriously? How about thinking first?"

"How do you know about Keyblade Riders?" asked Ven and Lea shrugged. "Old Yen Sid told me."

Sora looked at Riku, "Wonder why he didn't tell us."

"He did. You were absent at that time," told Riku. "And due to the lack of a form of protection, he didn't think that showing us how to call them would be any good."

"I can think of a few situations where they would have been a great help," countered Roxas. "For example when Xion, Lea and I were teaming up with the Gargoyles."

Everybody looked at him, almost asking him to explain but they decided it would be wiser to try and find a way up.

Which wasn't easy. Due to the size of the room it was difficult to look far ahead enough to see if the chosen path would bring them closer while many connection points couldn't be seen due to the statues within the room. The only bright side on this long search was that they weren't attacked at all.

During this trip Aqua wondered, "Why did you say earlier that the island would only contain a hint of the entry and not the entry itself?"

"Simple, Aqua," began Xehanort. "Because the hints I found regarding the entry, suggested that the final clue was on this tiny island. Not that it would contain the entry."

"Then how about somebody tell me how they managed to get these giant statues got up down here?" inquired Xion. "Making this huge place is one thing… but an entirely other is getting statues of this size in here."

"Seriously? Not a single clue," told Aqua. "However, they did that… it had been difficult."

"I am more surprised that they managed to make this place within a lifetime," told Terra. "After all, alone making these statues must have taken years. And from what I understand, the minority of the keybearers were wiped out by the Keyblade War. There couldn't have be that many left to build this place at top speed."

"That's correct," told Xehanort. "I am curious how they managed to perform such task."

"If we run into a survivor we will ask," told Riku as he looked and turned right. This was the final bridge they had to take before reaching the door that was by the giant X-Blade statue. As they neared it, the door opened by itself and the keybearers entered the chamber behind said door. The room was glowing in a subtle white light. A pedestal rose from the middle of the room while in the four corners stood four statues of armored knights holding on Keyblades.

They neared the pedestal and it began to glow. A man in armor appeared in an holographic light and spoke, "If you wish to open the seal, the four knights must give their keys, so the guards will release the hold on the key, so the blade will pierce the seal. Only one may challenge a knight at once."

"So we have to face some challenges?" asked Sora. "Fine by me! Let's do it at once!"

With that the four statues raised their Keyblades and hit once the floor. The ground in front of the armors opened and small floating platforms raised up. Also the ceiling opened up.

The keybearers looked at each other, trying to decide who goes would go first.

In the end Sora, Riku, Xion and Roxas stepped on the platforms. They rose into the air and flew towards the heads of the statues. Their helmets opened and they landed on another platform inside the helmets before they close up.

Riku looked around in the room which was lighten up by a blue light until a white light blinded him temporally. Once he was able to see again, he saw an armor in front of him. The armor summoned a sword and took a battle stance… Riku's battle stance.

Smirking he got his Keyblade out and got into the pose as well, musing, "Looks like I got the traditional fight against my doppelganger."

And the two rushed at each other. Riku started with a vertical slash which was blocked and his opponent tried to hit him with a close range Dark Firaga from the hand.

The Keybearer however broke off and shot a Triple Plasma to counter and then launched performing his Dark Splicer. His opponent didn't have the time to react on the attacks but once he was finished, the doppelganger launched a Mega Flare and Riku was hit square into the chest, sending him into the wall.

Groaning in pain, he got up and raised Keyblade just in time to block a Shadow Break. His opponent tried to break through by the use of Zantetsuken. Riku however managed to swing around his opponent and kicked the back. His opponent jumped up and Riku got surprised that a large balloon got into the way. Intenting to run around he began to dash but his opponent popped the balloon and Riku was bombarded by smaller ones. Just as he fell on the ground, his doppelganger closed in and jumped into the air. Riku could see the energy coming up and knew what was coming.

The doppelganger launched a Meteor at Riku which exploded as it hit the ground. TIt then landed on the ground, and stood still.

Then Riku dashed out of the smoke, his Keyblade raised and holding something in the hand. Their blades clashed together and the doppelganger tried again to hit Riku with a spell at close range. Just before the arm with the spell made contact with Riku, his arm moved and the doppelgangers arm flew away, cut off.

Riku was holding in his other hand the Keyblade Burning Heart, which was covered in flames.

The doppelganger stumbled back and the fire on Burning Heart spread over Riku's entire body. Wings and a tail grew from his back and before the doppelganger could react, the keybearer had flown over to him and starting slashing. Each strike was harder and faster than the last one and after the 50th hit, Riku merged the two blades and struck downward, cutting the doppelganger into two halves.

Panting loudly, Riku reverted back and looked shocked as the doppelganger reformed in front of his eyes.

His next surprise was that the doppelganger was kneeling down before going to the center of the room and hit the ground with the weapon. It sank into it and the room glowed while suddenly everything shook. "Challenger! You showed your strenght! The first key of opening the path is unlocked."

A blue sphere surrounded Riku and he flew off. Outside, he saw that the Statue he was in removed his hand from the X-blade statue and knelt down.

"That explains the shaking earlier," told Riku while he flew back into the X-Blade.

Roxas looked around in his room, wondering what kind of challenge he would face there. The room began to brighten up and Roxas found himself with dozens and dozens more of armors.

Looking around he wondered what his duty is was and a voice told "Challenger! Prove yourself worthy by slaying the devil in armor. However, if you choose the false armor, one of the islands above the sanctuary will be destroyed."

Roxas called his Keyblade and looked around, trying to find a figure that might be the devil. A few of the armors looked like they could it be but then he spotted details on them which proved him wrong. The same are with the other armors.

He went up and tried to open one of the helmets but it didn't work either. No matter how hard he looked at it, he had to rely on his luck. But if he wasn't lucky, he would destroy Sora's home… was it really worth the risk.

After checking other armors he still couldn't deduce which one is was the correct and he grew frustrated.

At one point he slammed his Keyblade on the ground and shouted, "I REFUSE TO TAKE UP WITH THIS! EITHER YOU SHOW ME A FAIR CHALLENGE OR I WILL TEAR MY WAY DOWN MYSELF!"

"You could have taken an easy path by just guessing the right armor. But you made the moral correct choice. This takes courage to admit defeat. Hereby the key is unlocked."

Roxas stood there and muttered, "It seems whatever is overseeing this test must mistake my outrage as surrender… fine by me."

Then he was covered by a blue sphere like Riku earlier and flew out of the room while the armors broke apart but one, which moved to the middle of the room and moved a key into the ground. Outside the room, Roxas saw how the statue removed its hold on the X-Blade statue and got into a kneeling position, like one of the other statues. Roxas thought that one of the others managed to do his part of the challenge before him.

In the third of the four statues, Xion was standing stood in the middle of the room and a table with four keyblades lying on them.

The four Keyblades were Ultima, Oathkeeper, Oblivion and Two Become One.

While wondering how these Keyblades could be here there, a voice told, "Four Keyblades, one Keyhole. Chose the one to sacrifice and take any you want."

For Xion this offer was very tempting since this meant she could have more Keyblades. Though she wondered if this meant she could dual wield them. And any possible gain of strength could help them to defeat Xehanort in the long run. And of all keybearers, she was the only one without any Signature Keyblade… she only used ones of others. First Sora's Kingdom Key and then Kuran Light Within Darkness. While Oathkeeper and Oblivion were very tempting, they were sort of Roxas' signature blades. Ultima was very tempting but she had to admit that Two Become One has more sentimental reasons.

Her hand reached for the handle and lifted it up. She decided to keep it for herself though she still needed a sacrifice… any but Light Within Darkness would work. Her hand reached for one of the other three Keyblades and just before the fingers touched the surface she remembered something: this was a sort of challenge! Which meant this also could be a trap which resulted in failure.

She looked at Two Become One and sighed, "It would have been great but…"

She moved over to the center where the Keyhole appeared and pushed the Keyblade in. Just as she did that the other three Keyblade disappeared in dusk while she got covered in a blue light.

"You have chosen to take one. You have proven you are not driven by greed. Hereby the Key is unlocked."

And she flew back to the others, seeing that the large statue joined the kneeling stance of the two other statues.

As she was back in the room inside the X-Blade Statue, she saw that the only one who didn't return yet was Sora.

She joined the others and asked, "What were your tests?"

"I had to show my courage by refusing that I risked sinking the islands," told Roxas and Riku told. "Faced a doppelganger to show my strength."

"I had to show that I wasn't greedy by refusing to take any additional Keyblades for me," told Xion. "So what do you think Sora has to do?"

"Knowing our luck, he has to show wisdom," told Riku and Xehanort chuckled. "Well, knowing Sora so far, it might take a while before he solves his puzzle. So how about we discuss what we do once we reach our goal?"

"From what I see we should lay a trap for the Knight to lure him in and then take him down," told Aqua. "That would make things quick and effective."

"And this way we can choose our battlefield," agreed Lea. "Any place where we gain an advantage towards the thing is a good place for me."

"We should find a place where its powers get either weakened or nullified," suggested Terra. "Though given what we know about this Dark Knight, finding even a place to weaken it is lucky enough."

"I agree," told Xehanort. "Though what kind of place might be good enough to ensure that the Armor's strength is reduced even at the slightest?"

"Well… any place where the light is strong might sound for a start," told Ventus. "After all, we talk about something that is made to use the darkness."

Xehanort put a hand on his chin and told, "I think I have an idea… but for that I need to talk with somebody first."

"And with who?" asks Riku but Xehanort said. "With Yen Sid and Mickey."

As they keep discussing, the place shook again and Sora returned to the room. Panting loudly, he grinned "Man! That was hard!"

"What was your challenge?" asked Aqua and Sora grinned. "A voice asked me if I could stand on one leg while touching my forehead. It took a while until I finally managed that!"

Everybody looked at Sora and Lea asked, "You… didn't seriously make your leg touch your forehead?"

"Sure! After all it was the challenge" told Sora and nobody, NOBODY, dared to ask how he managed that. After all, the solution of this question was far simpler. Stand on your leg and use your hand to touch the forehead.

So they just assumed that, whatever oversaw the challenges, let him pass for the feat itself… not for proving his wisdom.

Then the hologram of the man before appeared again and told "Challengers! You managed to beat the four challenges. I hereby you are worthy to see the treasure sealed within this sanctuary."

Once he said that, the room began to shake and the hologram was replaced by a sort of feed on what is happening outside.

The X-Blade model was rising into the air and the block it was stuck in began to sink into the ground. The four bars which had touched the block began to retreat into the wall. The four giant statues and bridges began to disappear in a bright white light before the chains which were connected with the ground began pulling said ground.

The floor rose, splitting in four parts, revealing it was a large trap door all along kept shut by the four statues and the bars.

The X-blade began to sink down into the depths. It was a slow procedure and halfway to the final ground, it split up in two halves, making the room where the keybearers are in, to were into a platform. The X-blade sank into the ground until the platform touched and then stopped. A pathway began to glow, leading to a door.

They proceeded to the door and a warning was written on it 'Behind this door is the Prototype of the Keyblade. Never release it, unless the fate of the universe is at risk.'

"Thanks for this loophole," told Lea and he pushed the doors open. They found themselves in a large room. This room wasn't glowing… the light source was the only object inside the room: a giant yellow glowing crystal hold held by eight large chains in the middle of the room.

"Well… here we are. Any idea where the prize is?" asked Terra and Aqua suggested. "Probably inside of that crystal. We just have to open it."

"And how are you suggesting we do that?" asked Ventus. Sora just shrugged and told. "The old way!"

He pulled the Keyblade out and threw it over. The Keyblade hit the crystal and got stuck, creating cracks over the crystal.

Seconds later the cracks disappeared and the Keyblade got catapulted back at Sora, hitting his head.

After being floored of this hit, Sora groaned and commented, "Wasn't a good idea"

"We could have told you that beforehand," sighed Xion. "If you had given us a chance to explain."

"Sorry!" grinned Sora and Xehanort suggested. "How about we instead use our Keyblades to unlock the Four Keyholes on the four walls in this room."

"Well… that's easy," told Riku. "I thought for the last defense they would pull something else."

"For once be glad that things are running smoothly," countered Sora and aimed his Keyblade. Terra, Ven and Lea did the same and the four beams hit the Keyholes.

They glowed like the chains and disappeared while the crystal glowed brighter. shields Everyone shielded their eyes and once the glow disappeared the room was enlighten up by four small crystals. And between the four crystals…

Xehanort stared like the other keybearers at what was sealed in the crystal and stated, "Not even I expected this."

In front o them was a boy with blond hair, wearing a crown. He sported a collar, a short sleeved hoody and short pants with brown boots. Also he had fingerless gloves. This boy also sports Also, a lion tail and ears while having and claws on the fingers could be seen.

Grinning at the keybearers he asked, "Hi! Didn't expect to be wake up at all! How are you?"
"Of all worlds… this is really the last place I would have expected," told Lea as they heard from the others where the Keyblade Prototype was sealed.

"Come to think of it," began Ven. "Most of us have been there once a time."

"Well… except for me," told Roxas. "I never had been there before. At least not for real."

"Hey! You were inside me," told Sora but Roxas countered. "There is a difference to be there on being stuck in you and being there with your own two feet."

Sora tried to counter that but as he opened the mouth, he paused since he had nothing to say about it.

"The real question is," went Terra in. "Does the journal contain any hint of the entrance to the tomb? You only told us on which world it is… not the location and I am not in the mood to search every single inch for anything that might be an entry to our destination."

"Only that it is in a cave, and not to be confused with another door which is there," explained Aqua and Riku nodded. "I know which door is referred… if we don't look out, we might unlock the world's heart for the Heartless."

"I wouldn't worry that much," told Xehanort who spoke little since they got out from the archive. "I have only mild interest of the world's destruction until we got what we are looking for. And afterwards it would be a waste of time to unlock the door."

"And who says you don't stab our backs when we are not looking?" asked Ven with Xehanort telling. "Because, even being so eager we are to settle our differences once for all, I still hold the interest to keep this truce until the bigger threat is gone. And destroying any world you might care about would be counterproductive. Also, why dealing with one world after another when the rebuilding with the might of Kingdom Hearts is much faster?"

"I hate to admit it," told Aqua. "But Xehanort has a point here. Until we defeated the Dark Knight, he won't risk to having us breaking away from him. Not as long as he needs us."

"He tricked us before to do what he his wishes," told Terra and Xehanort chuckled. "I take it as compliment that you consider that I could have tricked you into dealing with the Dark Knight. However, I have to admit… plans take time and I wanted to be sure that the Dark Knight was dealt with fast. So instead of formulating a plan that made you do this, made somehow sure that nobody died before it's time. I thought that it would be more efficient and definitely faster to take matters in the own hand and move directly to you."

"I hate it when you have a point," told Ven with a groan. Riku looked up and told, "Since we have a general idea where to look, I would suggest that we go now. Talking doesn't bring us anywhere right now, and the Dark Knight could show up anytime to eliminate the Princesses of Light. And aside from Kairi and Jasmin, none of them can defend themselves at the moment."

Xehanort agreed to on this by waving a hand and opening a dark corridor to their destination. The other Keybearers looked at each other and Aqua told, "We prefer to go with the Gummi Ships."

"Then I will start looking, to spend the time until you arrive," told Xehanort and stepped through the portal, closing it behind him.

"Is it really smart to leave him alone?" asked Ven and Mickey told. "As much I don't like Xehanort and his plans, I know enough to tell that he won't betray us. At least not while all his plans are at the risk by a force that he cannot control or manipulate."

"Cool!" told Ven with a sarcastic voice. "Then how about we pull one uncontrollable threat after another from our hats, so that we are busy with cleaning up, but have the advantage that X-Blade won't be rebuilt during some time?"

"Bad Joke Ven… very bad joke," told Xion. "And we should go now."

In the meanwhile on their destination, Xehanort was walking along the place. He found it amusing that the prototype of the keyblades that every keybearer is using used was hidden in that world. A world that really lives up its name.

He stopped at the end of his chosen path and looked into the distance. A distance he hadn't seen for ages.

Xehanort remembered well what he had said once as he stood there in the past… also he remembered the meeting with his other self. Remembering how he brought Ventus there… and he thought of the Keybearers that originated there. His own former home.

"While this world is too small… it has a large impact through time," told Xehanort, turning around to face the island he was standing one. An island on a world that is called 'Destiny Islands'.

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